Best Anti-Adblock WordPress Plugins To Stop Ad Blockers on Your Website

Online ads are a great source of revenue for bloggers and other website owners that host them on their site. Website owners can generate income on their WordPress sites by integrating Google Adsense and earning on a per click basis or from affiliation with another business.

Since you can moderate most ads that display on your site, you can use these ads for products and services that you trust will be a help for your website viewers and offer them valuable insights. Hence, the scope of online advertising is infinite.

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However, the advertising business has been hampered hugely by the use of AdBlock extensions. Last year ad blocking grew approximately by 42%. This has discouraged not only many advertisers but also many bloggers who are working hard to provide useful content to their viewers through their blogs.

Although, if your website is based on WordPress, there’s some good news for you as you can ignore these Adblockers by using simple ready to install plugins. Sounds too good to be true?

Believe us; this is the truth. Hence, if you are a blogger or a site owner whose main income is based on advertisements, then you must consider these best Anti-Adblock WordPress plugins for your site and install them on your WordPress site or blog today. Take a look.

Best Anti-Adblock WordPress Plugins

#1. Block Adblock

Block Adblock

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One of the most impressive anti-Adblock plugins on WordPress, the Block Adblock plugin enables site admins to control the visibility of the specific content on their site till the time users disable their Adblock extensions. What’s better is that this hidden content stays SEO friendly.

It is also equipped with other incredible features like random class naming that makes it almost impossible for it to be blocked and easy customization of your messages across three unique layouts. This anti-ad block WordPress plugin works seamlessly well with nearly all popular browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and even Opera. Not only this, but the powerful anti-Adblock plugin also supports another plugin named Admiral Adblock Analytics for advanced analytics and revenue recovery solutions.

#2. Ad Blocking Detector

Ad Blocking Detector

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The Ad Blocking Detector plugins allow the site admin to display alternative content in place of ads if the user has enabled an Adblocker. What’s more amazing is that this plugin intelligently determines the content to be displayed itself. This means you do not need to worry even about the content to be displayed. It also enables you to creatively place your content like subscription registrations in place of blocked ads.

Not only this, but this dedicated plugin also offers additional features like detection of all significant adblocking browser extensions like AdBlock, AdBlock Plus, and Ghostery, support of all web browsers and smooth compatibility with WordPress multisite networks. Moreover, this powerful plugin also supports another useful plugin named Admiral Adblock Analytics to enable advanced analytics and revenue recovery solutions.

#3.  Ad Blocking Advisor

Ad Blocking Advisor

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The Ad Blocking Advisor plugin is a simple and easy to use tool that lets the site admin add an elegant notification bar to their websites for all those visitors who use an Adblocking software with their browsers. This anti-ad block plugin for WordPress works with a mission to entice your site visitors to whitelist your website. In simple words, whitelisting implies that your ads can be displayed on your site with the customer’s approval.

The best thing about this powerful plugin is that it uses a JavaScript file called ads.js that inserts a hidden DIV in the footer of your site. Hence, this way if the DIV does not load because of it being blocked then a banner asking your visitors to whitelist your site will pop up.

This super useful anti-adblock WordPress plugin is also loaded with more features like customizing the text, location, background color, font color, and font size of the banner to be displayed, enabling or disabling cookie settings, change the cookie expiration date and even anti-caching.

#4.  Ad Blocker Notify Lite

Ad Blocker Notify Lite

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Supported by great documentation, Ad Blocker Notify Lite is easy to use the plugin that helps your website to detect AdBlock and aware users about it. Increase your ad revenue and encourage users to turn off AdBlock for your site by installing this simple plugin. It is also equipped with a unique dashboard that has several widgets and analytics. However, keep in mind that this plugin does not stop AdBlock.

It follows a passive approach and enables you to request your users humbly to allow ads on your website. Well documented and supported, it uses random file names and selectors to restrict AdBlock to block it. Not only this but it also allows you to replace blocked ads on your site with a personalized message.

Highly responsive and mobile friendly, this simple yet useful plugin integrates seamlessly with your theme design and improves user experience with unique design options. It also uses cookies to create a better user interface and supports all types of ads including asynchronous ads. Try this cross-browser compatible plugin if you are fed up of AdBlock and need more revenues from ads.

#5. Simple Adblock Notice

Simple Adblock Notice

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As the name suggests, Simple Adblock Notice plugin is a straightforward anti-AdBlock WordPress plugin that allows you to notify your site viewers about the importance of ads for your website to run. If you have installed this plugin on your site, a notice will pop up requesting your user to whitelist your site if the Adblock extension blocks your site advertisements.

This plugin has been specially designed for Google Adsense. What’s better is that all this is available for free. However, if you want additional features with this plugin, you can also upgrade to the premium version of this plugin and get extended features like customizing AdBlock notice, enabling and disabling specific pages according to the ads on them and a lot more.

If you want you can also hide your complete website like Forbes, using the ‘Strict mode’ till the time the user does not whitelist your website. One of the simplest yet effective anti-AdBlock plugins for your WordPress site, the Simple AdBlock Notice plugin can be installed and set up within a few steps to recover all your lost ad revenues.

Any Other Anti-AdBlock Plugins for WordPress?

Hopefully, this list of the Best Anti-AdBlock WordPress plugins will assist you in monetizing your content and increase your site’s genuine traffic too. These plugins are super easy to use, easier to install and provide the best results. Hence, take your time to decide among the best and share your experience with us related to these incredible Anti-AdBlock WordPress plugins. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated.

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