12 Best WordPress Multi-Author Plugins to Efficiently Manage Multi-Author Blogs

Looking for the best WordPress Multi-Author Plugins? WordPress makes it easy for multiple authors to work on a site, but it can still be a hassle if you have a huge site with tons of authors. It is the most logical step for any single author site to start including multiple authors to make their site grow.

There are tons of advantages to this. The most common one is that when there are numerous authors working and publishing content on a regular basis, the site grows at a faster pace. You as a site owner can sit back and foresee all the work done on your site by the authors and manage them accordingly.

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Hiring well-known authors can also boost the audience and credibility of your site. If you chose WordPress for your blog, then you made the right choice. WordPress support multiple authors by default. But managing them might be tiresome if you have some registered authors as well as guest authors.

But everything gets easier when you have the right plugins to manage multiple authors and implement features that you don’t get by default. With the right plugins, you can manage the workflow, improve the quality of your content and also make your author’s profile stand out. Here are some useful plugins for managing a WordPress site with multiple authors.

Best WordPress Multi-Author Plugins

#1. Adminimize

Adminimize WordPress Plugin

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If you have multiple authors working on your WordPress site, you might have to remove unnecessary dashboard items for certain users based on their roles. Adminimize cleans up the dashboard on a multi-author environment. It makes it easy to hide certain dashboard elements. This plugin gives power to the Admin to activate or deactivate every aspect of the dashboard menu and the submenu.

#2. Change Author

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If you have a lot of contributing guest authors that you do not want to give the ability to publish themselves, then this WordPress multi-author plugin is for you. With this plugin, you will be able to give credit to the authors for what they wrote. When you are about to publish a post written by one of your guest authors, you can use this plugin to create a user (or use existing user) and give credit to them.

#3. Capability Manager Enhanced

Capability Manager Enhanced

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This plugin is particularly useful when managing user roles on the WordPress site. If you have editors and authors working together on the content, you will find this plugin quite useful. Capability Manager Enhanced helps you manage the role definitions. You can view or change the capabilities of a role, create new roles, copy a role to a new one, add more capabilities to any existing roles, revert roles, and much more.

#4. Post Status Notifier

Post Status Notifier

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This is a quite simple, yet handy multi-author blog plugin you never thought you needed. Post Status Notifier will notify you when any of the contributors have published a new post or if you want the contributors to know when they post they submitted gets published. In simpler words, you need this plugin to notify relevant people about relevant posts’ activity. You can go through all the features it offers on its download page.

#5. Edit Flow

Edit Flow WordPress Plugin

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This is arguably the must-have plugin for any WordPress site with multiple authors. Edit Flow removes any hassle that prevents the editorial team to collaborate. With this WordPress multi-author blog plugin, you can add custom statuses for the contents and use the provided calendar to conveniently track your content month-by-month. There is also a feature for editors and authors to privately chat with each other, so there is never a break in the flow of communication. You get notifications on the contents you are currently following. Other features include Editorial Metadata, Story budget, and User Groups.

#6. Co-author Plus

Co-author Plus WP Plugin

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AS the name suggests, this WordPress multi-author blog plugin lets you easily assign multiple authors to a single post. In other words, if you want or need to assign more than one author to work on one article, you can easily assign them and alone makes sure all the co-authors are credited. You can also add guest writers without having to create a new WordPress account for them.

#7. Meks Smart Author Widget

Meks Smart Author Widget

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The Auto Detection feature offered by Meks Smart Author Widget allows it to automatically detect and display the author of the post in a WordPress widget. It can also be used to show the aforementioned widget on a specific post. This WordPress multi-author website plugin offers various display options to let you configure the widget as per your liking.

#8. Front End PM

Front End PM

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This WP Multi-author plugin is used by the user of the WordPress site to communicate with each other directly. As this plugin works from the front end, the users who do not have access to the admin area can use this plugin. This is particularly useful if you have guest writers. The ability to send a group message is one of its most useful feature among many others.

#9. WP User Front End

WP User Front End

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With this plugin, you can manage your editorial team right from the front end of your WordPress site. No login required. It contains separate dashboard, front-end editor and front-end uploader. The registered users can edit their profile without needing to log in to the backend admin area. Admin has the power to manager user from the front end. These are just some of the useful feature WP User Front End offers.

#10. Editorial Calendar

Editorial Calendar WP Plugin

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WordPress lets you schedule posts, but it makes it hard to know which are scheduled when. With Editorial Calendar, you can easily see when the posts are scheduled in an organized manner. Using it is a simple as it can get. Move around posts’ dates with simple drag and drop action and edit them right from the calendar. This is a useful plugin for any WordPress site with multiple authors.

#11. Post Pay Counter

Post Pay Counter

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Use this plugin to easily handle every author’s pay. Set it up with the preferred payment basis and let the plugin do the calculating for you. You can switch between the general view and the view for each author. Some of its features include pay per post, pay with an incremental system, sortable stats, personalized user settings and many more.

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