How to Setup a WordPress eCommerce Website Using WooCommerce Plugin?

WooCommerce is an open source plugin used for e-commerce needs for small business owners to large enterprise clients. WordPress eCommerce has become a widely used platform for business owners. It has several benefits and easy functionality. It can be a good option for someone who would like to setup their eCommerce business. WordPress eCommerce can be a good eCommerce platform option if you want to have the following:

  • Proper control of the site
  • Skip fees of sites like Shopify
  • Start small and scale as you go
  • No complex payment system
  • Simple platform & easy to go

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This guide will you help you learn how you can setup your eCommerce business using WooCommerce plugin. Let’s begin.

Step 1: Setup WordPress

First, you need to setup WordPress with your domain name on a hosting server. It is a simple process. Register for a hosting/domain service from the market. You can get in touch with HostGator, Bluehost, Siteground and other hosting providers.

After getting a domain name and a hosting provider, Install WordPress.

Step 2: Setup WooCommerce Plugin

WordPress Plugins are easy to setup. Go to your WordPress Dashboard, Hover over Plugins, then Click Add New. Search for keyword WooCommerce in the search box.

How to Setup a WooCommerce Website

Click the Install Now button. After installing, Activate your plugin.

How to Setup a WooCommerce Website

After you have activated your plugin, the setup wizard of the plugin will help you in the installation. To begin the installation, Click Let’s go

How to Setup a WooCommerce Website

In a WooCommerce, many pages are needed for proper functioning. You need to create those pages. You can start off with these following pages:

  1. Shop page – Customers can confirm their orders in this page
  2. Cart page – It will display your customer’s confirmed products
  3. Checkout – This page will have the shipping and the delivery information. It also has the payment system.
  4. My account – This is the account page of your customers. It lets you view their address, payment system, their past orders

Click Continue to move ahead with the installation.

# Setting Up the Location

How to Setup a WooCommerce Website

After creating the pages, you need an address for your store. You will also enter information on which currency you will be using as default, units, etc.

Click Continue to complete this part of installation.

# Setting Up The Sales Tax and Shipping Details

In this part, you need to fill in the details about the sales tax and information on the shipping details.

The set-up process is easy. Depending on your store location, it will calculate the tax rates.

For charging sales tax, tick the button next to it.

How to Setup a WooCommerce Website

Click Continue button to continue.

# Setting Up Payment Method (PayPal recommended)

After setting up the Address and the tax information, you now need to setup a payment method for your store. There are different methods available with WooCommerce. However, PayPal is recommended for receiving payments.

How to Setup a WooCommerce Website

Click Continue button to move ahead.

Step 3: Choose a Theme for your eCommerce Store

Now, you need to decide on a theme which includes the design and the outline for your e-commerce store. A lot of themes come with the plugin.

StoreFront is a default WordPress theme that comes with WooCommerce. Let’s get started with it.

How to Setup a WooCommerce Website

After selecting your theme, see if your page looks clean with it or not. Many customers prefer clean sites.

Step 4: Add Your Products

The WooCommerce plugin installation is complete. Now you can add products to your store. Go to the WordPress Dashboard, Hover over Products, Click Add Product

How to Setup a WooCommerce Website

Fill in the sections with your product information:

How to Setup a WooCommerce Website

  1. Product name
  2. Description of the product: It may include description of the product, images related to it. You can post other relevant links in this section.
  3. Product data area: It lets you select the type of product you are selling; whether it can be downloaded or is a virtual product. There are other sections which needs to be filled in. They are:
    • General
    • Inventory
    • Shipping
    • Linked Products
    • Attributes
    • Advanced
  4. Product Short Description: The product description that you will see in the Product page.
  5. Product Categories: The category of the product.
  6. Product Tags: Set different tag to organize the store
  7. Product Image: Upload product of the image.
  8. Product Gallery: Other image products or collection of images

Once you fill in all the details, Click Publish. You’ve successfully added the first product to your store.

Over to You

In this tutorial, you’ve learned how you can successfully setup WooCommerce on your WordPress site and add a product to it.

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