20 Best WordPress Image Slider Plugins of 2023 (Free & Popular)

Did you ever notice how almost every free and paid WordPress theme comes with image slider? WordPress Image sliders are always an integral part of any theme, and why not? They showcase images in the most beautiful way. Can you show the most important blog posts in your slider or may showcase your design work? It all depends on how you want to utilize it.

Image sliders provide the first impression when someone opens up your website, and that’s why you need to have a proper image slider setup. Images should be crisp and should catch the attention of the audience. They work because of one basic reason: images are always more engaging compared to text. If visitors find the image slider attractive, they are bound to spend more time on the website.

In today’s article, we will list the best WordPress Image Slider plugins. Slider plugins are just more than images. They provide meaning to the images by providing image transition animation, text-based outlay, and other interactive aspects that make them worthwhile. This all leads to the WordPress image slider plugins. Most of the WordPress themes comes with basic image slider plugin and hence are not worth your time. That’s why we are going to list the best Image Slider Plugins.

Best WordPress Image Slider Plugins

#1. Meta Slider

Meta Slider WordPress Plugin

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Meta Slider is one of the most installed image slider plugins for WordPress on the market. On top of that, it is free and is used by almost everyone out there. It is considered the king. So, what makes it so special? The first thing that you will notice is that it is not one slider, but four sliders combined as a package. The sliders that it offers are all jQuery powered. They are the Coin Slider, Responsive Slider, Nivo Slider, and the Flex Slider.

The customizability and flexibility come from the different sliders. You can customize your slider as you like. Each slider has its effects, themes, animations and so on. Also, it is super-easy to add a new slider to your page. Just add images and generate a shortcode. Once created, paste the code where you want to put the slider in. It can be a page, post or a custom post. You can also use the “Add Slider” button that is provided at the top of the editor.

The basic edition will be more than enough for your needs. However, they might lack some functionality that you might want. For that, you can try out their PRO version that can be purchased for only $19 per year.

#2. Slider Revolution

Slider Revolution

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Slider Revolution is our first premium WordPress image slider plugin. And, it is the best you can get. It is the most popular image slider plugin you can get. It has sold more than 255,000+ licenses. That’s incredible for any plugin out there. Its popularity can also be gauged by the fact that most of the premium themes come loaded with Slider Revolution plugin.

With Slider revolution WordPress plugin, you can create unique, modern and responsive sliders. They can be customized to the core with tons of new animation types and option. It also comes with a powerful color picker. Moreover, you can improve its functionality thanks to the add-ons it offers. To help you customize it, it also comes with free object library.

For starters, it comes with templates. It is so powerful that you can create a useful responsive and modern presentations in no time. With Slider Revolution, you can create any type of slider including carousels, hero blocks, media galleries, front pages, social media feeds and media galleries.

As a user, you don’t have to code anything as you will get an editor to create everything. It is powerful as well which means that you can edit the smallest details possible.

#3. Smart Slider 3

Smart Slider 3

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Smart Slider 3 is one of the most innovative web plugins you can use to create sliders for your WordPress website. It allows users to optimize SEO elements and create responsive themes all in one dashboard without requiring any coding whatsoever. It is compatible with every WordPress theme and integrates with websites seamlessly.

The easy-to-use interface makes creating slides as fast and efficient as possible. You have full freedom to create and build anything you want just the way you want it thanks to its host of customization features. You can use layers and structure your media galleries with text, images, video, stylized typography, and navigation buttons.

#4. Layer Slider

WordPress Layer Slider

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Layer Slider is yet another image slider plugin for WordPress. It comes with mind-blowing animations, design and page blocks — all of which can be used to create the slider for your website. The new 6.5 brings in new goodies to play with. They have introduced pop-ups which is quite a good combination with image slider plugin.

Overall, this WordPress image slider plugin is built from core to make sure that there is no compatibility issue whatsoever. Layer Slider also comes with animation engine that offers more than 200 predefined effects.

#5. Nivo Slider

Nivo Slider

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Building high-quality websites also mean you need to make your site look presentable and aesthetically pleasing. Nivo Slider plugin seeks to do just that with beautiful transition effects and responsive design to offer you all the features you need. The interactive design and pre-built themes make it very easy to set up your galleries in a matter of minutes.

This WordPress image slider plugin comes with 16 transition effects to make your image galleries look fun and interactive. You do not need any coding skills at all to use the plugin, and it works using simple shortcodes. The plugin is responsive and automatically optimizes your pages for all kinds of displays and platforms.

#6. Soliloquy Slider

Soliloquy Slider plugin

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Soliloquy Slider is also a popular image slider plugin in the free WordPress repository. It is simple to use and set up. Also, it uses a drag and drop functionality for easy configuration and setup. You can configure every aspect of your slider including size, transition, and so on. Furthermore, you can also customize it using custom CSS. Only try to customize if you know what you are doing.

This image slider WP plugin is created with one motive in mind. They don’t want you to hire a developer for creating a slider. This also leads to the drag and drop feature that they provide. Moreover, you can also use videos in your slider to make them more interesting. We recommend using small video length to capture users attention. Last, but not the least, the slider is completely optimized. This means that your website will not slow down by using the plugin.

#7. Slider by WD

Slider plugin by WD

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Slider WD is one of the most versatile  image slider plugin solutions available to help you make fast loading, SEO-friendly and responsive sliders for your website pages. The plugin offers support for both image and video content and comes with a host of transition effects to choose from to get the desired aesthetic experience. Themes can be built and inserted into the plugin using PHP or through a widget.

This image slider WordPress plugin is particularly useful for touchscreen devices as it allows you to add swipe controls for easy use. The premium version of the app will enable you to make multi-functional sliders and also supports social media integration for users to share the photos edited with an online photo editor and videos. The plugin offers a high level of customization which is not usually seen in most plugins.

#8. RoyalSlider

RoyalSlider WP Plugin

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RoyalSlider is an excellent image slider plugin for WordPress which is completely responsive and supports touch swipe navigation. The plugin will let you create complete sliders from a post. And, of course, you can also create a slider from the ground up.

The slider performs out of the box. Customization is also top-notch which includes using transition effects. The plugin also supports the lazy load and fullscreen sliders. It is created using HTML and supports WordPress.

#9. Meteor Slides

Meteor Slides WP

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We discussed two powerful slider until now. They were both feature-rich and powerful in their way. However, not everyone is looking for a slider that has tons of features. Some sites can use a simple slider and make use of the less resource hungry plugin. One such slider that we recommend is is the Meteor Slider. It is a simple slider with basic features.

It comes with a basic picture slider where you can add images and choose transition styles. The transition styles are only powered by jQuery Cycle. Currently, there are 25 transition styles to play with. Other key features of the plugin include mobile-friendly design, multiple slideshows support, slideshow metadata configuration, multi-site compatible, and so on.

#10. Master Slider

Master Slider

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Master Slider seeks to be an all-in-one solution for your content slider needs. With hardware acceleration support and responsive design for touchscreen devices, you do not have to worry about performance as the plugin will ensure your animations and transitions are always smooth on any device. It is one of the few complete solutions when it comes to slider plugins.

The content slider plugin is compatible with all WordPress themes, and there are layers you can add to your content sliders to customize your pages. It is straightforward to use thanks to the visual UI which makes it easy for users to add any effects and transitions they want. There are more than 80 sliders built into the app for you to pick up and customize for your website.

#11. Ultimate Responsive Image Slider

Ultimate Responsive Image Slider

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The Ultimate Responsive Image Slider plugin is one of the easiest to use photo gallery plugin which allows you to add an infinite number of slides into any page of your website. It also supports multi-image upload support to help you upload images in bulk instead of the default manual process which is slow and clunky.

The slider image gallery is responsive in design, and you will not need to code your media galleries separately for separate platforms. The plugin offers a host of customization features including slide thumbnails, autoplay and custom navigation buttons. It comes with pre-installed templates which can be customized to match the aesthetics of your website.

#12. Slider Pro

Slider Pro

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Slider Pro is a touch-enabled WordPress image slider plugin that allows you to create professional looking sliders as fast as possible. User experience was high on the developers’ minds when the plugin was made as it is straightforward to browse through the options and make the perfect media slider for your WordPress website in minutes.

Slider Pro is designed to be as non-intrusive as possible and focuses on creating the best possible experience for end users. Simplicity and performance are what the plugin focuses on, and there are plenty of customization features available. With automated responsive design and automated updates, it is as easy as clicking a few buttons to set up a professional slider.

#13. Slider by Supsystic

Slider by Supsystic

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Slider by Supsystic is responsible for creating some of the most impressive image galleries on WordPress websites. It can create stunning image galleries for users who have no prior programming skills, and its responsive design allows mobile users access to your galleries with no added coding needed at your end.

This image gallery slider WordPress plugin offers users the ability to create custom captions in the content sliders and a dedicated thumbnail slider as well. You can upgrade the app to the Pro version and get access to even more customization options that focus on improving the aesthetics of your WordPress website’s media gallery or create automated slideshows.

#14. One Slider

One Slider

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One Slider is one of the most advanced JQuery Slider WordPress plugins which offers five unique slider variants for your website. It allows you to create sliders using HTML tags and is very easy to set up and maintain. The plugin is aimed at advanced users who are adept at HTML programming and can create their sliders.

The premium slider plugin offers a host of customization options including a Banner Rotator, Banner with Playlist, Content Slider, Thumbnails Banner, and a Carousel feature. Beginner users can use the video tutorials provided if they want to implement in-depth customization for their WordPress websites. The plugin is fully responsive and offers a host of animations and transitions to choose from.

#15. Master Slider

WordPress Master Slider

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Master Slider is one of the coolest image slider WordPress plugins you will ever use. It is free to use and also simple regarding installation and setting it up. The main aspect of the plugin is that you can create a slider using the drag and drop functionality. The process is also seamless.

First, you need to select images and them place them to your slider. Once done, re-order them if you want too. Next, you just need to change some settings, and you are good to go. If you are confused, you can always use the available layouts to get started. All you need to do with the slider is to change some text and make it roll out. Inserting sliders is also easy, thanks to the shortcode it provides.

Last, but not the least, they are marketing their plugin as the most “SEO Friendly” slider plugin. They also have 24 hr support for their free plugin. Awesome, isn’t it?

#16. Full Width Background Image Slider

Full Width Background Image Slider

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Sometimes, it is best to use a plugin that is created just for one purpose. That’s why we are going to discuss the Full-Width Background Image Slider. The plugin lets you create a full-width image slider. The slider is beautiful and makes you create impressive backgrounds. You can create as much slider you want. Furthermore, you can also create a slider using the post background.

#17. Foxy – WooCommerce Product Image Gallery Slider Carousel

Foxy WordPress Slider Plugin

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Our this slider plugin is for WooCommerce. WooCommerce product slider can make or break the deal. This is why we recommend Foxy. It is a full-fledged WooCommerce image slider WordPress plugin. It also supports Gallery and Carousel creation. Moreover, it is versatile and powerful regarding functionality. Regarding functionality, it comes with flexible elements, one-click templates, and developer tools.

#18. FlexSlider 2

Flex Slider WooThemes

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Do you love to customize your slider by coding it using a plugin? WooThemes offers Flexslider 2. It is more than just an image slide plugin. It can be termed as a basic framework that gives you the tool to power your responsive slider. Customizability is off the charts for this plugin. This image slider WordPress plugin can be created from scratch using JS and HTML. Their main website also comes with a lot of examples to look at and learn from.

However, be warned, this plugin is specially created for those who know how to code. If you are new to WordPress and doesn’t know what to do, stay away from it. But, if you are intrigued by the idea of creating your slider from scratch, then you may want to hire a WordPress developer and then ask him to build a slider according to your requirement.

Any Other Image Slider WordPress Plugin?

Today, we discussed both free and paid image slider plugins for WordPress. All these plugins are the best you can get, regarding features and looks. Out of all these, if you ask us which one to get, we will recommend the Slider Revolution. It is a complete package. All the other plugins are also worth your time and effort. So, decide according to your requirement. So, which slider plugin you are going to choose? Comment down and let us know.

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