Convert Pro Review: Is it the Future of Lead Generation?

The way individuals purchase items and services nowadays has been quite revolutionized. Clients aren’t handily pulled in by showy commercials. Forceful attempts to sell something and commercials were compelling a couple of years prior. That’s why lead generation is significant for your business. Lead generation permits you to focus on your ideal clients at various segment areas and gather significant data about possibilities, their requirements, and their inclinations.

Out of many lead generation tools available in the market, Convert Pro is the new entry in the Lead Generation and Opt-in WordPress plugin space. It is a powerful lead generation tool that converts your website traffic into leads.

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What is Convert pro?

Convert Pro is an easy to use and effective WordPress pop-up plugin that is used by website owners, bloggers, developers, website designers, and anyone looking to increase their conversions.

It is the plugin that will help you build email lists, drive traffic, promote videos & offers and make the most of your marketing spend. 

Convert Pro

Convert Pro was developed by Brainstorm Force, the organization behind Astra, the quickest WordPress theme in showcase. They have developed numerous quality items that are utilized by many individuals. This by itself means that Convert Pro is a plugin with amazing highlights.

All-in-one Package of features

Convert Pro is one of the most powerful tools that allows you to easily create email lists and grow your subscribers and customers. 

Let’s have a glimpse on some of the features of the Convert Pro lead generation plugin:

1. Mobile Editor for Responsive Mails

Convert pro gives you the freedom to design and customize every aspect of your lead generation forms or pop-ups. Around 75% of all content online is currently expended by means of cell phone or another handheld gadget, and that is a group of people that no individual or business can stand to overlook. Convert Pro makes lead age on a portable interface quick and simple. 

Mobile Editor

2. Drag n Drop Customization

Convert Pro provides and in-built easy-to-use drag-n-drop interface that makes building beautiful modules a matter of minutes without any prior knowledge of coding. It’s real-time so you can control your design and see the final output simultaneously in Preview pane.

Drag n Drop

3. Ubiquitous Cloud Technology

Convert Pro comprises of a huge collection of Ready-to-use and Responsive email templates, getting updated all along the time on their cloud. Best part is because of being hosted on Cloud you will have accessibility anytime, anywhere and on any device!

With the present tools out there, if you introduce a lead generation plugin on your site, its templates will take additional space on your server. With Convert Pro cloud innovation, all the layouts are placed in their template cloud and just the template you use are introduced.

4. Ready-to-use Templates

Convert pro offers professionally designed ready to use templates which ease the process of designing and creation. You just need to pick a template, tweak it a little and go live.


5. Advanced Triggers to Display Timely Messages

Timing plays an important role. You should know the right time when a visitor is likely to get converted. Displaying a converting message or a form at such times increases the chances of conversion giving you an opportunity to build a healthy email list and increase the overall revenue.

Convert Pro offers many powerful advanced triggers to give you full control of the timing of your message. These are:

(a) Exit Intent Trigger: This trigger display engaging messages or opt-in forms that appear at the precise time when a visitor is about to leave the page.

(b) Well Timed Trigger: Well timed triggers used to display the right message at the right time and boost your website conversions.

(c) Welcome Trigger: This trigger used to display a message within a popup or an opt-in form as soon as a user arrives on a page.

(d) User Inactivity Trigger: Use the Inactivity trigger to engage inactive visitors with a message displayed after a specified time period.

6. Advanced A/B Testing for Informed Decisions

We get features of “Opt-In forms” to test on-the-go requirements of potential customers of your business. Convert Pro’s ‘Compare design feature’ is easy to use and this will help you out by showcasing all different designs at 1-single display. Means you can take informed decisions to have a revealing mail campaign experience for your customers.

Informed Decisions

7. Catering to Responsive Designs for All Users

All opt-in forms and popups created by Convert Pro are 100% responsive and look great on all devices (Computers, Tablets, and Mobile Phones). It has Dynamic Device-Detection system for reflecting a flawless image of your online campaign on every device (Computers, tablets, and mobile phones).

Catering to Responsive


Convert Pro is accessible in 2 distinct bundles: Convert Pro and Agency Bundle. All Packages include 14-Day Money Back Guarantee For New Purchases. You are free to redesign your permit at a customized rate by visiting the Upgrades page in your records segment on their store. Convert Pro expenses $99 for 1-year license and $399 for a lifetime license. With both these licenses, you can utilize the module on boundless sites.

Convert Pro vs Thrive Leads vs OptinMonster Comparison

Convert Pro is the best alternative to Thrive leads and OptinMonster because it is one the best list building plugins. Thrive leads and OptinMonster are launched very earlier in the market but with such a great team behind Convert Pro, it’s gotten popular lately and used by a lot of bloggers.

Thrive Leads is accessible for a one-time installment of $67, which is for one site. Settling on it a superior decision for somebody who has only one site and needs a modest however dependable lead generation apparatus. You can’t get Thrive Leads for Unlimited Websites. 

OptinMonster costs $49/month for five sites. Convert Pro costs $99/year for their unlimited sites plan with all the features. The major advantage in case of convert pro is a onetime investment feature. This advantage of convert pro helps to get Convert Pro for Life with updates!

After reading post trigger feature is available in convert pro, but it is missing in case of Thrive leads and OptinMonster. 

Adblock detection and Geo-Location targeting is available in both Convert pro and OptinMonster but missing in Thrive Leads. 

Convert Pro provides an edge over Thrive Leads by allowing the marketing agency customers to rebrand software products.

Thrive Leads and Convert Pro both utilize front-end, intuitive visual editors. Be that as it may, every manager moves toward this in various manners. 

Convert Pro utilizes an Absolute Positioning Visual Editor. This permits clients to position components anyplace on their select in structures with a simple mouse movement.

In case you’re searching for a list building plugin that isn’t just reasonable however does all that you need, at that point Convert Pro would be the suggested one!