10 Best Daily Deals WordPress Themes For Group Buying Websites

Daily Deals websites help connect shoppers to the latest savings offers and discounts on their favorite e-store. As you can guess, these websites receive a high influx of traffic, which makes them an excellent source for monetization.

But building these group buy websites from scratch would be painfully slow and expensive.

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WordPress, as you might already know, is one of the most powerful and customizable CMS that can help you get your site up and running in no time.

Fortunately, WordPress has tons of readymade themes that are ready to be deployed. And in this article, we will be looking at some of the best Daily Deal WordPress themes to help you create a daily deals website and offer discounts.

Choosing a suitable theme from the list should not be difficult if you know what to look for.

  • First and foremost, make sure you get one with responsive design and the latest design trends.
  • Don’t go for something that might be cheap but has a design from the 90s.
  • Select a theme that allows front-end submission for different types of deals and discounts.
  • Lastly, it is best to look for a template with quality code so that you run of problems later on.

By using the best WordPress daily deal theme, you will be able to integrate aesthetic as well as functional necessities particular to your niche. You will get a complete package that will help set up a daily deals website in a matter of clicks.

List of the best Daily Deals WordPress Themes

#1. REHub

REHub WordPress Deals Theme

Demo & Download

REHub WordPress theme has been designed with for various types of online business. Its design and features allow it to be used for creating price comparison websites, affiliate marketing sites, multi-vendor store, and even a dedicated online community. All the features will also make it easy to use for your daily deals website.

All the pages are purposefully designed to help you improve your conversion rates. There is also the support for taking in user reviews and ratings which can help validate which coupons are working, and which are not. Then comes the integration of its powerful community building features. And last but not the least would be its integration with Dokan WordPress plugin, which can help create a multi-vendor experience on your website.

#2. Daily Deal

Daily Deal WordPress Theme

Demo & Download

Daily Deal WordPress theme offers a sleek and stylish layout to help you start your ‘daily deal’ website. Build on top of the Foundation framework, the theme is extremely easy to use and filled with a lot of customization options. One of the key functionalities you will adore is the support for front-end coupon submissions. Your users will be able to input their coupon codes to your site which is a cool way to boost your engagement as well as content.

Other notable features of the theme include a drag and drop homepage builder to help you create a welcoming homepage for your site. Once you have the users interested, you can present them with advanced submission forms where you can add new fields to match your niche or style. There is also a dedicated Admin Approval system for the user submissions for you to check if the user provided coupons work. Besides this, you will even get a dedicated affiliate module to help you easily monetize your site.

#3. WP Deal


Demo & Download

WP Deal lets you create a deal management website with just a few clicks of the mouse. It enables you to display all the deals and discounts of your site in the most organized way so that they leave an impact. This theme has various exciting features like front-end deal submissions and many more.

WP Deal helps to transform your WordPress site into a powerful deal portal. It has excellent performance on both mobile devices as well as a desktop and has a unique framework to work on. WP Deal allows you to maintain your website correctly without even having to code a single line. You will also get thousands of customizable color options.

#4. DealPress Group Buying Theme

DealPress Group Buying Theme

Demo & Download

DealPress WordPress theme carries the aesthetic layouts and the necessary features to turn your website into a daily deals website or a group buying website. It is designed to be as beginner-friendly as possible and is completely plug and play. Within a few clicks, your site will be up and running. Furthermore, it covers mostly all the niche-specific features, therefore relieving you from buying any third-party plugins.

Now coming to its features, this daily deal WordPress theme supports a particular Deal Post Type to help you add new deals, assign multiple locations to the deals, add tags, and even assign categories. On top of that, you get blog support, social media integration, support for multiple payment gateways for your users’ convenience, and much more.


KUPON WordPress Daily Deal Themes

Demo & Download

KUPON is a WooCommerce enabled WordPress daily deals theme designed to help you start coupon based websites, including daily deals marketplace. It uses a minimalistic design style that looks extremely clean and modern. The look is extremely professional and will be much appreciated by your users. On top of that, it packs in plenty of useful functionalities to help make your site as feature rich as possible.

For example, along with WooCommerce integration, the theme also bundles in a lot of WooCommerce add-ons which can help your business. You will get access to different features which can help you set a sales countdown timer, availability scheduler, dynamic pricing and discounts, and much more. There is also the inclusion of a Facebook Live Chat functionality which helps you stay in touch with your valued users.

#6. Dealsdot

Dealsdot - Multi Vendor Marketplace Theme

Demo & Download

Dealsdot is a multi-vendor group buying WordPress theme that allows you to build an E-commerce website for your customers. It helps to display different ongoing deals and discounts on your sites. Dealsdot has a high performance and lets you start platforms like Alibaba and AliExpress and contains various coupon themes to create attracting coupons for your website.

Dealsdot will allow the visitors to copy the coupon codes just with a single click of the mouse. It will direct the visitors to the respective website by simply clicking on the coupon codes. The viewers will also be made aware of the various flash deals which are currently running on the site.

#7. CouponXL

CouponXL Deals Template for WordPress

Demo & Download

CouponXL is a Complete Deals and Coupons Solution for WordPress websites. It offers plenty of features and functionalities to help you sell deals and discounts, as well as run an affiliate business. On top of that, this daily deals WP theme is built using the powerful BootStrap framework making it extremely customizable. You will also get access to $13 wort in premium PSD files to design your coupons, deals, and discount offers.

On the feature front, this daily deals WordPress theme offers some different coupon types including print coupons, affiliate link coupons, and code coupons. There is also a dedicated membership registration system to help you build a user-base. You can offer these users the added incentive to submitting their coupon codes from a front-end submission panel. Apart from these, one more notable feature of the theme is the random code generator which can help you create random coupon codes on the fly.

#8. CouponSeek

CouponSeek WordPress Theme

Demo & Download

CouponSeek is a WordPress deals theme which looks modern and bundles in a lot of useful features. You will get access to a lot of monetization options as well to help you get the most out of all the traffic you will attract. WooCommerce integration is also available to help flesh out the e-commerce part of your website.

You will get access to the Elementor drag and drop page builder for tweaking/creating the layout. The theme is also built on the powerful BootStrap framework, making it highly customizable as well. All this allows you to make a website a unique looking site, just like the way you have imagined.

On top of that, you will get a bunch of niche-specific features that includes stuff like expiration offers, external links, discount codes, and much more.

#9. CouponHut

CouponHut Coupons & Deals WordPress Theme

Demo & Download

CouponHut is a coupons & daily deals WordPress theme that can help you build a modern looking professional website. It delivers a current looking layout packed with a drag and drop page builder, custom widgets, and much more. There is also a robust options panel filled with plenty of customization options.

Your users will also get a member registration system along with a review and rating system which can help you boost your site’s engagement level. Other than this, you get plenty more notable features including dedicated Ad Blocks, time based triggers, advanced custom filters, shortcode support, and much more.

#10. Coupon

WordPress Coupon Theme

Demo & Download

Coupon WP theme offers a professional and beautiful layout and a barrage of functionalities to help you build a deals and coupon website from the ground up. You will get a professional looking website fitted with all the niche-specific features which your users will love. Furthermore, the unique homepage with plenty of customization options makes it easily brandable.

Coming to the feature side of things, you will get access to some excellent features such as a Custom Coupon Carousel and a Custom Slider to draw users attention to your content. On top of that, you will get advanced options like a coupon archive, different coupon promotion types, Coupon Expiry Date, Extra Options Rewards, Ajax powered Coupon Counter, and much more to better manage your coupons. This daily deal WordPress theme is also WooCommerce compatible making it super simple to create a dedicated coupon store.

Which WordPress Daily Deal Theme to Buy?

These were our top picks for the best Daily Deals WordPress themes currently in the market that you can use to create a group buying website. We have made sure to consider both popularity and functionalities and shortlisted those who provide the best value for money.

All the above themes are beginner-friendly and come with front-end submission options. The advanced submission forms can be easily altered to match your niche. You can get them running with just a couple of clicks. All you have to make sure is to utilize their niche-specific features fully.

For those who are just starting on the magnificent world of daily deals and group buying websites, your go-to theme could be Daily Deal, or WP Deal (both from Templatic), or Sitemile’s DealPress.

Designwise, Daily Deal & WP Deal looks more elegant and visitor-friendly compared to DealPress. All two themes are highly customizable and sleek. And they are designed for those who want easy setup.

Featurewise, Rehub, Koupon, and Dealsdot are the closest clone to Groupon as they also support WC Vendors plugin, where (if enabled ), your vendors can also start their own deals store. Sitemile’s DealPress is also a close clone, but it misses out on a multi-vendor support feature.

Moneywise, Rehub offers a complete package. In $59, you get access to over six different ready-to-use app theme templates.

Paid, just one-time, you can set up six different sites in six different niches, including daily deals, coupons, price comparison, travel booking, review, directory & more. With the support for the Dokan WordPress plugin, setting up multi-vendor sites is also easy.

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Apart from this, you can also check our separate collection on coupon themes and marketplace themes to find the best possible theme for your website.

If you have used any of the themes mentioned here, then don’t forget to write about your experience in the comments below.

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