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30 Best WordPress Directory Themes of 2020 to Create Business Listing Websites

Directory websites contain a vast amount of information to help people with their different problems. This makes them a great source of generating traffic all the while providing users with some practical usage. Likewise, these sites need to have a particular set of features, easily navigable UI, clutter-free design, and so on. It might be a big project creating a directory website from scratch, but with WordPress, it can be handled in a matter of few clicks.

WordPress offers an extensive collection of directory themes which you can use to create a professional looking directory website in a few clicks. These WordPress directory themes will handle everything starting from the design and aesthetics to the functionalities and features. We have looked through an all the famous and feature-rich directory WordPress themes and shortlisted the ones which bring the most value.

Business Directory WordPress Themes

#1. Directory by Templatic

Directory theme by Templatic

Demo & Download

The simply named Directory WordPress theme by Templatic is targeted at beginners to help them create, manage, and even monetize a local/global scale directory website with ease. The interface is extremely intuitive which makes it super easy to use/navigate for you as well as for your users. There are different layout styles to help you showcase all the different ads. And if you wish to play around with the layout for yourself, then you can use the Visual Composer drag and drop page builder to your advantage.

Apart from looks, the theme is filled with over 30 directory extensions which can help you create a highly functional and feature-rich online directory. You will even get access to over 15 payment gateways provides a lot of flexibility to both the sellers and buyers on your site. WooCommerce support is also there, which you can use along with the dedicated booking and reservation system to make your site even more useful.

#2. Business Directory

Business Directory WordPress Theme

Demo & Download

Next up, there is the Business Directory WordPress theme targeted at beginners or people looking for an intuitive and easy to use UI. The theme allows for easy creation of category for organizing your custom fields and different listing types. You will also get access to a bunch of pre-made demo pages which you can use to create your website.

Other notable features of the theme include Google Map integration coupled with advanced search options, search by miles range, and a city selector which can help improve the geolocation service of your site. On top of this, there is a multipurpose homepage banner area which you can use as a call to action. You will also get access to other advanced options like a booking and reservation system, business rating and reviewing, list management, dedicated dashboards for users, support for multiple payment gateways, and so on.

#3. Directory – PremiumPress

Directory WordPress Theme from PremiumPress

Demo & Download

With the Directory WordPress theme from PremiumPress, you will be able to turn your WordPress website into a fully functioning online business directory. The theme focuses on improving your SEO score to make sure you attract more organic traffic. Built on top of the BootStrap framework, the theme is extremely flexible and rich in customization options. Furthermore, if you wish to make customization changes yourself, you will have access to Elementor drag and drop page builder to help you out.

Most of the features that you get with the theme are focused on helping you make money from the site. For starters, you will get support for over 20 different payment gateways, including PayPal and Stripe. An inbuilt feature allows business owners to claim a listing on your site, paid or for free, whichever fits your business module. You can even create custom listing fields for added personalization.

#4. Vantage

Vantage directory WordPress theme

Demo & Download

Vantage is one of the most popular business directory themes for WordPress. The theme features a sleek design coupled with a lot of monetization options. So the theme is perfect to reel in and engage users and making a profit while you are at it. The interface is also very clean and intuitive for your users, where they will get a dedicated dashboard to control all their activities.

On the feature front, you will get all the basic functionalities that are required to get your directory website off the ground. For example, you get Google Maps integration coupled with pinpoint location search accuracy. You can even include listing reviews and a user-favorite functionality to make listings more reliable.

#5. Directory+

Directory +

Demo & Download

Directory+ is a beautiful looking directory WordPress theme with a focus on aesthetics and customizability. Design wise it boasts a modern and minimalistic design which looks exceptionally professional. You can also make tweaks to the design using the inbuilt AIT drag and drop page builder.

On the feature front, you will get access to an array of directory plugins which can help handle many niche specific functionalities. Some of its features worth mentioning include video headers, over 30 elements in page builder, 3D maps, street views, and even a dedicated business view for the items.

#6. MyListing

MyListing best WordPress directory theme

Demo & Download

MyListing WordPress directory theme is designed explicitly for directory and listing websites. It comes with WooCommerce integration for monetization purposes along with Elementor drag and drop plugin to help with creating a stunning layout for your site. Apart from this, you will get access to a lot of niche-specific features to help you properly run your directory website.

There is the custom dashboard for users to control all their listings. There are a bunch of listing forms, dedicated stat categories, and much more. To help with monetization, the theme offers paid listing and list claiming options. And this is just the tip of the iceberg as you will also get a built-in rating system, custom shortcodes, and much more.

#7. Buzzler

Buzzler Business Directory Theme

Demo & Download

Buzzler business directory WordPress theme can help you get your website up and running in a matter of clicks. It covers plenty of aesthetic necessities including the feature requirements of your directory website. Design wise it follows a clean, professional design language which users will find familiar, henceforth, easily navigable.

There is Google Maps integration along with options for geo-tagging and geo-location. Customization options are also there to help you properly brand your website and create an online presence. Furthermore, to help you monetize the site, you will get access to an array of different options to include predefined payment packages, free listing offers to attract sellers, membership offers for users, and much more. BuddyPress integration is also provided to help you create a proper community experience for your users.

#8. DirectoryEngine

Directory WordPress Theme from EngineThemes

Demo & Download

DirectoryEngine offers a lot of advanced features and design options to help create a modern solution for an online directory. You get a modular content layout to help you create a minimalistic website design. This also makes the layout easily customizable. You will find all the bells and whistles of the theme perfect for starting your a business directory or place listing website.

You will get access to a handful of options which will help you maximize the amount of traffic coming to your website, and also help you to make a profit out of it. Since the site is coded with best SEO practices along with built-in Schema support, getting higher ranks of Google ladder is a piece of cake. And with the extra traffic coming into your site, you can leverage the multiple pricing plans, and different payment gateways to make a profit from your website.

#9. Listeo

Directory & Listings With Booking WordPress Theme

Demo & Download

Listeo is a directory website that contains an advanced booking system. Listeo is an all-in-one WordPress theme that has various inbuilt features like booking systems and private messaging. You do not require to pay any extra amount for an extension. You need not know coding.

Listeo has various classified websites like TripAdvisor, Tripping, Flipkey. It is compatible with the latest WordPress version and is built, keeping the quality of the site in mind. Listeo has a user dashboard option from where you will be able to control various processes of your website. Other features include Revolution Slider, Smart Listing Reviews, and Dropdown Mega Menu.

#10. Javo

Javo Directory WordPress Theme

Demo & Download

Javo directory is one of the most customizable directory themes available for us, which has some of the most advanced and easy-to-use features. You can easily customize every section of this theme using the real-time live builder.

Javo directory contains a detailed options panel and is compatible with the event page builder, and the admin has full control over the website. You can add or remove or reorder any of the features you wish to. All the prebuilt design templates are of extremely beautiful design. You can also add events and addons on your web page. Javo directory is compatible with Opera, Chrome, Firefox, and other powerful browsers.

#11. Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages Listing Theme

Demo & Download

The Yellow Pages WordPress listing theme will help you create a classic online directory website which also carries a familiar looking layout. The UI is nothing too extravagant and can be praised for its intuitiveness and how quickly it can be navigated. There are also new and advanced tools like image sliders, so functionality-wise, it is completely updated.

Some of its notable features include a multipurpose homepage banner which can be used for creating call-to-actions. Then comes a listing searchable map functionality which makes finding desired listings extremely simple. Other than this, you get all the basic features and functionalities you can to expect from directory theme websites.

#12. Listify

Listify WordPress directory theme

Demo & Download

Listify is a feature-rich WordPress directory theme which covers pretty much every single feature and functionality you might want in your directory website. It is WooCommerce compatible which makes monetization a whole lot easier. There are a bunch of listing related plugins bundled in for free. You even get access to a bunch of demo websites, to help you start your site in practically no time.

There are a bunch of options and settings that lets you have control over all the elements of your site. Then there is a drag and drop page builder for creating the layout of your website. You even get some inbuilt money making tools like paid listings, listing submission fees, and a WooCommerce powered subscription module. Besides these, there are advertisement options, a dedicated feature for booking appointments and make reservations, and so on.

#13. REHub

REHub WordPress directory theme

Demo & Download

REHub multipurpose WordPress theme has been primarily created to help create price comparison websites, affiliate marketing sites, multi-vendor stores, and so on. However, with its long list of features, especially the array of customization options, it will be straightforward to convert the theme into a directory website. You will get access to a multitude of demo pages which can be customized or combined to help create your unique site.

This listing theme comes with BuddyPress integration which can help you create a community within your website. You can also offer coupons to increase user engagement and influence your conversion rates. Advanced search functionality is also provided for users’ benefit. Apart from this, you will get access to plenty more features, but not all of them will help you with running your directory website.

#14. ListingPro

ListingPro best WordPress directory theme

Demo & Download

ListingPro is a very popular WordPress directory theme loved by a lot of users and filled with a growing array of features. The theme is heavy on the customization from allowing you to create websites that adhere to your taste and likings. Also, just so that you don’t have to design anything from scratch, it also packs in many ready-made demo websites to use as a template.

The most notable functionality found with the theme would be the front-end submission option which comes with drop-down fill-in options to help make creating listings as smooth and effortless as possible. On top of that, there is a smart search feature with advanced filters, option to run ad campaigns, opportunity to claim and verify listings, a dedicated event management system, deals and coupons, and much more.

#15. WilCity

WilCity business directory theme

Demo & Download

WilCity Directory Listing WordPress theme comes bundled with a lot of premium plugins and other functionalities to help you smoothly run a fully featured directory website. The main feature highlight of the theme is the integration of the Dokan plugin – which is a multi-vendor WooCommerce plugin. And speaking of WooCommerce, there is also the WooCommerce Bookings plugin packed in the box.

This directory WordPress theme also offers plenty of control to the user on the different types of Directories that are to be set up in your website. There is also a rating and review system which users on your site can use. Google Maps is integrated as well. And finally, you will even get a perfect user dashboard which your users love. You will also be able to easily make money from your site thanks to the array of monetization options.

#16. Listable

Listable business directory theme

Demo & Download

Listable WordPress listing theme is essentially a smart listing system to help you create an online directory locally or at a global scale. It is super easy to use and utilizes a listing cards system which can help put your plan into action. Apart from this, it bundles in a lot of useful niche plugins which also helps by infusing rich features into the theme.

Customization and personalization options are plentiful which can help you properly brand your site. Then come multiple numbers of drag and drop page builders to help you create/tweak the site layout. Other notable features include Google Map integration paired with a ‘map above the content’ functionality for added appeal.

#17. GeoPlaces5

Demo & Download

GeoPlaces5 is an extremely good WordPress theme which has location-based features to create city directories. It comes with various attractive functionalities and features. You will be able to create feature-packed city directories and that too on your own. You do not require any extensive coding skills.

All the websites designed using this theme is extremely modern and has a very logical design. The homepage design is simple yet elegant. GeoPlaces5 has a dashboard option that allows you to manage your site correctly. It has various inbuilt supports and post types like Places and Events. You can even create coupons and discounts using this theme

#18. Lisner

Lisner WordPress directory listing

Demo & Download

Lisner is a modern directory and listing WordPress theme boasting a minimal and modern looking design language. Not only will your site look professional, but there are plenty of whitespaces used to center users’ attention on the listings and not the aesthetics. You will also get plenty of customization options along with the powerful Visual Composer drag and drop page builder to help you change the site layout.

Popular features include WooCommerce compatibility, WordPress Job Manager plugin etc. This can help you create a robust and well-managed system for listing jobs, businesses, and services on your website. There are also options for front-end submissions, online booking, coupons & discounts, dedicated member only fields, and much more.

#19. Listing Plus

Listing Plus

Demo & Download

Listing Plus is a feature-packed directory WordPress theme marketed as a multipurpose directory theme which can “do it all.” It features a modern and purpose-oriented design language which will help you boost conversion rates. You will even get access to a handful of feature that can help you better manage your site and provide more value to your readers.

You will get access to a handful of ready to use demo pages to construct your website. Each one of the demos is customizable, so you can tweak the design to suit your likings. SEO is done flawlessly, so you get more organic traffic. And you will be able to thrill all the sellers on your platform by showcasing the intuitive front-end submission system, which also includes a payment functionality for paid submissions.

#20. MyCity

MyCity directory listing website template

Demo & Download

MyCity is Geolocation directory, and events guide WordPress theme. It offers a bunch of useful features which can boost your conversion rate and help generate more revenue from your website. However, it is best to use this directory WordPress theme to create a listing website for upcoming events. Most of its features are catered towards this specific niche.

For example, you will get the powerful EventON – event management plugin bundled in. Google Maps integration will quickly show where ever an event is taking place. Besides this, you also get access to over a 100 custom shortcodes to make the site as informative and engaging as possible.

#21. eList

eList Directory WordPress Theme

Demo & Download

eList is a Directory WordPress theme coming from the talented team of developers over at elegant themes. It is a multipurpose directory theme, meaning you can use it to create any type of directory website irrespective of niche. It is fitted with a lot of options which both you and your users will come to appreciate.

Visitors will get the option to submit new listings from the front end which makes the process a lot easier. You will gain access to eCommerce integration to help you charge the users for submitting a listing. But the main feature highlight is the built-in classic directory structure which will help showcase all your categories directly on the homepage.

#22. GeoCraft 2

GeoCraft 2

Demo & Download

GeoCraft 2 is a business directory theme for WordPress websites. This directory listing website template is perfect for reeling in users and making money off the traffic. Customization options are also plentiful, so you can quickly brand your website and start building your online presence.

Some of the notable features of the theme include the dedicated buttons for users to post business listing submissions, email integration to send an approval email for taking in a submission, Google Adsense integration, Contact forms, and much more. And as with most directory websites, you will get Google maps integration along with advanced search functionalities, so that all the businesses can be geolocated easily without much hassle.

#23. Brilliant Directory

Brilliant Directory

Demo & Download

Brilliant Directory WordPress theme is like a powerful software to help create online directory websites. It is packed with a lot of features, but most attention is given to customization potential. All the different settings and options will help you create a fully realized websites, just the way you wanted it. The admin dashboard is also quite powerful and can help you control mostly all aspects of your directory website.

However, you do get other functionalities as well to help you create a more powerful directory website. It covers all the basic necessities, which includes a powerful search functionality so users can find businesses they are looking for. There is even a city selector option and a search-by-mile-range option to help fine tune every search. Other than this, you will get a multipurpose banner area which will act as the CTA option along with a booking and reservation functionality.

#24. Diamond

Diamond directory listing website template

Demo & Download

Diamond is a WooCommerce enabled multipurpose WordPress directory theme. It is designed with small business in mind and comes with plenty of homepage layouts, one of which is sure to match your dream website layout. The entire layout is also completely widgetized, so you can add the custom widgets and make your layout even more informative.

Notable features of the theme include a powerful Theme Options Panel packed with an array of customization options. To top it off, there is support for parallax sliders to bring more flair to your site. You will also get access to plenty of directory modules which can help you showcase your products, and help create new listings in a matter of seconds.

#25. City Guide

City Guide business directory theme

Demo & Download

City Guide WordPress listing theme can help you create a city directory website. It is filled with all the necessary bells and whistles to help you create a fully functional and flexible commercial website for listing all the top locations in a city. You will get access to a bunch of ready-made demo pages which can help you create the structure of your website.

There is the Geolocation enabled search functionality which will help users find services/products nearest to their locality. Furthermore, Google Maps integration and search filtering options only add to the experience. Apart from this, there is are options to add/manage listings, add/manage users, option for users to leave a review/rating, dedicated user dashboards, and much more.

#26. Jobs Directory

Jobs Directory WP Template

Demo & Download

Jobs Directory, as the name implies, is a WordPress theme that can help you create a Job listing website. This is a very popular niche, as employees and employers are always searching on different platforms to find their dream job. Therefore, there will be no lack of traffic. The UI is enticing enough to keep all your users thoroughly engaged. Monetization options are also plentiful.

Overall, the WordPress job directory theme feels like a complete solution for starting your job directory website. However, if you want a closer look at its features list, then some of its features are definitely worth a mention. This includes a power job search, different job type tabs, job status tags, Option to charge employers for posting jobs, advanced job search, and much more.

#27. Expedition

Expedition WP Directory Theme

Demo & Download

Expedition WordPress theme is aimed at webmasters looking to create an online directory for travel agencies, city guides, review websites, and so on. It packs in all the design perks and features necessary to such niche websites. The main focus of the theme is on customization and provides a lot leeway to help you create the site of your dreams.

You get access to a Dynamic Homepage Builder to help you create the homepage merely using drag and drop gestures. No coding is required which makes it extremely beginner friendly. There is the Theme Options Panel filled with plenty of settings which you can tweak around to control different aspects of the theme. And finally, there is the built-in a banner management system which you can use as a call-to-action to generate more revenue and activity in your website.

#28. SpotFinder

SpotFinder WordPress directory theme

Demo & Download

SpotFinder is a multipurpose directory theme for WordPress websites. You can use it an online directory to list any sort of business ranging from car dealerships to real estate, hotels, restaurants, and so on. The UI is minimal and straightforward making the content the center of attention. There are also plenty of features to help you provide a richer experience to your users.

Notable features of the theme include a listing searchable map functionality, a multipurpose homepage banner section, option to go for a full-width layout, Google Maps integration, and much more. Users on your site will also get a rich user experience thanks to the dedicated user dashboards and the option to leave ratings and reviews on all the listings.

#29. UrbanGo

UrbanGo WordPress directory theme

Demo & Download

UrbanGo Directory and Listing WordPress theme comes packed with a lot of features that will help you get an online directory up and running in no time. It will handle both aesthetic and feature requirements. The theme offers plenty of customization options along with ready-made, customizable lists which can help you create a unique looking directory website.

This WordPress directory theme offers advanced searching, dedicated user dashboard along with user login and registration functionalities. It also offers a seamless Google Maps integration. WooCommerce integration is also provided to help you start making a buck from your site.

#30. Service Finder

Service Finder

Demo & Download

Service Finder, is a WordPress theme directed towards business and service based directory websites. This business directory WP template provides a portal where business and service providers can join in different categories and create a profile. Customers will then come into your site, browse through the different number of service providers and ultimately pick one to avail their service.

Now this business listing theme is riddled with a lot of powerful features including many premium plugins to help you make a fully realized business directory website. The highlight would be the premium WP Job Manager – job alert plugin bundled in for free. Besides this, there are options for member registration, different payment gateway integration, a powerful booking system, and much more.

#31. CityBook

CityBook Listing Template

Demo & Download

CityBook is yet another WordPress directory theme for local businesses and services. The directory listing template can help create a complete online directory of all the hot and happening places in a particular locality. With powerful options like flexible listing categories and options to take appointments and bookings online, the theme offers an excellent experience for your users.

Other notable features that you get includes the option to show working hours in your listing, allow users to leave review and ratings, built-in social media sharing to bring in more traffic to your site, and so on. To add to this, you even get access to 5 listing ad widgets and custom shortcode support.

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So these were our picks for the best business directory themes for WordPress websites. We hope you found this article helpful. Don’t forget to share it along with your acquaintances.

If you have used any of the directory listing themes mentioned here on the list, then don’t forget to mention your experience in the comments section.


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