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20 Best WordPress Star Rating Plugins With Google Rich Snippets

Websites today are trying to get the reviews and ratings of their customers to increase the user-engagement and let other people know about their services. A five-star rating says a lot about the services that a website offers. If you want your user just quickly to rate your services and improve your customer relations, then adding a review and rating plugin to your site can be a great idea.

With the help of these WordPress star rating plugins, a website can add the functionality of adding ratings such as Star Ratings to their website and can allow their customers to leave any positives as well as negatives they felt about their services. To help you easily add this functionality to your website, we have compiled a  list of Best WordPress Star Rating Plugins that you can use to allow your visitors to leave their opinion and rate your business.

Best WordPress Star Rating Plugins

#1. WP Review Pro

WP Review Pro

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WP Review Pro is a premium star rating review plugin for WordPress which allows you to integrate a star rating system into your website. The plugin supports a total of 14 different types of rich snippets which can show in search results to attract customers to your site. On top of that, you get 16 different predefined designs which can use to showcase your reviews. All the templates are customizable enabling you to tweak them to match your site’s design and aesthetics.

And this is just the start of it. The plugin offers an entire laundry list of features and functionalities to help showcase your reviews in the best possible light. For starters, you have multiple rating systems which include star ratings, points, percentage, thumbs, and circle. It also allows users to rate and review products on your site.

Besides this, you have Google Review integration, Yelp review integration, Facebook Reviews integration and much more. If you are running a WooCommerce on your website, then you will be glad to know that the plugin is also compatible with the e-commerce plugin. To better run your online store, you will get support for comparison tables as well. There is also a popup and notification bar option which help act as a call to action.

#2. KK Star Ratings

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KK Star rating plugin supports Google Rich Snippets which allows your ratings to be indexed in Google Search. It also has some fantastic mouse over and animation effects such ad fueling of stars. You can display a user-defined amount of star ratings in your pages and posts. This plugin also includes a widget to show top rated posts in the sidebar of your website.

#3. WP Customer Reviews

KK Star Ratings

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WP Customer Reviews as the name implies is a WordPress star rating plugin which can help you to get customer reviews from your users. The plugin helps set up a specific page on your website where users can come in and leave a customer testimonial your business/service or even write reviews on particular products.

This WordPress star rating review plugin allows you to moderate all the submissions, so you don’t have to worry about random rants getting posted on your website. On top of that, there is an anti-spam functionality for added protection. And if you like, you can edit the reviews for its content as well as the dates. You can also show admin responses under each review if you want.

Apart from this, the plugin allows for quick customization of all review fields. You can specify which fields are necessary; show/hide certain fields, and much more. Shortcode support is provided to help you insert reviews from onto any page of your website. And the best part is, all these functionalities are made available to you for free.

#4. WP Product Review Lite

 WP Product Review Lite

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WP Product Review Lite is a free plugin to help you insert product reviews into your WordPress website. The plugin integrates a lot of cool functionalities to help highlight your opinions on a product or a service. It even helps integrate a call-to-action to improve your sales. There is also a paid version to the plugin which adds in a lot more features including shortcode support and review support by visitors.

Once installed, you can use to create review widgets for your products. The colors and other metrics of the widget can be customized easily to fit your style and preference. You can add a “buy now” button or “download” button in the posts. Also, after you post a review, you can set up a wrap widget to conclude the article. There is even the option to add a specific user review option in the WordPress comments.

#5. YASR- Yet Another Star Rating

YASR- Yet Another Star Rating

Download Link

YASR as the name suggests in another star rating plugin but offers some unique features to add rating system on your website. This plugin focusses on improving the user experience with your website. An SEO-friendly plugin that allows your users to add reviews and testimonials to your website pages, posts, and Custom post types. This plugin lets you create a multiple star rating system and integrate the ratings received in Google Search Indexing.

#6. Reviewer WordPress Plugin

Reviewer WordPress Plugin

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Reviewer WordPress plugin allows you to insert reviews and comparison tables into the posts and pages of your WordPress website. It is a very powerful user review system which enables your site users to leave a review for a product or service you have highlighted in your website. It also has an extra functionality of letting you create a recap box at the end of your posts – preferably reviews to give you readers a summary of all that has been discussed.

The plugin is very flexible and can be used to create any review types. You will also get access to plenty of customizable templates for your reviews in case you don’t want them to look bland and lifeless. Each of these templates has a responsive layout, so they will look equally great from viewed from mobile devices with small screens. With all that being said, let’s look at some of the features the plugin brings to the table.

For starters, you get the option to include review boxes as mentioned above, along with comparison tables. On top of that, you get different rating modes including star ratings and bar ratings. And in case you are looking for comprehensive user-generated reviews, then you can also allow them to upload images to enhance their reviews. Google reCaptcha integration is provided to help prevent spams. Furthermore, the admin is given complete moderation control over the user.

#7. Rating-Widget Plugin

Rating-Widget Plugin

Download Link

If you want to add a simple 5-star rating system on your website’s posts, pages, comments section, WooCommerce Pages, BuddyPress Pages and even bbPress Forums, then this plugin is worth a try.

Being GDPR compliant, rating widget plugin also allows Custom Post Types as well as Author Review Ratings. The premium version of this plugin offers some extra features such as plugin is a fully-featured one and can easily be customized as per your needs. Other than the free version, its Professional and Business versions offer some more rich features.

#8. Ultimate Blocks

Ultimate Blocks Plugin

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Ultimate Blocks is a powerful Gutenberg plugin which has more than 15 custom Gutenberg blocks. This multi-purpose plugin is specially designed for bloggers and affiliate marketers.

One of its unique blocks is Review Block. This block lets you add an awesome review box on your blog post or page. The great thing about the block is, it’s schema enabled. That means you can show star ratings in Google by using this block. It’s very easy to use. You can edit the review box in real time. And you don’t have to deal with any other options.

#9. Multi Rating

Multi Rating WordPress Plugin

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This is one powerful WordPress review and rating plugin for WordPress that allows you to do multi-rating in a much better way. Multi-rating plugin can be used for polls. Voting, surveys, and quizzes as well.

It allows rate postings which are based on multiple rating criteria with the help of star rating. You can add ratings in the form of average rating, percentage ratings or an aggregate rating. This plugin comes with shortcodes and widgets that can display the rating code and overall post ratings. You can show rating in a drop-down menu or with a radio button to make it more trendy. Upgrading to Pro allows to you add even more ultimate features.

#10. Like Button Rating

Like Button Rating

Download Link

A Like button is in trend these, and if you wish to add a like button rating to your website, then this plugin can be a useful one. The Like Button Rating plugin lets you add a customizable button to your website’s posts, pages, comments section, WooCommerce products, BuddyPress pages, bbPress forums and more. It is a simple and highly-customizable plugin which comes with 41 themes and 40 languages with real-time report and voting statistics.

#11. Universal Star Rating

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This star rating plugin or WordPress provides the author two major shortcodes which give him the options to add ratings/ reviews for data, product and services. This shortcode can also be used to embed a single inline star rating or a tabular star rating list. This plugin is supported in English and German Language as well.

#12. GD Rating System

GD Rating System

Download Link

A simple yet modern approach in terms of adding a star rating system to your website comes in this WordPress rating plugin. Most of the features of this plugin are split into different add-ons and rating methods. This plugin helps you to rate anything on your website. You can allow rating with the help of some basic rating entities, and for each of these entities, you can enable more than one rating type. The basic rating method is the star rating. You can enhance the functionality by adding add-ons for custom post types, Dynamic Load, Comment Integration and more.

To present your rating system, you will get a default set of templates, Shortcodes for rating block as well as a list. It also offers 20 icons in a font for the star rating and two image-based sets. Other than this, the pro version offers even greater flexibility and more rating systems.

#13. Author hReview

Author hReview

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Author hReview WordPress plugin allows you to add hReview and AggregateRating support to your WordPress website based on schema.org. This helps to make your SERP results in more eye-catching which ultimately improves your organic traffic.

Do note that the plugin only supports the editorial (editor/author) rating submission. Thus, the reviews and ratings left by the customers or site visitors will not affect the rating or review process, and only reflect the admin’s opinion. So if this is something you are looking for, then this is an excellent plugin for consideration. Furthermore, it is completely free to use, and who doesn’t like free things.

#14. Taqyeem


Download Link

Taqyeem is a premium review and rating plugin for WordPress. Once installed, it can help you add ratings and reviews to your posts, pages, and even custom post types with an eye-catching format. Furthermore, there are tons of customization options to help you match the review and rating system with that of your site’s design and aesthetics.

The plugin allows for three different review typings which include stars, points, and percentages. It also comes with a couple of dedicated widgets to help you include the best and recent reviews. Besides posting all the reviews yourself, you can even allow your site visitors to leave a review on a particular product. There is also the option to open up fields for unlimited review criteria.

#15. Review and Product Review by Review Builder

Review and Product Review by Review Builder

Download Link

This free WordPress star rating plugin allows you add a review and star rating section on your WordPress Pages, posts, and WooCommerce Products. It lets you create a review section in an easy and fast manner. You can as well add custom criteria of items, a title for the review box, and customize the review section to match your website.

This WordPress user rating plugin offers you three review templates to choose from, unlimited review options review skins, review categories, review colorization and review comments as well.

#16. Gravity Forms Star Rating Field

Universal Star Rating

Download Link

If you want to add a rating system to your Gravity Forms, then this plugin is a must to have. Gravity Forms Star Rating plugin provides you with 14 different rating styles and some great options for your rating field. There are options to show rating text on the tooltip, customize the rating label and add unlimited rating options on each field.

#17. Contact Form 7 Star Rating Field

Contact Form 7 Star Rating Field

Download Link

Another form based WordPress star rating plugin is Contact Form 7 Star rating Field which gives you an option to add star rating fields on your Contact Form 7. It is easy to use the plugin and gives you options to choose from 12 different rating styles. This plugin is compatible with all versions of Contact Form 7. You can have unlimited rating fields in one form and also a shortcode to include the result in an email.

#18. User Rating / Review Add-on for UserPro

User Rating / Review Add-on for UserPro

Download Link

This user rating and review add-on is especially for User Pro community plugin. It allows you to add a rating and review system on your community website. You can use this add-on to let your members give their rating to each other. It gives you the ability to rate using the Star Ratings or Text Comments. It can also be set up on multi-site installation. You can also give only specific roles the power to rate other users.

19. Five Star Ratings and Reviews Plugin

KK Star Ratings

Download Link

With this WordPress user rating plugin, you can allow your users to rate and review your blog content, travel adventures, E-commerce shops and any other kind of website. It is an easily customizable plugin that gives you features such as author reviews, user reviews, changing colors and sizes of your star ratings along with the ability to change the shapes and make it look more appealing. This plugin also integrates well with famous plugins such as WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, WP eCommerce, and Jigoshop so that you can use rating and reviews on your online shop or marketplace as well.

20. Rating Form

Rating Form

Download Link

This is considered as one of the Best Rated WordPress Rating Plugins. It integrates with plugins such as WPML, WooCommerce, myCred, bbPress and FacetWP. You can choose from some rating shapes such as stars, hearts, smileys and can also upload your rating shape.

Rating Form is a user-friendly plugin which allows you to change the shape, size, color and gives you many other customization options for your rating system. It also allows you to choose the post types, user roles you want to add ratings too. With many excellent features and easy to customize the interface, this plugin is an excellent choice.

21. WP Rate Everything Star Plugin

WP Rate Everything Star Plugin

Download Link

WP Rate Everything Star rating Plugin allows anyone to add a star rating to any post, pages, custom post types. You can also paste the shortcode from backend to make the rating work anywhere on your website. This plugin allows you to customize the number of stars, control the size of stars, three different stars options, vote count and more. It also integrates well with WooCommerce and allows you to add a rating system to your store. Ratings can also be listed in grid/list view and detailed view.

Any Other WordPress Star Rating Plugin?

Thus, this was a list of some free and paid WordPress Star Rating Plugins for your website. These WordPress rating plugins are easy to use and provide a customizable review and rating system for your site. You can choose the one that fits your needs the most or can go with a free one and then upgrade to the premium when satisfied. So, install your favorite plugin, and you are ready to go.


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