13 Best WordPress Dashboard Plugins to Enhance and Customize Admin Area [2023]

The WordPress admin dashboard is the place where you control and work on your website or blog. So it makes sense that we need to put some time and effort into making this “workplace” as useful as possible.

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As a webmaster, we most often focus purely on improving the user experience of our readers. However, what if we could put some flair into our working process, then the whole backend wouldn’t be so dull and lackluster as it usually is.

How to Customize WordPress Dashboard?

WordPress allows their users to install dashboard plugin which can change the aesthetics as well as add some functional enhancements to the interface. Let’s look into some of the best WordPress Dashboard plugins you should consider using.

Our list of plugins contains both paid and free plugin which can help you create a new dashboard interface for better managing your WordPress websites. Hence you will quickly find something that fits your budget or feature requirement.

Best WordPress Dashboard Plugins

#1. Ultimate Dashboard


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Number 1 on our list is Ultimate Dashboard. This WordPress dashboard plugin allows you to replace the default WordPress widgets with your own to create a unique & excellent looking WordPress dashboard for your clients.

Furthermore, Ultimate Dashboard makes it easy to customize your WordPress dashboard by adding your CSS to the entire WordPress admin area or only the dashboard itself. That’s not all. there are more features available like the ability to:-

  • Hide the admin bar from the front-end
  • Remove the “Help” tab
  • Remove the “Screen Options” tab
  • Export/import dashboard widgets & settings
  • & more!

While the free version allows you to add text & icon widgets, the PRO version comes with additional features like the ability to white label WordPress, add video & contact form widgets, multisite support & more to build the ultimate WordPress dashboard for you clients. Overall, this plugin is great if you want to replace the default WordPress dashboard and give it a much more meaningful use.

#2. Adminimize


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The admin area of a WordPress website can be decidedly messy, especially if it is a multi-author website. If you have faced such an issue, then it can be quickly resolved by installing “Adminimize” WordPress plugin. The plugin can help make the admin dashboard much more sophisticated and functional by removing all the unnecessary items and settings which populate the screen.

This admin dashboard plugin is filled with many options that get rarely used and are better left untouched. So, the plugin allows you to remove them from your view to make the interface more clean and functional. Furthermore, for multi-author websites and blog, the plugin can be used to enhance security. You will be able to make available or deactivate certain parts of the back-end to admins and non-admins, all according to your discretion.

#3. Ultra WordPress Admin Theme

Ultra WordPress Admin Theme

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If you want something to stylize your backend, then Ultra WordPress Admin Theme is what you should go for. This WordPress dashboard plugin doesn’t have much benefit as far as enhancing features to your WordPress dashboard, but it is excellent for improving the aesthetics of the panel.

This dashboard plugin for WordPress gives you access to unlimited color options to help you create beautiful color schemes. On top of that, you get access to features like White label Branding features, and not to mention over three built-in themes or design presets. You will also be able to create a theme/style of your own. Besides this, you can customize the admin top bar, footer, login section, as well as look and feel of your branding needs.

#4. User Role Editor

User Role Editor

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Next up, we have “User Role Editor” WordPress plugin. You will be able to change the default roles of all the users on your website. You will be able to deny them certain liberties or provide them certain privileges to work more smoothly on your site.

This admin plugin is for multiuser websites. It will help you to specify roles to each user on your site. For example, using the plugin, you will be able to assign a user or some users exclusively to add media files to your website, whereas you can providers the liberty to edit content, posts, and pages. All these can also be quickly done by simply ticking on checkboxes.

#5. White Label CMS

White Label CMS

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And now for the final entry on our list of free dashboard plugins for WordPress, we have White label CMS. If you need to allow your visitors/clients access to a content management system environment, then this can come in handy. This admin dashboard plugin for WordPress allows you to create an intuitive and easy to use CMS for your clients.

You will be able to create a custom admin panel menu which works for your clients. You will also get a bunch of ready to use presets which you can offer your clients, make specific changes to the presets to make them perfect or create a CMS environment directly from scratch. The plugin can even help you to add custom logos to the header and footer of the custom admin panel. This means you will be able to provide a branded experience for your clients.

#6. WordPress Admin Theme – WPShapere

WordPress Admin Theme - WPShapere

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WordPress Admin Theme – WPShapere is a plugin primarily directed towards WordPress developers who create custom WordPress websites for their clients. The plugin allows for easy customization of the entire WordPress admin area and dashboard in any manner you want.

You mainly have the option to make it as intuitive as you want or feed it with a boatload of options. Regular webmasters might also find this useful if they run a multi-author blog and wish to provide a custom backend to all the other authors and contributors. Talking about features, the plugin allows you to not only tweak the visual aesthetics of your WordPress backend but also hide users from the user list, hide plugins, redirect users after login and also has support for unlimited custom dashboard widgets.

#7. Remove Dashboard Access

Remove Dashboard Access

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Here is another plugin that will be helpful if you are running a multi-author website. As the name implies, the plugin “Remove Dashboard Access” helps you to deny specific users access to certain parts of the dashboard. You have the option to give access exclusively to admins, or make it more open by using one of the following options: admin+editors, admin+editor+author, or even make specific capability limitations.

Besides, this WordPress dashboard plugin can be used to optionally allow all the users the ability to edit their profiles in the dashboard. You will also have the option to leave a message directly onto the login screen. The plugin can also be used to limit user access from certain plugin/theme toolbars.

#8. WP Dashboard Notes

WP Dashboard Notes

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Starting off our list, we have WP Dashboard Notes. As you might have guessed by the name, the plugin allows you to make notes on your WordPress Dashboard. This can come in handy if multiple admins or contributors run a website, and one person needs to leave a note for everybody else.

With this WordPress dashboard plugin installed, the admin, and everybody else who the admin allows access will be able to create colored notes directly on the dashboard. There are many different color options available to make it look attractive. There is also the option to make general notes or list notes. These notes can also be set to public or private.

#9. WpAlter

White Label WordPress Plugin - WpAlter

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WpAlter is a White label WordPress plugin. It helps to modify different elements of the WordPress default dashboard. You can add your color theme and change the styling options of different WordPress elements. Removal of the WordPress texts, logos and adding your custom content is also an option. Dashicons and Fontawesome can be easily integrated with the plugin.

The plugin lets you add custom widgets to the dashboard and remove any existing one. You can easily integrate WordPress popular plugins like Visual Composer, WooCommerce with this WP dashboard plugin. It comes with RTL support and is multi-site compatible. WpAlter comes with a powerful options panel that lets you modify different settings to your liking.

#10. Ultimate Client Dash

Ultimate Client Dash

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Ultimate Client Dash is an advanced plugin that lets you create a client dashboard on a WordPress site. The plugin allows you to customize and change the default WordPress dashboard appearance and login page, manage user capabilities, add a coming soon/under maintenance page, landing page, and other custom widgets. You can customize the top admin bar, footer, logo, and other elements individually. You can apply a modern theme and change the dashboard. You can add a custom greeting message and personalize the dashboard.

The plugin offers a variety of styling options to customize your dashboard fully. Ultimate Client Dash can be integrated with Google Analytics to track visitor information. Social media buttons can be easily added to the WP panel for more traffic. The pro version of the plugin lets you add your CSS to the dashboard and login page. You will be able to add your CSS for the landing page and extend the capabilities of WordPress.

#11. Dashboard Commander

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You might already know that the WordPress dashboard, from square one, already has a couple of widgets. This includes the Right Now widget, Recent Comment Widget and other. Furthermore, upon installing certain plugin or themes to your WordPress websites, additional widgets get added to your site dynamically. Now with “Dashboard Commander” WordPress plugin, you gain control, over these widgets.

With this WordPress dashboard plugin installed, you will be able to manage all the built-in as well as dynamically registered widgets to your websites with ease. The plugin also grants you the power to hide certain widgets which you don’t need to clutter up the dashboard interface. You will be able to configure the minimum access level for each widget directly from Settings > Dashboard Commander which gets added after installing the plugin.

#12. WP User Frontend Pro

WP User Frontend Pro

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WP User Frontend Pro is a one-stop solution to all your front-end needs on a WordPress site. It allows creating beautiful sites, registration forms, and content without touching a line of code. The plugin lets you create forms using shortcodes that will enable users to post anything from the front-end side, create registration and profile builder with templates and customized forms. The plugin lets you earn from subscriptions to your site.

The plugin is integrated with payment gateways and is secured. You can restrict content on your site using a shortcode. The plugin comes with a drag and drop builder that is super easy to use. You can live preview the content you are creating and add custom fields to it. This WP dashboard plugin supports WooCommerce to add your online shop. The premium module of the plugin allows you to integrate with Stripe, BuddyPress, Mail chimp, and other features.

#13. Frontend Dashboard

Frontend Dashboard

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Frontend dashboard plugin for WordPress is a lightweight plugin, compatible with WordPress 5.0 and Gutenberg editor. The plugin allows full control over the information and design for the frontend pages. It even allows users to upload files directly from the frontend. Inside the dashboard, you can design a custom profile for users.

The plugin supports a shortcode to generate login or reset forms. The frontend plugin also provides with an option to include translations quickly.

Any Other WordPress Dashboard Plugin?

So these were our picks for the best WordPress dashboard plugins. As you have seen, we have provided you with plugins that can optimize the dashboard interface, enhance its functionalities, and even make managing your WordPress site from the dashboard more intuitive and simple.

We hope you found this to be helpful, and if you did don’t forget to pass it along with your friends who you know will benefit from the knowledge. Furthermore, if you already know or use one or two WordPress Dashboard plugin that we left out from the list, but you wish to share with your fellow readers, then the comments section is the perfect place for you. Your contribution is welcome and encouraged.

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