Clipper WordPress Theme Review [2022]

Most of us start a WordPress blog for making money online. And when we say about making money online through blogging, the #1 and highly recommended method is affiliate marketing. We have seen that so many bloggers are earning thousands of dollars from affiliate marketing.

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Most of us prefer coupon codes and discount codes when we plan to purchase something online. And as you can see, there are so many websites are available promoting custom coupons. So, how about starting your coupon website and earn money through affiliate marketing?

Starting a WordPress website will take only 20 minutes. And in this post, we are going to introduce you one WordPress coupon theme – Clipper From

Clipper WordPress Theme Review

There are so many affiliate networks available for bloggers. No matter if you are running a tech blog, news blog, magazine blog or product review website. These networks have got you covered.

And some of the major affiliate networks are:

  • ShareASale.
  • CJ.
  • Impact.
  • Peerfly.
  • ClickBank.
  • Amazon Affiliate.
  • eBay Partner.
  • Envato.

Why Offering Coupons is a Good Idea?

Affiliate marketing isn’t as easy as you think. We need to make conversions to earn money from the merchants. One tested and working method for increasing conversions is coupons.

While purchasing something online, most of us will check coupons for a discount. It can be a product or service. And guess what. By offering coupons, the websites are making a good amount of money.

So, it’s a great way to make more money. You can integrate a coupon section to your WordPress blog easily or create a dedicated coupon website.

Clipper Theme Review

So if you are planning to purchase a WordPress theme for your coupon website, this Clipper review will help you. Here is every feature which you need to know.

Download Clipper Theme

Clipper Theme Features

Now, let’s dive to the Clipper features.

Installation and Activation

By using an FTP client or from the WordPress dashboard, we will be able to install the Clipper theme on our blog. Here’s an example which will show you installing the theme from the WordPress backend.

Download the theme files from your AppThemes account and install it on your blog.

Clipper Theme Review

Once you got installed the theme, simply activate it.

Clipper Theme Review

Soon, you will be redirected to the Clipper theme settings.

Clipper Theme Review

For receiving automatic updates for the theme, AppThemes recommends a plugin called “AppThemes Updater”. By logging in to your AppThemes account, you can download it.

Simply install it and activate the plugin with a valid API key. And from then, you will get all the AppThemes products update notices in your WordPress dashboard. You’ll be able to update in a single click of your mouse!

Inbuilt Theme Settings Page!

Clipper theme comes with an integrated theme panel. Just like the Newspaper WordPress theme and Themify ultra WordPress theme, Clipper got an inbuilt theme panel.

Clipper From AppThemes

From the theme panel, you can take care of your

  • Basic.
  • Coupons.
  • Security.
  • Advertising.
  • Advanced.
  • Reports.

#1. General

In the general settings, you will see basic configurations.

Clipper From AppThemes

Without using any plugins or editing the theme header.php, you will be able to add the Google Analytics code.

Clipper From AppThemes

#2. Coupons

Here, you will get control of your entire coupons section.

Clipper From AppThemes

You can enable coupon editing, registrations, allowed file types to upload (from the user’s side), link cloaking, coupon/ store moderation, views counter, etc.

#3. Security

Security section comes with 2 main configurations.

  • WordPress Admin Access Settings.
  • reCaptcha.

When handling a coupon website, we need to allow user registrations. But, the registered users don’t need to access the WordPress admin page. From here, you can restrict the WordPress admin access.

From the dropdown, choose a user role which you need to allow access and save it.

Most websites are using Google reCaptcha these days. It is a free spam protection tool by Google.

Just by using a private and public key, you can enable the reCaptcha on your website. It’s that simple.

#4. Advertising

There are so many display advertising networks are available for bloggers. One of the best methods is Google AdSense. If you need to earn money through Google AdSense or by selling ad space through BuySellAds, Clipper has got you covered.

Clipper From AppThemes

You need to enter the GA ad code. It will be displayed on all pages on your website.

If you need more control over your display ads, you might want to consider using a WordPress ad management plugin.

#5. Advanced

Advanced settings come with a lot of settings.

Clipper From AppThemes

Some of them are

  • Coupon Customization.
  • User Settings.
  • Developer Settings.

Plus, you can set the permalinks from there.

Clipper From AppThemes

You might want to save the settings for overwriting the htaccess file.

#6. Reports

Want to make your blog free from errors? The theme comes with an inbuilt feature called Reports which will help you to make your blog clean.

Clipper From AppThemes

Website visitors or registered users can easily report issues on your website. The reports will be sent to your admin email address.

Full Mobile Responsive!

If you are not using a responsive WordPress theme, it is time to change. Folks are always using mobile phones and tablet computers for browsing. In case if you are not using a responsive WordPress theme, it will affect you severely.

Clipper is 100% mobile responsive. This means you will get the best experience on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

Allow Users To List Coupons!

The latest version of the Clipper theme comes with an advanced feature – third-party coupon listing. You can allow your users to list their coupons on the website. Well, for business websites and product owners, this might be a golden chance.

In return, you could get paid from them!

Clipper From AppThemes

From the payment settings, you could configure everything. By default, the theme comes with two payment gateways.

  • PayPal.
  • Bank Transfer.

Enable them from the Payment settings and you are good!

Clipper From AppThemes

Both can be configured. We recommend using a PayPal Business account. If you have a personal account, that’s okay. You can still use it or upgrade to a business account.

Clipper Theme Review

You need a few things like:

  • PayPal Email Address.
  • PDT.
  • IPN.

You can test payment by enabling the sandbox mode. Make sure that you have disabled the sandbox mode when you go live.

Now, let’s move to bank transfer settings.

Clipper From AppThemes

No configurations. All you got a message box. When someone completes an order, this message will be displayed. And it might be with the bank account number, IFSC code, instructions, etc.

But which payment gateway is the best? If you use PayPal, there will be fees. But, the process is easy. However, direct bank transfer will have no fees. But every time, you need to check and verify payments.

More payment gateway add-ons like QuickPay, Stripe can be purchased from their marketplace.

Optimized For Speed and SEO!

If you use a poorly coded theme and plugins on your WordPress blog, I am pretty sure that it will affect your entire WordPress blog. WordPress speed is something you need to optimize.

By using a WordPress caching plugin, image optimization plugin, and a performance plugin, we will be able to optimize our blog for speed. Well, it can also be based on your currently active theme.

By using the popular website speed checker tool GTmetrix, we have analyzed a demo website which is running on the Clipper theme.

The website gets loaded in 1.8 seconds! – Without any additional optimizations. I am pretty sure that by optimizing it properly, you could score better!

And now, let’s come to the SEO stuff.

We all prefer ranking our contents higher on search engines, especially if you are running any coupon/ affiliate websites.

A higher ranking means maximum traffic from search engines and high conversions! When you run an affiliate website, traffic is all you need. By using an SEO optimized WordPress theme, you could rank higher on search engines.

Built-in schema markups will help you to rank higher. Alternatively, you can always use any schema plugins for WordPress for more optimization.

In this case, the Clipper theme comes with lightweight code and SEO optimized code. Maximum conversions and maximum revenue!

Create Custom Stores!

There are a lot of stores offering coupons. Want to assign them accordingly? Clipper got you covered.

Under the coupons section, you can easily create unlimited stores!

Clipper From AppThemes

All you need is a Name for your store, a slug. And you are good to go. Creating custom stores will help you to assign the coupons.

For example, let’s take Amazon and Flipkart. Both of them are popular eCommerce websites used by millions of individuals all around the world.

So when you got a custom Amazon coupon, you can easily create a store called Amazon and assign to ait. The same happens with Flipkart.

Multilingual Ready!

It’s proven that translating a blog to other languages could easily gain more international traffic, maximize the revenue. Well, you all you need is a WordPress theme which can be translated.

All themes from AppThemes are multilingual ready including the Clipper WordPress theme. So if you need to translate your WordPress theme, just use any WordPress translation plugin like Polylang or Weglot.

Easy Importing!

Need to import your data from a CSV file? Clipper theme comes with a dedicated setup for it!

Clipper From AppThemes

From your local storage, upload the CSV, and you are good to go. All the data will be imported.

Notification Emails!

Normally, we will get notifications in our email address when someone submits a comment; we requested a new password, etc. The Clipper theme comes with three email notification options.

Clipper From AppThemes

  • New Coupons.
  • Pruned Coupons.
  • New User Registrations.

The system will pull the default admin email address from the records. All the email notifications will be sent to that email address.

WordPress got a default email template when someone registers on your website. Well, it can be customized in the Clipper WordPress theme.

Clipper From AppThemes

Plus, you can also enable new coupon emails. Means when someone submits a coupon, you can let them know that the submission was successful!

Clipper From AppThemes

Cool, isn’t it?

Page Builder Friendly

If you are a pure beginner who doesn’t know to code, you will probably rely on a WordPress page builder plugin for designing your home page/ entire website. And as you know, there are so many WordPress page builder plugins are available like

  • WPBakery Page Builder (formerly known as Visual Composer).
  • Divi Builder.
  • Elementor.
  • Beaver Builder.
  • SiteOrigin.

Thankfully, Clipper is optimized for all major plugins. Usually, you don’t need to use a page builder by default. Well, in case if you need to customize some page design, a page builder might be a great option.

Theme License & Pricing

Right now, there are two pricing options available.

Clipper From AppThemes

  • Standard – $69 – Unlimited Licenses.
  • Club – $199 – Unlimited Licenses.

You can choose a plan according to your use. Both licenses come with lifetime license, unlimited website licenses, etc. And in club package, you wilalsol get access to 20+ other marketplace items too which is surely a deal worth taking.

Over to You

You can get the latest version of Clipper WordPress theme from below.

Download Clipper

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