10+ Best WordPress Backup Plugins of 2023 to Keep Your Data Safe

Your website is the amalgamation of your blood, sweat, and tears. We know the countless hours of hard work and dedication that you put into content creation and design.

However, like it or not, all that can vanish in the blink of an eye. If your site has multiple users in the backend, then someone might mistakenly tamper with the settings and make everything go haywire. A specific plugin or theme can also be the culprit.

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Alternatively, worst of all, your site might become the victim of potential hacking. Even though all of these are dire situations that might make you want to cry or reap out your hair follicles, the extreme emotional responses can be avoided.

If you have a working state of your website backed up, then all you have to do is restore it, and your site will return to its former usual self. Now, if you go and search for a “backup plugins for WordPress”, then you will get overwhelmed with all the options and choices. There are hundreds and thousands of WordPress backup plugins in the market. So which one is best for you?

Well, there is no need to get stuck in this paralysis of choice as we have researched for you. In this article, we have put together a list of the best WordPress backup plugins. Much focus has been given to keep the list as diverse as possible.

Which is the Best WordPress Backup & Restore Plugin?

#1. UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin

UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin

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UpdraftPlus is the most popular WordPress backup plugin with over a million active installations. It is a freemium plugin which means you will be able to use it for free but to access advanced features; you will need to upgrade to its paid version. However, the free version itself is entirely efficient for taking proper (and most important regular) backups your WordPress website. One of the best features of UPdraftPlus would be its compatibility with almost all cloud storage services starting from Google Drive and Dropbox, to Amazon S3 Microsoft Azure, and much more.

Furthermore, you can keep backups to more than one cloud storage for extra precaution. And all this is available with the free version itself. You also get the option for automated scheduled backups, so you don’t need to worry about it. However, if you choose to go premium, then you will get advanced functionalities such as easy site duplication or migration with Migrator. You can also configure the plugin to back up non-WP files to databases on multiple remote destinations. Moreover, best of all, you get dedicated expert support to guide you through times of distress.

#2. Backupbuddy


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BackupBuddy is a popular WordPress backup plugin using which you will be able to back up your WordPress website and protect your online work. It provides you with a reliable backup strategy and keeps your website secure at all times. Other plugins are only capable of taking backup of the website data, but BackupBuddy can take a backup of the entire installation process. This will make sure that you have a backup of all your files.

You will be able to take scheduled, automatic backups at regular intervals. You can also restore your WordPress website whenever required. BackupBuddy allows you to download the zip files of your entire site. Once the backup process is complete, you receive an instant email notification. BackupBuddy even allows migrating your WordPress website from one host to another.

#3. VaultPress

VaultPress WordPress Backup Plugin

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VaultPress is a backup and security plugin for WordPress. With the plugin installed on your WordPress website, you will get the benefits of real-time backups and security scanning services. It can keep your site safe from hackers, hosting failures, viruses, user errors, malware, and even exploitation. The plugin is powered by Jetpack which allows you to effortlessly take backups of your posts, comments, media files, revisions, dashboard settings, and much more. All the backups are safely tucked away in the company’s servers.

The features that you will get with the plugin includes the option to take Automatic Backups, Make Site Migrations, Automatic File Repairing, File Scanning, and Spam Defense, among many others. This also has a freemium plan. The most basic features are available for free, but more advanced and pricy options are available for personal or business use.

#4. Duplicator

Duplicator WordPress Backup Plugin

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Duplicator is one of the most popular migration plugins for WordPress but can help you take backups and restore your website. The basic functionality of the plugin is to make copies of your website data and help move it. It can also help you to clone a site from location to another location. All these are managed by taking backups – which is the functionality we are interested in.

This WordPress backup and restore plugin works by creating a simple zip file containing all your site’s plugins, themes, content, database backup, and even WordPress files. This zip file is called a package. You can then easily migrate this zip file to different locations – be it on the same server, or a different server. Now, by default, the backups are set to be taken manually. However, there is an option to schedule the backups if you like. Also, it is compatible with many of the popular cloud storage systems, and backups can be transferred to them directly.

#5. WP Time Capsule

WP Time Capsule Plugin

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WP Time Capsule WordPress plugin has been developed with the sole intention of protecting your websites from problems that come with buggy updates. You will have to update your WordPress themes and plugins to ensure they don’t get outdated and become more prone to hacking. However, in doing so, you might install a buggy patch which will create problems for your website. Now with this WordPress automatic backup plugin installed on your website, all such problems can be avoided. The backup process is handled by the cloud app’s native file versioning system which detects changes and only backs up the changed files and Database entries. All the backed up files are then saved in a cloud storage app like Dropbox, Google Drive, or Amazon S3.

In case of any problem, you can retrieve the backups which will restore all the plugins to its previous reliable version and solve the problem on your website. With the first install, you will have to take the first manual back up of your entire site. After that, you can schedule when the backups should be taken; it will be handled automatically.

#6. Akeeba Backup for WordPress

Akeeba Backup for WordPress

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Another popular backup plugin for WordPress would be Akeeba Backup. It can help you back up, restore and even transfer your WordPress blog/website in seconds. However, the key selling point of the plugin is because of the extra level of control it gives over all your backup files. Notable features that you get with this WordPress backup plugin includes the option for one-click backup. Of course, you can set the plugin to take automatic backups as well. You will also get to set the format of the backup file. You will get to use either ZIP archives, or optimized JPA archives, and even the secure AES-128 JPS archives.

All the backups are saved directly to the cloud. The service is compatible with Amazon S3, DropBox, and many others. Overall, it is a fantastic plugin to get complete control over how you wish to back up your WordPress website.

#7. BackWPup


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BackWPup is among the more easier to use WordPress backup plugins. It doesn’t over complicate things with too many options. You just install it on your website, set it up, and become stress-free as it will automatically handle everything else. It will take save your complete installation along with /wp-content/ and keep it to an external backup service for safe keeping. Every backup is made into a single .zip file. This makes it super simple when you want to restore your WP installation.

Some of the features that you will get with this WordPress backup solution include the option for database backups, WordPress XML exports, database optimization, option to check and repair database, file backups, and much more. All these are available with the free version itself. There is also a pro version with which you get advanced options like encrypted backup archives, support for more secure cloud storage services, and so on.

#8. XCloner

XCloner Backup WordPress Plugin

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XCloner is a dedicated backup and restores plugin for your WordPress website. With the plugin installed, you will be able to take complete or differential backups of your entire WordPress website. There is a built-in scheduler which allows you to automate the whole backing up process. However, if you like, you can do it manually as well.

The critical feature of the plugin includes the option to create custom backups of any WordPress website by using custom admin inputs. It also comes with its automatic restore script which you can use to restore the backup to any location you like. All the backups are made using Open Source standards like TAR, MySQL, and CSV formats.

#9. BlogVault

BlogVault Backup Plugin for WordPress

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BlogVault is amongst the most reliable backup plugins in the WordPress marketplace. After installing and activating the plugin, it will automatically start taking an incremental database and file backups. All the backup files then get stored in BlogVault servers and on Amazon S3. This WordPress backup plugin is also suitable for taking backups for your WooCommerce enabled online stores.

Moreover, if that isn’t enough, the plugin will also help out by providing malware scanning and malware removal services. Furthermore, it is in this context that it is worth noting that BlogVault is a free plugin. Other famous use cases of the plugin would be to help you with site migrations, dedicated staging, site copying, and so on. For restores and migration purposes, the plugin makes use of FTP, SFTP, or FTPS.

#10. BackUpWordPress


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BackUPWordPress is a free to use, a simple WP backup plugin. It was available as a free plugin with essential functionalities, and you were required to download paid add-ons for including extra features. However, currently all the add-ons have been discontinued, and you get to play with the free offering.

With that being said, the free version does offer some distinct features and functionalities which are worth looking into. First and foremost, you can set multiple schedules for backups, and also configure them to be emailed to you. On top of that, there is the option to use mysqldump for taking faster backups. In general, the backups made with the plugin consume shallow memory. This is especially good if your site is hosted in a shared hosting environment.

How to Recover Site Data in case of no backup?

If you forgot to use or take your site backup manually, there is still hope to recover all your site data.

Most of the good hosting companies such as Dreamhost, Siteground or A2Hosting usually take daily backup of all website & database files. Check with your own hosting company about the backup status.

All you have to do is reach out to them and ask them to recover your site for the specific date, and they should be able to do it without any hassle.

Siteground Basic Plans offering Daily Backup

Any Other Backup Plugin for WordPress?

So these were our picks for the top and best WordPress backup plugins. Do let us know if you found the read to be helpful. If you have used any of the plugins we have mentioned here on the list, then write about your experience using it in the comments section below. It will benefit your fellow readers to get some real-life testimonials on these plugins.

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