Best WordPress WhatsApp Plugins [2023]

WhatsApp is undoubtedly one of the best and most popular messaging apps in the world. With over 1.5 million active users monthly and billions of total users all over the world, integrating WhatsApp on your website is definitely a good choice if you want to generate leads and ultimately convert them to clients.

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One of the most sure-shot ways to get clients is to deliver exceptional customer service. Integrating the WhatsApp plugin on your website helps you achieve that by letting leads directly converse with one of the live customer supports. And when the cards are played perfectly, you can even make them drop their email addresses. So, without wasting more time, let look at some of the best WordPress WhatsApp plugins in 2022.

Best WordPress WhatsApp Plugins in 2023

Some of these WordPress WhatsApp plugins come with basic functionality that lets you add a WhatsApp button on the corner of your website, but some more advanced plugins even let you set up automated live chat and redirection.

#1. WhatsApp Chat WordPress

WhatsApp Plugins

Download WhatsApp Chat WordPress

This WhatsApp Chat plugin for WordPress is one of the best-rated WhatsApp plugins out there. With almost 3000 downloads and an average of 4.97 ratings, the WhatsApp Chat WordPress plugin comes with support for multiple accounts and requires no coding skills to set it up. when installed and set up successfully, this WhatsApp plugin puts a WhatsApp widget on the corner of your website to let your visitors chat with customer support. The interface also feels fresh and at home. The whole plugin is easily customizable with different colors, styles, name tag, job titles, and more. And with the included shortcode, you can place the widget anywhere you want to.

#2. Chat Button

WordPress WhatsApp Plugins

Download Chat Button

This WhatsApp Chat plugin for WordPress by is up for grabs on the WordPress marketplace. You do not have to play a single dine to use this WhatsApp WordPress plugin. The way it works is straightforward – you add the button on your website and the visitors can directly chat with you. Unlike other WhatsApp plugins on this list, this doesn’t come with a live chatbox. It will open up WhatsApp on the visitors’ devices instead. This plugin also supports Facebook Messenger, Viber, Snapchat, and other popular apps. The setup takes less than a minute, it works on every platform, comes with greetings, and is super lightweight.

#3. AddToAny Share Buttons

AddToAny Share Buttons

Download AddToAny Share Buttons

Sharing is proven to help increase engagement. You can regard that statement as the core model for this WordPress plugin. AddToAny Share Buttons plugin is designed to increase engagement and traffic by letting your visitors easily share your content on popular social media or services like WhatsApp, Facebook, Reddit, and more. This Plugin comes with buttons that are fully responsive and fairly customizable. You can also display share counts, add follow buttons and use your own custom share buttons. And the inclusion of shortcodes allows you to place the buttons anywhere and all over your website.

#4. Click to Chat

Click to Chat

Download Click to Chat

Click to Chat is one of the best WordPress WhatsApp plugins in 2021 that is available for free. This WhatsApp plugin has been downloaded more than 300k times and receives regular updates. You will have no problem setting up and using this super easy WhatsApp WordPress plugin. All you have to do is install it, activate it, and see a WhatsApp icon appear on the bottom right corner of your website.

However, it is much more than just a chatbox though. You can configure your WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business number and let your visitors contact you via the mobile app or the desktop app. It automatically navigates to the preferred way. There are 8 different pre-defined designs to choose from and you can even add the image or gif of your choice. All the styles are fully customizable too. Furthermore, this WhatsApp WordPress plugin also supports WooCommerce and lets you add a call to action for a specific WooCommerce product. It also supports Google Analytics.

#5. Chaty


Download Chaty

This WordPress floating chat widget from Premio is designed to help your visitors easily chat with customer support on the service of their choice. This plugin supports WhatsApp, Messenger, TikTok, and more. Chaty is the WhatsApp WordPress plugin what not only helps you to get more leads, it also improves your website’s customer support.

You can even configure Chaty to direct the customer to the nearest store if it is applicable. Over 100,000 users use this WhatsApp plugin and the majority of them gave it five stars. That could be the only indicator to make you use this plugin. Moreover, Chaty also comes with a click to call button to let customers directly chat with you on phone.

#6. Social Chat

Social Chat

Download Social Chat

That WhatsApp Chat plugin for WordPress comes in both free and very affordable premium versions. This WhatsApp WordPress plugin creates and adds a straightforward WhatsApp button that displays pre-configured messages to your visitors and also allows them to have a live chat session with customer support. You can configure this plugin to send messages directly to your phone number, switch layouts, position the button anywhere on your website, and more.

This WhatsApp WordPress plugin also lets you add some contact information as well as some personalized messages for the visitors. If you go for the premium version, you will be able to add multiple accounts and distinguish their names on the chatbox. Also, there are additional icons included in the premium version.

#7. Userlike


Download Userlike

Userlike is definitely worth looking into if you’re hoping to integrate WhatsApp chat and a couple more messaging apps on your website. This WhatsApp WordPress plugin offers a free trial for you to test it out and even allows you o request a demo to make sure you want to go through the purchase. Apart from WhatsApp, Userlike also supports Facebook, Telegram, and more.

Some of the highlighted features include easy auto-forward, sticky chats, smart customer profiles, integrations with popular CRMs, and much more. Userlike also supports file sharing, file previews, and access to old conversations. The features go on and on. And with its freemium model, you can get all the core features for zero cost until you love it and go for the premium version.

#8. Join.Chat

Join Chat

Download Join.Chat

Previously known as WhatsApp Me, Join.Chat is a straightforward WhatsApp Chat plugin for WordPress. Once activated, this plugin will add a WhatsApp icon on either left or right corner at the bottom of the website. It also allows you to add your logo, profile picture, and gif to the chatbox. You can configure this WhatsApp plugin to appear on desktop, mobile, or both. Join.Chat WhatsApp WordPress plugin is also an excellent call to action button that grabs users’ attention and shows them offers or promos that you have configured.

The integration with WooCommerce is also a nice touch to allow users to see custom messages on specific product pages. Join.Chat plugin is also integrated with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel. And if you wish to add more functionalities and features, you can use the available premium add-ons.

#9. WooCommerce Orders on WhatsApp

WooCommerce Orders on WhatsApp

Download WooCommerce Orders on WhatsApp

The name of this plugin should be enough to explain what it is built to do. If you have a website that uses WooCommerce to sell products online, then this WhatsApp WordPress plugin will be the perfect way to chat with your clients. When installed, this plugin will add a WhatsApp button on the WooCommerce product page to let your customers submit orders via WhatsApp.

This allows users to receive personalized messages as well as make it easy to get in touch with you and ask about the product directly. In short, it replaces the add to cart button with the “Buy on WhatsApp” button. The button is also fully customizable and you can choose to add it on only specific pages.

#10. Buttonizer


Download Buttonizer

Buttonizer is much more than just a WordPress WhatApp plugin – it is actually a dynamic and powerful floating action button that supports all the popular social and messaging platforms. You can add an unlimited number of buttons actions, style the buttons with ease, add floating menus, and much more. If you take your time to configure Buttonizer, you can truly make it beneficial for your website’s growth.

This plugin lets you add the right buttons in the right places. However, the core plugin might be free but you will need the Pro version to get the WhatsApp chat feature.

#11. WhatsApp Chat

WhatsApp Chat

Download WhatsApp Chat

This WordPress WhatsApp plugin is as straightforward as you can imagine. Its core functionality is strongly hinted on its name – WhatsApp Chat. So basically, what it does is let you communicate with your customers or visitors non-stop. Your clients will have a direct line of communication with you in case they need the help of any kind. This helps reinforce your website’s engagements and converts lead into clients.

This WhatsApp chat plugin for WordPress is customizable and lets you put the button on 3 different positions. You can even categorize users and configure who has access to the chat. There are also multiple layouts included in the plugin.

#12. Cresta Help Chat

Best WordPress WhatsApp Plugins

Download Cresta Help Chat

Cresta is a free WhatsApp chat plugin for WordPress that lets users communicate with your or customer support with just the click of a button. This WhatsApp plugin allows users to chat with you via the WhatsApp web application or using the WhatsApp app on their mobile devices. Once installed, this plugin will put a floating button on the bottom right corner of the website on any specific post or page.

While the plugin is free, there is a premium version with additional features that include customizable chatbox size, animations, WhatsApp widget, and more.

#13. WP Chat App

Best WordPress WhatsApp Plugins

Download WP Chat App

If I have to choose a couple of plugins from among this list that I think is the best, then WP Chat App from Ninja Team will be on that list. It does what it is supposed to do and more. This WhatsApp plugin is best for those websites that sell products using WooCommerce. WP Chat App lets you add multiple accounts and is extremely easy to set up. When installed, a floating WhatsApp widget will appear on the selected corner which includes the agent’s name, title, greetings, colors, avatar, and predefined messages.

Some of the features require the pro version. The WooCommerce WhatsApp button included on this WhatsApp plugin lets you add the “Order on WhatsApp” button on all or selected products.

#14. WP WhatsApp Button

Best WordPress WhatsApp Plugins

WP WhatsApp Button

This premium WhatsApp chat plugin for WordPress lets you add a WhatsApp button to your website. You can add the button anywhere you want to. Chatbox is also included with the plugin as the users can communicate with your customer support with ease. It also lets you add multiple contacts.

The plugin is also highly customizable as it comes with more than 15 buttons templates, multiple hover animations, shortcode support, and more. The flexible nature of this WhatsApp plugin makes it suitable for any WordPress theme you want to use it with. The plugin is also fully responsive and works on both mobile and desktop websites.

#15. WordPress WhatsApp Support

Best WordPress WhatsApp Plugins

Download WordPress WhatsApp Support

This WhatsApp Chat plugin for WordPress is simple yet powerful. It does what it is built for and it does it really well. Its primary function is to display your customer support on a chatbox and display the list of all the linked WhatsApp accounts. When a user clicks on one of the listed WhatsApp accounts, it will take them to WhatsApp’s web service. If the user is using a mobile device, it will open up the WhatsApp application.

WordPress WhatsApp support supports group invitation and is WooCommerce compatible. It is fully responsive, easily customizable, comes with an auto popup feature, supports unlimited contacts, and much more.

Honorable Mentions

Here are some WhatsApp plugins that deserve some attention. Who knows, one might even catch your attention and prove to be the plugin you were looking for.

Conclusion – Best WordPress WhatsApp Plugins

Now that we’re done with the list, it’s time for you to choose the one that’s best for you. You can go for a free one with minimal features or the premium one with some additional goodies up their sleeve. All these plugins are excellent options and most of them have almost identical features. These are the best WordPress WhatsApp plugins in 2021 so no matter what you choose, it cannot go wrong.

All of these plugins will help you generate leads and convert them to clients and keep the engagement high on your website. How good you will utilize the plugin is entirely up to you.



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