10 Best Google Adsense WordPress Plugins of 2022 to Add Adsense Codes Easily

If you wish to monetize your blog or website, one of the easiest means to do so would be with the help of Adsense. The first thing you would have to do is set up an Adsense account with Google. Once it gets approved, you will have to integrate it to your website/blog.

How to add Google Adsense to WordPress?

If you own a WordPress website, this can be easily achieved with the help of Google Adsense WordPress plugins. WordPress has a massive library of plugins which can help users added a variety of functionalities to their website. If you go ahead and search for some good Adsense plugins for WordPress, you are bound to tumble into hundreds of plugins developed and advertised to be ideal for the job. But is it suited to handle your specific needs?

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For this article, we have tested most of the Google Adsense WordPress plugins and created a shortlist of the best and feature-packed plugins. This should help you get out of the apparent paralysis of choice and help you select the best and most competent Adsense plugin for your WordPress website.

Best Google Adsense WordPress Plugins

#1. WP PRO Advertising System

WP PRO Advertising System

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A premium Google Adsense WordPress plugin on our list is WP PRO Advertising System. It is an advertisement management plugin for WordPress which offers 18 strategic locations to help you display ads on your website and increase Google Adsense earnings. There is also a detailed statistic section from where you can see how each ad is performing. This is crucial to help you improve your campaign and maximize profits.

This Adsense WordPress plugin also comes with a unique functionality called background ads. This allows you to show ads as the background of your content. Furthermore, as it is compatible with plugins like Visual Composer and Revolution Slider, you can display your ads in the form of sliders or place them anywhere using VC page builder.

#2. WP In Post Ads

WP In Post Ads plugin

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Another highly powerful and feature-rich ad management system for your WordPress website is WP In Post Ads Plugin. With this WordPress Adsense plugin, you will be able to easily showcase your ads in all strategic locations which including after the post title, at the end of a content/post, after a specific number of paragraphs, and so on. Also, the plugin uses shortcodes to display all the ads which means you can practically place your ads anywhere on your WordPress website.

Other noteworthy features include the option to show or hide the ads after a specific period. You can also randomize where you wish to showcase the ads. This feature along with the built-in track impression monitor will allow you to experiment and find which is the perfect spot for maximum performance of your ads. There is also the option to show specific ads targeted at specific posts, to increase your Google Adsense revenue.

#3. Ad Inserter

Ad Inserter WP Plugin

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Next on our list, we have Ad Inserter Plugin for WordPress. The free to use the plugin is jam-packed with many advanced features and also supports all kinds of ads. Not only does it support Google Adsense ads, but with it is also compatible with contextual Amazon Native Shopping ads, Media.net ads, and even rotating banner ads.

Other impressive features you get with the plugin includes the option to insert opt-in forms, header scripts, AMP ads, and much more. This Google Adsense WordPress plugin also has support for JavaScript, CSS, HTML, PHP, and will even help you out with in-built analytics and ad-tracking. And if this is not all, you also have the option to advert code anywhere on your website so you can place ads universally.

#4. AdSense Plugin WP QUADS

AdSense Plugin WP QUADS

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Following Ad Inserter, we have one of the most popular free to use Google Adsense plugins for WordPress – WP QUADS. This is the successor to the popular Quick Adsense plugin that dominated the market a few years back. If you were a user of Quick Adsense, then WP QUADS allows you to migrate all your data and settings from the former to the later version.

Now coming to the feature side of things, the plugin has support for AMP ads, option to disable ads on individual devices, the ability to define a particular size for the ads on different devices, and much more. On top of this, you will also get the option to insert the ads individually or randomly anywhere within a post.

#5. ADS PRO – Multipurpose Ads Manager

ADS PRO - Multipurpose Ads Manager

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Following WP Pro Advertising System, we have ADS Pro. It is a full-blown advertising management system for your WordPress website and something highly recommended if you run a lot of ads on your site. Naturally, the plugin is not limited merely to Google Adsense but can be used with all Google Adsense networks.

You will get access to a built-in template system which you can use to display your advertisements in more than twenty different ways. Other features include geo-targeting the ads to make them more relevant, an option to schedule the ad appearance as well as make them disappear after a particular time has elapsed. If you wish to be known as a reputable ad seller on your blog, then this a plugin worth keeping in your toolkit.

#6. Advanced Ads

Advanced Ads WP Plugin

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Up next we have yet another immense popular and highly rated WordPress Adsense plugin – Advanced Ads. Besides support for Google Adsense, the plugin can also be used with almost all ad types and networks. On top of this, one of the most impressive features of the plugin would be the automatic AdSense violation checks, which can help you stay in the clear.

Some other features that you will get with this WP Adsense plugin include the option to create and display unlimited ad units, rotate ads, schedule ads and set expiry date. You will also be able to target ads based on content and user groups which can lead to better performance of the ads. Other impressive feature of the plugin that can increase your Google Adsense income is its functionality to prevent ad blockers breaking your site when plugin scripts are running.

#7. Quick Adsense

Quick Adsense WordPress Plugin

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The appropriately named Quick Adsense plugin for WordPress, allows you to quickly insert Adsense or ads code into your blog or website. It is straightforward to use and comes with a simple settings page. Most of the options available can help you quickly set up your ad profile and doesn’t come with too many complicated options to confuse you.

This Adsense WordPress plugin can help you place up to a maximum of 10 ads on both your sidebar widgets or randomly throughout a post. The plugin is also compatible with plenty of other ad portals and is not limited to Adsense. Overall, if you want to use an intuitive interface along with the liberty to place ads randomly on your site, then this is an excellent plugin.

#8. WordPress Ad Widget

WordPress Ad Widget plugin for WordPress

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WordPress Ad Widget is another one of the intuitive and straightforward Google AdSense WP plugin. As you can collect from the plugin name, it uses widgets to display Adsense ads on your website. You will be able to drag and drop the ad widgets to the sidebar for your visitors to see.

This WordPress Google Adsense plugin is configured to help you chose case both text and image-based ads. However, it doesn’t support video ads, although that is not something most blogs use anyway. It is also designed to be beginner friendly, and the user interface is one of the most intuitive amongst the bunch.

#9. WP Simple Adsense Insertion

WP Simple Adsense Insertion Plugin

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WP Simple Adsense Insertion is yet another excellent plugin for manually placing ads throughout your WordPress content. The plugin takes advantage of the shortcode functionality in WordPress to help you put ads exactly where you want. You also have the option to call PHP functions from your theme’s template file to set the ads manually.

However, the main selling point of the plugin comes with the fact that it can save up to 1 to 3 Google Adsense codes. This will allow you to place a variety of ads through shortcodes across your website. You will also get the option to automatically insert in-article ad codes, either in the middle or at the end of a post.

#10. Easy Google Adsense

Easy Google Adsense WordPress Plugin

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If you don’t want to meddle around with all the options and technicalities that come with setting up Adsense on your website, and wish to have a simple automated solution to do the job for you, then Easy Google Adsense is worth consideration. Just install the plugin, and it is good to go. This is ideal for beginners who want to monetize their site through Adsense.

All you have to do is enter your AdSense Publisher ID in the settings page, and Google will automatically start showing ads at the optimal time for maximum performance. This is achieved through the use of machine learning to help Google decipher when ads will perform well and provide a good user experience for more revenues.

#11. Ad Manager by 10web

Ad Manager by 10web

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WordPress Ad Management is one of the most powerful WordPress Adsense plugins available, which is capable of monetizing your website. It will allow you to manage your website’s banner ads. The plugin is responsive and mobile-friendly. WordPress Ad Management also enables geotargeting. The plugin can automatically detect ad blockers on your viewer’s website. It will then send a request to the viewers requesting them to disable the adblocker.

WordPress Ad Management has an excellent rating. It has thousands of active installs from all across the world. You will be able to schedule the ads, and they will be published on the viewer’s website as per the desired timings. You can also set campaign limits. WordPress Ad Management provides you with several in-depth documentation and video tutorials, which will give you a clear idea regarding how to use the plugin.

Other Alternatives to Google Adsense WordPress Plugins

So this was our list of the top and best Adsense plugins for WordPress. We hope you found this to be helpful.

Editor’s Choice: WP Pro Advertising System

Alternatively, I would recommend you to buy an Adsense ready WordPress theme, that offers inbuilt code insertion option. With those themes, you can insert Ad codes easily without the need of any additional Adsense plugin at all.

If your current theme doesn’t provide such an option, then you can decide to use one of the plugins mentioned above for your website. Do let us know which one you picked and your experience with it. If you know any other useful Adsense plugins that you believe should have made a list, then do mention them in the comments section below.

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