The 9 Best WordPress Page Builder Plugins Compared [2022]

Your business needs a quick and inexpensive solution to create a professionally designed business website. It’s because you want to focus on our business growth rather than investing time to play with codes for creating new page designs.

Not long ago, when I was using Rowling – A Free WP Theme on this website, I felt an urgency to switch to a WordPress page builder solution.

No doubt, Rowling theme was exceptionally great, well coded, and SEO friendly altogether (and we still use it on many of other sites). Still, I wanted to upgrade to something that could allow me to make professional design changes quickly.

If you are reading this article, I am sure you are stuck with the same decision where I was a few weeks ago.

You already know that there are plenty of drag and drop WordPress builders in the market. In the process of selecting the best WordPress page builder plugin for this site, I installed each page builder on my demo sites. I tracked the functionalities, page editing capabilities, modules, templates, and many other things before making the final decision. I will discuss each of this builder with you, one by one, later in this post.

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At the end of this WordPress page builder list, I will also share the builder’s name that I am finally using on this website.

What to look in WordPress Page Builder Plugins?

These page builders for WordPress are a convenient tool that allows even a novice to create a website without learning a single command in HTML or CSS. All these drag and drop builders enable users to pre-set or re-arrange the elements in any order and place them wherever they like on the page. Easy re-arrangement of elements is also one of the big reasons that page builders are getting more into demand these days.

But, how should you differentiate them?

All the WordPress page builder plugins I tested offers quick and flexible solutions to create and customize a dream website. However, not all of them are easy to use and provide as much flexibility as they are dreamed of.

Here are some of the parameters that I looked into while selecting the top builder plugin for myself:-

No coding requirement. My first major criteria was that it should not require any coding skills to implement the changes I want in my design. Even if I hand over my website to a newbie, he should be able to edit design changes with mere drag and drop.

It should allow me to migrate to another builder anytime. What if I changed my mind and want to migrate to a different builder after some time? The builder should allow me to uninstall itself and move away to another page builder without leaving its huge chunk of shortcodes.

I could reuse templates & modules, and even my designs. It should come with a collection of content libraries like stock photos, premade graphics, templates, modules, etc. At the same time, I should be able to duplicate a page design to a different location with easy import/export options. I also wanted an option to copy and paste my custom designs easily and use it as a template for other pages or posts.

Responsiveness is always a major factor. This option should be fairly standard these days, but I have seen page builders that are responsive with pre-made layouts but doesn’t offer responsiveness for custom design layouts. I needed something that offers fully responsive custom layouts too.

I need someone to talk to. Even if the website builder is easy to use, it should come with friendly customer support either through phone or email or with video tutorials or proper documentation so that I won’t get stuck anywhere.

Additionally, I wanted WordPress builder to be reasonably priced and offer value for money.

With my standard benchmark mentioned above, let’s look into some of the best WordPress page builders present today…

Note- They are NOT mentioned in any preferential order.

Our Top Picks for the Best WordPress Page Builder Plugins

#1. Elementor


Get Elementor

With a user base in the millions, Elementor is taking the WordPress market by storm. It is a freemium WordPress theme builder plugin, boasting an arsenal of features and functionalities to build stunning professional-grade layouts without having to touch a single line of code. However, the main reason behind its immense popularity and massive adoption rates is its intuitive beginner-friendly interface.

Feature-wise, this builder plugin gives you access to a library of over 150 pre-made demo templates coupled with over 300 different design blocks and 30 widgets. All these can be used in conjunction to help you create pages, posts, forms, popups, and much more. Best of all, every content or design you make using Elementor is entirely responsive and mobile-friendly.

What I liked about Elementor:

  • The basic Elementor Builder is 100% Free.
  • Live preview to see the changes immediately.
  • Provides over 150+ Pro templates, & 90+ modules.
  • Pro version comes with many useful modules like popup builder, WooCommerce builder, etc.
  • Extreme customization can be done easily.
  • SEO optimized responsive layouts with regular updates.

What I didn’t like about Elementor:

  • Most of the essential features are covered in the Pro Plan.
  • Global and static templates are confusing.
  • Back-end page editing options not available.
  • Styling and fonts are somewhat limited.

#2. Themify Builder

Themify Builder

Get Themify

Themify is an extremely powerful and flexible WordPress page builder plugin when it comes to designing stunning website layouts. To get you started, the builder provides you access to a boatload of premade layouts coupled with the potent drag and drop enabled options for creating custom layouts as well. Furthermore, to complement the page builder’s designing potential, you will also get access to 12 builder add-ons with access to advanced content and design elements.

On top of that, the base version is completely free and can be used with any other theme.

The free version is the ‘WordPress Page Builder’ while pro version is the ‘WordPress Theme Builder’. Please note this difference.

You can even use the page builder to make tweaks to all these pre-made content to help create something unique to your brand and website.

What I like about Themify builder

  • Drag and drop builder that supports page editing from both front-end or back-end.
  • The Live preview features allow watching the changes made in a preview mode.
  • Create any custom layout and import or export on other pages with a click of a button.
  • 40+ pre-designed blocks, 60+ animation effects.
  • Even the free version supports integration with almost all major WordPress plugins and themes.
  • Supports responsive layouts with multi-site support.

What I didn’t like about Themify builder?

  • No review blocks are available.

#3. Divi

Divi Builder

Get Divi

Divi Builder is, by far, one of the most well-known and powerful drag and drop website builder. You get access to over 20 pre-made customizable layouts, which looks stunning as it is. On top of that, you will get options to play around with the header & footer designs, an intuitive options panel to tweak theme settings, A/B split testing, and much more.

It gives users a complete WYSIWYG designing experience to help create a unique and complex layout. Users will have access to 46 content modules, each having its own set of customization options and support for custom CSS. Read Full Review –>

What I liked about Divi Page Builder

  • Divi Builder comes bundled with Divi theme, and it can be used on any WordPress theme as well.
  • Divi Builder is packed with 100+ premade site layouts & modules.
  • Customer support is fantastic, and Divi offers 30 days money-back guarantee.

What I didn’t like about Divi

  • Divi builder offers too many options and functionalities which can be confusing sometime for the beginners.
  • The shortcodes don’t transfer to another WordPress page builder meaning you are stuck with Divi for lifetime.
  • Some bugs can bother you when creating any more complex layouts.

#4. Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder

Get WPBeaver

Beaver Builder is a premium WordPress drag and drop page builder plugin, coupled with over 30 pre-made professionally designed templates. These templates include many niche-specific design layouts for landing pages, content pages, and much more. And in case you are not completely satisfied with the pre-built page designs, you can easily edit them using the drag and drop page builder functionalities.

What’s most impressive is that all the layouts created with the plugin will work flawlessly even after you deactivate or uninstall the plugin from your website. Other notable features include the option to edit/create posts and pages and to build multi-column layouts (even if the base theme doesn’t support it), mobile-friendly design layouts, and much more.

What I like about Beaver Builder Plugin

  • Beginners-friendly interface, extremely easy to use.
  • Comes with an exclusive library of page templates to quickly start over.
  • Even the cheapest plan comes with a support of usage on unlimited website.
  • The page templates can be saved and reuseable later.
  • More suitable for agencies.

What I didn’t like about Beaver builder

  • No backend editing option.
  • Doesn’t come with Form builder option, or custom codes for the content modules.
  • Lite version is free. However, the cheapest plan starts at $99, which is quite expensive in comparison to other alternatives.

#5. ThriveThemes

ThriveThemes Builder

Get ThriveThemes

ThriveThemes comprises of a bunch of conversion-focused themes and plugins for WordPress websites. All products are made available under a one-time or yearly subscription plan, which you can use to create stunning UI, and UX focused on increasing lead generations and conversion rates. One of their most notable products would be ThriveArchitect – a drag and drop page landing page builder for WordPress to help you create stunning layouts.

You will also have access to a wide variety of professionally designed themes to use as templates for your site design, so you don’t have to start from scratch. Apart from this, you also get access to a whole host of different plugins to create landing pages, build online quizzes, help with page optimization, and much more.

What I liked about ThriveThemes

  • One of the best plugin to create landing pages, comes with an extensive collection of more than 327 landing page templates.
  • Build any conversion-focused websites for your clients.
  • Create an opt-in form to grow your email list faster.
  • Comes with Headline optimize – run A/B testing for headlines.
  • Create your unique quiz with the Quiz Builder.

What I didn’t like about ThriveThemes

  • The interface is loaded with features – overwhelming for beginners.
  • No 3rd party plugins options.

#6. Visual Composer

Visual Composer

Get Visual Composer

Visual Composer is another popular builder for creating drag and drop WordPress themes. It boasts over a hundred thousand active installations. With an abundance of content modules & design elements, backed up by an intuitive page builder interface, the plugin allows you to create any layout.

Now, just so you don’t have to design from scratch, the plugin offers you around 25 premade layouts from different niches. You can start your design by building on top of these layouts using the many content modules, which can be expanded using Visual Composer module add-ons. Other notable features include dedicated editors for tweaking header, footer, and sidebar, support for custom JavaScript & CSS, in-depth customization options for every module, grid control options, and much more.

What I liked about Visual Composer builder

  • It offers a complete range of elements to stylize your website.
  • Visual Composer supports both frontend and backend editor.
  • Allows to create custom templates or save rows or sections as a template.
  • More than 200 third-party addons available.

What I didn’t like about Visual Composer builder

  • The interface is overwhelming, saturated with sophisticated features.
  • Limited page template options.
  • It can be expensive if used for multiple sites.
  • The Builder is extremely slow to use.

#7. Brizy


Get Brizy

Brizy is a new WordPress page builder plugin on the block catered to users who prize fluidity and intuitiveness the most. This essentially means that the plugin delivers on the most useful and necessary features and functionalities while leaving out the extra flashy features that carry no real-world uses. However, this isn’t to say that the plugin lacks a feature, where on the contrary, you will get your hands on over 150 pre-made blocks alongside multipurpose templates and layouts, ready-to-use from the get-go.

But the main feature highlight of Brizy builder is in how it handles the entire designing experience. You are presented with a clean frontend editing interface where only the necessary options will show up as you need them. Elsewise, the interface remains completely clutter-free, giving you a clear picture of your design.

What I liked about Brizy Builder

  • The clutter-free design provides a smooth working experience without any inconvenience.
  • Intuitive drag and drop page builder where everything is possible like a breeze.
  • Comes with 150 multipurpose premade templates and blocks.
  • Wide variety of Design elements to stylize your website.
  • Cloud autosave option helps you automatically save adjustments, and all of your work will be saved instantly
  • Massive collection of 4000+ icons.

What I didn’t like about Brizy Builder

  • Still young as compared to other WordPress theme builders and lack some important features.
  • No tablet view is available.
  • You cannot change header and footer sections.

#8. Themeum

Themeum Page Builder

Get Themeum

Themeum plugin sells on its rich collection of features and flexibility, allowing you to create awesome layouts in a matter of clicks. You get access to an intuitive drag and drop system optimized for fast site creation and made compatible with almost every WordPress theme on the market.

Feature-wise, this page builder plugin boasts around 60 design blocks, over 38 addons, and 27 layout packs to help you get started. All this is bundled into a flexible row-column layout builder along with a dedicated library where you can save all your designs. It even works with custom post types and gives you an intuitive drag and drop enabled means to customize them according to your will.

What did I like about Themeum Builder?

  • Themeum’s frontend builder works super-fast.
  • Create and store your blocks in the library.
  • Wide variety of ready-made blocks for faster workflow.
  • Comes with WordPress widgets support and 38+ content addons.
  • Duplicate any layout in one click.

What I didn’t like about Themeum builder.

  • API comes with limited options to make custom addons.

#9. SiteOrigin


Get SiteOrigin

SiteOrigin is among the free to use page builder plugins for WordPress. With over a million active installations, the plugin’s popularity lies in its extensive array of useful features that create unique and functional designs. It is one of the best free solutions for creating responsive column-based layouts using any kinds of widgets.

Now, as is the case with almost every page builder plugin, you will get access to a bunch of pre-made layouts for creating home pages, about pages, contact page, and even e-commerce sections. Plenty of stock images are bundled in as well, so you won’t have to struggle to find the demo images. The plugin provides a wide variety of content blocks and the option to use widgets in your content area to help you build on top of the layouts.

What I liked about SiteOrigin builder

  • Siteorigin is available for free with complete support and updates to create designs easily.
  • The history browser feature allows you to browse the history to eradicate any mistakes you made previously by rolling backwards until you reach your point.
  • Live frontend editing.
  • Mobile responsive layouts with a preview option so you could view how the mobile users will view your content.
  • Comes with content building block widgets to quickly set your designs.

What I didn’t like about SiteOrigin builder

  • The User interface is rather too simple and plain.
  • The widget bundle needs to be installed separately once the theme is downloaded and installed.

Which WordPress Page Builder Plugin is Right for You?

All of these above WordPress page builders are packed with feature-rich functionalities. All of these page builders work wonderfully well, and it’s just a matter of choice or your preference that which one fits well to your needs.

If you want to use a page builder with your existing theme, you can settle on any website builder depending upon your specific criteria to edit your already installed theme.

However, if you want to start fresh, the best choice would be to choose a builder that comes bundled with themes. There are plenty of such options such as Divi theme is bundled with Divi builder, Jupiter theme bundled with Elementor page builder, and Ultra Theme comes with Free Themify builder. Most of the multipurpose themes usually comes bundled with one builder plugin or another.

To make this a little easier for you, here are my conclusions:-

  • If you want to start for Free: Consider Elementor, Themify, or SiteOrigin.
  • If you want a trustworthy builder: Consider Elementor, Divi, or Beaver Builder.
  • If you want simple-to-use page builder: Try Siteorigin.
  • If you’re looking for a more robust page builder with support for advanced coding: Go for Themify, Divi or Visual Composer.
  • If your focus is website leads and conversions: Consider Thrive Architect.
  • If you want a theme coupled with builder plugin: Go with Divi theme for Divi builder, Ultra for Themify builder, or BETheme for Elementor builder.

Want to know what we use? – On this blog, we are using Themify builder that comes bundled with Ultra theme. On a few of our other websites, we use Divi and Elementor too. In my opinion, these three are by far the best WordPress page builders currently.

It’s your turn now

Let me know if you found this list helpful, and which WordPress builder you plan to use for your projects. WordPress users already using any of these builders are welcome to share their experience over the comments section below.

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