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20 Best WordPress Appointment Booking and Reservation Plugins of 2020

If you are running a consumer-oriented business, then you might benefit from having an online appointment booking system on your website. In fact, you might have thought of having such functionality already but couldn’t figure out “how?” Well, if you have a WordPress website, then you can install online appointment plugins to enable the feature. As you should already know, WordPress has a repository filled with a plethora of plugins. These plugins, if installed on your website, will help to incorporate new functionalities to your website.

Now, there are plenty of WordPress appointment scheduling plugins which advertise themselves to help you with enabling an online appointment booking onto your website. There are so many plugins that you might even get confused as to which plugin to install. And so to help you with establishing a successful online business, we have done the research work for you. Here is a list of the some of the best appointment booking plugins you can install on your website. So without further ado, let’s get started:

Best WordPress Online Appointment Plugins

#1. Booknetic – Trending

Booknetic Plugin

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On the first spot on our list is Booknetic plugin. This new and revolutionary appointment booking plugin offers multiple locations with multi-level service categories. With booknetic, you can fully automate the online booking for your business with fully customizable booking steps for your users.

You can even add different staff members with different roles. The plugin offers 2-way Google Calendar Sync, thus adding bookings to your or your staff’s calendar automatically; and vice-versa. The plugin provides recurring appointments feature which is one of the first of its kind of the function offered by any booking plugin. You can even collect online payment on your booking form by connecting it with PayPal, Stripe or any other local payment gateway. There is also an option to send SMS and an email notification to your users directly from the dashboard.

With form builder, you can even customize all the fields of your front-end booking form. The design is fully customizable and comes with seven pre-design layouts. This plugin offers all the features that you could ever imagine in a scheduling plugin for WordPress, surely saving you time and money.

#2. Amela


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Amela WordPress Booking plugin can solve all the problems you might have if you are running a business that relays on bookings. Honestly—and we don’t say this lightly — the most feature rich plugin with a fantastic user interface that you can find out there.

Amelia has an insightful dashboard that emphasises essential information that helps you to track appointments, employees, and services easily. With Amelia, you can send SMS notifications to both customers and employees, remind them when the appointment is, or notify them that the appointment is cancelled. To mention just a few. Additionally, to support all users using Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, Urdu, and other languages that use RTL (right-to-left) writing, Amela has RTL feature which proves that the team behind Amelia think about Amelia’s users all over the globe.

#3. Bookly

Bookly WordPress Appointment Plugin

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Bookly is, in fact, one of the best selling and feature-rich plugin in this particular niche. One of its most notable features would be its responsive mobile ready design, which allows customers to make appointments on the go.

This WP online appointment plugin offers the ability to automate the booking procedure, send email as well as SMS notification once a booking has been confirmed, and even provides you the option to customize the booking experience for your customers in any way you want.

#4. WP Simple Booking Calendar

WP Simple Booking Calendar

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As the name suggests, WP Simple Booking Calendar is a Booking Calendar plugin for WordPress websites. It will prove invaluable to holiday home-owners who wish to showcase the availability/rentable spaces on their website. Website visitors can come in check the calendar to see when bookings can be made. Of course, with a little creativity, the plugin can be used for other use cases as well.

Now, the plugin comes in a free version as well as paid version. As you can imagine, the free version covers all the necessities you might require from the plugin, whereas the paid version brings additionally advanced functionalities. For example, with the free version, you will be able to track all the bookings made through the plugin. Whereas, the premium plugin brings features such as advanced editing, publishing options, and much more.

#5. Pinpoint Booking System

Pinpoint Booking System

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Pinpoint Booking System is another freemium WooCommerce compatible appointment booking plugin for WordPress websites. Being freemium means the plugin is available for free, but there is also a paid version which holds most of the advanced features of the plugin. Here we will be going over all the features and functionalities you will be getting with the free version of the plugin. First of all, it will integrate a unique Ajax powered booking calendar to your website, to help your customers to pick dates for their appointment. Then there is the one-page booking process which is super intuitive and can help your clients to make reservations quickly.

Apart from this, this WordPress appointment plugin offers multiple customization options with the booking calendar and complete control over what days, hours, or minutes you make available to the customer on the calendar. Then there is the Ajax-powered admin panel, a powerful reservation management system, multi-lingual and even multi-currency support.

#6. Easy Appointments

WordPress Easy Appointments

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Much like some of the other entries on our list, this too helps integrate a reservation booking system into your WordPress website. There are also plenty of features as well as and the UI is incredibly intuitive and easy to use.

On the feature front, this online appointment booking plugin for WordPress offers the option to send customizable emails to your customers once an appointment has been successfully taken, or when there have been some rearrangements in the bookings. Other features include the option to create calendars, a bulk connection builder, custom form fields, internationalization, labels, and much more.

#7. Calendarize it!

Calendarize it!

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“Calendarize it” WordPress Plugin help you create highly customizable calendars for your WordPress website. The plugin supports full compatibility with Visual Composer drag and drop page builder which allows you to create custom plugins of your likings. On top of that, you get access to a host of free and premium add-ons which you can install to further enhance the functionalities of the plugin.

This online appointment booking plugin is a premium plugin. As such installing further premium add-ons can make this a whole lot expensive. Regardless, the premium functionalities are rarely needed by small-scale businesses. Furthermore, the list of free add-ons are quite extensive and covers most of all the features you can expect from a Calendar plugin.

The additional add-ons can help you change the look and feel of the calendar, add maps, integrate a social sharing panel, include a member profile along with rating and reviewing privileges, and much more. All these are with the free plugin. With the paid add-ons you get the option to include community events, payment options, advertising options, and much more.

#8. Booked


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After Bookly, we have Booked, another appointment booking plugin for WordPress. It has a huge user base and offers an extensive list of features and functionalities. For example, you will get the option to provide your users with registered and guest booking. WooCommerce compatibility allows you to take payments directly online.

Then there are all the customization options. You get control over allocating custom fields and time slots, create multiple calendars, assign specific calendars to specific agents, and so on. Email notification functionality is also provided, and you have customization control over Email content.

#9. Acuity Scheduling

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If you are looking for a powerful reservation booking system for your website, then Booking Calendar by WpDevArt is an excellent WordPress booking plugin. It is loaded with a lot of useful functionalities and is also super easy to use thanks to its intuitive UI. Now this online booking plugin has a free, as well as, a paid version. We have picked the free version for our list as we feel there are better options that you can get with your money. The features you get with its free version along is pervasive.

For example, you will get access to unlimited forms and extras, along with a reservation calendar widget. Then there is the option to display the availability of a particular day as available or booked. Again, if a user schedules an appointment, the plugin will automatically send an email notification to the user and administrator. Besides these, there are also plenty of customization options as well.

#10. Calendarista


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Calendarista is a GDPR compliant booking plugin for WordPress websites. The plugin packs in a super intuitive interface bundled with a lot of features to allow businesses to take bookings from online. Besides boasting a lot of advanced features, the plugin can also help you handle some of the legalities that come along with similar services.

All in all, you will get access to 10 booking modes relevant to different industries. For example, there is a booking mode mainly drafted for restaurant business while another for hotel reservations. There are also three different payment gateways to offer your users the convenience of choice.

Besides these, you will also get access to some added functionalities like WooCommerce support, a custom form builder, Google Maps integration, a dedicated back-end calendar to help you view all your appointments, and much more.

#11. Timetable


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Timetable is a responsive scheduling plugin for WordPress which can help create a timetable view of your events. It is excellent to help your users to book appointments from your website, as well as to help you manage all those bookings comfortably.

Some of the notable features of Timetable includes an option to generate PDFs from your timetable view, use event occurrence shortcodes to display lists of all upcoming appointments in a single event, use customizable widgets to show all upcoming events for today, and much more.

This WP appointment booking plugin also supports Visual Composer integration. You will able to use the popular drag and drop page builder to help you implement the timetables more easily. This also allows you to create a dedicated page on your website for your timetables.

#12. Team Booking

Team Booking

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Team Booking is a WordPress booking system which is unique in the sense that it allows you to use Google Calendars for scheduling and booking purposes. All you have to do is create an event in Google Calendar, and it will become a free slot, available for users to book freely. Once it gets booked, the event is updated and will reflect on Google Calendar.

So you can see that the plugin offers one of the simplest and easiest means to manage and keep track of your bookings. Besides this, it also brings home plenty of other features as well. This includes Timezone selection from the front-end, three different service types including single appointments, ticket-based events, and unscheduled services, payment gateway integration, an approval and cancellation system, and much more.

#13. Bookme

Bookme WordPress Appointment Plugin

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Bookme – the WordPress Appointment booking and scheduling plugin that is also WooCommerce compatible. Some of the key selling points for the plugin would be its high customizability and support for translation into multiple languages.

This appointment scheduling WP plugin also supports synchronization with Google Calendar, so all your client, as well as workforce, will have the appointment synchronized with their Calendar. WooCommerce allows you to take payment from the customers directly from your website as they are making their appointment. There is also a cart system should you need it.

#14. Chauffeur Booking System

Chauffeur Booking System

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The Chauffer Booking System for WordPress is a powerful limo and shuttle reservation plugin which you can integrate into your WordPress website. The plugin, once installed, integrates a step-by-step booking process into your site complete with online payment options. The plugin also features added options for emailing and SMS notification, WooCommerce support, and Google Calendar integration, all packed in an intuitive backend admin panel.

Besides all these, this appointment booking plugin offers a powerful booking form which features a lot of advanced option along with plenty of customization settings. You will be able to implement different types of services with varying models of pricing, live route preview with total time calculator, advanced booking services, option to define custom routes, and much more. Users will also have the option to choose the vehicle of their choice for renting.

#15. WP Booking Calendar

WP Booking Calendar

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As you can guess from the name, WP Booking Calendar can help you add Booking Calendar or booking system into your WordPress website. Once installed, you will have the option to add one or more services to your site and make them available for booking. Customers will be able to see all the services offered and make reservations on preferred dates. Furthermore, once an appoint is successfully made, both the admin and the customer will receive an email.

Now coming to its feature list, there is no use denying that it might feel a little underwhelming. But it does cover all the basic functionalities and packs everything in an intuitive interface which makes the plugin extremely user-friendly. You have the potential to take multiple reservations, provide users with a convenient month and day view, create various calendars with their own set of custom options, PayPal integration, and much more.

#16. Webba Booking

Webba Booking

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Webba Booking plugin for taking appointments and reservations on WordPress websites has been specifically designed with service providers in mind to help them save time, money and provide convenience to their customers, all at the same time. This WordPress appointment plugin comes with a laundry list of features that can help you properly manage all appointments, as well as comprehensive customization control over how you want the booking system to look.

There are plenty of features that help with taking appointments, scheduling, managing all the reservations and which team member attends which client. There are also support for automated email notification to confirm booking as well as the option to take online payments.

#17. Appointment Buddy

Appointment Buddy

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Appointment Buddy is a premium appointment booking plugin for WordPress. Once installed, this WordPress scheduling plugin helps to integrate an automated online booking system. It comes with an easy to use interface which allows you to manage all your bookings from a single interface. All you have to do is spare about to 10 minutes to configure the plugin, and it will handle the rest.

Being a premium plugin, it will also greet you to a whole array of excellent and powerful functionalities. For example, you can provide your users with the comfort of a full-fledged Calendar view. On top of that, there are functionalities to integrate a filterable appointment list, a dashboard with detailed reports, leaves and holiday management, so users don’t mistakenly make appointments on days you are not available, and much more.

Besides all these, you will also get integration with Google Calendar, Notifications via e-mail when an appointment has been made, staff management, service management, option to manage customer database, customer-service mapping and so on. PayPal and Stripe integration are also included to help you take payments from your customers.

#18. BookDice

BookDice WordPress Appointment Plugin

Download Link

BookDice is a very powerful appointment booking and scheduling plugin for WordPress that comes with aesthetically beautiful features. You will appreciate the amount of flexibility and control you get with the plugin.

Going over the features real quick, the plugin offers multiple payment methods so your customers can make quick online payments. Then there is support for email and SMS reminders which is known to improve customer attendance. A review and rating system is also built in to enrich the user experience for your customers.

Any other Online Meeting Scheduling  Plugin for WordPress?

So these were some of the best online appointment plugins for WordPress currently circulating the market. We hope you found this read to be helpful. Now, if you do decide to use one of the plugins mentioned on the list then do let us know how it faired for you. Users on our site will love to get some insight from a fellow reader.

Furthermore, if you know of some other powerful plugin that we happened to leave out from this read, then please mention it in the comments. You will be helping to improve the scope of this read and provide more useful options to other readers.

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