80+ Incredible WordPress Statistics & Facts 2022 – The Ultimate Collection

Discover amazing WordPress stats and facts that show how this publishing tool has evolved over time. A collection of interesting WordPress statistics and data that you can use when working on a piece of content or making decisions around WordPress.

WordPress officially surpassed powering 30% of the internet back in 2018, dominating all other content management systems like never before. More of the top 10 million websites on the internet are using WordPress like never before.

Keep reading to discover some fascinating WordPress statistics, WordPress stats, and WordPress facts, collected from a variety of reliable sources over the years.

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WordPress Statistics Section #1: WordPress Popularity and Usage

# WordPress powers over 30.7% of the internet. (Source: w3techs.com)

wordpress usage statistics

# WordPress is the most used content management system. It commands 60% CMS market share. What’s more fascinating, its closest competitor or the second most popular CMS, Joomla, only has a 6.1% market share. (Source: w3techs.com)

# WordPress 4.9 has been downloaded 77.3 million times, and counting (Source: wordPress.org download counter)

# 95.0% of all the websites that use WordPress use version 4 (Source: w3techs.com)

# 52.7% of WordPress websites are running version 4.9 (Source: WordPress.org)

wordpress versions

# 11.9% of all the websites that use WordPress use WooCommerce. WooCommerce is used by 3.5% of all websites, which makes it more popular than any CMS except WordPress, including Joomla and Drupal. (Source: w3techs.com)

# Around 42% of all online stores run on WooCommerce. (Source: Builtwith.com)

#Tuesday is the most popular day for downloading WordPress, while Saturday is the least popular day. (Source: wpcentral.io)

# About 24% of Quantcast top 10k sites by traffic use WordPress. Of the Quantcast top 100k sites, about 22% use WordPress. Further still, 26% of Builtwith top million sites use WordPress. (Source: Builtwith.com)

# 48.1% of WordPress websites use the English (US) version. (Source: WordPress.org)

# There are 179 translations of WordPress. (Source: WordPress.org)

# WordPress powers thousands of government sites around the world (Source: WPBeginner.com)

# WordPress Sites Make Up 14.7% of the Top 100 Websites in the World (Source: whoishostingthis.com)

# The newest version of WordPress is getting downloaded roughly 1 million times every two days. (Source: CodeinWP.com)

# WordPress search in Google gets you 1,620,000,000 results. (Source: Google Search)

# 11 of Fortune 500 companies use WordPress. (Source: websitebuilder.org)

# 44.8% of universities, colleges and schools all over the world use WordPress. (Source: websitebuilder.org)

WordPress Stats Section #2: WordPress Security & Performance

# According to Internet Live Stats, over 60k websites are hacked everyday. (Source: Internet Live Stats)

# About 60% of WordPress sites are up to date (Source: w3techs.com)

# 49% of WordPress sites in the Quantcast Top 10,000 are not running the latest, most secure version of WordPress. (Source: thesslstore.com)

# 33.58% of WordPress websites are at least two updates behind. (Source: thesslstore.com)

wordpress versionss

# The three most commonly infected CMS platforms are WordPress(83%), Joomla! (13.1%) and Magento (6.5%). (Source: Sucuri.net)

# WordPress Takes care of 80-90% of Google’s crawling issues. (Source: Matt Cutts)

# In 2017, 39.3% of hacked WordPress sites had an outdated version. (Source: Sucuri.net)

# 71% of infected sites had some form of backdoor injection. (Source: Sucuri.net)

# According to a report by WPscan, of the 3,972 known WordPress security vulnerabilities, 52% are from WordPress plugins (Source: wpscan.org)

# 37% of WordPress security vulnerabilities are from core WordPress files. (Source: wpscan.org)

# 11% of WordPress vulnerabilities result from WordPress themes. (Source: wpscan.org)

# Over 30% of WordPress users are still using a version of PHP that is lower than 5.6. (Source: wordpress.org)

# The four most common WordPress malware infections are: Backdoors, Drive-by downloads, Pharma hacks and Malicious redirects. (Source: ithemes.com)

# The worst password stolen in 2017 was “123456” followed by “password” (Source: SplashData)

# In 2017, 4000 WordPress websites got infected with malware coming from a fake SEO plugin. (Source: CodeinWP)

# Wordfence reports up to 90,000 attacks on WordPress sites every minute. (Source: wordfence.com)

WordPress Statistics Section #3: WordPress Community & Events

# The first WordCamp was organized in San Francisco by Matt Mullenweg in 2006 (Source: wordcamp.org)

# As of May 2018, 843 wordCamps have been organized in 65 countries and 70 cities across the 6 continents. (Source: wordcamp.org)

# In 2017, there were 128 WordCamp events in 48 countries attended by over 41,000 WordPress users. (Source: WordPress.org)

wordpress meetups

# There are over 1355 meetup groups for WordPress all over the world. (Source: meetup.com)

# In 2016, there were 3193 WordPress meetups, in 58 countries, attended by 62,566 users. (Source: WPBeginner.com)

# 443 people contributed to the newest version of WordPress, with 185 of them taking part for the first time. (Source: CodeinWP.com)

# All Wordcamp organizers and speakers are unpaid volunteers (Source: websitebuilder.org)

# Wapuu is the unofficial WordPress mascot. (Source: wapu.us)

# The WordPress wiggle is the unofficial WordPress dance. (Source: websitebuilder.org)

# WordPress has 38 273 commits by 43 contributors so far. (Source: Github.com)

WordPress Statistics Section #4: WordPress Themes

# There Are 3,000+ Free GPL-licensed Themes for WordPress (Source: Official Theme Directory)

# The top 3 most popular WordPress themes are Genesis Framework, Divi and Avada. (Source: Builtwith.com)

wordpress theme usage

# There are over 11 400 WordPress themes on Themeforest as at May 2018. (Source: Themeforest.net)

# The average premium theme costs $59. (Source: CodeinWP.com)

# The average price for a theme club membership is $145 for a year’s subscription.  (Source: CodeinWP.com)

# The Avada theme has been sold 422,977 times on Themeforest (Source: Themeforest.net)

# Zerif Lite is one of the most popular free WordPress themes and has been downloaded over 200, 000 times (Source: Themeisle.com)

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WordPress Stats Section #5: WordPress Plugins

# There are 55,000+ plugins for WordPress. And these are just the ones available for free in the official plugin directory There are thousands of other plugins available on sites like Codecanyon, Github

# Akismet is the most popular WordPress plugin with over 102 million downloads. In second place is Yoast SEO with over 101 million downloads, while the Contact Form 7 plugin comes in at third place with over 79 million downloads.

# WordPress plugins have been downloaded total over 1.5 billion times. (Source: WPBeginner.com)

# WooCommerce, a free WordPress eCommerce plugin powers over 42% of all online stores. (Source: Builtwith.com)

# Hello Dolly, the iconic WordPress plugin displays lyrics of the song by Louis Armstrong. (Source: wpbeginner.com)

# Akismet stops over 7.5 million pieces of spam per hour. (Source: Akismet.com)

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WordPress Statistics Section #6: WordPress Professionals and Companies

# On SimplyHired.com, the average salary for WordPress jobs in the US is $65k (Source: simplyhired.com)

wordpress salaries

# Automattic employs 717 people in 62 countries speaking 81 different languages. (Source: Automattic.com)

# Automattic is the industry leader among WordPress businesses and companies. (Source: WPBeginner.com)

# A WordPress developer can make anywhere from $20 to $200 per hour (Source: Quora.com)

# Custom WordPress websites can cost anyway between $1,000 and $15,000 (Source: ManageWP.com)

# The average WordPress project cost on Upwork is $194.

# The average cost of a full WordPress site design is around $1000. (Source: winithemes.com)

# The top 3 most profitable WP related companies are Autamattic, WP Engine and Envato. (Source: websitebuilder.org)

WordPress Stats Section #7: WordPress.com Activity

Here is a collection of WordPress stats from around WordPress.com. These are stats for blogs hosted on WordPress.com or self-hosted blogs that use the Jetpack plugin.

# Over 409 million people view more than 21.5 billion pages each month. (Source: wordpress.com)

# Users produce about 83.6 million new posts (Source: wordpress.com)

#WordPress blogs receive 44.9 million new comments each month. (Source: wordpress.com)

# Some notable brands that use WordPress include TechCrunch, TED, CNN and the National Football League (Source: wordpress.com)

# WordPress.com hosts blogs written in over 120 languages (Source: wordpress.com)

WordPress Statistics Section #8: General Facts & Figures

# According to a Pagely Survey, the top 3 biggest challenges for WordPress users in 2018 are performance issues, security issues and site-breaking updates. (Source: pagely.com)

wordpress user challenges

# WordPress was first released in 2003.

# WordPress’s core code is classified as open-source software available under the GPL. You can use WordPress in whatever way you like without any restrictions.

# The name WordPress was suggested to Matt Mullenwerg by his friend and prolific blogger, Christine Selleck Tremoulet. (Source: WPBeginner.com)

# The WordPress trademark and the WordPress.org domain is owned by the WordPress foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, whose sole purpose is to ensure that WordPress is freely available, maintained, and developed. (Source: WPBeginner.com)

# WordPress is written in PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and uses MySQL for database.

# WordPress is a community driven project and support is widely available free including on the official WordPress support forum

# All WordPress releases are named after Jazz artists. (Source: WPBeginner.com)

# WordPress has a codebase size of 958,094 lines and it took an estimated effort of over 263 person-years to build with an estimated cost of $14 million. (Source: openhub.net)

# WordPress Can Be Installed in 5 Minutes or Less (Source: WordPress.org)

# Major versions of WordPress get released every 150 days on the average. (Source: Codeinwp.com)

# 83.5% of WordPress websites use Google Analytics. (Source: websitebuilder.org)

# Gutenberg is the new WordPress editor that will ship with WordPress 5

# WordPress is most popular with businesses and least popular with news sites. (Source: Torquemag.io)

# WordPress is older than Facebook and Twitter

# Swag Store is the name of the official WordPress merchandise store. (Source: mercantile.wordpress.org)

Wrap Up

Overall, these WordPress stats show it continues to steadily grow and evolve over time. New developments like the Gutenberg editor, improved security and a growing community show that the world’s most popular CMS is headed in the right direction.

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