Newspaper WordPress Theme Review – Bestselling Magazine & Newspaper Theme

WordPress is the #1 CMS available in the market to create websites and blogs. And probably, there are so many WordPress themes that are available in the market. Some of them are free, and most of them are premium. Choosing the right WordPress theme is a crucial task.

However, we created WPNeon to help all those beginners to choose the best resources for their blog. And if you are looking for a magazine-style theme for your blog, we have got you covered. In this post, we are going to review the best one – Newspaper WP Theme.

You can read the complete Newspaper WordPress theme review from here.

Newspaper WordPress Theme Review

Newspaper Theme Review

Download Newspaper Theme

Newspaper is one of the top-selling WordPress themes in the ThemeForest marketplace. The theme is created by tagDiv, and they launched the first version way back in September 2013. Now, they are running on the 9.7 version which got too many improvements!

This theme has generated more than 80,200 downloads in total and boasts 4.8 stars rating from 5800+ users. It tells me that the theme is something you need to try! Let’s dive deep into the theme’s features.

With Newspaper…

When you purchase the Newspaper WordPress theme, you would be able to use it on:-

  • Magazine Blogs.
  • Food Blogs.
  • Fashion Blogs.
  • Lifestyle Blogs.
  • News Blogs.
  • Automobile Blogs.
  • Product Review Blogs.
  • Travel Blogs.

and much more. In simple words, Newspaper is a multi-purpose WordPress theme.

Newspaper Theme Features

Once you download the NewsPaper theme from your ThemeForest account, you can install it on your blog using an FTP client or manual upload. Both methods are easy and will take only a few minutes.

#1. Optimized For Speed

In our test, a demo WordPress website running on Newspaper got loaded in 1.15s with a page size was 2.3MB.

Newspaper Theme Review

By optimizing the images using an image optimizer plugin, a WordPress caching plugin, this result could be enhanced even more.

#2. Easy Activation

Activate Newspaper Theme

Once you activate the theme, you can start updating the theme right from your WordPress updates page.

Activate Newspaper Theme

#3. One-Click Demo Import

Starting from scratch?

Instead of it, you can import the demo to your WordPress blog. It will save a lot of your time. The newspaper comes with many pre-made demos. Some famous ones are:

  • Default.
  • Black.
  • Food.
  • Nomad.
  • Home Decor.
  • Lifestyle.
  • Fast News.
  • Gossip.
  • Dental.
  • Gaming.
  • Entertainment.

Import Newspaper Theme

You get the choice for including/ excluding the demo content. We recommend you excluding the demo content and importing only the theme customization.

Demo Content

When you check the front-end of your website, you can see the live effect.

Newspaper Theme Review

If you are not satisfied with the current demo import, you can always uninstall it!

Newspaper Theme Review

#4. Integrated Theme Panel

Once you activate the theme, you will be redirected to the theme panel. This is where you control the theme and configure it.

Integrated Theme Panel

From there, you can easily configure the

  • Header.
  • Footer.
  • Ads.
  • Template.
  • Categories.
  • Posts.
  • Block.
  • Background.
  • Excerpts.
  • Colors.
  • Fonts.
  • Custom Codes.
  • Analytics/ JS.
  • CPT.
  • Import/ Export.

In each section, you will get custom options for configuring the theme. Thankfully, the team had added a beginner ready design. Beginners and professionals can easily navigate to sections, configure the theme.

#5. Header Customizer

You get 15 custom header styles.

Header Customizer

And, you also get options like:

  • Header Search.
  • Top Bar.
  • Main Menu.
  • Logo & Favicon.
  • Logo for Mobile.
  • Header Background.
  • iOS Bookmarklet.

You can expand each section for customization. For setting a logo for your website, choose the Logo & Favicon option. You can upload your custom logo to your website from there.

#6. Footer Customizer

Just like the header customizer, you can easily customize your entire footer. There are 14 styles available. On top of that, you can always enable/ disable the footer. This will reflect sitewide.

Newspaper Footer Customizer

You can also show your Instagram gallery in the footer. All you need to do is, enter your Instagram ID and configure the images.

Newspaper Footer Customizer

Other configurations you get in this section is the

  • Footer Info Content.
  • Footer Background.
  • Sub Footer Settings.

You can expand each section for configuring. In the footer customizer settings, the sub-footer settings are one of our favorite settings.

Newspaper Footer Customizer

There, you can enable/ disable the sub-footer, choose a template, edit copyright test, symbol and also you will be able to assign a menu.

#7. Optimized For Ads

If you are running a magazine blog, your main goal might be making money online.

Without using any WordPress ad management plugin, you can easily insert ads to your blog. In the theme panel, you get a dedicated section for this.

Optimized For Newspaper Ads

You can easily insert ads to your websites header, sidebar, inside content, top of every article, the bottom of every article and also custom spots. As it is an Ad optimized WordPress theme, you will see an uplift in the ad revenue.

#8. Add Custom Codes!

When you know how and where to add code, you can always update the theme’s core files. The thing is when a new update rolls out, the changes will get lost. The files will get overridden with the new updated ones.

For preventing this, you may want to use a child theme or need to use any specific plugin. Well, Newspaper got this feature as inbuilt.

In the theme panel, you will see settings called Custom Codes. Choose the option when you need to add custom codes to the whole website.

From there you can easily add CSS, JavaScript and HTML.

Just expand a section. For example, we are going to add custom CSS to the website. Just add your CSS in the box and save the changes.

Newspaper Theme Review

If you are using any WordPress caching plugins, you may want to consider clearing your WordPress cache and browser cache for seeing the effect.

#9. Your Website, Your Colors!

You can always change the color of your website. Normally, we need to rely on any plugin like CSS Hero plugin for customizing the colors. On the other hand, you need to add custom CSS using the additional CSS feature in your customizer. If you don’t know CSS, this might be a hard task for you.

Well, no more headache.

In the theme panel, you get the color customization option.

Newspaper Theme Panel

You need to expand each section, configure the color options.

Newspaper by ThemeForest

Save the settings when you are ready to publish.

#10. Better Typography

Website’s typography matters. You know there are so many Google Fonts available which we can embed to your WordPress blog in a couple of minutes. Here, the team had integrated almost all Google Fonts to the theme.

Newspaper Theme Typography

On top of that, you can always add custom fonts to the blog. You want to upload your font in the .woff format.

Newspaper Theme Typography

Typekit is another popular resource for fonts. When you use Typekit font, you can easily paste the JavaScript code and name a family. It will be available publicly.

Newspaper Theme Review

Cool, isn’t it?

Newspaper Theme Review

Here, choose a font family from the dropdown, configure the font size, line height, style weight, and transform. You are good to go then!

Newspaper Theme Review

Once you have configured it, simply hit the save button. The changes will get saved instantly. You can check your website from the front end to view the changes.

#11. Custom Post Templates & Settings

In Newspaper WordPress theme, you get 17 custom post template options.

Custom Post Templates

You can choose one as default template or set custom one for each archive. The post templates can be applied to:

  • 404 Page.
  • Archive Pages.
  • Attachment Pages.
  • Author Archives.
  • Blog Page.
  • Single Posts.
  • Search Pages.
  • WooCommerce Pages.
  • Pages.
  • Tags.

etc… Also, you will see settings like

  • Smart Sidebar.
  • Breadcrumbs.
  • Lazyload.

The smart sidebar option will make your sidebar sticky. Without any additional plugins. Breadcrumbs will help you in easy navigation. Also, it will be shown in the Google search result pages.

The Lazyload is an optimization which is used for optimizing image serving. There are so many Lazy load plugins available for WordPress. But, the Newspaper had got this feature covered.

#12. Google Analytics Integrated

Without editing the theme’s header.php file or using MonsterInsights, you can integrate Google Analytics into your blog.

Google Analytics Integrated

All you need to do is, simply paste the analytics tracking code, save changes. You can also add code to your website’s footer.

#13. Social Media Profiles Integrated

You can easily add your social media profiles to this theme.

Newspaper Theme Review

Also, you have control over the social media links. You can easily mark them as

  • Nofollow.
  • Noopener.
  • Norefferer.

This will reflect in the sitewide configuration.

#14. Multilingual Theme

Since WordPress is a widely used CMS, it is used all over the world. So, if the theme is translation ready, that would be helpful for the website owners. Newspaper have one setting in the theme panel, which will help you to translate the entire theme.

Newspaper Theme Review

From the drop-down, choose a language and load the translation. Also, you can always submit your translations.

#15. Extra Features

Newspaper Features

#16. Built-In Social Sharing Buttons

There are so many WordPress social sharing plugins are available. Some of our favorite ones are Social Warfare, Social Snap, etc. However, in this theme, you will get them as an inbuilt feature.

Newspaper Social Sharing Buttons

You can enable/ disable the sharing buttons, configure the placement, sharing button styles, networks.

Once you got updated it, save the changes.

#17. Related Articles

When you blog for making money online, you need to increase your page views. Showing related posts under single posts are one of the best natural methods for increasing the page views.

Newspaper Theme Related Articles

You can show the articles related to your category or tag. By showing the articles according to the category is recommended. Probably it will boost your page views and ad revenue as well.

#18. Post Views

This is an awesome feature. When you handle a pretty huge blog with a ton of traffic, this feature may be helpful for you. The theme will show the article view count in the top of every post.

Newspaper Theme Review

Just enable it. And it works perfectly with WordPress caching plugins too!

#19. WooCommerce Optimized Theme

When you need to run an online store, there are so many options are available like Shopify, Magento, Weebly, Wix, etc. But, we always recommend you using WordPress and WooCommerce.

A WooCommerce optimized WordPress theme will play nicely with the website. It will help you to increase the conversions, revenue, email signups, etc. Thankfully, Newspaper is 100% optimized for WooCommerce.

#20. Premium Plugins Included!

In the plugins section, you can see that they have included so many premium plugins in the archive and they can be activated in a single click of the mouse!

Newspaper Theme Plugins

Alright. I will list you some of the must installed plugins when you use the Newspaper theme.

#21. tagDiv Composer

tagDiv Composer

Say goodbye to the WPBakery Page Builder (old Visual Composer). Visual Composer was one of the best WordPress page builders out there which got so many awesome features. But the bad side of the plugin was slow loading time. Yes! The plugin will slow your website down. Well, no more. The tagDiv team got introduced a new page builder tagDiv composer.

Once you got installed the plugin, you can build anything and everything you want — an awesome page builder which is optimized for speed.

Using it is pretty simple. You need to go to a page which needs to edit. There, you can see a button called tagDiv composer.

You will be redirected to the customizer. This is where you can edit the page, add elements, etc…

tagDiv Composer

By clicking the Add Element button, you can easily add blocks to the page.

Newspaper Theme Review

The famous ones are Ad Box, Author Box, Instagram, Raw HTML, Video Playlist, Slider. Just pick an element and add it to the field. You are done!

Newspaper Theme Review

By using the General element and filter option, you can easily configure each section!

#22. Cloud Library

Newspaper Theme Review

It will help you to save a lot of your valuable time. If you are a pure beginner, designing the templates, pages and homepage will be a hard task for you – even with the tagDiv Composer.

The Cloud Library contains some awesome and powerful pre-made templates. You can easily import them to your live WordPress installation, start customizing it.

#23. tagDiv Social Counter

tagDiv Social Counter

Every personal and business website got some dedicated social media profiles. It is a great medium to share new updates, bringing traffic, conversions, and also money. There are so many plugins are available for showing your social media account on WordPress widgets.

Here, tagDiv got a plugin called tagDiv Social Counter. It will show you your Facebook page likes, Twitter followers, Google+ subscribers, Feed subscribers, etc. Everything will be accurate. The counter will get updated regularly.

And some other plugins are:-

  • tagDiv Composer.
  • Mobile Theme.
  • Official AMP For WP.
  • Slider Revolution.
  • WPBakery Page Builder.

Those plugins are optional. You can install them if you want.

#24. Many Custom Widgets

The widgets will make our navigation easier and provides a better experience to the website visitor. By default, WordPress comes with widgets like HTML, Image, Text, Video, Popular Posts, etc.

When you activate the Newspaper theme, you will be able to see 35+ custom widgets in the Appearance -> Widgets section.

Many Custom Widgets

You can easily drag any widgets and drop them in the specific widget area. At this time, you could see 4 widget areas.

Newspaper Theme Review

But, using the tagDiv Composer, you can add elements, widgets to anywhere on the page.

Theme’s Pricing

Newspaper theme got 2 pricing options. In both plans, you will get lifetime updates and support for 6 months. You may want to consider extending the support period in the future.

Normally, a blogger needs the Regular License. You can pay using your PayPal account or credit card. Once you purchase the theme, it will be available in your account’s downloads section. You can download the latest version of Newspaper WordPress theme from the below button.

Download Newspaper Theme

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