Sitemile WordPress Auction Theme – A Review

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Have you ever tried creating an Auction site that can let you buy or sell things online? Popular auction websites like eBay, OLX etc. have inspired many to start their sites to start a business of the same model. If you too are one of them but have no idea how to do it, then this article might help solve your problem. In this post, we have brought you a very popular auction WordPress theme review, that lets you create an auction site in less than an hour.

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This is an excellent option for anyone who does not have much idea about coding or web designing because it has everything made ready for you. Just move around your mouse and make a few clicks here and there and you are done. So let’s have a detailed read on our auction theme review, look at its features and how this theme works.

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Sitemile Auction Theme

SiteMile Auction Theme Review

The theme is loaded with great features to let you create the perfect site to meet so many advanced and modern features. Here is a list of the features it has to offer which is extensive. I will try to list down the most important ones for you.

  • Auction Post
  • Auction Tools
  • Plug and Play
  • Lifetime Support
  • Monetisation Tools
  • User Profiles/Shops
  • User-friendly Interface and Layout
  • Auction Expiration
  • Credit Card Support
  • Feedback and Rating System
  • Percentage Fee per Auction
  • Escrow, PayPal Support
  • Custom fields
  • Digital Goods
  • Social Media Integration
  • Blog Support
  • Multi-media Support
  • Proxy Bidding
  • Payment Gateways

Creating an Auction Site with this Theme

a. User Interface

This interface is mainly for the visitors who can come to your website for bidding or selling products or services on your website. For this, they can use the site from the front-end itself. If you are a user, you cannot access the back-end of the site.

b. Admin Interface

This is mainly for the owner of the site. You can also give access to this part to someone who will manage the website for you or someone you can trust with. If you are logged in to this area, you can access both the back-end as well as the front-end.

Let’s first understand how to use the theme to create the website.

Sitemile Auction Theme Settings

For starters, installing the theme is not complicated. Just download the theme from the official website and upload it on your WordPress site like you would do with any other theme.

Now go to the Auction theme dashboard on your WordPress admin area. You can do that by going to WordPress dashboard -> Auction Theme -> Site Summary. You will have something like this on your screen.

Sitemile Auction Theme Settings

#1. SiteSummary

The 1st option is the site summary. This area tells you the exact number of auctions on your website. You also get to know how many open and closed auctions exist on the site.

Besides, it also shows the number of admins, users, subscribers etc. Basically, you get an overview of your website in this area.

#2. General Options

Sitemile Auction Theme Settings

This option has four different tabs under it. Each has its specific feature to take care of. The 1st tab is the Main Settings.

Under this, you will have an extensive list of options which can be enabled or disabled according to your requirements. You can set up your Google Maps API key here to start with. The rest are simple options. Just read the title and choose which one you want.

You can enable the option for displaying the item condition, allow auto-renewal of your auctions, add multiple categories, select the format of images to be uploaded etc. Not just this, you can also enable reverse auctions, force the entry of shipping and PayPal address, randomize the front page slider etc.

#3. Next Bids Level

The next option is the NextBids Level. This option can be used only if you enable the Max Bid option under the General tab. You can also define the increment value of a max bid feature.

For this, you have to visit the Define level tab section. The increment value can be anything in the multiple of 10.

#4. Email Settings

Sitemile Auction Theme Review

Just like the name suggests, the next tab is about your email address. So you might want to set up a name that would reflect on your user’s inbox every time you send an email from the site. You can also set up the email address from which you would operate, in this area.

If you think you might send HTML elements through your emails set the option to be Yes. Otherwise ignore it. Generally its ideal to set it positive because if you ever want to send such a thing via email, you will otherwise have to alter all your settings. Why waste all that time?

#5. Pricing Settings

This tab has four different tabs. The 1st one is the Main details tab. Here you can set the main details like the currency you prefer for your website, which symbol to display for the currency, decimal and thousand sum separator etc.

The next is the listing fees. Set your base and featured listing fee here. The base one will be the starting value for a bid. The featured on is the one that will be displayed on your site. The sealed fee is the final bid for your product.

Sitemile Auction Theme

#6. Custom Pricing

The next option is the custom pricing option. Here you can set a price that you will charge for posting an auction under different categories. In the custom bidding fee tab, you can set a fee for every bid that your visitors would make.

#7. Custom Fields

WordPress Auction Theme Settings

#8. Images Options

WordPress Auction Theme

#9. Payment Gateway

WordPress Auction Theme

This theme also offers a range of payment options. The theme is compatible with Escrow too. So you can check the number of open escrows, completed ones etc.

And of course you have options for membership packs, managing your ads, checking your user’s reviews, private messages, layout settings, tracking tools to watch your progress and so on.

#10. Membership Packs

WordPress Auction Theme

#11. User Balances

WordPress Auction Theme

#12. Advertising

WordPress Auction Theme

How to Add a New Auction?

The next one is the Auctions option. Here you can create new auctions for your site. Click on the “Add New” Auction option.

You will now have the following page on your screen. On the Auction TitleBox type in the name you want for your auction. To your left, you will have a long list of options through which you can control your Auction details.

SiteMile Auction Theme Review

Under the Auction details option, you can set a time when you want your auction to be renewed, or the number of days in which you want your Auction to be renewed and a date when you want to end or close it.

You can also set a start and reserve price for the bidders, let people know whether its a private bid or not, open options to allow offers, and even set it as your feature auction.

If you scroll down your screen a little, you will have other options too. Here you can set an image for the auction which will help you attract more people.

Auction Theme Review

To make things easier, you can set up the location, shipping options etc. directly from the left sidebar on your screen.

Auction Theme for Users

Let us now see how your site will appear to a visitor on your website.

#1. Advanced Auction Search

SiteMile Auction Theme Review

The search box on your homepage lets your visitors search precisely what they are looking for. You can also do that by browsing through the categories, location, latest auctions, auctions ending soon etc.

SiteMile Auction Theme Review

The searches can also be refined by using the search box on the left side. Here you can use the auction ID, minimum and maximum price etc. to look up for what you want.

If you scroll down your homepage, you will see the items being displayed according to the categories. You can find your products based on its category as well. This makes it easier for you to find things specifically and in less time.

SiteMile Auction Theme Review

Below that you can find the auctions posted not too long ago. This lets you stay updated about the latest auctions happening on the site.

#2. Adding a New Bid

SiteMile Auction Theme Review

Here, you can place your bid and make an offer for it. You will be able to see the description too once the detail is expanded.

#3. User Account Display

Auction WP Theme

Here, users can check and change all settings related to their profile and auctions. This page displays all information related to payments, auctions, offers, active auctions, sold items etc.

Documentation and Support

Like most modern themes, SiteMile’s Auction theme has also been extensively documented. You can easily set up your auction site with this theme in less than an hour. The documentations will tell you exactly how to do it. And even if you are trying out your hands at web designing for the first time, you will not have to think twice before you start your work.

They also have an excellent support team who can help you solve any problem you face with the team.

License Cost / Price

The theme has two different versions. The base version starts from just $99. And can be used to run on an unlimited number of websites. For both, the versions support and updates are free for the 1st year.

If you want to add the extensions to the Pro version, you can do it by purchasing them individually and adding them to your site.

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Your thoughts on Sitemile Auction Theme

SiteMile has been known for the excellent themes and plugins that it has been delivering to the WordPress community. Not only these themes and plugins are unique in terms of functionality, support and documentation but also in terms of how well-priced they are.

The Auction Theme is just another fantastic theme that it has delivered to let you create a beautiful auction website. So go ahead and check this theme now if you have the idea of setting up an auction site in mind. You will love it for how easily it lets you do it.

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