Contact Forms offers a simple way for the website visitors to contact your business. It is obvious that your business need some form of communication channel. It can be phone, support tickets or a live chat box. WordPress Contact form plugins helps you to have a simple form on your website that will let anyone contact you in a systematized way. Also, it saves time for both the parties.

WordPress, on the other hand, comes with a basic contact form feature. It is good, but not adequate. This is where WordPress contact form plugins come into play. Clearly, there are plenty of WordPress plugins out there, and it will become hard for anyone to search for an ideal one. And, this is where we come in.

10 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins

In this article, we will share 10 Best WordPress Contact form plugins, both paid and free. All the plugins will have basic feature associated with it. However, expect paid plugins to offer better control and features. Let’s get started.

Best Free Contact Form Plugins

#1. Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7

With Contact Form 7, you can build the perfect contact form for your website. This contact form plugin for WordPress is one of the most popular plugins out there with over 5+ million active installations. That’s a lot for any plugin out there. It works seamlessly with the WordPress latest version, thanks to the active development team working on it.

Contact Form 7 is completely free, and you can create any number of contact forms. Furthermore, each of the custom forms that you create is customizable to the core. You can add CAPTCHA, Akismet spam filter, ajax-powered submit actions, and so on. It also comes with all the form element so that you create something that you require.

#2. Pirate Forms

Pirate Forms

Pirate Forms is another free to use WordPress contact form plugin. It offers great feature-set when it comes to creating contact forms. However, the plugin will not act as a drag or drop solution or not a form maker. It is a simple-to-use plugin that let you instantly create a form without worrying too much about the creation and customization process. To use it you need to use the [pirate_forms] shortcode in your page/post.

The key features of the Pirate Forms are reCaptcha, SMTP support, special databases contacts and much. You can also try out their PRO version that offers the option to add multiple forms, custom fields, newsletter integration!

#3. Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms

If you are looking for a complete package, then Formidable forms can be your best bet. By using it, you can not only create contact forms but also create surveys, polls and other forms of lead generation forms. Using Formidable forms is easy as you can start building the forms using a template. Furthermore, you can always create a fully featured custom form if you want to!

With formidable forms, you don’t have to write a single line of code to create a form. It should also be noted that all the forms that are created using the plugin are responsive and works as intended for any screen size. You can also do advanced customization and change the HTML or CSS if you know what you are doing! Some key features of the plugin include support for all the form elements including radio buttons, checkboxes, user ID, hidden fields and much more. It also supports reCaptcha. Overall, a great plugin with decent customization and pre-build form templates.

#4. Contact Form by BestWebSoft

Contact Form by BestWebSoft

Contact Form by BestWebSoft is a free-to-use WordPress contact form plugin that offers good features. They also offer a PRO version. However, if you are creating basic forms, you won’t find the need for the PRO version. To use this contact form, you need to use the shortcode and paste it into any post, page or widget. The choice is yours! Furthermore, you can customize the form with pre-build options. Check out their demo to know more.

The free features include responsive layout, file attachments, pre-build fields, two column layout, contact form reCaptcha and much more. The plugin also supports custom code customization using the plugin settings page. The free version should do more than enough for your website, but if you need more, you can always choose the PRO version which offers more control over the free version. You can check out the PRO version here.

#5. JetPack Forms

JetPack Forms

Our last free plugin of the list is JetPack Forms. JetPack is a package of WordPress plugins where you get a list of features. One such module that it supports is JetPack Contact forms. By using this contact form plugin, you will be able to create forms in a matter of seconds. Also, this module is activated by default. This means all you need to do is open up a page or post in your editor, and you will see the option of adding a contact form.

You can work with the basic form or also add new fields as per your requirement. It supports multiple fields including website, address and so on. We recommend using JetPack forms because it is part of the JetPack plugin. This means that you don’t have to install any additional plugin on your website, making it a great choice.

Best Paid Contact Form Plugins

#6. WPforms


When it comes to the paid plugin, the first plugin that comes to our mind is WPforms. WPForms is a drag and drop form builder plugin that is not only easy to use but also powerful in many aspects. It comes with all the features that you will ever need a contact form plugin. Moreover, you get a good starting point thanks to multiple pre-built form templates.

The biggest advantage of using this plugin is its feature-rich interface and the ability to create complex forms with payments and instant notifications. It also comes with smart spam protection and provides both honeypot and smart captcha protection.

The drag and drop feature is really useful in this contact form WP plugin. With it, you can build forms in a matter of minutes compared to manually coding it. The drag and drop builder is also intuitive. One more aspect of a plugin that impressed us is the support of smarter workflows. This will enable you to decide the flow of forms quickly and divert the user accordingly.

Price: $199/year for Pro. They have other packages as well. You can check them out here.

#7. Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms

If you are looking to create advanced forms, then Gravity Forms is what you should for. Gravity Forms is a paid WordPress contact form plugin and comes with support for 3rd party services including PayPal, Signature, Coupons, and so on. It is a powerful tool that lets you supercharge your contact forms. It is also quick to build thanks to the intuitive visual form editor. This means that you don’t have to write a single code to create a fully-functional advanced form.

The plugin comes with 30+ form fields which gives you the creativity and flexibility to create forms. You can also use conditional logic to create your forms. Other key features include file uploads, calculations, email notifications, responsive design, limit & schedule forms and so on. Also, it fights spam.

Price: $59 for basic license. They have other packages as well. You can check them out here.

#8. FormCraft


FormCraft is a premium WordPress contact form plugin. It lets you build amazing forms. Also, you can create them using the drag and drop feature without any need to code. The navigation seems to be simple and intuitive which makes FormCraft easy to use. You can create modern forms using the drag and drop builder. Moreover, the plugin is feature rich and scales with your app solution or website traffic. To get started, choose any of the included templates and start tweaking them. You can also add multi-page forms. However, this feature only comes with the add-on that you need to get from their shop.

This contact form plugin for WordPress support responsive designs. It also comes with a dozen of add-ons that improve the plugin’s functionality. Moreover, you can use advanced logic. It comes with 17+ add-ons, and all of them are free! However, it does comes with paid add-ons as well. You can check them out on their plugin page.

Price:$39, one-time payment.

#9. e-Form


e-Form is yet another premium WP Contact form plugin that offers a complete solution when it comes to creating forms. With e-Form, you can create full-fledged forms that can be used for surveys, data collection, quizzes and so on.

One of the cool features of the plugin is the payment estimator that can estimate payment according to the user requirement. Just like any other form plugins, it supports responsive design, a form builder, automated quiz system, survey system, and so on.

Price: $38, one-time payment.

#10. Nex Forms

Nex Forms

Next Forms is our last plugin of the paid contact form plugins for WordPress. It is a complete form building plugin with tons of features. You got to choose form 30+ form fields, 70+ animations, 44 preset colors and so on! As usual, it comes with drag and drop builder which makes it easy to create complex layouts. It supports match and conditional logic as well. You can also create interactive forms using the Nex Forms.

It also supports responsive design and other key features such as built-in spam, pre-populate fields and so on.

Price: $39, one-time payment.


So, which one you need? It all depends on what you are looking for. If you need a simple WordPress contact plugin that simply lets you create a form for basic contact functionality, go with any of the free plugins listed above. However, if you are trying to capture information related to other aspects of your business, then paid plugin is your best bet. Do let us know in the comment section below of what do you think about the list. We are listening.