12 Best WordPress Auction Themes & Plugins of 2022 to Create Bidding Websites

Auction sites such as ebay.com or ebid.com have turned around the game for the buyers and sellers and made it easier for them to trade products and services. Websites hosting online auctions provide a great single platform for the buyers and sellers to meet and buy-sell their products without hassling through different portals. It is safe to say that Auctions are an easy and useful business tool for selling wide range products are properties, websites, etc.

How to Create an Auction Website with WordPress?

To create an auction website, WordPress has an array of themes. With these WordPress auction themes, you can make your auction site quickly with all the required features.

The sellers are allowed to fix the price of the products or services they are offering. The buyers can compare various products and services on the same platform and bid for the ones they like to purchase.

With a proper auction theme on your WordPress site, the time and effort required to sell properties or other possessions are significantly lessened. Unfortunately, choosing the perfect WordPress auction theme is not as easy as it sounds.

There are tons of options to look for depending on your type of business.

  1. Does the theme support the type of auction you’re hoping to integrate onto your site?
  2. Is it user friendly?
  3. Is it targeted for established businesses or for those who are just starting from scratch?
  4. How abundant are the customization features?

The answer to these basic questions is what you should look for when choosing an auction theme or plugin.

Fortunately, we have picked some of the best WordPress auction themes and plugins that you would find useful, no matter what your niche is.

List of the Best WordPress Auction Themes

#1. Auction Theme

Responsive WordPress Auction Theme

Demo & Download

Sitemile provides one of the top WordPress Auction theme at present. You won’t require another plugin when you build your website for auctioning with this one. This theme by SiteMile is a plug-and-play solution to get your auction website up and running in a jiffy. The theme comes with all necessary niche specific functionalities out of the box so you won’t have to install any other plugins to aid you in running your auction websites.

Notable features of the theme include support for Auction Post Types, and different auction tools like start price, buy now price, reserve price, and much more.

Besides this, you – the owner of the auction site, have multiple monetization tools to help generate income for your website. This includes setting a listing charge, featured listing fees, membership fees, and much more. Users will also get a feedback and rating system, private messaging to contact the seller, multiple payment gateways including PayPal, a built-in Escrow feature, and so on.

#2. Auction Theme for WordPress

Auction WordPress Themes

Demo & Download

Premium Press is providing with a WordPress auction theme that has almost all the features you would love to have on your website. Starting from the standard bidding feature to the bidding process using automation, you can find everything on the same platform. The theme by can help introduce functionalities such as bidding system, buy now options, shipping, user feedbacks, and much more. This can help you transform your website into a fully functional action website ideal for buyers and sellers to come and discuss business.

It is built using the BootStrap framework making it highly flexible and customizable. The Elementor page builder is also thrown in to help you tweak and customize the page layouts. Other notable features include a built-in feedback & rating system, re-list auction functionality, member subscription, a dedicated area for members, advanced auction search options, and much more.

#3. WordPress Penny Auction Theme

Penny Auction Theme

Demo & Download

WordPress Penny Auction theme is targeted at beginners or novice in the world of online business. The theme is designed to be as user-friendly as possible with an intuitive layout which is easy to navigate and use. It offers a turn-key solution to get your auction website up and running within a few clicks.

Some notable features of the this auction WordPress theme include auction post types, multiple payment gateways, all common auction tools, membership support along with user accounts, blog support, social media integration, email notification and much more. The theme can even help you define bidding packages, set individually increase auction bid and time, and even define a minimum starting bid price.

#4. Essential


Demo & Download

Essential is a WooCommerce enabled WordPress theme for Auction websites. The theme provides the powerful and premium WooCommerce simple auction extension built-in. This is the core of the theme which creates the entire ambiance and aesthetics of an auction website.

Apart from this, the theme also includes WooCommerce Simple Bulk Discounts plugin worth $19 as well, to help you build a more appealing website. Other notable features of this WordPress auction theme include a handful of customization options, so you get control over the look and feel of your website.

There are plenty of color schemes to choose from, which is helpful for branding purposes. Two different types of sliders are provided to help you showcases featured content, along with Google Maps integration, Custom CSS, and much more.

#5. Property Bid Auction Template

Property Bidding Theme

Demo & Download

Property Bid as the name suggests is a WordPress auction template for building a website for trading and auctioning properties. The theme and the templates in it are made as per the requirement of the property or real estate agents. The theme has a horizontal bar at the side which will feature the exclusive properties. Then you can incorporate the search option for the listing on the website where the users can find properties of their choices.

There are a total of three tabs, and each advert can be done according to its nature – premium or standard. The recent ads will come on the sidebar to be visible all time when users are using the platform.

The key features which make this platform of choice are its natural installation process with just one click. The layout has been very responsive, and there is multi-browser compatibility. From social sharing to customizable setup, CSS compatibility, jQuery enhancements are all on this platform making it a sought-after WP theme for property auction website.

#6. iBid Auctions

iBid - Multi Vendor Auctions

Demo & Download

iBid is a multi-vendor auction theme for WordPress that comes with WooCommerce integration and allows you to auction the products which are displayed on your website. iBid contains various tables, list as well as other blocks. You can use the demo as a standalone shop or with WC Marketplace.

iBid contains seven easily customizable marketplace demos. It has various extraordinary features. There are over 10 + built-in pages and over 20 elements. This WordPress auction theme is extremely responsive and has an impressive design and will also let the users insert shortcodes in their website. iBid is an extremely flexible theme, and you can use it according to your needs.

#7. Old Wine Auction WordPress Theme

Old Wine Auction WordPress Theme

Demo & Download

Old Wine WordPress theme helps you to set up auctions and reverse auctions on your WordPress website. This WordPress bidding theme comes with WooCommerce cart plugin and WooCommerce auction plugin built-in to help you create the necessary ambiance and aesthetic for your auction website.

Its array of features can help you create a site similar to e-bay. You can use it as a regular e-store or an auction platform. Some of its niche-specific features include a dedicated shop page with add to cart option, auto-bidding, reserve bidding, buy now prices, a dedicated members area with individual bidding histories, countdown timers, and much more. PayPal integration is also provided as the default payment gateway.

#8. Project Bidding Auctions

Project Bidding Auctions

Demo & Download

Property Bid, as you can guess from the name, is a WordPress auction theme designed to help you create real estate auctions website. It is perfect for land brokers, construction companies, government agencies, or anybody that deals in the real estate market. With the theme, you get access to plenty of design styles and layout options, not to mention an abundance of customization settings. This can help you properly brand your website and create an online presence.

Regarding functionality, the theme can help you create horizontal sliders to promote featured ads, a search listing option for easy navigations, three tab sections, 4 column footers, recent ads on the sidebar, and much more.

Other notable features include an in-built lead capturing system for ads, a submission payment system, account dashboard from where users can view, edit, and delete classified ads from a single panel, and much more.

#9. TaskerDev – Task Bid Theme


Demo & Download

It is another Sitemile WordPress Theme that is mainly for building an auction or bidding site for small jobs such as freelancing of small contracts and others. TaskerDev Task Marketplace Theme for WordPress can help you set up an online marketplace for outsourcing small jobs, errands, and small tasks.

It is a new branch of freelancing that is quickly kicking off. You can become one of the first in this new space to create a marketplace for clients and freelancers. Besides helping freelancers find work, and clients get their chores done, the theme is filled with a lot of monetization potential so you can earn a good deal of commission as well.

Other features of the theme include customization options, a built-in escrow functionality, multiple payment gateways, social media integration, private messaging, feedback and rating system, email notifications, and much more.

List of WordPress Auction Plugins

#10. WP Auction Software

WP Auction Software

Demo & Download

WPAuction Software is not a WordPress theme but a WordPress auction plugin which can help you set up a powerful auction website. With its laundry list of options, you can create standard auctions, penny auctions, fixed auctions, and much more directly on your WordPress website.

This is suited for people who already own a well-designed WordPress theme and are merely looking to add extra functionalities necessary to run a powerful auction website. With this online auction software, you can easily set up an eBay style auction website with payment gateway integration such as PayPal and Authorize.net.

Advanced search and filtering functionalities allow users to search for the product/service they are looking for. Other notable features include internal invoicing, integrated mailing system, support for digital products, featured listing widgets, scheduled auctions, bid watching, and so on.

#11. YITH – Auctions For WooCommerce

YITH Auctions For WooCommerce

Demo & Download

YITH Auctions for WooCommerce is an extension for e-commerce plugin designed for WordPress auction based websites. The WordPress auction plugin features a lot of options to integrate auction specific features to your site. You will need to have a basic design and layout prepared for your website, however. This plugin will only give you feature and will not offer any layouts or design styles for ‘creating’ the site.

Feature-wise, this WordPress auction plugin is very much comprehensive. You have the option to set a minimum start price, a reserve price, automatically raise bids in case of overbidding, set buy now prices, fixed auction ending date, and so on.

Users can also encrypt their usernames for extra privacy if they desire. Other notable features include a notification email to inform users about auction status, detailed search results, the option to show auction products on your shop, widget to show auction products in the sidebar, and much more.

#12. WooCommerce Simple Auction

WooCommerce Simple Auction

Demo & Download

‘WooCommerce Simple Auctions’ plugin can help you set up auction related functionalities on your website. This WP auction plugin has been used by many of the theme mentioned in the list as well. Therefore, if you are not looking for any aesthetic changes and want auction based functionalities to be integrated into your website, then this is a plugin you can get.

Do note, that this is a WooCommerce extension and for it to work, you need to have the WooCommerce WordPress plugin installed on your site already. Now coming to its feature list, the plugin can help you create role-based bidding by enabling user-specific roles.

Then comes the different options to show bidding start price, price increment, reserve price, but it now price, and so on. Users will also get a dedicated page where they can view “My Auctions” and “Auction History.” All changes to the current bidding and auction status are updated using Ajax. Besides this, there is plenty of widgets and shortcodes implementation as well.

Any other WordPress Bidding Theme?

So these were our picks for the best Auction WordPress themes.

To summarize this for you:

If you need an excellent auction plugin for their already established WooCommerce site, ‘YITH Auctions’ and ‘WooCommerce Simple auction’ should be your top choice. Both plugins are created for those who require tons of options for integrating auction functionality on their existing website.

‘Old Wine Auction WordPress Theme’, ‘iBid Auctions’, and ‘Essential’ are all WooCommerce integrated with the unique features that make them stand out from each other. With Essential, you have complete control over customization, while Old Wine Auction WordPress Theme gives you the option for reverse auction and standard auction. iBid Auctions lets you easily customize your marketplace demos.

If your niche is the property and real estate, and you want one of these two – ‘Property Bid Auction Template’ or ‘Project Bid Auctions’. These two are designed with abundant customization options specifically for those working on real estate.

If you want to set up an auction and bidding for small jobs such as freelancing, go for ‘Taskerdev.’

If you are new to the world of online business and need a WordPress theme that does not require tons of technological know-how, ‘WordPress Penny Auction’ Theme’s got you.

Editor’s choiceTo transform your website into a fully functional site for buyers and sellers, go for ‘Sitemile’s Auction Theme‘ It has almost every feature required by an auction or bidding site. From standard bidding option to the complete automation of the bidding process. This theme is

Let us know if you found this read to be helpful, and if you did, don’t forget to share it with your friends who are also looking to start their auction business. Furthermore, if you are already using any of the bidding WordPress themes we have mentioned, please write about your experience in the comments below.

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