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10 Best WordPress Survey Plugins of 2019 for Adding Online Polls

Today, you are going to apprehend about some best WordPress survey plugins. All of these plugins are fully updated, compatible with the latest version of WordPress and very popular with thousands of WordPress users. But before that, I would love to tell you about the importance and usages of WordPress survey plugins. User feedback is very crucial for any online business, product, apps or blog.

If you recognize all of your customer’s opinion about your business, product, blog or service, you will surely fix that and make that more user-friendly. For business or products, a survey could increase the sell dramatically. In fact, through that, they let you know their actual demands. Survey always remains useful for business, and it is a proven way to improve sell and modify a product with customer’s needs. Therefore, I am going to list some useful WordPress survey plugins. So, why we are waiting for? Let’s check out these lists.

Best WordPress Survey Plugins

#1. Quiz And Survey Master (Formerly Quiz Master Next)

Quiz And Survey Master

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Quiz And Survey Master will provide the flexibility to create both quiz and survey forms for your readers, users and potential customers. It is a highly useful plugin to collect users opinion, customers and employee feedback. I have already told that customer satisfaction is the backbone behind any successful business. Therefore, this one of the best WordPress survey plugins will let you collect all of your desired info in a professional manner.

Among a lot of useful features, I am going to mention some useful. This plugin will allow you to create user or employee survey form very efficiently. Also, you will have the flexibility to create custom text, quiz, form, and survey submit button. Moreover, you will get the option to create radio buttons, question answering form, checkboxes, dropdown list, accept, captcha, etc. In short, it is a complete package to deliver a survey for your business, and highly recommended.

#2. WP-Polls


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“WP-Polls” is one of the most popular WordPress survey plugins with more than a million users. You can generate polls to collect data from your user by using its wide range of functionality. Newbies might find this plugin a little complex, but they will get comprehensive documentation. It worth the time as this fantastic plugin is completely free to use. This highly customizable plugin supports multiple answer selection for a single question too. Therefore, your users will feel more flexible to participate in your survey.

If you are seeking the best pool survey plugin for your WordPress website, I will recommend this one. Why should I recommend this one? It is highly optimized to control the poll from the back end. Like, you can set the date and time of the poll expiration, you can set as many answers with the needs of the poll, and you can customize your poll within a few clicks. Also, you can control every element of the poll page from the pool template section.

#3. Poll, Survey, Quiz, Slideshow, Form & Story Article

Poll, Survey, Quiz, Slideshow, Form & Story Article

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It is another complete survey management plugin powered by OpinionStage. Truly, it is not only a manageable survey plugin but also it has many other features. I must say, this is a very useful plugin which uses many helpful content elements under one platform. Wouldn’t it be great if you could create pools, surveys, slideshow, quizzes, and forms within one plugin at a time? And yes, this plugin has all these content management systems developed for you.

By installing this one, you can avoid using all of these different plugins because you are going to get every feature in one place. Make forms for your readers, generate survey for your customers, set a poll and collect vote from your users. Moreover, you can control all of these from one dashboard. The proper use of his plugin will increase user engagement and lead dramatically.

#4. Popups, Lead Forms, Surveys, Live Chats WordPress Plugin


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What a Plugin it is! The name describes all the functionality of this WordPress survey plugin. It will not wrong if I say, an All-In-One plugin which could perform many valuable roles for a WordPress site.

What can it perform?

  • Online survey for better feedback
  • Lead forms with
  • Live chat to assist visitors
  • Promo message to increase sites revenue
  • Contact forms generating
  • Social share integration
  • Present Opt-in forms

You know what; these all things could be handled from the dashboard. Surprise doesn’t end here! If I tell you, this plugin allows nine widget positions to place them anywhere of your website. Wouldn’t’ you feel amazed? You will get to love it definitely if I say; this plugin is in your control and ready to help you to boost up your business in any means.

But, the question is how?

You could set the behavior of your widgets how frequently they should stop or display on the site. Even, you can set preferences of showing widgets for your visitors. So, overusing of the widgets would not annoy your visitors to come back again on your site. Furthermore, it helps you to offer the visitors with promotional deals or subscription messages while they tend to leave your site.

Indeed, this plugin has a lot more features as like: color customization, color matching, A/B testing, autoresponder, survey logic, and many more which will blow your mind.

#5. Poll system

Poll system WordPress Plugin

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The developer of this survey plugin is very kind enough as well as a great thinker. In case, he develops this plugin without putting any complex functionality on it. It’s all for WordPress users who haven’t any coding skill or isn’t a developer. So, they can easily generate surveys for their websites with a click of the mouse. This plugin is boosted up with lots of friendly features that make their works a lot easier.

Use unlimited numbers of the survey on your website by generating them with shortcode button or placing as widgets on your site. Even, if you wish to use surveys on your post or any pages of your site, you have that option. Interestingly, there is the option to set images on the survey form and WP post editor, allow you to create custom questions for the survey. There is also a premium version available with lot more amazing feature to make your survey chunkier.

#6. WordPress Survey & Poll

WordPress Survey & Poll

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Most of the WordPress survey plugins don’t work as like this plugin. It offers you to customize your survey by picking up the RGB color options. So, you can design your survey with your test. There is an option to open the survey pool within a new window. On the other hand, you can display pools on the post pages or post with an embedded shortcode.

Moreover, this plugin presents any information’s of the survey or pool list within an animated way which will attract your visitors to get involved. The nice thing is your visitors don’t have to log in to fill out the forms. It works anonymously.

This WordPress survey and the poll plugin work on all kind of latest web browsers, mobile devices, and tablets. You couldn’t find difficulty with the view from the mobile devices as it has the best screen resolution for it. You can handle all of your survey from the admin panel so easily. In fact, from there you could test the survey before it going to live.

This wonderful survey plugin offers you to make your survey more compiling to the audience with 30+ animated types. You also get the option to place the survey and poll on any place of your website you want. Finally, to get more survey from the audience, this plugin brings the lock page feature for you. If you need more features beyond these, you can go for the pro version of this plugins.

#7. Surveys by IgniteFeedback

Surveys by IgniteFeedback

Download Link

If you want to engage your customer with your site, you must use this WordPress survey plugin. The developer of this plugin state that they have developed this plugin for getting the best user experience. They also put most efforts on the free accounts and need not go for the pro version to get the best features.

What features do they include with the free account?

Your visitor could get short survey within pop-up notification on your site. Even, you could provide them with the best possible survey options to choose from the list. So, they don’t get any difficulty in selecting the options of the survey.

No matter whether you are on online or offline, you will get instant notification if anyone response or take the survey. Moreover, you could set the preferences to show the survey result with surveyors on your site. You also could share the result sending them mail notification. It is the way this plugin helps to keep engagement with your visitors.

#8. YITH WooCommerce Surveys

YITH WooCommerce Surveys

Download Link

Assume that, you are running a Wocommerec site and you are in need of customer feedback about your products. Either, you have started advertising campaigns on different channels, and you want to know from your customer about your site. In this case, this survey plugin will help you to get the customer view of your products or site. By doing this, you could get to know how the customers think of your site or products. Furthermore, you could take the necessary steps to optimize your site with their needs.

With the free version of this plugin you could get these features:

• You can set a survey that allows maximum three answers in the checkout page.
• For users, you could set short answer mode with this plugin.
• The admin of the site can get those answers from the users on the order page.

More features you could get with the premium version of this plugin. Where you could get unlimited survey creation, many options to place the survey on the site, get reports for every single survey and many more.

#9. WPForms


Download Link

WPForms is a well-known WordPress form builder solution. It is the most popular WordPress form builder to enhance the user opinion, survey or feedback related functionality. We can use form builder for creating our desired form without knowing to code. Wp form is pretty similar to that. It will enable drag and drop form builder functionality in our WordPress website. So, we can create a survey, and contact or any other form we need. We will have the complete form customization option. Like, we can add the new text field, radio buttons, check boxes, and multiple questions.

WPForms is a premium service, but there is a free plugin is also available named Contact forms by WPForms. For survey purpose, WPForms is not highly recommended because there are many other free survey plugins are available. But, I must say this one is the best WordPress form builder plugin, which you can use to serve survey too.

#10. Modal Survey – WordPress Poll, Survey & Quiz Plugin

Modal Survey - WordPress Poll, Survey & Quiz Plugin

Download Link

Modal Survey is a user-friendly premium WordPress survey plugin. It is the first choice of the professionals because the price of this highly optimized plugin is completely reasonable. No hidden fees or any other tricks to grab money from you. Reasonably, other optional fees ($11.25) will apply if you need support from the plugin developer for one year. Those were the pricing; now let’s talk about the features.

Modal Survey will bring your customers voice through survey, poll or quiz. It will boost user engagement and decrease the bounce rate. You will be able to generate as many surveys, poll or quiz for your readers and there will be no limitation. Every form is highly customizable to make it stunning and eye-catching. Also, Modal Survey has Trivia Quiz format. Trivia Quiz is a very clever way to draw the attention of your readers.

Any Other WordPress Survey Plugins?

So, we have reached at the end. Now, you get ten ever best WordPress survey plugins list from this post. Don’t you think, it’s a high time to go with the best survey plugins which could bring positive feedback for your site. If you think, any of the listed plugins meets your needs or you have used any of them, feel free to share with us your view or experience. Please don’t forget to share this post with your friends also, if you find this post helpful for yourself. We will come up with a new listing within short. So please, bookmark this site to get new post notification.

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