WP Review Pro Plugin – Add Reviews & Comparison Tables to Your Website

There are numerous benefits of putting reviews on your WordPress site. It’s social proof of how well your product is doing. Mostly, online eCommerce stores need customer reviews to show underneath their products. Such as Clothing store may need to display customer reviews on their product, and if you own a restaurant, you may need to show Google places reviews on your website.

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How can WordPress Review plugin boost your business?

Spread a word about your brand – Once you get reviews about your products on WordPress, it’ll work as a free advertisement tool to spread a word about your product. Surveys show that 95% of shoppers read online reviews before purchasing any product.

Get useful reviews to upgrade your product’s quality – Some customer reviews are useful to upgrade your product quality, and they can provide you valuable information to change your products or services.

Google favors reviews – Google ranking will be improved if you have star ratings of your products. So, it’s an ideal way to enhance your SEO.

It is proven that people tend to buy more those products which have good reviews and to take buying decision they thoroughly read reviews about the product on different channels.

WP Review Pro plugin from MyThemeShop can help you set up reviews on your website for both admins and visitors.

Let’s take a look at how WP Review Pro works.


MyThemeshop WP Review Pro Plugin – Review

WP Review is one of the most robust and incredibly easy-to-use WordPress plugins to display excellent reviews.

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WP Review Pro Plugin – Key Features

WP Review plugin is packed with rich-features and allows the user to control the user’s Review completely. It will enable the customers to fill out a form to write their Review.

Also, it gives you the freedom to choose 19 different types of Schema that helps Google crawler to parse the information more effectively.

Moreover, the star rating also plays a vital role in increasing your website’s CTR as Google likes to display the star rating in the search results so, the star reviews are going to improve your website’s overall CTR.

By using the review box, you can present the information in a better-structured way, and the visitors can get a glance at the vital information without reading the whole article.

#1. More than 19 types of the Rich snippet

WP Review Pro plugin comes with more than 19 rich snippets that can be used to review any product or services. You can add reviews for Amazon products, movies, books, games, services, or anything on your website.


You don’t need to create review templates, and almost all sorts of rich snippets are available and ready to use. You just need to select any rich snippet out of 19 types, and there you go.

#2. 16 pre-designed review templates

With the lite version, you’ll get only one template while the pro version comes with 16 pre-designed beautiful templates. All of these templates are highly customizable, and you can customize them according to your brand’s look.


#3. Multiple Review types

With the WP Review Lite version, you’ll get only one type of Review i.e “Star“. While with the pro version, there are multiple types of reviews layouts are available:-

  • Star
  • Point
  • Percentage
  • Thumbs up
  • Circle


How to install WP Review WordPress plugin?

WP Review WordPress plugin has two versions. WP Review Lite with limited features, and WP Review Pro with advanced functionalities.

Irrespective of the version you choose, You can download the zip folder from and installing it manually from the upload plugin option inside the WordPress dashboard.

Now activate the plugin to use it on your website from here.


How to add a review using WP Review plugin?

1. Open a new or existing page to add the Review on it. Scroll down to find “Review“.


2. Go to Review -> Review Box.


3. Now select review type. There are five options that you can select from. You can choose a star, percentage, circle, or thumbs for your Review depending upon your product.


4. Once you have selected the review type. The next is you’ll have to choose the heading for your Review.


This is how it will look at the frontend:


5. Now select the right product Schema out of 14 available schema options.


6. Now after selecting the Schema, you have to fill in the “Review Items” for proper information.


WP Review Pro Plugin – Other Features to Try

#1. Display user comment Rating and Review on your website

With this feature, you can display user comments ratings and review on your website. Users can share their opinions about the product and also like or dislike other reviews of users or mark them as helpful or not.
Compatible with Google places Reviews

Google reviews are widely accepted all over the world, and Google places integration can work wonders for you. Simply you’ll need to integrate Google places reviews with your WordPress website and build a more trusted brand.

#2. Yelp Reviews integration

Yelp has a pool of hundreds of business reviews which you can import on your website with the help of yelp reviews integration. You can embed the yelp reviews related to your business category mostly. It’s about local restaurants, but you may find some other relevant categories as well.

#3. Facebook Reviews integration

You can take advantage of any Facebook user’s reviews by merely embedding the Facebook app with your WordPress site. You can create your Facebook business page and then embed it with your WordPress site to showcase what your users are saying about your product.

#4. Comparison table

A comparison table is quite helpful in deciding to purchase any product. The comparison table provides a quick comparison of different products so the users can choose the best one for them.


#5. Pop-up and Notification Bar

The popups are an incredible source of attracting user’s attention, and these can be used to grab the attention of viewers instantly with the exit-intent popup. For this purpose, you can use any review as a popup when a user is about to leave your website.

#6. Replace WooCommerce reviews form

With the advanced WooCommerce integration, you can customize and replace basic WooCommerce review forms in WP Reviews.

WP Review Pro Plugin Review – Pros and Cons


  • It’s available as a Lite version for free with limited options while you can upgrade to the Pro version for advanced features.
  • Unlimited color options can be used to customize the default review templates to match your brand’s identity.
  • If you are using any other review plugin already on your WordPress, you can easily import all of your reviews from that plugin to WP Review without any hassle.
  • Comes with more than 600+ fonts library.
  • 10+ custom widgets are also included in the pro package that will let you add a variety of reviews to the footer section or the sidebars.
  • The pro version gives the site owner authority to either display his reviews on the site or aggregate rating provided by other users.
  • The review box embed option lets the website visitors use your embed code for each Review on their site, and in return, you’ll get a backlink to your site.


  • There are no global setting options for adding reviews globally to all the posts and pages.
  • You can’t add custom products to comparison tables. Only published post/ page titles added as products into the comparison tables.

WP Review Pro Plugin – Should You Buy or Not?

Reviews work as a free advertisement where you can promote your brand without any cost. Now with WP Review plugin, you can enable beautifully crafted information-loaded reviews. You can also integrate WP Review Pro with your WooCommerce store, where the customers can provide detailed reviews about your product or services.

The plugin seems ideal for those who own review-based sites. It is mobile-friendly and seems compatible with all WordPress themes. You’ll have a complete authority to display or hide any review. Moreover, you can show your reviews or visitors’ reviews more subtly and strikingly.

The Lite version can be downloaded for free, which gives you an opportunity to try it without spending any money upfront.

However, you can upgrade to the pro version that also comes with 30 days money-back guarantee.

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