12 Best WordPress Popup Plugins to Get More Email Subscribers and Improve Conversion Rates

Website owners are often unhappy about the conversion rate of their website. Even the sites with huge traffic more often fail to see the desired conversion rate. Often the visitors ignore the subscription part, and thus the rate of conversion slows down. With the default popups, the problem is it is easier for the visitors to ignore those popups. Often the unattractive visuals of default popups fail to amuse the visitors to click on them and go forward.

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So, here are twelve best WordPress Popups Plugins which can turn around your website’s conversion rate and the surprising fact is, most of them are free.

Best WordPress Popup Plugins

#1. Elementor

Elementor Page Builder

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Over 2 million active installs make Elementor plugin as one of the most popular WordPress page builders. Its intuitive interface makes creating beautiful converting pop-ups easy and quick. If you are looking to have full control over your pop-ups look no further. Elementor’s pop-up builder includes a variety of pop-ups: top or bottom notification bars, fly-ins, slide-ins, full-screen overlays.

Together with Elementor’s built-in design capabilities, you can easily add advanced options like email opt-in forms, buttons, countdown timers, login forms, contact forms, registration forms, etc. The pop-up builder also comes with great targeting and trigger options. For example, you can set your pop-up to trigger based on specific pages, posts, devices, page views, URLs, exit intent, and much more.

#2. Thrive leads

Thrive leads

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If you are searching for one powerful popup plugin, then Thrive leads is the one. With this single plugin, you can create designs of various forms and the perfection level is unmatchable. The editor is a drag and drop type of editor which makes this possible. Thrive leads plugin has one of the most well-developed targeting systems which sends offers of most relevant nature based on the tags, interest, posts of the visitors of your website.

Thrive leads popup plugin easily converts your visitors into customers due to highly advance A/ B split testing technology and increase the conversion rate as well. The insights and analytics are one of the most important features of this plugin and Thrive leads is one of the crucial reason for high traffic and conversion rate through this plugin. Besides these advanced features, all other features like opt-in widget, content lock, in-line forms, and others are there.

#3. Bloom Popups

ElegantThemes Bloom Popups

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The next on the list is Bloom Popups plugin which is another WordPress Popup Plugin and has amazing features. It will work on different pages of the website and not only on the home page, and thus the visitor will see the popup multiple time which leads to an increase in subscription rate. The popup will appear on particular pages as selected by you and also on post, templates and other according to your preference. Popups plugin has the feature of filtering targeted audience from the search engines.

The bloom popup plugin is highly compatible with the social networking sites, and thus it makes easier for the visitors and you to connect. There are many popup locations, color and background options.

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#4. Themify Popup

Themify Popup

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Themify is a popular free WordPress Popup Plugin which is famous for the range of features it offers even without charging a penny. There is an exit-intent feature which allows the popup to become visible on screen when the visitor tries to leave. Then there is a slide-out feature, full-screen option that will cover the whole screen with the popup. You can schedule your popup according to your intent and requirement with this plugin. Themify popup is best for when you are trying to promote things with the popup.

The popups are visible for the guests as well as the admins of the websites and the pages. You can set the time for the popup to appear. There is a feature with which you can set popup which will be visible after the visitor cross some page views. There are over forty animations that you can choose for your popup transition.

#5. Popup Maker

Popup Maker Plugin

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If you are looking for an overall WordPress Popup Plugins which is highly versatile and not rigid, then this is the one for your website. It can be used for the modal overlay and also content overlay for the site you need. This WordPress popup plugin has a great forum where you can discuss the issue (if any) and can get an instant response. The plugin supports Gravity forms, Contact form 7 and others which are the most relevant and used kinds of building plugins. Popup Maker plugin helps in targeting prospective visitors.

These plugin works actively on pages of WordPress and also on posts. There are a lot of things which you can do with this plugin such as creating option popups, EU cookie information and notices, modal forms and others. Popup Maker has a feature which allows you to set the time and according to your requirement and preference, the popup will be displayed. The feature is known as Auto Open Trigger, and with Popup Maker, you can also register and anticipate the frequency of the popups. The popup plugin works actively on mobile devices as well. You can use this plugin for free.

#6. Popup Builder

Popup Builder

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Another free WordPress Popup Plugins which is commendable and useful for any WordPress site. Popup Builder is the plugin that lets to create and add the lightbox which is extremely customizable.

With the use of the shortcodes, this lightbox helps in creating and activating the popup windows on the site of yours. The popups can be any in number, and they can be configured individually. The settings are so efficient and effective and so many varieties of the feature is there that lets you change the size, hue and other option of the popup for your website.

The popup also can be customized with different types of contents on it and the amount of time required for doing so is even less. Popup Builder popup is automatic and has been successful in attracting huge traffic through it to the website. The visitors get attracted because of the different effects that these popups have which you can only create to boost your website traffic. There can be animated effects as well and isn’t it great? For a delay of popups, you can introduce a custom class as well.

#7. OptinMonster


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One of the most popular WordPress Popup Plugins is OptinMonster. It is popular because of various reasons, and the key feature which it has includes a secure platform for creating forms on Opt-in which are readily accessible, and you can create them without any hassle. They are attractive, and that boost the subscription rate and in turn the conversion rate for your website.

This popup plugin for WordPress is having advance features like page targeting as well as behavior personalization for making the most out of the visitors. There are eight kinds of a campaign of this plugin which you can use, and they are popup forms, slide-in, floating bars, inline forms, sidebar forms, popup form for mobile devices (only), canvas and after post form. This varied feature helps you create your popup like the way you want.

The best part about OptinMonster plugin is that it has a feature that helps you segregate the visitors and the subscriber by their use of the website and their activity on it. Once your subscriber is categorized according to their interest, then you can send effectively relevant emails to them, and this will increase the sales as the open rate for emails can get increased for the relevancy and so more revenue for you. The plugin has both free and premium version; features are limited in the free version though.

#8. Convert Plus

Convert Plus

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If you are looking for a WordPress Popup optin Plugins that can create popups which are stunning and interactive in a minute, then Convert Plus is the one plugin you must try. This is not free but premium one, however, the price you pay is worth the features it has. Convert Plus plugin creates a popup that not only helps in adding the number of subscribers to your email list but also increases the number of social followers and ultimately customers.

The email optin plugin comes with form builder which can be used along with the visual editor for creating popups forms. There is a feature with which the functions of Convert Plus plugin can be imported and exported as well. The scroll triggers are very important in WordPress Popup Plugins, and Convert Plus plugin has highly advanced and strong scroll popups. It has the feature which helps in targeting the visitors according to their use and activity on the website.

#9. A popup by Supsystic

A popup by Supsystic

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With more than sixty-nine inbuilt templates for popups, a popup by Supystic is one plugin that you were searching for your website. You can create an infinite number of popups, and chose various triggers for your popups. The popups are fully customizable.

There are more than fifteen types of popups on this plugin which are genuinely adorable. The location of the popups can be picked by you and set according to your need. It is one of the most useful plugins for designing mobile websites. All these features are for free as the Supsystic plugin is entirely free of any cost.

#10. WP Popup Lite

WP Popup Lite

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It is a free WordPress popup plugin however the features are just amazing, and this is one of the most sought-after WordPress Popup Plugins. It has the facility where you can create different popup banners for the website of yours and engage the visitors who drop in.

With WP Popup Lite plugin, you can create innumerable text popups and an infinite number of image popups just by using thirteen inbuilt themes which are designed efficiently on WP Popup Lite plugin. Each of the popups you create can be separately customized with different settings. You can have the popups on individual pages, or you can select a few particular pages as well.

The opt-in popups are vibrant and look attractive, and you can make popups for email subscription, special offers or product launch and others and the best part is you can activate and deactivate the popups according to your whims. The plugin offers integration with MailChimp and has translation facility available as well along with a log of contact forms.

#11. Master Popups

Master Popups

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One of the best premium popups is Master Popups which is one of the perfect WordPress Popup Plugins for various use. You can make notification bars, inline and slide popups, modal popups, full-screen popups and widget popup as well with Master Popups plugin. There is also an option for creating popups for the templates which are already there on the site.

All the data of the subscribers are directly saved in the WordPress, and this system has a feature that gets subscribers from the email, and thus the number of subscriber keeps on increasing. The time of the popups is so adjusted that they will pop up only when there is a time lapse. The dates have to be input for the same. Any form or any popup can be created using Master Popups plugin, and that makes it stand out and justifies the premium amount you pay for having it.

There are display enhancement settings which you can use to change the popup’s display and its appearance. There is superb integration with email marketing on Master Popups plugin, and that helps in generating and gaining subscribers. The plugin has more than forty types of popup templates which are inbuilt.

#12. Popup Domination

Popup Domination

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Being one of the veterans in this industry, Popup Domination WordPress Popup Plugins has kept itself updated every time to be in the run. It is one of the most used plugins which helped this industry to reach its height. With Popup Domination popups, you can easily track and monitor the results of the popups with high-quality analytics.

By data, A/B testing is available to optimize the popups for your WordPress site. There are varied targeting features which are available on Popup Domination popup, and some of them are on-click, exit-intent, etc. which increases the conversion rate. There are the famous triggers which are also available on Popup Domination popup plugin, and that makes it competitive in the world today.

This opt-in popup WordPress plugin is integrated with google analytics for event tracking, and you can see the data on google analytics for your website. There is a premium version of Popup Domination plugin which has a plethora of features. The best part of this plugin is that the charges of the popups are based on popups view. So, you get all the features in any plan you chose under the premium version, but the charges will be according to the number of popups being viewed.

Any Other WordPress Popup Plugin?

If you have a website of yours and you need your visitors to turn into your customers, WordPress Popup Plugins has a vital role to play without a doubt. In the above list, you can find all kind of popup plugins which ranges from free to the premium version. You can select the one that suits your requirement the best. These plugins with a plethora of features can be extremely helpful in boosting up the conversion rate of your website generating more revenue for your business.

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