WooCommerce Checkout Manager Plugin from Quadlayers – Review

Now, that you have successfully setup your WooCommerce store online, you would want to work on your store Checkout Page. The check out page lets your customer buy the products from your store using different billing methods. Customizing your checkout page helps you add more fields and options which can make your customer’s shopping experience more comfortable.

Today, we will be reviewing the WooCommerce Checkout Manager by quadlayers.

It is a WordPress plugin which lets you customize things in your checkout page. You can add, edit and delete fields displayed on the checkout page. The plugin is dependent with the WooCommerce and it needs to be installed and activated to use the Checkout Manager. With the checkout manager, it is now possible to customize the checkout page with a few clicks. The WooCommerce Checkout Manager is fully compatible with WordPress 4.6 and higher. The Plugin is one of the most popular checkout manager plugin with over 60,000+ installations and an average rating of 4 out of 5.


#1. Installing the Plugin

Installing the WooCommerce Checkout manager is an ease. It is similar as installation other regular plugins using the WordPress Dashboard. Hover the mouse over the Plugins tab on the left-hand side of your Dashboard and Click Add New to access the WordPress plugins manager. You need to manually upload the Pro version of the Checkout Manger using the Upload Plugin button.

Install WooCommerce Checkout Manager

You will also need to install WooCommerce for WordPress. You can simply search WooCommerce in the Search Plugins section of the Plugins manager.

After installing WooCommerce, you need to activate it. You can use the Checkout manager Pro after WooCommerce has been successfully activated.

#2. Overview & Features

The WooCommerce Checkout Manager Pro is located inside the WooCommerce tab in the Dashboard. The Checkout section falls under the settings section of WooCommerce.


Inside the Checkout Manager, you will get different options to customize your checkout page. You can modify different settings including the Billing and Shipping info.

#2.1 Checkout

This section lets you customize and manage the checkout settings.

  • Force Shipping address: It lets you remove the toggle to display the shipping field. The user will be forced to complete the field.
  • Force Create an Account: An account will always be created with the email entered by the user.

You can improve the usability of the checkout page by customizing the graphical appearance of every field by adding a label/placeholder which makes it easier for users to fill out their information.

Install WooCommerce Checkout Manager Page

#2.2 Billing

The Billing sections lets you customize and manage the checkout billing fields.

Any fields can be made Required* by using a toggle button which can be simply clicked to enable or disable. You can also change the position of the field to Left, Right and Wide. The Clear feature can also be enabled or disabled as your liking. An existing field can be customized using the Edit button.

WooCommerce Checkout Manager Billing

You can create a new filed using the Add new field. A field can be removed from the checkout page by clicking the disable toggle button.

WooCommerce Checkout Manager Billing

The Add new section lets you add name, Type, Label, Placeholder and description for a field. It lets you add price, modify thee sorting option, change role, modify categories, etc., from a single point. You can also customize your checkout page to display a field only at the time of checkout using the Display tab in the Add new field page. After filling all the fields, you can now Click the Save button to add the field in to the Billing section. The position of the fields can also be changed by dragging and dropping the field to the desired position.

WooCommerce Checkout Manager

All the settings can also be reset to the original default settings with a single click to the Reset button. It reverts back all the settings to the original WooCommerce settings.

#2.3 Shipping

The Shipping section is similar to the Billing section mentioned above. This section lets you add shipping address and customize fields associated with it.

WooCommerce Manager lets you include different custom fields to the checkout page. You can choose between Text, Text area, Password, Radio, Checkbox, Select, Country, State, Heading, Multiselect and File Uploader.

#2.4 Additional

The Addition Setting is similar to Billing and Shipping section. It lets you add any extra field that is not available in the WooCommerce by default. Adding a new field in the Additional section is similar to that of the Billing section.

#2.5 Order

The Order section lets you customize and manage the order settings of your WooCommerce store. It lets you add the Upload feature, add status to it, add additional files and custom fields.

Using the upload features, you can upload or delete files through the order page.

WooCommerce Checkout Manager Order Page

#2.6 Email

It is similar to the Order field. You get similar feature and options. It lets you customize and manage the checkout email fields.

#2.7 Advanced

It lets you add your own custom stylesheet to the checkout page. You can use input classes, label classes and wrapper classes in the field properties. Custom classes can be applied to the fields. CSS class can also be defined for a give section for providing different styles.

WooCommerce Checkout Manager Advanced Options

#3. Conditional Fields

WooCommerce Checkout Manger comes with the Conditional checkout fields which lets you set different conditions. It lets you show/hide different fields based on the value of its parent fields.

WooCommerce Checkout Manager Conditional Fields

#4. License & Pricing

WooCommerce Checkout Manager License & Pricing

The WooCommerce Checkout Manager is available for purchase in three different packages. A Personal license key will cost $20, an agency license with five sites will cost you $40 and a developer’s license will cost you $80. All of the charges are one time only and comes with lifetime updates.

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Over to You

Quadlayers WooCommerce Checkout Manager is one of the popular choices when it comes to selecting a Checkout manager. It has 157 five-star ratings out of total 236 ratings. Most of the users like the usability and the checkout fields the plugin offers. Some users explain that the conditional checkout field are a life saver to them.

With so much customizations to your checkout page, WooCommerce Checkout Manager by Quadlayers is definitely the first checkout plugin you should get for your WooCommerce Store.

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