Best Marketplace for Buying Premium WordPress Themes

Choosing a theme for your WordPress website is not an easy decision and should not be taken lightly. Most of us use free themes for getting started with the WordPress website, but as your business grows, those free themes just cannot fulfill all the requirements – especially the design trends. That is why people opt for a good premium theme that is dynamic with the trends and offers tons of useful after-sale services.

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However, there is a slight problem when choosing the perfect premium theme; there are only a handful of places that are trustworthy. There are numerous marketplaces that sell WordPress themes, but not all of them are completely reliable. To prevent you from shopping for a theme in some sketchy marketplace, we bring you the best marketplace for buying premium WordPress themes.

Best Marketplace for Buying Premium WordPress Themes

#1. Theme Forest

Theme Forest

Explore Theme Forest

It is highly likely that you’ve already visited this WordPress marketplace as it has one of the most colossal libraries of high-rated themes with unmatched quality. Theme Forest was established in 2008 and since then it has become the most common marketplace for theme and plugins shopping. It is safe to say there isn’t a single individual working with WordPress that haven’t visited this marketplace. Theme Forest is part of a bigger group of marketplaces called the Evanto Market that comprises over 30 thousand designers who create everything you’ll ever need on your digital project.

Basically, Theme Forest is a hub for developers to sell their WordPress themes or plugins and a convenient place for hungry buyers to get those products. There are over 40 thousand themes and templates for WordPress that you can choose from. To make it easy for you, Theme Forest handpicks a couple of creative and beautiful themes every week and revies all the entries before listing them on the marketplace. No matter what your niche is, Theme Forest got you covered.

#2. Elegant Themes

Explore Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes is a WordPress veteran. It is one of the oldest WordPress themes marketplace out there. But it is not your usual marketplace; other sellers cannot sell their themes on this marketplace. On Elegant Themes, you can only find the WordPress theme and plugins that Elegant itself has developed. But this has its upside.

Selling only your themes on your marketplace ensures better code quality and better support for your customers. If you pair the theme with Elegant WordPress plugins, you will get seamless integration, optimized speed, and overall great performance. One of the themes that make Elegant Themes stand out is their Divi theme that starts at $89 per year and comes with a dedicated marketplace containing Divi modules, layouts, and child themes.

#3. Themify

Explore Themify Themes

Themify might have a smaller themes and plugins library than the rest, but that doesn’t make them a small player in the WordPress marketplace scene as they boast the fact that they have over 100k satisfied customers. All the themes that are listed on Themify are checked thoroughly and made sure that they are completely responsive.

Themify ensures that the theme you choose will work on all the devices. The themes are organized into multiple types including blogs, corporate, magazines, and more. Till now, Themify has reached over 40 themes that are fully responsive and highly customizable to make it fit most of the popular niches. You can get access to all the products they’ve got to offer through the Themify Club membership program for just $89.

#4. WordPress Marketplace

Explore WordPress Marketplace

No list for the best WordPress marketplace will be complete without including The WordPress marketplace. For beginners, this is certainly the best place to shop for themes, plugins, and everything WordPress-related as all the items go over a thorough examination before being listed.

This is to make sure all the themes and plugins are legit and complete. Most of the themes on the WordPress marketplace are free, but you can mind some that are premium too. Furthermore, most of the free themes are only for demo so you can buy the complete theme after you’ve installed the demo. This way you can make sure you actually like the theme and check it for yourself. So basically, the WordPress Marketplace is your safe bet when shopping for premium themes.

#5. Creative Market

Explore Creative Market

Creative Market is not purely WordPress-oriented but got some beautiful-looking themes to offer. You can compare it to Theme Forest as the number of customers and sellers goes beyond 3 million. That is how you know this marketplace is trusted and provide quality products. The themes are provided by 3rd party and are clean, responsive, and follow recent design trends. It is a huge marketplace so finding exactly what you’re looking for might take some time, but within its huge library, you will definitely one nevertheless.

#6. Mojo Marketplace

Explore Mojo Marketplace Themes

Mojo Marketplace is one of the best places to buy WordPress themes. It is a huge platform that features not only the best WordPress themes, but also plugins, services, and more. You get to choose from over a thousand WordPress themes on Mojo Marketplace. And since these themes come from hardworking and creative individual sellers, you will definitely find the theme that suits your preference no matter what your price range is.

Usually, the price of the theme ranges from $5 to over $60. The reason why Mojo is a trusted marketplace for your WordPress needs is due to the fact that every item on the display gets thoroughly checked and reviewed before being listed. This rigorous process makes sure that the shoppers do not have to worry about the quality of the product they’re spending their money on. The marketplace itself is an intuitive platform. Everything is organized to make sure you can find the product you need. You have the option to browse by product type, platform, price range, sales number, the date the item was added, and more.

#7. Theme Isle

Theme Isle

Explore Theme Isle

Theme Isle is one of the oldest WordPress marketplaces for both free and premium themes and plugins. The minds behind this marketplace are also the minds behind popular themes that include Zelle, Hestia, and Neve. These themes are built with Elementor and Beaver Builder so the customizability is endless.

Apart from these 3 themes, Theme Isle also offers multiple free themes that are perfect for a started website. The Theme Isle themes come with multiple integrations, table personalization, WooCommerce booster and so much more.

#8. Template Monster

Explore Template Monster Themes

Template Monster is truly a monster when it comes to themes for not only WordPress. But also for Joomla, WooCommerce, Shopify, and numerous other platforms. One of the largest WordPress marketplace for theme comprises more than two thousand themes for WordPress. If you include all the themes from other platforms too, the number goes over 15 thousand! That’s how huge the Template Monster marketplace is. All the themes are published by 3rd party sellers and the price tag ranges from $10 to over $100. Since Template Monster is not shy about providing coupon codes, you can get your hands on the theme you were eyeing on for a discounted price. The marketplace is pretty easy to navigate as all the products are categorized carefully among various sub-categories such as platform, topics, and tags.

#9. My Theme Shop

Explore My Theme Shop

My Theme Shop offers elegant themes with minimalistic designs that are both free and paid. You also get good deals on plugins on this marketplace. My Theme Shop has over 100 WordPress themes for various niches that are designed both in-house and by 3rd party developers. The themes and plugins are neatly organized for your convenience, which can be all for a price of $197 per 3 websites.

#10. Studio Press

Explore Studio Press Themes

Studio Press is a WordPress-oriented marketplace for themes and plugins. It is a recognizable market among the WordPress community and the developer of Genesis Theme Framework that has helped a number of developers create high-quality themes for WordPress. The themes on Studio Press are developed by third parties but they have their own themes listed on the marketplace too.

It is easy to recognize which are theirs and which are not. The themes that Studio Press itself have created are referred to as one of the easiest themes to set up, however, some of you might feel lacking in the features department. Studio Press also offers an unorthodox subscription plan that lets you pay a fee for accessing every theme they’ve got to offer.

#11. Organic Themes

Explore Organic Themes

Organic Themes marketplace is a great place if you’re looking for a minimal and attractive theme for your WordPress website. All of the 42 themes that the marketplace has to offer are designed by professionals and are completely responsive. Since the number of themes is low, you individually go through each one and make sure you choose the right theme.

Also, there are no categories, but that doesn’t make the place look unorganized. Each theme has an adequate description with the type of theme indicated clearly. You can demo any of the 42 premium themes or get access to all the themes for a low price of $99 a year. Apart from themes, Organic Theme marketplace also offers blocks, builders, and hosting.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – buying a premium WordPress theme is a huge step and should never be taken lightly. Determine your budget and the type of theme, and go hunting on the WordPress marketplace we’ve listed above. You will not be disappointed. So these are it – the beats marketplace for buying premium WordPress themes.

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