Affiliate Disclosure strives to protect proprietary and confidential details from unauthorized disclosure. In our disclosure policy, we define access to the company data to WPNeon visitors. Additionally, WPNeon has an obligation to make sure that the company’s public communications are dependable and consistent at the same time.

The sole purpose of this legal document is to make everyone visiting our website informed. We reveal specific details regarding our products and services.

Like any other website, requires monetary benefits to thrive in the highly competitive internet market. Besides paying high traffic server bills, we are also required to pay a team of qualified professional staff members, which include editorial team, writers, developers among other staff members involved in the persistence and sustenance of the company. We generate income from affiliate sales, sponsored posts, banner ads and product reviews.

WPNeon should not use any confidential or proprietary detail or company data, our customers or even suppliers information for personal profit through disclosing this information to a third party.

This policy doesn’t coexist with and does not surpass or modify other confidentiality obligations that may have to WPNeon plus the third parties that WPNeon does business with.

For the purpose of our disclosure policy document, all material information will be perceived “non-public” until authorization has been issued to relay the company information in a broad and non-exclusionary way.

In the event of any particular alterations to this policy, we reserve the rights to execute any amendments to the disclosure policy document from time to time. By browsing through our website or using any of our product or service, you agree to fully comply with our policy document and the indicated terms of service.

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