Sitemile Classified Ads WordPress Theme Review – Worth or Not?

The Classified Ads WordPress Theme from Sitemile offers a super simple turn-key solution to turn your website into a full-fledged classified website. It bundles in all necessary features and functionalities such that you don’t have to go through the hassle of installing any third-party plugins or software.

You will get access to a custom post type that lets you publish rich classified ads on your website. A dedicated user accounts management system helps users to sign up and create a profile on your website to start publishing their classified ads.

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For your monetization needs, the theme allows users to either pay for a membership on your site, publish featured ads which gets more exposure or pay to publish ads on your platform. Customization options are also plentiful being built on the Sitemile Theme Framework. You will get all the necessary options to help you properly reflect your branding through the site design and aesthetics.

We have put together a comprehensive view giving you a full in-depth review of the Sitemile Classified Ads WordPress theme, and all that it has to offer.

Sitemile Classified Ads Theme Review


Classified Theme Demo

Sitemile Classified Ads – Features

Starting our review, let’s go over the main features and functionalities this theme brings to the table:

#1. Classified Ad Post Type

The theme adds a new classified ad custom post type. You will be able to create a new classified Ad as simple as creating a post or page on WordPress. It comes with extra fields that allows you to assign a category, including tags, mention locations, set an ad price. You will even get the option to turn it into a featured ad with more highlight.

#2. Different Custom Fields

Apart from the classified ad post type, the theme also introduces a whole host of new custom fields including text fields, text areas, checkboxes, radio buttons, and much more. All these options bring support for rich ad types to your website.

#3. Advanced Searching

Sitemile Classified Ads Theme Review

Besides a simple search bar at the top of the interface, users will also get access to an advanced filterable search functionality that will allow users to fine-tune their searches. This includes inserting a search keyword, followed by the price range, location, and category as filters.

#4. Set Ad Expiration Dates

You can set an expiration date for each classified ad published on your website. There is the option to set a minimum as well as a maximum number of days for each ad type to run on your site, after which, the ad will be deleted. The person posting the ads will then have to pay the posting fees again to have their ad re-installed on your classified ads website.

#5. Powerful User Account Management System

Sitemile Classified Ads Theme Review

The Sitemile Classified Ad theme brings a powerful user account management system to help you deliver a stellar user experience for people posting ads on your website. They will get access to their own user accounts page from where they can set a bio message, provide contact details, and upload photos inside the dedicated gallery. Not to mention, users will get all the necessary options to post and manage classified ads on your website.

#6. In-Built Messaging System

Sitemile Classified Ads Theme Review

Site users or buyers will be able to message the owners of the ad listings to resolve any issues using the in-built messaging system. It follows a very simple user interface with an inbox, outbox, and the option to create and send new messages between site members.

#7. Blog Support

You will even get access to a dedicated blog where you can share posts and articles with your users. This can help you gain authority on your domain, as well as provide detailed article guides on how to properly use your website, how to settle certain problems, and much more. But with that being said, you are totally free to use the blogging platform to post about any topic you want.

#8. Support For Multiple Payment Gateways

Sitemile Classified Ads Theme Review

The theme will give you access to multiple payment gateways to help accept payments directly from your website. It has native support for PayPal, AlterPay, Moneybookers, and Google Checkout.

However, Sitemile does offer an extra service which allows you to custom integrate any third-party payment gateway of your choice to your website.

#9. Deep Social Media Integration

The theme offers full integration with Facebook and Twitter so that users can share, like, and tweet about different auctions and ads on your website. This can help you generate more traffic to your website and also boost your overall popularity.

#10. Access to Power Extensions

Sitemile offers dedicated extensions to help you create and better manage a more powerful classified website. Some of these notable extensions include:

  • Payfast Payment Gateway
  • Pesapal Payment Gateway
  • iDeal and Mobile Payment Gateway
  • Mangopay Payment Gateway
  • Stripe Payment Gateway
  • Affiliate Features
  • Digital Downloads

Sitemile Classified Ads – User Interface

Now that you have an idea of what features there are, and what you can do with the theme, let’s go over its design and layout:


Here is a quick look at the front-end layout and design of the theme, so you can get an idea on how it will look for your site users:

Sitemile Classified Ad

As you can see, the theme boasts a very simple and clean UI with lots of whitespaces. This makes sure that the users’ attention is not diverted away by any blatant design element or module, and is always on the content at hand, or in this case, on all the classified ads.

At the top, users get access to a search field which they can use to find specific ads. Whereas, people looking to use your site as a portal to post their own classified as well can use the “Post an Ad” button located to the right.

Immediately below is the Latest Featured Ads section which will showcase all featured classified ads to users visiting your site. Following that is the category section showcasing all the different categories of ads available on your website.

Scrolling down even further introduces the users to all the different ad listings posted on your site in reverse chronological order. The users can also alternate the view between a list mode and grid mode, according to their preference.

User Profile Interface

Now let’s take a quick look at how the overall user interface looks for members on your website:

From the above image, you should get a decent idea of how the theme looks for your users. As you can see, it is super clean and minimal, which is always great for any professional work. On the left-hand sidebar, you will find different options conveniently sectioned so you can manage them more easily.

MyAccount Home – Here, you will get a brief overview of all your latest active listings. Following this is a list of all your listings that are pending or not paid for.

Post New Listing -This is where the users will get to create new ad listings. As you can see, there are three tabs. First, the user will have to write a new listing. This includes entering the ad title, location, category, tag, price, address, an additional description, and the option to set it as a featured ad. Once done, the user will be asked to upload a photo of the item followed by reviewing and publishing the listing to the website.

Sitemile Classified Ads Theme Review

Messages – All messages you send or receive on your profile will show up right here. You can even create and send a new message from this interface.

Personal Info – Here, users can enter a dedicated profile description and upload a profile avatar, which will be shown to other users on the website. You can also reset your password here.

Membership Packages – From here users will be able to see their current membership status, how many normal ads and featured ads they have remaining in their profile, along with an option to resubscribe or upgrade their membership plan.

My Active Listings – This is where users will get an in-depth look at all the active listings currently on your website.

Sitemile Active Listings

Expired Listings – This is where users will get to see all expired listings on the website. The user will also get an option to restart their listing from this panel.

Unpublished Listings – If the user has created any listing but kept it unpublished, then it will show up here.

Sitemile Classified Ads – Pricing

Sitemile Classified Ads Theme Review

The theme comes in two different variants following two different pricing models.

For starters, there is the base version of the theme priced at $99, as a one-time payment. Here you will get a license to use the theme on unlimited websites and free update and support for one year. After that, you can pay an additional amount of $19/year to get regular updates and customer support.

And then there is the Pro version. It’s the same deal as what you get with the base version, but with the added benefit of getting all the Sitemile Auction Theme Extensions bundled in for free.

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Should You Buy The Sitemile Classified Ads WordPress Theme?

Going over all the different features and functionalities the theme brings to the table; it is a pretty compelling and capable tool for setting up your Classified Ads WordPress website.

You will get a clean and straightforward design boasting a minimalist appeal to make sure the classified ads are taking the spotlight. On top of that, you get access to all niche-specific features natively integrated into the theme without any third-party plugin.

If you are still not 100% satisfied with this theme, here is our collection of other great WordPress classified themes worth trying.

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