Divi Vs Ultra: Most Popular Multipurpose WordPress Themes Compared

Hiring a developer to build a website is a kind of old idea. You might be thinking why so! Because nowadays, with WordPress, you can create and customize beautiful websites all your own. But, there is one essential element you need the most above all. A powerful theme which allows you to design any layout that you can imagine with drag and drop builder easily.

We recently covered a detailed review about Divi Theme and many of our readers asked us for its comparison with Themify’s Ultra. In this article “Divi vs Ultra Comparison Review“, we will compare these two great WP themes which offer fantastic customization options while building your website and track real-time changes. This will help you choose the best one for your need and start creating your website.

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Let’s start with the introduction:

Elegant Theme’s Divi

Divi Theme is a versatile WordPress theme developed by “Elegant Theme” and powered by the Divi visual page builder. Divi allows you to build various types of websites according to your need. I like Divi because of it’s beautiful designs, responsiveness, rich features, and most importantly the speed in spite of having numbers of elements inside a page.

Here is Divi’s first look:

Divi Vs Ultra Comparison

Themify’s Ultra

Ultra Theme is a robust and versatile theme developed by Themify. Ultra provides adequate control over the theme from header to footer.

I would choose Ultra because its ready-made theme skins (template) makes the design part smooth, helpful, and super quick. And of course, this theme includes the default Themify drag and drop builder like Divi.

Divi Vs Ultra Review

#1. Divi Vs Ultra – Theme Design

>> Responsiveness

Both Divi and Ultra are responsive themes in terms of design and can be fit properly on multiple screen size. During customization, both themes allow to test within various screen sizes and check the compatibility of blocks responsiveness.

>> Demo Site:

A demo is always useful to follow. Divi comes with six pre-made designs along with the demo contents. You can start with an amazing design almost instantly by selecting it. Later the demo elements can be customized according to your idea.

Divi Vs Ultra Responsiveness

Whereas, Ultra comes with more number of design skins and pre-made demo sites. Also, Ultra provides a higher number of options than Divi when it comes to the selection of niche based website.

These skins can support you to set up a real sample site within minutes. One more advantage on Ultra is during skin import you can skip the demo articles. Cool!

Divi Vs Ultra Responsiveness

>> Layouts

Layouts are extremely beneficial to jump-start a new page almost immediately. Divi provides 20+ beautiful layouts which can be pick up to build a new page and swap out the elements from the Divi builder.

Working with the demo layout is an awesome way to understand the ins and outs of the builder. Moreover, you can create and save your layouts for future use and conserve a decent amount of time as well. Custom options for header and footer can give the theme design a better look.

Divi Vs Ultra Layouts

Ultra theme provides full control over its layouts. Including 60+ professional layouts, Ultra has done something better than Divi to help you build a creative web page almost immediately.

Another advantage of Ultra is that you have full control to modify theme layouts from header to footer. Different types of heading & page style, single post layouts, blog layouts, header background layouts, and custom typography options can make your entire site distribute the same look or create a unique appearance for every page.

Divi Vs Ultra Layouts

>> Slider

Sliders are great components to showcase your website in a few slides. With Divi, you can create awesome full width or custom slides to furnish your website elegantly. You can place interesting headings and a few words to explain your site as well. Divi makes it simple to create a stunning image overlay with the sliders.

Divi Vs Ultra Slider

However, Ultra has a full section scrolling feature allows viewers to scroll through your page design either vertically or horizontally. While the horizontal sliders provide the same feel like Divi sliders, vertical sliders in Ultra makes it unique.

Additionally, you can set (vertical + slide out), (vertical + overlay header), (Horizontal + Minibar) and (Horizontal + Top bar) sliders as well. Customization of overlay text and image is pretty easy with Ultra.

Divi Vs Ultra Slider

>> Mega Menu

An expandable menu with picture representation always attract viewers mind to click on it. A mega menu helps to improve the website engagement rate. You can customize Divi’s default primary menu style inside the theme customizer.

Divi Vs Ultra Mega Menu

Making it full width, letter spacing, custom text width, and controlling the logo size is not what we found in most the themes. Unfortunately, Divi doesn’t come with a default mega menu option. Nevertheless, you can always use a 3rd party mega menu plugin like Quadmenu with Divi.

On the other hand, Ultra comes with default mega menu settings which allow you to showcase recent posts, multi-column dropdown, and even the ability to add widgets into the menu.

Divi Vs Ultra Mega Menu

>> Image Filters

Like the mega-menu, images increase the engagement rate of a website as well. While adding an image into a particular layout color should match the template. Image filter is the best way to configure and check the matching of color and look in real time.

The new image filter in Divi is utterly amazing. It helps you to edit image color, hue, brightness, contrast, etc. These new features are the ideal approach for anyone to bring their unique thinking to the page.

Divi Vs Ultra Image Filters

Ultra, on the other hand, comes with image filter presets, which can be applied directly on the website images. Grayscale, Blur, and Sepia are the primary filters available in Ultra. Image filter and image hover filter can apply both globally or independently, as required. Having the custom filter tool as Divi would be better in case of Ultra.

Divi Vs Ultra Image Filters

Remark: Both themes are very good at designing a website. They have the tools required to create an engaging website easily. Some tools can be missing, but it’s a possible case, and those can be full-fill by using 3rd party plugin as well.

#2. Divi Vs Ultra – Custom Page Builder

Drag and drop page builder is a gem. With this tool, you can easily create a beautiful webpage by swapping out the elements and placing them as desired. Divi theme comes with the Divi builder, which is very powerful, fast, and flexible.

With this builder, you can shape your website in almost any design you want. The real-time designing helps you track every change; editing text inside the blocks gives a clear idea of where you are customizing.

You can pick a pre-made layout and start customizing them with 46 content elements available in the builder menu. Shaping the elements and blocks is smooth as well as responsive. The quickness of the editor is one of the primary reason I like it so much. Overall, this Divi builder is bringing luxurious pieces of stuff into the Divi Theme.

Divi Vs Ultra Custom Page Builder

Ultra has a Themify default page builder. Like the Divi builder, it consists of various essential content elements which you can drag and place as well. Starting with any layout design from the library customizing that design is pretty simple, quick, and responsive.

Customization has two different page design option, front-end, and back-end. With the front-end editor, you can watch the changes while with the back-end editor you can shape up the page and later go for the preview.

Unlike Divi builder, Themify doesn’t offer more elements inside the editor, but their pre-designed layouts are sufficient to create a beautiful page.

Divi Vs Ultra Custom Page Builder

Remark: Both Divi and Ultra have two amazing page builders, but Divi page builder offers better options than Themify page builder also easy to use as well. The advantage of Themify page builder is having a back-end version for performing quick changes.

#3. Divi Vs Ultra – SEO

Themes play an important role in website SEO. A long time ago, SEO used to be very easy. Put a bunch of keywords and make some backlinks, and the page is ready to rank well.

Today, however, search ranking factors have been improved; that’s why SEO optimization needs to be adopted to get better results. HTML markup, Page size, Responsiveness, Structured Data, and Content Prioritization are essential parts of SEO when it comes to Theme design.

A good example is: If you look at this headline as a human, you will see, “We are experts if it comes to watches.” But a search engine, however, read it quite differently.

Divi Vs Ultra SEO

Reading the complete sentence as “We are if it comes” and “Experts to watches” is not good for SEO.

Divi and Ultra are well optimized in such case and doesn’t share text or heading into separate blocks. HTML markup, structured data, responsiveness are available in both themes and hence Good for SEO.

#4. Divi Vs Ultra – Translation

The translation is an important part of a website. Even though English is the most popular language on the Internet, it is not the only languages that are used by Internet users.

So to make your website understandable for all the user, translation ability should be available. It’s, of course, a convincing point of your website’s content and may drive a better outcome.

Divi supports all total of 32 languages targeting a large user base across the globe.

Divi Vs Ultra Translation

However, Ultra theme requires an extra plugin called Loco Translate or WPML to enable translation feature.

Remark: In this case, Divi is better because of having a default translation system rather than an extra plugin.

#5. Divi vs Ultra – Import and Export

Sometimes creating the same layout or design twice in two different sites (same theme) takes lots of effort and it’s very time consuming as well. Import and export feature provides the best support in such kind of situation.

You can export website layouts, settings, widgets, comments, post, etc from one website and import them right into the another. To export and import layouts and library in Divi simply go to Divi Theme Options -> Divi Library and click on the Import / Export button located at the top.

Divi Vs Ultra Translation

With Divi, you can export/import almost everything, including the custom CSS and JavaScript codes as well.

Similarly, In Ultra, you can export and import each every design, elements, posts, custom, and default layouts to another website whenever you want. On every window, under the Themify Ultra settings, there is the option for export/import. To find it go to Themify Ultra from the dashboard menu and check under the child tabs inside the theme setting.

The theme settings can be export/import from the transfer tab available on the Ultra dashboard.

Divi Vs Ultra Translation

Remark: Both themes perform well in this category. Both of them have similar options to import/export the elements.

#6. Divi vs Ultra – Search Module

The search box is a very important part of the website. Whenever a visitor wants to find a page or article on a website, they use the search bar. Search engines are very effective and save lots of time by following the user query and bring out all the related resources.

With Divi, you can create a custom search bar by using the builder and search module. While designing the search box, you can define whether you want to show the search button, you can exclude page and post as well.

Though, in Ultra, you can not only customize the search box with the drag and drop builder but also add advanced search and Ajax search module for a more user-friendly and relevant search result.

Remark: Ultra search module performs better than Divi because of the advanced search technique, but design wise both theme can help to build a beautiful search box.

#7. Divi Vs Ultra –  Social Share

Without social integration, a web page is never complete. Social share is a powerful way to reach out to users of the social media platform and drive back other users as well.

With Divi adding social media follow buttons is an interesting task. You can select the required platforms from a big list, changing the button color, background color, linking the social profiles inside a popup window is something very unique. More than that, you can see the changes in live. Brilliant.

Divi Vs Ultra Social Share

Ultra, on the other hand, also supports social engagement module. To add social media platforms you need to navigate through Themify settings -> Social link settings.

Unlike Divi, Ultra neither displays a live builder nor the opportunity to select a social media platform. Everything from mentioning the social platform, adding an icon, choosing the color to profile linking is manual.

Divi Vs Ultra Social Share

However, there’s a preset inside the settings editor, where you will find the most popular social platforms and external social platforms can be added as well.

Divi Vs Ultra Social Share

Remark: Both themes support social module, but the designing and control of Divi are slightly better than Ultra.

#8. Divi vs Ultra – Pricing

Custom made WordPress theme, including extra built-in features or associate plugins can cost within $6,000 – $10,000. There is nothing to surprise, but in comparison to that, Divi and Ultra both are accessible with reasonable price.

ElegantThemes offers two types of plans yearly access and lifetime access where you can access the Divi Theme along with all other themes and plugins. The yearly plan costs $89 per year, and the lifetime plan costs $249 for one time.

Divi Vs Ultra Pricing

Themify offers one single plan where you have to join their master club and get access to Ultra plus all 42 themes, 12 plugins, 25 Builder add-ons, and 5 PTB addons. This one time cost of this plan is $89.

Divi Vs Ultra Pricing

Remark: Both plans are reasonable, but Themify let access all the themes and plugins with only $89 whereas Eleganttheme offers lifetime access with $249, which is $160 more than Themify. Of Course, their developers put their efforts altogether to create such an amazing theme so they should be awarded as well.

#9. Divi Vs Ultra – Support

Support has always been the most important part of any product. Without support from the developers, it can be very difficult to understand a WordPress theme’s features and functionality.

The developers and expert of Divi and Ultra are doing a fabulous job by supporting the users with videos and website tutorials. We can’t compare their support quality because both parties are doing their best and have produced similar types of guides for the customers.

You can find the documentation of Divi theme here along with video materials that are available in the official Divi page.

The documentation of Ultra is available in this address. You can find the video tutorials on the official page as well as on YouTube.

Word of Caution

Being listed in the category of multipurpose themes, both Divi and Ultra can be great choices for your websites. However, there is something you need to be careful about.

These themes are capable of changing your website settings even after they are removed from your site. So if you pick any of these themes, and decide to discontinue using it any further, you might have to prepare yourself to make some good changes in your website, to get back the look it previously had.

So if you are not a big fan of handling the technical side of your website, these themes can cause some displeasing experience for you if you suddenly decide not to use it anymore.

Although these changes are nothing too serious, a novice can find it annoying. For advanced users, however, it should not matter much as the fixes are not too hard to make.

Personal Preference:

Themify’s Ultra

Reason:- Divi had become so popular now that it’s running on almost one-third of the WordPress websites(It’s my rough guess). I want my clients to have a unique new design, not something which is being used and deployed by every second site on the internet. This is probably the only reason for me to choose Ultra. Though many times we do get clients who specifically ask us to deploy Divi for them and we work happily with Divi as well.

As I said before, both themes are extremely popular themes and feature wise almost at par with each other. And they will continue to grow even stronger from here.

Download Divi Theme   Download Ultra Theme

Over to You

Comparing the two most popular multipurpose WordPress themes from a great theme development company isn’t that easy. However, we tried our best to bring out the differences between them so that you can define which would be a better choice for your website.

If you didn’t like either of them and are looking for a something else; you can check our recently published list with top Multipurpose WordPress themes.

By the way, I would like to suggest every reader check for their requirements before buying any of these two themes. This comparison post is going to help you with some key points regarding both themes.

If you like this post, share it with your friends and also don’t forgot to express your point of view in the comment section. Cheers.

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