WooCommerce Direct Checkout Pro Plugin Review

An eCommerce site with a simplified checkout process is all that you need for a successful online store in 2021. Not only will it improve the customer experience, but it will also boost the sales of your online store. There are numerous checkout manager plugins available in the market for WordPress.

Today, we will be reviewing the WooCommerce Direct Checkout Pro plugin, a WordPress plugin for your WooCommerce store.

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The plugin aims to ease the billing and checkout process of your store. The ease of process encourages customers and buyers to shop quickly and easily, which in turn increases the volume of transactions and an increase in overall sales.

The WooCommerce Direct Checkout Pro plugin has been developed by QuadLayers. The plugin is also available in the WordPress plugin store. The plugin can run with WordPress 4.6 version and higher. It has an active community, and the plugin is being updated frequently for performance improvement. The plugin supports five different languages, including English, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. It has more than 30,000+ active installation and has a fantastic rating in the store.

WooCommerce Direct Checkout Pro Plugin Review

WooCommerce Direct by Quadlayers

#1 Installation

Let’s start with the installation process of the plugin. For the successful setup of the Direct Checkout Pro plugin, you will need to install the WooCommerce Plugin first. In the WordPress dashboard, head over to the Plugins section on the left side panel. Hover over Plugins and click Add New.

Search for WooCommerce in the Search Plugins box and press Enter. You will easily find the WooCommerce Plugin with five million+ active installations and more than 3000 ratings. Click on Install Now and then activate the plugin after the installation.

WooCommerce Direct Checkout Installation

Now that WooCommerce has been installed, it is now time for you to install the WooCommerce Direct Checkout Pro plugin. You will also need to install the WooCommerce Direct Checkout plugin as the Direct checkout Pro plugin is tied up with it. The installation process for the WooCommerce Direct Checkout is the same. After both WooCommerce and the Direct Checkout gets installed, you can now install the WooCommerce Direct Checkout Pro plugin by Quadlayers.

Head over to Add New plugins and Click Upload Plugin.

Select the plugin from your disk and Click Install Now. Activate the plugin after the installation.

#2 Overview & Settings

WooCommerce Direct Checkout Pro is located inside the WooCommerce Tab. It can be accessed easily from the WordPress Dashboard.

On the left side of the dashboard, Click on WooCommerce -> Direct Checkout.

WooCommerce Direct Checkout Settings

2.1 General

The General settings include the primary setup, which simplifies the checkout process. This section reduces the entire checkout process with a single step. It redirects your customers directly to the checkout page. It lets you replace the “View Cart” option with the Direct Checkout option, replace the “View Cart” link with the Direct Checkout option, and helps you modify the Add to cart behavior.

WooCommerce Direct Checkout Settings

All of the settings can be modified with a Yes or No selection from the dropdown menu. Click on Save Changes to modify the settings.

2.2 Archieves

The Archive section is somehow similar to the General settings. This section allows you to replace the add to cart text and add a quick view button. The settings can be modified with a Yes/No selection from the dropdown list.

WooCommerce Direct Checkout Archieves

2.3 Products

The Product section allows you to modify different settings related to Add to Cart functionality of your WooCommerce store. It lets you add the products directly to the cart using Ajax. It enables you to replace the Add to Cart text on the products page.

A quick purchase button can also be added to the page using the settings on this page. It also lets you add default attributes in variable products. All of these settings can be modified with a Yes/No selection.

WooCommerce Direct Checkout Products

The ajax feature not only makes the shopping experience faster but also reduces the server load and bandwidth as the need to reload the entire page can be avoided.

You can purchase as many items as you need from the same page without reloading the page. The ajax makes it easier to ease the process. You can include single, grouped, or variable products in the shop cart without the need to reload the entire page each time.

WooCommerce Direct Checkout Products

#2.4 Checkout

The WooCommerce Direct Checkout Pro Checkout feature is a handy one. It lets you easily remove unnecessary fields from the Checkout page and reduce the time of the user filling in the order comments, shipping address, policy text, checkout order comments, checkout gateway icons, checkout columns, and terms & conditions. It helps reduce the shopping time for your customers and buyers.

WooCommerce Direct Checkout

#3 One Page Checkout

Direct Checkout Pro lets you add the cart form in the checkout page itself, which allows you to edit the cart and confirm the order on the same page. It is a fantastic feature that leads to an excellent shopping experience.

WooCommerce Direct Checkout

#4 User Feedbacks

The WooCommerce Direct Checkout Pro has an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 in the WordPress plugin store. The rating is based on 102 reviews at the time of writing. All of the users praise the plugin about its easy checkout feature. One of the users says that the checkout process has been made so easy, even a caveman can do it.

#5 Pricing

WooCommerce Direct Checkout Pricing

The Direct Checkout Pro plugin is available in four different pricing model. For the plugin testers, the plugin is available for free. It has no Quick purchase button support; no Checkout one page and no Ajax add to cart alert feature is available. A personal one site license will cost you $15, an agency profile will cost you $30 with licenses for five sites, and a developer profile will cost you $60 with unlimited site licenses. All of these plans, except the tester one, will receive life updates with this one-time cost.

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Over to You

WooCommerce Direct Checkout Pro makes it easy for you and your customers to have a seamless checkout experience. While there are other checkout plugins available for WooCommerce, Direct Checkout Pro by Quadlayers tops the list. Get your plugin now, and boost your sales right away.

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