13 Best Landing Page WordPress Plugins [2022]

Landing pages are crucial if you want to improve your conversion rates. However, most of the ready-made landing page solutions that come in the form of templates might not suit your requirements. Luckily, if you are a WordPress user, you can install landing page WordPress plugins which will let you create professional looking landing pages with ease. WordPress hasn’t become the world’s most popular CMS for nothing.

It boasts a massive collection of plugins which can help you solve mostly any issues you might face with running your online website/blog. In this case, with a landing page plugin, you will get access to loads of tools and functionalities which will let you smoothly create a landing page layout without any coding knowledge whatsoever.

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With that being said, you have to consider that there are hundreds of landing page plugins in the market. And coincidentally all of them are “the best” – or at least that’s what we are told. This can create a lot of confusion. For this reason, we have created a list of all the best and feature rich WordPress landing page plugins in the market. Furthermore, we have considered that budget might be a concern. That is why the list contains a decent mix of paid as well as free plugins. You are bound to find something that fits the bill and also helps to create the landing page you have envisioned in your mind.

Best Landing Page WordPress Plugins

#1. Elementor Page Builder

Elementor Page Builder

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Elementor is one of the best and most powerful free to use WordPress page builder plugins in the market. It features a lot of options along with a drag and drop page builder to help you create stunning web pages, including landing pages.

Despite being a free plugin, it is jam-packed with a lot of advanced features and functionalities. You will get an intuitive and visual form builder to help you build landing pages easily. On top of that, there are plenty of marketing automation tools along with CRM integrations. The plugin also ships with over 28 widgets with more to be added with subsequent updates.

And if all this isn’t enough, the plugin also gives you a role manager, image and video sliders, animated headlines and much more. Also, if you wish to add in your custom features, then there is also the provision for custom CSS.

#2. Beaver Builder

Beaver Page Builder plugin

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Beaver Builder is a very popular landing page WordPress plugin which comes in both a free and paid versions. The free version provides you with all the basic functionalities to help you create a decently powerful WordPress webpage. But if you want access to some advanced functionalities, then you should best go for the pro version.

As always, you get a drag and drop page builder interface to help you start creating your landing page layouts. For free, you get access to a lot of content modules mixed with various layout variations. There are also a lot of customization options that give you control over photos, color, video rows, and much more. There is also support for widgets and shortcodes.

However, if you wish to go for the paid version, then you get plenty more advanced content modules for creating an even more feature rich landing page. These additional modules include contact forms, sliders, pricing tables, maps, subscribe forms, and much more. And in case you are not happy with those, then you even get the option to create your own custom modules.

#3. Themify Page Builder

Themify Page Builder

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Themify Builder is one of the easiest to use page builder an designer for WordPress. It features a drag and drop interface with live editing so you can see all your creations come to life in front of your eyes. You will be given a considerable collection of design elements and modules which you can drag and drop to create your dream landing page layout in a matter of minutes.

If you want, you can start with any of the 40+ pre-designed layouts for your landing page. All these can be easily imported. You will just have to change the images, tweak the text, and you are good to go.

The plugin allows for both front-end as well as back-end editing. It comes with a lot of layout options so you can make your landing pages as unique as you like. You also get the option to implement over 60 animation effects, as well as custom styling to make your website as rich as possible. On top of that, there is also the option to install add-ons to further improve the functionalities of the plugin.

#4. Divi

Divi Page Builder

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Divi is one of the premium visual page builders you can get for your WordPress websites. It is not specially designed for just landing page construction. Instead, you can use it for creating every single page of a full-fledged website. It is super powerful, extremely easy to use, and packs in an abundance of features of that will leave you speechless. All site building that you do with Divi is from the front-end by dragging and dropping elements and design modules.

The plugin offers all sorts of design modules which you will need to create a professional looking landing page. Each of these modules will come with its own set of customization options as well, so you can fine tune them to your likings.

#5. Instapage


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Instapage is a personalized WordPress landing page builder to help boost your conversion rates. It comes with a dedicated drag and drop page builder which allows users to create beautiful landing pages from scratch. And in case you are not interested in getting your hands dirty, it also offers you over 200 ready to use templates.

Now, it is worth noting that Instapage is not specifically a landing page builder for WordPress. It is a standalone software. But it does come with a WordPress plugin. The plugin features a “Push to WordPress” publishing option within Instapage to import the landing page you just created with the plugin.

You will mostly benefit from the software if you have a team or work from an agency. It features a lot of collaborative tools which will come in very handy. It also offers seamless integration with many more third party software like Salesforce, Zapier, Drupal, MailChimp, and much more.

#6. Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect

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Thrive Architect is a very popular name amongst WordPress users as one of the most feature-rich landing page WordPress plugins. However, it is always bundled with the Thrive Landing Page plugin along with it. The latter gives you a set of specific tools and options for creating the perfect landing page for your website.

The plugin comes with a drag and drop page builder and offers a complete code-free page building experience. You get access to a lot of elements as well as styling options to create websites that help showcase that you mean business. On top of that, there is a massive collection of 200+ ready to use landing pages from the get-go. These templates can be used as they are, or you can edit them to fit your likings.

#7. WordPress Landing Pages

WordPress Landing Pages

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If you are looking for something that comes with a free price tag, then this WordPress Landing Page plugin might be of interest. It offers a decent collection of features to help you not only set up a landing page but also monitor conversion rates.

For starters, you will get access to a lot of pre-made design templates. On top of that, all these templates are fully customizable, and there is a live editor which will let you see all the changes you make in real time. There are even options to view detailed conversion statistics and A/B to learn how each of your landing pages is performing. And if this seems limited, you also have options to upgrade the feature list by installing add-ons. There are a bunch of free as well as paid add-ons which can add extra advanced features to this already awesome plugin.

#8. OptimizePress 2.0

OptimizePress 2.0

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OptimizePress 2.0 is the updated version of one of best and most popular WordPress landing page plugins. It comes with a dedicated drag and drop page builder to help you create a custom layout for your landing pages which looks stunning and is completely responsive.

There is a diverse collection of elements that you get to use with the drag and drop builder. On top of that, you get access to over 30 ready-made templates. With this plugin powering your WordPress website, you will be creating professional landing pages for marketing purposes, boosting sales, or for any other reason. And if that isn’t enough, the plugin also allows comes with email list building options. The plugin offers some special modules which you can use to generate email leads from the landing page you just created.

#9. LandinGUE


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LandinGUE landing page WordPress plugin is designed for users who like to stylish design layouts. The plugin is loaded with an arsenal of options to help you create great looking landing pages to captivate your audience. The plugin gives you access to over 500 pre-built sections and elements for design and 30 element modules, all of which can be integrated into your design using a drag and drop page builder. On top of that, you get access to over 17 landing page demos.

Besides this, you also get some useful features like an element manager and section manager. There is even support for a modal window with an iframe or inline content. So, as you can see, there is much you can accomplish with this simple plugin.

#10. LeadPages


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LeadPages is a complete landing page creation platform and can be used as a standalone software. It is not specifically designed to be used for WordPress. However, the software is versatile enough to help you build stunning WordPress landing pages without breaking a sweat. Leadpages comes with its own drag and drop landing page builder along with a whole arsenal of customization options. It allows users to create potentially unlimited landing pages and use them on unlimited websites.

Some of its awesome features include a well-organized panel to view all your landing pages, option to host landing pages using Leadpages server, a dedicated marketplace to buy templates to use for your website, and much more. You will also be given options for A/B testing to study the performance of each landing page and implement changes to help improve conversion rates.

#11. Landing Pages by PluginOps

Landing Pages by PluginOps

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Landing Pages by PluginOps is a simple drag and drop WordPress landing page builder plugin that is free to use. It can help you create fully functional standalone pages which don’t depend on any of the options or design elements derivative of your main WordPress theme. It is one of the best solutions for creating unique responsive pages like landing pages, squeeze pages, lead pages, and even opt-in pages.

Much like the other plugins we mentioned earlier, here too you get a live page editor with a lot of elements and design options to help you create professional looking pages without requiring coding knowhow. There are also some pre-built page templates, so you don’t have to start from scratch as you build your landing pages.

Some of the other notable features of this WordPress landing page plugin include support for opt-in forms, opt-in pops, a live form builder, and integration with all the popular email marketing services. If that is not enough, you also have support for WooCommerce products, so you start making money directly from the landing page.

#12. WP Landing Pages Pro

WP Landing Pages Pro

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WP Landing Pages Pro is a premium landing page plugin for WordPress. Unlike some of the template heavy plugins, here you only get access to around 30 ready-made landing page templates. However, the main selling point of the plugin lies in how much functional and feature rich you can make your landing pages.

The plugin comes packed with a lot of awesome features. The most basic, yet crucial feature would be the rich text editor which you can use to insert as well as customize all next in the landing page. And in case your target demographic prefers video over text, the plugin also gives you the option to embed YouTube videos. Besides this, the theme also offers an autoresponder form which is customizable too.

#13. InstaBuilder

InstaBuilder Landing Pages

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InstaBuilder is an easy to use landing page WordPress plugin which also features a drag and drop page builder coupled with a lot of design elements and a whole lot of ready to use landing page templates. You get to start with over 100 templates, all of them being easily customizable. You also get design elements such as texts, images, videos, buttons, columns, tabbed content, and so on to implement on the templates or create your layout from scratch.

There is also an extra gift for image-heavy websites – a built-in image editor and an integrated graphics pack. Besides this, you will also get opt-in firewall along with the option for lockable content. And of course, much like the other plugins on the list, here too you will get a detailed statistic on how each of your landing pages is performing.

Any Other WordPress Landing Page Plugins?

So these were our top picks for the best landing page plugins for WordPress. Do let us know if you found this read to be helpful. Also, if you do decide to use any of the plugins mentioned here on the list, then don’t forget to mention which one you picked. You can also comment and leave a link to the landing page you created so your fellow readers can get an idea of what is possible with these plugins.

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