HostArmada Review

In the age of digitization, web hosting plays an integral part in helping organizations of all scales to showcase their company and their products all over the world wide web. It is easy to imagine the rate at which all sectors of all industries are adapting to the digitization and how the demand for web hosting service providers is steadily increasing.

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Seeing how lucrative the web hosting market is, we have seen an increasing number of players who come up with attractive services and pricing plans to lure customers into choosing their services over others. However, as attractive as their services and prices may sound, it has become increasingly difficult to choose a web hosting service as there are so many good ones. However, you only need one and I have a perfect option for you.

HostArmada Review

When your competitors are well-established web hosting services like Dreamhost, BlueHost, HostGator, and Hostinger who have years’ worth of experience up their sleeve and a huge customer base, you need to come up with better service if you want to stay up on the market. HostArmanda might just be a couple of years old, but they have managed to attract and provide excellent services to more than 3000 happy customers.

This is all possible due to a team of highly trained professionals with years’ worth of experience catering to each of the customers’ specific needs. This is why HostArmada is steadily growing with no chance of stopping anytime soon. If I have to be totally honest with you, HostArmada is even giving the old and more established players a run for their money. HostArmada might just be the hosting service you’re looking for.

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HostArmada Features

HostArmada is still a new kid on the block as its date of origin is not too far from the past. It was established in 2019 amidst a more established name in the web hosting business. But it still managed to not only stay afloat but also make itself one of the fastest-growing web hosting services in the world. Although a huge chunk of credit goes to its team of professionals, the technology behind it is what made it all possible.

Data Centers

Operating from Delaware, HostArmada has managed to establish its data centers in 4 different continents (North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia). This ensures that all their customers, no matter where they are situated, will get optimum performance always. Their data centers are located in:

  • Fremont, CA, USA
  • Dallas, TX, USA
  • Toronto, ON, Canada
  • Newark, NJ, USA
  • London, UK, Europe
  • Frankfurt, DE, Europe
  • Mumbai, India
  • Singapore, SG
  • Sydney, Australia

You get to choose the data center location when purchasing a web hosting package. Their website provides IP addresses of all the locations so you can ping them to determine the best location to host your website.

Cloud-based hosting

HostArmada is wise to follow this approach as it has a ton of advantages. Cloud-based hosting means all the customer data and resources are distributed among numerous servers making it more secure than traditional servers. Additionally, this also ensures faster loading time as a single server doesn’t get strained.

SSD Storage

No matter what hosting plan you choose, you will get to use SSD storage. This means a huge boost in the website performance compared to an HDD. And the best thing about this is that you will get to use the power of SSD without any additional cost.

Affordable Plans

For the features and resources, they provided to their customers, HostArmada is pretty generous with their pricing plans. For a low price of $3.99 per month, you can have your website hosted on the web. There are other more powerful, resource-rich plans and expensive plans but if you compared to other popular web-hosting providers, is it really cheap.

Easy Migration

If you already have your website hosted but are unsatisfied and want to migrate to Host Armada, then they make sure the migration is as smooth and seamless as possible. And they will do this for no additional cost.


HostArmada does not compromise on security and provides the very best security solutions to their clients. To make sure the communication between you and your clients is encrypted, HostArmada offers free SSL for Sectigo on all domains. Furthermore, HostArmada offers 7 to 21 daily backups based on the hosting plan you choose.

This ensures no data gets lost. And with their DDoS protection technology, any incoming DDoS will be prevented using technologies like MostSecurity Integration, per-IP throttling, and more.

HostArmada also provides Firewall that studies, monitors, and blocks any HTTP traffic on the application layer to make sure your website won’t suffer from SQL injection or other similar attacks. Finally, the around-the-clock malware scanning ensures exploits protection.

Miscellaneous Features

Some additional features include:

  • cPanel
  • Free domain
  • Free site builder
  • One-click app and WordPress installer
  • LiteSpeed Cache
  • Memcached Cache
  • Brotli compression and more.

Types of Hosting Offered

HostArmada primarily offers 6 different types of hosting – Shared, VPS, Dedicated Servers, WordPress, Opensource, and Development Hosting. However, the two main categories are Shared VPS and Dedicated Hosting. The other 4 are based on the 2 main categories. Let’s get into them in detail.

Shared Hosting

When you choose shared hosting, you get fully managed cloud SSD hosting with a low number of clients per server for optimum performance. All of the shared hosting plans come with free cPanel, SSL certificates, server cache, daily backups, SSD storage, and 24/7 year-round support. The cloud SSD technologies guarantee 99.9% uptime.

There are 3 different price plans for shared hosting which are all surprisingly cheap. Let’s look at what they all got to offer:

Start Dock: The first package offers tons of attractive features for a low initial price of $3.99 per month. If you choose this package, you will have 15 GB of cloud SSD storage, 2 cores, 2 GB RAM, unmetered bandwidth, free domain, 10k visitors, and 7 daily backups. The only downside to this plan is that you are only allowed 1 website.

However, this is the perfect plan if you’re just starting on your website and looking for cheap yet decently powerful hosting. HostArmada also offers perks that include free website transfer, unlimited database, unlimited subdomains, and package-specific perks like free drag and drop site builder, easy WordPress installation, and more.

Web Wrap: In my opinion (and HostArmada’s), the Web Wrap plan offers the best value for money. For a low price of $4.69 per month, you get 30 GB SSD storage, 4 Cores, 4 GB Ram, 60k unique visitors, and unlimited websites. This plan is perfect for your multi-website journey. Apart from the default perks, you are also entitled to plan specific perks such as 2X CPU, 3 website transfers, free private DNS, and more.

Speed Reaper: The final and the most superior amongst the shared hosting plans is the Speed Reaper. Choosing this plan will cost you $5.66 per month for features such as 40 GB SSD, 6 Cores, 6 GB RAM, 120k visitors, 21 daily backups, and much more. Like the previous two plans, Speed Reaper also comes with some perks. You’ll get 3X more CPU and RAM, fewer clients per server, LiteSpeed webs server, and HTTP/3 protocol.

VPS Hosting

Just like shared hosting, all the VPS hosting plans also come with free cPanel, SSL, server cache, cloud SSD, and 24/7 support. However, those are not all that you get. VPS hosting makes use of KVM virtualization and allows you full root access. All the VPS hosting plans can utilize free daily backups and the Nginx web service.

There are 4 different plans to choose from. Let’s look at the offered plans:

Web Shuttle: With 50 GB SSD, 1 Core, 2 GB RAM, and 2 TB bandwidth, this VPS plan is perfect for hosting websites with decent traffic. This plan will cost you $41.21 per month.

Web Voyager: For only $48.71 per month, you get to utilize 80 GB of SSD storage, 2 Core CPU, 4 GB of RAM, and 4 TB bandwidth. Additionally, you also get 40 Gbps speed in and 4000 Mbps speed out bandwidth.

Web Raider: This VPS hosting plan will cost you $63.71 per month. For that price, you will get 160 GB SSD storage, 4 Cores, and 8 GB RAM. Furthermore, the bandwidth is capped at 5 TB, and you also get to utilize cPanel and Nginx web service.

Site Carrier: If you receive a ton of traffic daily and expect nothing but the best, then this is the plan for you. For the price of $101.21, you will receive 320 GB storage, 6 Core CPU, and 16 GB of RAM. Plus, the bandwidth increases to 8 TB.

WordPress Hosting

HostArmada also makes it easy for you to host your WordPress website. All the plans and technologies are similar to that of Shared Hosting but optimized for WordPress. This is a fully managed hosting which makes it easy to install WordPress and customize as per your preference. There are no unnecessary hassles.

Dedicated CPU Cloud Servers

HostArmada also offers dedicated servers for those who want all the power for themselves. This is particularly useful for big businesses that cannot afford any loss of performance and want only the best. Businesses can use the power of the entire server that is set up specifically for them. With this hosting, you get full root access, SSD storage for faster loading, and 24/7 dedicated support.

There are 3 plans to choose from:

Lift-Off: The entry-level plan will cost you $149 per month and will come with 160 GB SSD storage, 4 Core, and 8 GB RAM. You will also get 5 TB bandwidth and default perks that include weekly backups, cPanel, and Nginx web service.

Low Orbit: For $209 per month, HostArmada will provide you with a dedicated server with 320 GB storage, 8 Core, 16 GB RAM, and 6 TB bandwidth along with all the default perks.

High Orbit: The most expensive and feature-packed DS plan will set you back $329 each month. For that price, you will get to exploit 640 GB SSD storage, 16 Core CPU, 32 GB RAM, and 7 TB bandwidth among other utilities.

Open-Source Hosting and Development Hosting

Both are a part of shared hosting optimized for open-source web apps and web developers. All the plans and features are similar to shared hosting. If you’re someone who can make use of this type of hosting, you get to benefit from loud SSD storage, a low number of clients per server, and excellent around-the-clock support. Furthermore, this hosting also makes it easy for you to install your web application without unwanted hassle.


HostArmada’s interface is pretty straightforward and all the information you will ever need is easily accessible. This is all thanks to the custom interface and cPanel. However, if you want advanced features, cPanel is the better choice.

The Client Area interface is the first thing you will see. It has all the essential information such as your billing information, accounts, orders, domains, and more. You can also easily access the Client Area from your mobile device. To sum it up, everything is organized, clean and accessible.

Furthermore, if you need more, then you will need to access the cPanel. It is one of the best hosting management applications uses by the majority of service providers. It is efficient and easy to use. If you’re already familiar with cPanel then the one the HostArmada utilizes will feel similar. Here, you can access the file manager, work with SEO, add domains, manage databases, and more.

Performance and Uptime

Website speeds are one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a hosting service. Fortunately, HostArmada doesn’t compromise when it comes to speed. They even proudly state that speed is considered the key component in their hosting service. We had to check if their cold claim is for real.

Surprisingly, they kept their word when it came to website speed. After performing multiple tests, the uptime stayed at 100% and the ping averaged at around 400ms. The lowest it got to at 200ms. This makes HostArmada reliable and fast.

Conclusion – HostArmada Review

For young blood like HostArmada, it is usually difficult to rise up amongst a pool of big and more experienced players. However, as surprising as it may seem, HostArmada’s growth has nothing to do with luck. They did their job, they provided excellent service, and they did all that without making their clients pay too much. HostArmada doesn’t compromise when it comes to speed, security, and support.

They provide free migration, SSL certificates, backups, SSD storage, and much more. Although no hosting service providers can promise 100% uptime and you shouldn’t trust any providers who claim they can. HostArmada claims 99.9% uptime and as per the test, I feel like they are telling the truth. So, in conclusion, HostArmada is a solid choice if you’re looking for a reliable and cheap hosting service.

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