10 Best WordPress Restaurant Menu Plugins

The food you offer might be out of this world, but in today’s day and age, you also need a good website that can reflect your restaurant’s style and your menu. Your restaurant’s website should give your potential customers an idea of what you provide and it should also offer them a visual taste of what they will experience when they decide to give your restaurant a try. You’re already in the right direction by choosing WordPress as the forefront of your website.

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You might have even found a decent restaurant theme for your website. But what these themes lack is functionality. All they do is give your website a makeover and make them look presentable. But without a good restaurant menu plugin, the website would only be for the show.

These restaurant menu plugins are made with a focus on navigability with incredible animations to make it easy for your customers to order. So, without any further ado, here are the best WordPress restaurant menu plugins. This list contains both free and paid restaurant menu plugins.

Best WordPress Restaurant Menu Plugins

#1. WP Food

WP Food

WP Food is arguably the best WordPress restaurant menu plugin. It not only adds a beautiful and fully functional restaurant menu, but it also comes with a food delivery functionality. With WP Food, you will be able to create a list containing all the food you’ve got to offer with their prices. Your customers will be able to order the food right then and there. The developer assures that this plugin was designed to make the ordering as hassle-free as possible.

One particular thing that you’ll notice is that WP Food doesn’t only focus on functionality but also on design and style. It comes with tons of display options that you can use on your food list. You get the option to display your menu on a list, grid, table, or carousel slider. These three styles have a couple of styles to choose from. The food delivery functionality is another great addition to this restaurant menu plugin. fi your customers wish to; they can order a take-out directly from the website.

There are a couple of delivery options too. And to make things even easier, the developers have implemented WooCommerce to let your customers pay through the website. However, if you don’t want to use WooCommerce, WP Food has its own eCommerce system that is simple and easy to set up. With all the features and customizations the plugin offers, you can make the plugin your own.

#2. FoodBook



Another impressive restaurant menu plugin for WordPress is FoodBook. For restaurant owners who plan on expanding their business, this plugin would be a gift sent from heaven. FoodBook might be a little bit more complicated to understand and set up than any of the plugins on this list, but it comes with an online takeout feature along with delivery order options. The overall design will make you fall in love with the plugin the first time you lay your eyes on it.

The beautiful layout will not only compliment your website but also make your menu look absolutely delicious. This WordPress restaurant menu plugin comes with a powerful search function that includes filtering. Both of these features are neatly included in the sidebar to make sure your customers get exactly what they want.

Also, FoodBook comes integrated with WooCommerce so your customers can check out straight from the website. And with integrated WooCommerce, order feature along with delivery options, your customers won’t have to leave the comfort of their home to get the food they want. Moreover, with various layout options to choose from, you can customize your food menu the way you want.

There are additional features that you might like such as customer ratings, scheduled delivery, and more. If you’re just looking for a simple restaurant menu, this plugin will be overkill, but if you are looking for a menu along with an online ordering and checkout feature, you need not look any further.

#3. Restaurant Food Menus

Restaurant Food Menus

Food Menus is a pack plugin that works with WPBakery Page Builder. So, if you already use WPBakery, this WordPress restaurant plugin pack would work perfectly on your website. If that condition is met, you will get to play around with 24 different food menus, special colors, custom hover effects, 1000s of fonts, and so much more.

The plugin is also fully responsive and you can add multiple food menus on a single page. To be honest, it is easy to get confused with the styles to choose because of the varied styles the plugin got to offer. So, no matter the style your restaurant is built upon, there’s a plugin style for everything.

Furthermore, you also get to tinker with banners, bullet lists, carousels, accordions, and more than 40 different content boxes, and much more. And if that wasn’t enough, Food Menus also comes with a beautiful gallery with 8 different styles that work with drag and drop. If you’re familiar with WPBakery or you’re already using it, Food Menus is the plugin to go for.

#4. Restaurant Menu

Restaurant Menu

The developers might not have worked too much on choosing the name, but the features the plugin comes with will tell you what were they focused on. With more than 6,000 installations and regular support, Restaurant Menu is preferred by many because of its simple design and easy-to-use features.

You can manage everything from the menu page that gets added to your WordPress dashboard right after you install this restaurant menu plugin. But do not let the simple design fool you, behind it is the menu management feature that is extensive yet easy to get around with.

You get the option to add food on the menu based on categories, and display ingredients used to make the meal. This sounds like a lot of work but it will bring in more customers; particularly those who are vegetarian, vegan, or those who prefer their food gluten-free.

It also comes with built-in eCommerce capabilities to help you sell food online through PayPal or cash on delivery. Furthermore, the food ordering system that this plugin comes with will allow the customer to select toppings as an additional purchase. Additionally, you can customize the currency settings, add taxes and tax rates, customize the cart, and much more. You will get all these features for free.

#5. Food and Drink Menu

Food and Drink Menu

The Food and Drink Menu plugin comes with both free and paid options. The free version of this WordPress restaurant menu plugin gives you an easy way to create, organize and display a meal menu on your website. This is preferred by many and 10k active installations prove that. When talking about the overall style, some might find it a little plain, but nevertheless, it looks good.

You have the option to choose from different layouts that are similar-looking but still stylish. The Food and Drink Menu is fully responsive, comes with an easy-to-use builder, and makes it easy to set up the entire ordering system. The customizability is fairly decent and easy to use. With Food and Drink Menu plugin, you have the power to add unlimited menus, set up a food ordering system easily, use Gutenberg blocks to add menus on any page, set prices for each item, add a sidebar, and more.

Furthermore, the plugin is fully compatible with WPML if you need to make a multilingual restaurant website, and with the support for Schema.org, you will get higher search rankings. For those who want more, there are 3 different paid plans that come with additional features such as ordering cart, multiple layouts, sorting and filtering options, additional styling options, and much more.

#6. Food Menu

Food Menu

If I have to describe Food Menu in just one word, I’d use the word magnificent. This is the restaurant menu plugin to go for those eager to display the class and elegance of their restaurant and the food they offer. The two-column menu style is not only pleasant to look at, but it also makes the menu easy to browse. You can also add pictures alongside the food item to make sure your customers get a mouthwatering experience before even ordering the meal.

The plugin is fully responsive and works exceptionally even on mobile devices. You customize how the food items are displayed and showcase them in multiple or single categories, you can customize the currency, you can add custom CSS to make your website look even better, you can use shortcodes; the list goes on and on.

All the items on the menu come with a title, description, category, order, price, excerpt, and feature image attributes. All these are what you will get on the free version. If you go for the paid option, you will get additional 11 layouts, all Ajax options, total button controls, and so much more. Basically, you will get access to all the locked features after purchasing the paid package.

#7. WP Restaurant Price List

WP Restaurant Price List

If you own a small restaurant and do not want to invest in plugins just yet, but still want to stay competitive with other big players, WP Restaurant Price List is the way to go. It is free and offers you an easy way to create and organize your food menu to make it easier for your customers to decide what they want to order.

The plugin will let you add food items with prices and organize them into categories. The plugin is also extremely easy to set up. All you have to do is install the plugin from the provided link and use the newly added WP Restaurant Price List section on your Dashboard to start creating the menus.

While adding items to the menu, you will get the option to select a category, item name, list ingredients, and add price. When that is taken care of, you will also be able to select currency symbols, choose a layout and even enable decimals. Although the plugin is completely free, the developers also offer a pro version that will come with additional features such as infinite lists, shortcodes, popups, more styling options, custom currency, and much more.

#8. Best Restaurant Menu

Best Restaurant Menu

If simplicity is what you’re looking for, this restaurant menu plugin by PriceListo is the one you should strongly consider. Proudly named as Best Restaurant Menu, this plugin will let you swiftly create a beautiful menu and get your website up and running in no time. when you opt for this restaurant menu plugin, you will have 5 different templates to choose from. You do not have to start from scratch. These themes are fully responsive and will not only compliment your entire website but also look good on any screen despite their size.

Best Restaurant Menu comes with support for categories, and items ordering along with the ability to add the name, description, price, and image of the meals on the menu. Furthermore, the inclusion of WooCommerce is a great addition for those who want to include an easy ordering system, and the drag and drop interface will let you move around and set up items easily.

#9. RestaurantPress


This restaurant menu plugin by WPEverest gives you a quick way to set up restaurant menus for not only restaurants but also bars and cafes. With its responsive design and tons of options for customizations, you will not only create exceptionally beautiful and functional menus, but you will also make it look beautiful on screens of any size.

RestaurantPress is extremely easy to set up and use and comes with 3 different layouts. The menus are designed to support unlimited items along with menu grouping. And with the support for shortcodes, you can display the menus on your posts, pages, and even use them on widgets. Furthermore, RestaurantPress also allows you to create a gallery for each of the items on the menu.

This restaurant menu plugin supports multiple menus, prices, custom icons and is also translation ready. If you can spare a few bucks, you can opt for the premium WooCommerce addon to allow your customers to directly order from the website.

#10. Accura FoodMenu WP

Accura FoodMenu WP

Accura FoodMenu probably has the most diverse categorization features of any plugins on this list. Not only can you categorize your food items into breakfast, drink, and so on, you will be able to create comprehensive menus for each category. Accura makes it easy to add multiple food items quickly. The style sheet is descriptive and well commented to make it easy for you to make any modification to the design.

The number of items on the menu is set to unlimited and you can also include photos of the meals along with their prices. This WordPress restaurant menu plugin comes with 4 different home pages, 10 different menu types including specials, reservation, and contact forms, light and dark versions, and much more. It is built with Bootstrap so responsiveness is not an issue here. You will not need to shop for a good restaurant theme either; it is all in this plugin.


Technology has affected each and every industry and the restaurant/food industry is no exception. You will need to make good use of it if you want to stand out from your competitor. You need to have an online presence and make it easier for your customers to enjoy both your services and food. This list is compiled with that in mind.

Apart from a good theme, you will need plugins to enhance your website’s functionality and ultimately enhance your customers’ experience. A good restaurant menu plugin is a part of that enhancement and we hope the plugins listed here will be of good use.

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