12+ Best WordPress Translation Plugins For Multilingual Websites in 2022

How to Translate a WordPress Website?

WordPress translation plugins are the easiest way to create multilingual content to cover a wide range of audience from different region and countries. WordPress translation plugins are designed to translate entire WordPress CMS to use it with your language as well as produce translated content to your audience. Whether you are looking to translate to German, Spanish or Arabic, these translation plugins can do the job for you quickly. Most of the plugin allows both machine and human translation. That means, you can offer machine translation to your readers, or you can publish an individual copy of human-translated content.

If you allow machine translation, you don’t have to create another translated version of your existing content. The process is automated. I should tell you that, machine-translated contents may not be completely accurate, but it will be easier for your readers to understand. On the other hand, human translations are more accurate but need more time and money. If you wish to publish human translated content, you have to hire someone and publish different versions of the same content.

WordPress Translation Plugins

#1. Weglot

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Created to simplify your translation process – the Weglot translation plugin gives you a reliable and easy way to take your website from local to global in minutes. No coding required and no developer time needed. Install Weglot, select your required language(s) and watch as Weglot does the hard work for you – you’ll have a multilingual website in less than 5 minutes.

With zero compatibility issues – Weglot works with all WordPress themes and plugins. Use Weglot’s simplified interface to manage your translations and order additional manual translation where required. And, say hello to new audiences, as with Weglot all your translated pages are automatically indexed on Google.

#2. ConveyThis

ConveyThisDownload Link

If there is one truly convenient way to translate your website, it must be through ConveyThis! It is the most translated language plugin in the WordPress directory (over 38 language contrubutions) and is growing fast. ConveyThis makes it very simple to integrate into WP website and activate as many as 100+ languages.

ConveyThis uses automatic machine translation to translate your entire site, and adds a language switcher button. So within the first couple of minutes, you’ll already have a working, SEO-friendly multilingual site.

It comes with both free and paid plan. Free plan that lets you translate up to 2,500 words into one language, the paid plans use SaaS-style billing, which means you’ll need to continue to pay for as long as you want to use the service. Paid plans start at €4 a month for one language and up to 10,000 words.

#3. WP Google Translate


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WP Google Translate is a WordPress language translation plugin that makes it easier for your global audience to understand the content of your site. It is a simple plugin that adds the feature to translate the entire page into another language with a click. It supports over 80 languages at the time of this writing. After the plugin is installed, a language picker gets added which is fully responsive and automatically adjusts with any given device and screen size.

The plugin comes with a powerful back-end option which lets you customize the button position, tracking code, and control every behaviour of the plugin. You can choose from unlimited colour options to display the plugin on your site. The plugin is integrated with Google Analytics which lets you track your readers and their languages for more audience data. The plugin works efficiently with available WordPress themes and has extensive documentation.

#4. Loco Translate

Loco Translate

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WordPress Loco Translate is a very popular plugin to translate/localize your entire WordPress website. Most of the plugin will provide a machine or human translation option for the contents of your WordPress website. But this plugin will allow translating the WordPress CMS including themes and plugins properly. Although there is an option to chose different language inside WordPress settings panel it doesn’t turn every website element into your language.

Therefore, people love and recommend Loco Translate plugin to do the task for you very quickly. Isn’t it amazing if you can translate the WordPress themes, plugins as well as the child theme you are using into your language? Yes, that will be great for any WordPress user.

#5. Polylang


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Polylang plugin could be the best choice if you want to build a multi-lingual/ bilingual WordPress site. As it has all the major features built in to complete a perfect multilingual site. What features it offers, let’s have a look:

  • There are many options to pick up the desired one or your mother language from the list of many languages it offers.
  • It supports RTL scripts, and it allows you to download or upload languages pack automatically.
  • The post pages, posts, media, and categories could be translated with great perfection. Also, you can translate the post tags, menus, and widgets.
  • This plugin supports all major widgets, taxonomies and custom post type as well as RSS feed and sticky post format.
  • Custom switch which could give you the flexibility to get the translated page with one click.
  • There is an addon available for using professional translation service.

#6. Translate WordPress with GTranslate

Translate WordPress with GTranslate

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If you want to build a multilingual website in a convenient and inexpensive way, you can translate WordPress with gTranslate plugin.

Why should you use this?

This plugin provides google’s localization and translation service. Also, it offers a smooth process to create and maintain your multilingual website. Lots of features this plugin holds are essential ones to complete a multilingual site. This SEO optimized plugin is an essential tool to increase the sale and gather more international traffic for your website.

It works better for both human and automatic translation service to save your time and money. Moreover, it is one of the most popular WordPress translation plugins with more than 100000+ active installation. Most of the plugin user already provide positive feedback.

#7. WPML


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Wpml is a premium plugin to provide a complete WordPress multilingual website solution. This plugin is for professional WordPress multilingual service providers. But there are several plans comes with this plugin for personal usages. It worth the cost because it can turn your website, blog and entire CMS multilingual. You will be able to translate almost every WordPress element based on three different subscription plans.

You will not face any compatibility issue, and this single plugin is powerful enough to turn a corporate site into multilingual. Also, plugin providers will support you to configure it. Even, you will get a 30-day money back guarantee with all of their purchase plans. Finally, I must say, it is a very powerful and highly professional WordPress translation plugin.

#8. TranslatePress – Translate Multilingual sites

TranslatePress – Translate Multilingual sites

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You can go multilingual today without any cost with this one of the highly functional WordPress translation plugins. You will find a very friendly UI and surely experience a better way to translate your entire WordPress website with TranslatePress. Like others, this one is not complicated. Therefore anyone can use this plugin without any coding knowledge.

It can translate almost every element of your website including the output of forms, shortcodes or page builders. Most importantly, plugin developers guarantee that the plugin works amazing with WooCommerce websites too. This self-hosted translation plugin can be the best option to create a multilingual WordPress website.

#9. Lingotek Translation

Lingotek Translation

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Lingotek is a cloud-based translation plugin. We can consider this little tool as a proper management system for a multilingual WordPress website. This one of the most popular WordPress translation plugins allows machine, human and community translation. By enabling community translation, you can make your translated content more accurate, meaningful and readable to your targeted audience. It cut the portion of the high cost of manual translation as well as improve language consistency.

Another impressive service of lingotek is you will have access to Lingotek’s marketplace where more than 5000+ country translators are available. You can submit your entire translation project there. Lingotek will translate every content and publish on your website automatically if you allow.

#10. Transposh WordPress Translation

Transposh WordPress Translation

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Transposh is an out of the box WordPress translation plugin which offers an automatic translation service for your blog. An amazing feature makes this plugin different from others. It will provide your user to develop the automatic machine translation by suggesting their words. You don’t have to hire any human translator or spend money to provide accurate translation to your readers.

This extended functionality of Transposh is enough to get that service from your readers. Moreover, this plugin is specially optimized to translate blogs. So if you are a blogger and trying to engage your audience from a different region, This plugin is highly recommended for you.

#11. Google Website Translator

Google Website Translator

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You can take advantage of Google’s translation service by using this plugin. You will be able to offer your readers more than 100 translated version of your website with this small tool. Although machine translation does not provide a 100% accurate result, this is the best option for you if you don’t want to spend money. Moreover, we all know that google translation service provides the most accurate result than any other machine translation service available out there.

Google Website Translator plugin is simple, lightweight, compatible and one of the best WordPress translation plugins. The simple setup and easy settings make this plugin popular to all. You will not find any unnecessary and complicated features here. Also, the plugin is optimized and tested for speed. So, install the plugin and provide the translated version of your website to your reader’s required language without any cost.

#12. WP Translate

WP Translate – WordPress Translation Plugin

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WP Translate is powerful enough to dynamically translate your WordPress contents by using google automatic translation service. You will be able to let your readers read your every valuable content in their language. Because, as we all know only google translation service provide the largest translation service with almost every language around the world.

If you are searching for a simple but powerful WordPress automatic translation plugin, I will recommend you this one. Configuring this one is very easy, You can simply add the translation widget, and your user will feel the freedom to translate your contents within a click.

#13. Google Language Translator

Google Language Translator<

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If you are seeking for the most simple, basic and lightweight WordPress translation plugin, then this one is for you. It just inserts the powerful google translation tool to your WordPress website and let your readers translate every content into their language. You may have seen many machine translation service unlock few languages to translate, but this tool unlocks almost every word around the world.

Moreover, using this plugin to provide the translation service is a matter of few clicks. Just install and activate the plugin and paste the shortcodes to posts, pages or widgets. Your readers will see the translation widget and click on their required language option to view the translated version of the content. The plugin allows some basic settings like show/hide languages, google toolbar, google branding to personalize the service.

Any Other Multilingual Plugin for WordPress?

We have listed some of the best WordPress translation plugins here. But to summarize, these would be our top picks:

  • Premium plugin that does it all and is easy to use: – Weglot
  • Reputed & renowned plugin with WooCommerce support:- WPML
  • Free plugin with lot of useful options:- Loco Translate, or gTranslate
  • Pro plugin with over many languages support:- WPML (supports 40 languages) or WP Google Translate (supports 80 languages)

Finally, It is up to you to make the final call about how you are going to create your multilingual WordPress website. What type of translated content (Machine or human) you are going to offer your audience. Pick your desired plugin from the above to make your every content more easy to understand for your readers by offering them to their languages.

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