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Increase Your Sales Now is one of the most fastest growing WordPress resource sites covering useful articles about WordPress themes, plugins, hosting, and reviews.

Launched just a few months ago, has rapidly gained a tremendous following of social followers and email subscribers. In just a few weeks, we have already outperformed other sites in search rankings and are on the path to grow even stronger from here.

Now you can too promote your business, product or service to our huge WordPress audience. Here are some of the promotion options we are offering currently.

Listing Collections:

You can include your theme/plugin in our listing collections and put it in front of the WordPress targeted audience to increase your sales. Check out our themes/plugins section to find the desired list best suited for your product. You can also book your slot in the new collections that we publish regularly.

Featured Listings:

We can place your theme or plugin on the #1 spot of our collection.

*Please note that: Featured Spot position is guaranteed for 6 months only.

We usually update all our collections after 6 months and might move your theme/plugin up or down slightly, but we won’t remove it.

In-Depth Reviews:

This is the most popular and effective ways to promote your product or service on our website. Our reviews are a detailed long posts covering all the useful features of your theme or a plugin with all relevant images or screenshots. You can order a review of your WordPress related product or service, and we will help you to get more exposure and sell.

Banner Ads:

Different banner spots are available including sidebar, header or in-content. The spot will be provided only on an availability basis and for a minimum one month booking. You can get in touch with us to discuss the spot and availability.

Sizes availables:

  • 300X250px
  • 250X250px
  • 720X90px
  • Or any other size based on your special requirement.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. We do not accept all themes/ plugins or other products on our site. Only quality products will be accepted for reviews and listing inclusions.
  2. All outgoing links towards your product will be no-follow. The price you are paying is only for the product promotions.
  3. We reserve the right to cancel order and offer refunds.
  4. Posts or collections once published will be permanent and will not be deleted under any circumstance.
  5. All banner placements are for minimum two months. No refunds or disputes will be entertained for banner ctr-rates.
  6. All transactions paid for reviews and inclusions are non-refundable.

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