Top 15 Payment Gateway Plugins You Can Use With WordPress in 2023

If you’re aspiring to set up your eCommerce website via WordPress, setting up the right payment gateway is an absolute must. Your future customers would ideally want to see their preferred mode of payment listed on your site. While you have no control over the designing and coding of payment gateways, you still have to bear full responsibilities for any software hiccups that may occur.

What Is A Payment Gateway?

Payment gateways are essentially third-party tools that allow store owners to accept and process payments from online customers. In simple terms, a payment gateway accepts payment and transfers it to your bank. It’s much better to have a direct form of payment than relying on contact forms for manual processing. There are numerous benefits of using payment gateways, and with the right security features in place, you can get the most out of them.

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Best Payment Gateway Plugins for WordPress

#1. YITH WooCommerce Stripe


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YITH WooCommerce Stripe plugin lets you easily integrate credit card payments using Stripe. This WordPress payment gateway plugin lets your online shop accept credit card payments which will bring more sales to your site. It will also increase customer loyalty as the payment service will be easily available to the customers. Whenever your customers are making the purchase, they will be redirected to a hosted payment page which is secured. The credit card data can be easily saved, which can be used for quick future purchases.

The refund process is well handled with the YITH plugin. With a single click, the amount can be refunded to the specified card. You can easily add a user to a blacklist who are using a previously denied credit card and prevent fraudulent payments on your site. The plugin can be used with multiple languages and is a WPML standard.

#2. WPPayForm


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Want to accept payments on your donation forms, for event registrations or even directly from your WordPress site? WPPayForm is the latest trending payment gateway plugin that you can use. What makes this plugin exceptional is the simplicity to use the plugin as a contact form on your site. You can then connect the payment button with the submit button. It even offers a huge number of input fields so you can customize the form the way you want.

The plugin comes with default in-built Stripe payment gateway where you can easily connect your Stripe account and start accepting payments. This plugin supports more than 135+ currencies enabling you to accept payments in any currency you want. With the submission management system, you can even view successful and failed transactions and even filter them by form and status. If you still aren’t impressed with these long list of features, WPPayForm also comes with a pro version that offers even more set of features like multiple payment options, Custom CSS, tax fields, etc.

#3. eMerchantpay for WooCommerce

eMerchantpay payment gateway for WooCommerce

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Accept all major credit cards and local payment methods with the emerchantpay payment gateway plugin for WooCommerce. The emerchantpay plugin allows online stores to process payments easily and securely, with one simple integration via API.

You can increase your web shop’s conversions with a robust and trusted payment gateway that enables you to get paid with no friction for your customers. emerchantpay is a simple way to accept payments online.

#4. Mollie Payments

Mollie Payments Payment gateway Plugin

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Mollie allows you to quickly integrate the most popular payment methods in WooCommerce on any WordPress website. The ready-made templates for checkout are fairly easy to install, and you can set up your payment gateway with a few simple clicks. The plugin is designed to make payments simpler than ever for your WooCommerce needs.

You do not need to spend too much time handling compliance procedures as Mollie Payments has everything handled and the entire payments process is automated. Payments are intuitive and safe and offer all of the major payment methods you can expect. This payment gateway plugin for WordPress supports a host of local and international payment methods to make it easy for users from any country to make transactions.

#5. Stripe

Stripe WordPress Payment gateway Plugin

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Stripe is one of the most cost-efficient payment gateway services for WordPress. There are no setup or monthly fees that need to be paid, and only the per-transaction costs need to be processed. Stripe offers complete customization options, or you can choose to opt-in for a pre-built checkout page to make things easier.

Stripe is available in over 100 countries, and over 135 currencies are supported by the platform. All major digital payment options, Bitcoin and standard debit/credit card options are available. To support e-commerce websites, Stripe offers automated payments and even support for crowdfunding projects to support your startup. It has all the necessary security features that you can expect as well.

#6. Razorpay for WooCommerce

Razorpay for WordPress WooCommerce

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Razorpay is quite a popular online payment gateway in Asia. Its simple interface integrates well with WordPress and prevents confusion for your users. The plugin has a nice visual interface that allows you to add discounts on your products via easy-to-use settings. The plugin adds logos of all supported credit card providers neatly, allowing users to identify if their preferred mode of payment is available on your website or not.

#7. PayPal Pro

PayPal Pro Payment gateway Plugin

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PayPal is one of the most reputed payment gateway providers if you want to get more out of your PayPal account, you can opt-in for the optional PayPal Pro service for WordPress and other websites. In addition to the transaction fees, you will also be required to pay a monthly fee. Users can directly pay for products and services on your website without being redirected to PayPal.

You do not need a merchant account if you are using PayPal and funds are deposited directly to your account after payments are processed. Credit card owners can pay using six currencies while PayPal payments allow over 25 currencies from 200+ markets. PayPal Pro is compatible with most shopping carts without any additional setup.

#8. QuickPay

QuickPay WordPress Payment gateway Plugin

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WooCommerce QuickPay is a popular WordPress payment gateway plugin which is integrated with WooCommerce and is extremely easy to set up. It offers easy payment handling with automated payments. You can access all of the API features, and it supports cancellation and refund features as well, to make things easier for your customers.

With built-in security features to prevent instances of fraud and an extremely easy to use UI, you can set up the payments page for your WordPress website in minutes. It comes with pre-built themes that you can choose from or let it integrate with your WordPress theme. Users can order directly from your site without being redirected to QuickPay.

#9. YITH PayPal Braintree For WooCommerce


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The YITH Paypal for WooCommerce uses a linked Paypal account to easily integrate credit card and PayPal payments in your eCommerce site. It can handle all the transactions of your eCommerce using a single account on Braintree. The checkout process is faster, and it lets you save your credit card information for future purchases. You will be able to change the payment action instantly to Charge/Authorize using the menu. It comes with support for multiple currency shops.

The YITH supports a single click Refund process via Braintree. Using this WooCommerce payment gateway plugin, you will be able to configure your dynamic descriptions. The plugin is highly secured and comes with 3D secure payment. A second check with an OTP code is made before the transaction. Also, the plugin will save you from fraud cards with advanced fraud tools. This plugin is WPML supported and can be used in multiple languages. It meets the Secure Customer Authentication (SCA) compliance.

#10. Payment Gateway Plugin

Download Link is one of the most popular WordPress payment gateway plugins, thanks to its fraud protection tools. The service is PCI DSS certified, which safeguards both potential customers and eCommerce business owners from fraud. To use the payments provider, you need to set up a merchant bank account and sign up for the service which starts at $25 per month.

The payment gateway integration is available to citizens of U.S., Canada, UK, Europe, or Australia only but global payments can be accepted from any user with a valid payment method. The plugin also offers support for automated payments with auto-reminders sent to your users for future transactions. is also compatible with other significant plugins like Shopify, Moolah, Wells Fargo and more.

#11. 2CheckOut

2CheckOut Payment gateway

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2CheckOut is one of the premium WordPress payment gateway plugins that you can opt for when setting up payment gateways for your WordPress eCommerce website. In addition to offering the standard suite of features, the plugin also provides features like currency conversion and international transactions. You can either choose to include your payment location or process the payment on the 2CheckOut platform.

This payment gateway plugin by itself is free, but you need to pay for the service depending on your usage. With 15 languages available and 87 currency options, it is one of the truly global payment options out there. Debit cards, credit cards, PayPal and other payment methods are supported by the plugin, making it a convenient solution for most WordPress websites.

#12. Stripe Checkout

Stripe Checkout Payment gateway Plugin

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Stripe is a simplistic checkout plugin that allows you to add a built-in Stripe button for redirecting to the Stripe payment gateway. As this WP payment gateway plugin is free, you do not get access to a dedicated payments page, and the user is redirected to the external payment gateway. All major payment methods are accepted including debit cards, credit cards from hundreds of countries.

Stripe’s payment portal is known for its reliable checkout process, ensuring all transactions are handled accurately without any failed payments due to issues at Stripe’s backend. Stripe Checkout requires CURL to be installed on your WordPress e-commerce website to work with the payment portal and process transactions for your customers.

#13. Fondy

Fondy Payment gateway

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Fondy plugin is designed for WooCommerce users, and it allows website owners to accept payments for their websites without any complicated coding or setup. You also get to choose from dozens of currencies and start accepting payments. Setting up your payments page is very simple, and it can be done with a few clicks. With a simple button constructor, you can quickly create and install payment processing on your website.

You also have full control over your payments with timed withdrawals. The company is successfully available in 33+ countries and is currently serving more than 8000 web portals. The company offers long list of extensive features and is poised to become one of the popular payment processor quickly.

#14. PayPal for Digital Goods

PayPal for Digital Goods Payment gateway Plugin

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PayPal for Digital Goods is a WordPress payment gateway plugin specifically designed for sales of digital goods and services. The plugin comes with a shortcode that allows you to set up a PayPal payments button linked to your bank account. As soon as purchases are made, you will receive a notification, and the user will receive a checkout message stating the same.

The plugin is heavily recommended for selling downloadable files as the downloads can be automated, allowing the user access to the digital goods they paid for without waiting for manual confirmation. All transactions are visible via the admin panel of your website, and you can monitor refunds, canceled payments and more.

#15. Braintree

Braintree Payment gateway Plugin
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Braintree is yet another popular payment accepting plugin for WordPress. One of the most significant advantages of the plugin is that you do not have to pay an upfront fee for installing the plugin and you will be charged on a per-transaction fee. The transaction fees vary based on your country and applicable taxes.

Braintree offers its security features and fraud protection. You can accept payments using debit cards, credit cards, Apple Pay, Masterpass, Venmo, PayPal and other major payments providers. You can also split payments with other providers and partners. The design of the app is fully compatible with almost all WordPress themes.

#16. PayKun


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PayKun is the Best Payment Gateway for any WordPress based eCommerce website. PayKun WooCommerce Plugin allows you to accept payments through credit cards, debit cards, net banking, wallet, UPI, QR code, etc. It facilitates refunds, works across all browsers and is compatible with the latest WooCommerce releases.

It provides a seamless checkout experience with the inbuilt security compliance for PCI DSS making the whole payment process safe and secured. Integrating the plugin is free, there is just a flat 1.75 % transaction rate for online payment processing services.

With its webhook support, it enables the notification updates too. PayKun charges zero set up fees and provide free integration services with no maintenance charges for WooCommerce WordPress too. The Plugin can easily be integrated as the Payment Button or the checkout process as per the website need. The transactions can be monitored and other functions like settlements, refunds, etc can be handled from the PayKun Merchant Dashboard. It requires the CURL extension to be installed to process the payment.

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Summary – Which Payment Gateway Plugins are the Best?

Choosing the right payment gateway plugin is crucial, as it is the cornerstones of all eCommerce transactions. You want the right mix of usability and security to ensure your customers get the best possible shopping experience. While there is no sure shot answer to which of the payment gateway plugins is best, here are few things to look for while choosing the best Payment Gateway plugins for your eCommerce store:-

  1. Do not install too many unnecessary payment gateways as it can get quite confusing. At the same time, you also need to cover all of the popular options based on your target market location.
  2. Make sure both gateway and plugin are well coded and bug-free. You don’t want your money to get transferred to someone’s else bank account.
  3. Check for transaction charges. Most gateways charge anywhere between 1-5% as handling fees.
  4. The majority of the payment gateways don’t work in all countries. Make sure to double-check if your gateway can handle payments and currency from your desired country.

Any Other WordPress Payment Gateway Plugins?

We discussed both free and paid payment gateway plugins. While many of the plugins are free, you are still required to pay transaction fees to your payment provider. Our suggestions covered all major payment platforms.

Share your thoughts below about which payment gateway you are planning to use.

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