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Bloom Plugin Review – An Awesome Opt-in Form Plugin From ElegantThemes in 2019

Bloom Opt-in Plugin for WordPress helps users create colorful and feature-rich opt-in forms to improve conversion rates and grow their email lists. As we all know, expanding an email list is one of the crucial steps to achieving online success. And with the vast number of features paired with visually attractive opt-in forms, fulfilling this task will be as easy as it can be.

Recently, we created an extensive list of best WordPress Popup Plugins which received tremendous response. Many of our readers asked us for a detailed reviews of each popup plugin from the list. So, in this post, we will be covering an in-depth ElegantThemes’ Bloom Plugin review, and all its features and functionalities. Furthermore, to demonstrate its ease of use, we will also include a ‘how-to’ guide describing how you can take advantage of all that the plugin has to offer.

Bloom Plugin Download Link

Bloom WordPress Plugin Review

Bloom Opt-in Plugin: Features

Over the years, Bloom from ElegantThemes has become of the most popular and powerful opt-in plugins in the market. And all its credit goes to its fantastic collection of features which makes email collection a piece of cake.

Let’s take a look at all the bell and whistles tucked away inside of the plugin:

#1. Six Email Optin Form Types

Bloom Plugin Optin Types

Depending on your website, the content, the web pages, and the posts, your conversion rate will depend on different targeting configurations. Now with Bloom Plugin, you will get access to 6 different display types for your email opt-ins. So pick one that you like, and start gathering more and more email leads.

You will get access to opt-in forms including pop-up, fly-ins, inline forms, below content forms, widget area forms, and lastly content locker forms. The pop-up and fly-in forms can be automatically triggered based on time delays, after a period of inactivity, after commenting, after purchasing, after scrolling, and so on.

All these variations give you a lot of control over how you wish to collect user emails and allows you to be more flexible with your strategies.

#2. Countless Form Templates and Customization Options

Bloom Form Templates

Besides the different display types for the opt-in forms, you get access to over a hundred pre-made form templates to help you get started. All the form templates are professionally designed and ready to use with a single click. However, if you wish to make some customization before applying them to your site, that too can be handled courtesy of all the settings and options bundled in.

To start, you get unlimited colour options, so you can properly design your opt-in form to reflect your brand. If you are planning to include images inside your opt-in forms, then you can orient the images to look good with the text content. There are also multiple variations to tweak around with the border style and edges. And finally, you will have three different opt-in form orientations – namely right, left, and bottom, to configure where you want the form to appear in your opt-in.

#3. Bloom Dashboard

After installing the plugin, the Bloom option will show up in the sidebar of your WordPress dashboard. It is from here that you gain access to the different settings and options offered by the theme.

Bloom Dashboard

There is the Optin Forms option from where you can create and customize new opt-in forms to use on your website. Then there is the Email Accounts option from where you can integrate the plugin with your email marketing services – more on that later. There is also a dedicated panel from where you can view the statistics of each of your opt-in forms and see how they are performing. And finally, there is an option to import & export form settings between your different sites. This can help you quickly use form designs which you like on your new projects without having to create a new Form from square one.

#4. Split Testing

With so many different opt-in form display types, coupled with customization options, it can be hard to understand which will work best for your business. You might think that a content locker opt-in form might increase your subscriber count, but in reality, your desired results might require you to put up in-line opt-ins. This is why the plugin provides users with Split Testing options to see which opt-in form in performing better.

The plugin will allow you to clone a form, make minor changes, and start testing it against the original to see which one is performing better. This can help you slowly make adjustments to your opt-in form until you get the optimal design to get more email subscribers.

#5. Email Marketing Service Integration

Bloom Email Marketing Services

The main purpose of using Bloom is to get users to subscribe to your email list or sign up for your newsletter. Likewise, the plugin offers seamless integration with many popular email marketing services and email list management solution to provide a more lucid email marketing experience.

Some of the popular email marketing services include Mailerlite, AWeber, MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, and many more – in total 16. The plugin can gather information from all these services which include getting access to your email list, subscriber count, and so on.

How to Setup & Use Bloom Opt-in Plugin?

Now that we have gone over all the different features and functionalities the plugin brings to the table, let’s discuss how to use them.

As mentioned earlier, after you have installed the plugin, a new Bloom option will appear in the sidebar of your WordPress dashboard. It is from here that you will get to create different opt-in forms, customize them, and gain a statistical overview.

#1. Connect Your Email Service Account

Before creating your first opt-in form with Bloom, you will have to connect the plugin with one of the 16 email marketing services we have mentioned above.

To access the screen, go to Bloom -> Email Accounts -> New Account.

A dropdown menu with all the compatible email marketing services will appear. Select the one which you use and fill in your account name, along with all other profile information as shown below:

Bloom New Account Setup

Once done, click on the Authorize button, and you will have successfully registered your email marketing service with Bloom. Now it is time to create your first opt-in form.

#2. Choose Your Form Type

To create an opt-in form with Bloom, you will need to head on over to Bloom -> Optin Forms.

Clicking the option will open the Bloom dashboard area for the active opt-ins. You will notice a NEW OPTIN button at the upper right corner. Click it, and the following screen should appear:

Bloom Active Optins

Now you will have to choose between the six different opt-in form display types we discussed earlier.

Pick one, and the opt-in configuration screen shows up. Here you get to give a name to the opt-in form you are creating. Once you have given it a name, it is time to design it.

#3. Selecting a Form Template

The design section first asks you to pick a template to get the form creation process started. Once you have selected a template, it is time to customise it. Scroll down, and you should see the customise button.

Bloom Plugin Templates

#4. Customizing Form Design

Here you can customise the opt-in message, opt-in title, include an image, change image orientation, tweak around with the colour, and much more. There is even the option for you to enter your custom CSS. You will also get an option to preview your opt-in form before finalising.

Bloom Review Design Form

#5. Select Form Display Settings

Once you are done here, it is time to head on over to the DISPLAY SETTINGS section. It is here that you will get to ‘define when and where to display the opt-in on your website.’

Bloom Review Load In Settings

And finally, there is the SUCCESS ACTION section. This is where you get to define an action as to what happens after someone successfully subscribes to your mailing list using the opt-in.

Bloom Review Success Redirection

You can either show a success message or redirect the user to a predefined URL.

Measuring Conversion Rates

# Opt-in Stats

As you start creating more and more different opt-in forms, you need to keep updated as to how each of your opt-in forms is performing. To help you out in this area, there is the OPTIN STATS section which gives you a detailed overview of how your opt-ins have been performing.

Bloom Optin Stats

Right off the bat, you will get to see your conversion rate, subscriber count, and weekly subscriber growth. This is followed by a detailed breakdown of the stats of your opt-in forms with info about impressions, conversions, and conversion rate. There is also a section which shows you how many new signups you have over the select period.

# Using Split Testing

Bloom Plugin Split Test

After you have set up an opt-in form, you can begin A/B testing by clicking the corresponding icon. It will allow you to create a variant. You will be restricted to using the same template, but have the option to customise the individual elements, including colour, button text, and so on. You can even set different triggers.

Once done, you can start the test and compare which variant is performing better. You can even set multiple variants for the selected form, so you can evaluate which trigger, color, or button text is generating better conversion rates.

Pricing & License Options

Bloom Plugin Download Link
Bloom WordPress plugin comes from the talented team of developers over at Elegant Themes. And so, much like all other products offered by Elegant Themes, Bloom is not available as a standalone purchase.

To get your hands on this powerful tool for creating and managing your opt-in forms, you will have to subscribe to Elegant Themes membership club at a yearly subscription of $89. There is also an option for lifetime access for $249.

Granted, this might seem expensive for an opt-in plugin, but you are not simply getting access to an opt-in plugin. Instead, you are also getting your hands on other popular products from ElegantThemes including the Divi theme.

Download Bloom Now

Over to You

This was our full in-depth review of Bloom Opt-in plugin for WordPress. We hope that you found this review to be helpful and that now you have a concrete answer on whether you should you install it on your site. We have been using Bloom on few of our sites and the results so far have been phenomenal.

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