10+ Best WordPress Call to Action Plugins [2023]

Call to action or popularly known as the CTA play a crucial role in your personal or business website. These plugins help you set the desired path for your visitors or guide them in performing an action. Depending on the type of website you run, you might want to guide your visitors to sign up for a membership, enlist themselves to your email list, fill up a form, sign-up for an event, and more.

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You can even use the call to action plugins to drive your traffic to a product on your website that is currently hot or on sale. If you use WordPress call to action plugins wisely, you can significantly boost your website’s conversion rate. These are only some of the use cases of WordPress CTA plugins.

And since the call to action WordPress plugins are such a useful tool, there are tons of them in the market. This article aims to aid you in finding the perfect one for you from the pool of the best ones. Here are the best WordPress call to action plugins.

Best WordPress Call to Action Plugins

Some of the call to action plugins below are free while some will cost you money. The paid versions will most likely have a trial version your can use before deciding to go for the premium version. Although the fundamental functions of the plugins listed below are the same, other features will differ.

Some come with basic features while some have features that are more advanced. So, without further ado, let’s look at some of the best WordPress call to action plugins available in the market. All the plugins in this list are in no particular order.

#1. HubSpot WordPress Plugin

Best WordPress Call to Action Plugins

Download HubSpot WordPress Plugin

HubSpot offers a free WordPress plugin that you can upgrade to the premium version for additional features. This call to action plugin ensures your website captures visitors through forms and pop-ups. After a visitor completes an action, all the information is sent to your HubSpot account and organized neatly. There you can know your customers’ behaviors and their interaction with your website.

HubSpot call to action plugin for WordPress requires no coding skills and is extremely easy to use. After setting it up without any hassle, you can track the analytics and visitors’ engagements. Also, HubStop integrates seamlessly with tons of WordPress plugins like WooCommerce, Stripe, Gravity Forms, other 900+ apps, and plugins. Moreover, you can also create beautiful email marketing campaigns, set up automated marketing, and adding chatbots.

While you can do a lot with the free plugin, you will need to opt for a premium plan when your website grows. The Starter pack starts at $45 per month for 1,000 marketing contacts.

#2. OptinMonster

Best WordPress Call to Action Plugins

Download OptinMonster

OptinMonster is one of the most popular conversion plugins for WordPress that also let you add CTAs on your pages easily without writing a single line of code. This call to action WordPress plugin helps you generate more leads, decrease cart abandonment, increase subscribers, and more in only a few clicks. With OptinMonster, you can create a visually stunning and lucrative offer that will make your visitors curious and ultimately make them stay longer on your website.

Creating a good-looking CTA is a piece of cake with OptinMonster. This call to action plugin lets you choose from tons of beautifully built templates that you can just drag and drop to your canvas. With features such as InactiveSensor and Campaign Scheduling, OptimMonster detects inactive visitors and sends them email campaigns to coverts them into subscribers.

All you have to do is set up an email campaign and let OptinMonster do all the work. OptinMonster call to action WordPress plugin comes with well-made forms to capture leads, multiple types of forms, split testing functionality, advanced traffic redirection features, and much more.

The Basic plan goes for $14 per month and comes with unlimited campaigns, list segmentation, simple reporting and analytics, and much more.

#3. Beaver Builder

Best WordPress Call to Action Plugins

Download Beaver Builder

Anyone who has worked with WordPress before has surely heard about Beaver Builder. It is one of the best drag and drop builders available for WordPress. It not only helps you create stunning websites with minimal effort and zero coding, but it is also an excellent plugin for creating call to action buttons. After creating a good call to action button, you can drag and drop it anywhere on your website. It is that easy.

Beaver Builder is an excellent call to action WordPress plugin that also lets you customize your CTA buttons with ease. You can modify your CTAs whenever you want, place them wherever you want, and customize them whenever you want. Change the colors and style, add a link, modify the fonts; you’re in control.

The cheapest and basic plan will cost you $99 per year and offers your unlimited websites, page builder plugins, and excellent support.

#4. Thrive Ultimatum

Best WordPress Call to Action Plugins

Download Thrive Ultimatum

Thrive Ultimatum is a part of Thrive Suite that is marketed as the ultimate scarcity marketing tool. It also is one of the excellent WordPress CTA plugins. The main theme behind this plugin is making your visitors covert better by making them scared of missing out. This basically means making your product available for only a limited time. With this call to action plugin, you can run unlimited campaigns and call to action elements.

This easy-to-use WordPress CTA plugin allows you to play CTAs on the top bar, sidebar, or any other specific locations on your website. And, doing so is as easy as you want it to be. All you have to do is create a CTA with the visual builder and place it anywhere you want to. There are tons of customizations options, everything can be dragged and dropped, and allow you acc to all the plugins and themes in the Thrive Themes suit. This call to action plugin also lets you add multiple CTAs on the same page.

Thrive Ultimatum is a part of Thrive suit. It will cost you $19 per month to get access to Thrive Ultimatum and all the other goodies included in it.

#5. Convert Pro

Best WordPress Call to Action Plugins

Download Convert Pro

Convert Pro is a sure-shot way to increase conversions and subscribers. It is essentially a list builder plugin that lets you create call to action pop-ups, slide-in, and much more. Developed by the creators of the acclaimed Astra theme, this all-in-one lead generation and the opt-in plugin is also an excellent call to action WordPress plugin.

Working with Convert Pro is pretty easy. You can start from scratch or use the available templates then start customizing as per your preference. The customizations can all be done with the included visual drag and drop builder. Later, you can start adding your strategically placed CTAs and track your visitors’ behaviors with the included analytics.

Convert Pro regards advanced targeting in the CTAs and uses personalization technologies to help convert better. The integration with Google Analytics is added benefit.

This email list builder and call to action plugin is available for $99. You will get features like a drag and drop editor, templates, popups, full-screen call to action, and more.

#6. Bloom

Best WordPress Call to Action Plugins

Download Bloom

Brought to you by the masterminds behind Elegant Themes, Bloom is an email opt-in plugin built to let you experience guaranteed growth in subscribers. Creating a strategic CTA is hassle-free with Bloom. There are over highly customizable 100 templates at your disposal for various CTAs like popups, widgets, and fly-in.

With Bloom, you can place CTAs throughout your entire WordPress website or only on specific places if you prefer a more targeted approach. After you have created the desired CTA, all you have to do is use the provided shortcode and place it anywhere you want. Bloom also lets you go a step further with their content CTAs.

This makes a visitor provide their information to view specific content on your website. All the collected information can be viewed from your Bloom dashboard and can be used to feed other integrations like MailChimp and HubStop to create a great email campaign and more.

Bloom is available either for a year or for a lifetime. The yearly package will cost you $89 and give you access to all the themes from Elegant Themes and hundreds of website packs. If you choose the lifetime package, you will get access to all the themes, website packs along with a lifetime of premium support and website usage.

#7. WP Notification Bar Pro

Best WordPress Call to Action Plugins

Download WP Notification Bar Pro

Apart from its obvious usage of adding custom notifications and alters on your WordPress website, WP Notification Bar Pro is also an excellent tool to grab your visitors’ attention using high quality and high visibility call to action.

This call to action WordPress plugin comes with a number of notification bar content types including simple text, email opt-in, countdown CTAs and more. Even playing around with CTAs is easy. All you have to do is create a CTA with the desired content, customize it to your preference, and use the provided shortcode to place it. You can be specific with your call to action. You can make the CTAs appear only on certain devices or traffic sources. All the collected data can help optimize the conversions with the help of analytics.

WP Notification Bar Pro has a demo version you can check out before deciding to spend money on the premium plan. This call to action WordPress plugin will cost you $29 for unlimited websites.

#8. Ultimate Blocks

Best WordPress Call to Action Plugins

Download Ultimate Blocks

For all those who are unsure of spending premium price for just a small feature or those who only one call to action plugin features instead of all the additional goodies, this plugin is for you. Ultimate Blocks is a free blocks plugin for Gutenberg that comes with a CTA block. If your website is still in its infancy and with low revenue, this plugin is like a blessing.

This WordPress CTA plugin and blocks plugin comes with tons of useful blocks including CTA, testimonial, post grid, slider, and more. With Ultimate Blocks, you can add a beautiful call to action box with a button that encourages your visitors to take the specified action and help them engage more. Every single element on the block is customizable.

Ultimate Block can be yours for free of charge from the WordPress repository. You can demo each of the included blocks from its plugins page.

#9. BoxZilla

Best WordPress Call to Action Plugins

Download BoxZilla

BoxZilla might be a lightweight call to action plugin for WordPress, but it packs quite a power. You can create beautiful CTAs and make them visible when the user scrolls down to a certain position. You can also set them to appear at a certain time.

The call to action created using BoxZilla is triggered when a user scrolls down to a certain percentage point or after scrolling to a certain element on the webpage. You can add any content you want to the CTA box. As the plugin supports integrations with multiple popular WordPress plugins, you can even add signup forms, subscriptions forms, memberships forms, discount offers, and more on the call-to-action popup box.

BoxZilla comes with multiple triggers like time on the website, page views, scrolls, exit intents and more to help you strategically place various call to action all over your website.

The pricing starts from $48 per year for 1 website, premium add-ons, and priority support. The price goes up to $112 for 10 websites.

#10. Elementor

Best WordPress Call to Action Plugins

Download Elementor

Elementor is arguably the best and most popular drag and drop page builder for WordPress. It is not surprising that this tool can also be used to build other elements on a website including a call to actions. This page/call to action WordPress plugin is extremely newbie friendly too. A click here a drag there and you’re done. That’s how convenient this plugin is.

Elementor comes with numerous design elements and customization options to help you create a beautiful and highly functional call to actions. You can use images, texts, and more to create CTAs and place them all over your website with ease.

The call to action widget from Elementor works perfectly in grabbing your users’ attention with its stylish box containing a combination of relevant images and other content. You also add various animations and combine them with beautiful blend modes and filters to create a masterpiece.

Elementor Call to Action widget in part of the Elementor Page Builder plugin which can be yours for $89 per year.

Honorable Mentions

Although the call to action plugins below couldn’t be added to the main list, they are no way less functional and feature full than other plugins on the list. They are an equally competent and useful call to action WordPress plugins. Let’s look at the honorable mentions:

  • Monster Insights: Google Analytics plugin with CTA buttons that track clicks.
  • Simple Side Tab: Free call to action plugin that sticks around when the user scrolls.
  • Hello Bar: Full-page popups and more.
  • WP Call Button: Call to action plugin that adds “click to call” button.
  • MailOptin: Lead generation and email campaign plugin with CTAs and analytics.

Conclusion – Best WordPress Call to Action Plugins

Adding an attractive call to action is a great way to engage your visitors and make them spend more time on your website. Although a great CTA might take a lot of trial and error, ultimately it will prove to be a great decision on your end. A good CTA makes it clear for your visitor to see what you have to offer.

This is why choosing a good one among various good WordPress CTA plugins is a big decision. This is where our list comes in. take your time and go through all the call to action plugins listed in this article and choose the one that suits your preference.

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