The Best Clothing Affiliate Program [2022 Affiliate Programs]

When you’ve narrowed down your niche and chose what products you want to promote, affiliate marketing is a profitable way to monetize your website. You’re here because you’ve decided to go with the fashion niche. That is great. It is a lucrative affiliate program that will earn you good money when utilized properly.

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But there are tons of affiliate programs for fashion bloggers and to be honest, some are not to be trusted. This is where we come in. We’ve listed some of the best fashion and clothing affiliate programs that will help you monetize your blog with ease.

Best Clothing Affiliate Program

Reward Style

Explore Reward Style

Reward Style can be regarded as one of the best clothing and fashion affiliate program which guarantees good commissions. This program is created by an influencer for influencers that aims to fulfill their needs with the finest content scattered across multiple categories. But not anyone can join this program. There are a few criteria that need to be met for getting into the program. These criteria include the history of the influencer, brand mission, social media scale, and business objectives. Reward Style gives you about 5% to 15% commission and will give you hands-on training, guidance and help you increase monetization. Also, the cookie duration is 30 days.


Explore Newchic

Newchic was established back in 2015 and has big plans to establish itself as one of the leading eCommerce for both women’s and men’s fashion. They aim to make their products affordable without compromising quality. Their ambition to grow made them consider starting an affiliate program. Newchic’s affiliate program for fashion bloggers will give out an 18% commission on all sales that come through their affiliate links. For volume affiliates, the commission rate can reach up to 50%! The affiliate links stay on your website for 30 days.


Explore Zaful

ZAFUL’s affiliate program is also one of the most profitable that allows users to earn more than 30% of the sales. ZAFUL works well with both agencies and individual influencers. Agencies get access to the data feed for products, coupons, and such along with API service for digital marketing and more. when an individual influencer joins the programs, they are provided with exclusive coupons and free clothes of they review the brand. With ZAFUL, you get more than 15% in commissions. The affiliate links have a cookie length of 60 days.


Explore Nordstrom

Nordstrom has a substantial reach in the fashion industry. They are reputable, popular and have a huge collection of fashion accessories including shoes, clothes, and makeup. Being as big as they are, their fashion affiliate program will surely be a lucrative way to earn money in commissions. Nordstrom provides you with informative and beautiful banners for more conversions, the account is easy to set up, and they provide you with data and analytics to keep track of the sales you’ve made. The commissions start from 2% and go up to 20%. The cookies last for 14 days.

True Religion

Explore True Religion

True Religion was one a dying brand, but they worked things out and now maintain a profitable and healthy balance sheet. They even started working with Pepper Jam to start a fashion affiliate program. Once you join the program through the Pepper Jam network, you get access to links, logos, images, banners that you can place throughout your website. The program is free to join and the marketers even get bonuses if they make high sales. The commission rate varies between 3% to 8%.


Explore Dresslily

Dresslily is another popular clothing brand on this list that have their own affiliate program. They sell a wide variety of fashion products for both men and women including various home accessories and décor products. Their affiliate program is designed for influencers, agencies, and individuals who want to earn some cash on the side. As long as you have a social account and willing to share the links, you’re good to go. Apart from the 16% commission from sales, you also earn exclusive discounts on clothing. The cookies last for 60 days.

Just My Size

Explore Just My Size

“It costs you nothing, and it pays you a commission” is what Just My Size has to say about its affiliate program. Just My Size is a women’s clothing brand that manufactures its products for women of every shape and size. It also sells products from other brands. To get started with their affiliate program, all you have to do is fill up their online affiliate network application and you’re set. You will have to wait to get selected but after you do, you will be provided with all the resources to help you get set. You will receive a 4% commission for each sale you make.


Explore Shoes Pie

ShoesPie is a trending brand that focuses on shoes and every kind of footwear. It offers trending and fashionable clothing at an affordable price too. ShoesPie also has its own affiliate program which you can register to earn significant money from it. Once you enroll in their affiliate program, you will be provided with resources such as banners, text links, and such. You will earn 11% in commissions and enjoy an additional bonus each month. The cookies last for 60 days.


Explore BooHoo

Despite the name, you won’t get boohoo-ed when you wear their clothes. They are one of the widespread fashion brands that provide their customers with cutting-edge style. They are also regarded as one of the best clothing and fashion affiliate program in terms of varying commissions that depends on each sale. The commission is also different depending on the country. The base commission rate is 7%.


Explore Etsy

Etsy sells everything from apparel to collectibles. It is an eCommerce platform that lets individual sellers create a store for their hand-crafted and homemade products. This huge and popular online store makes the most out of its affiliate programs and you can too. The registration is easy and the programs allow you to access trend reports, rewards, and more. Etsy has its commission rate set to 4% and there are bonuses too. The cookie period is 30 days.


Explore Reebok

Reebok is easily the biggest brand and the most popular brand on this list and possibly the biggest sports and fitness brand in the world. Considering how big it is, utilizing their affiliate program is a no-brainer. After you register for the program, you will have access to Reebok’s huge online inventory of men, women, and other kinds of products. To earn a commission of 7%, all you have to do is redirect the purchasing traffic to Reebok online store through the affiliate links. The cookie period is 30 days. Additionally, if you refer anyone to join Reebok’s affiliate program, you will earn $5 as a referral fee.


Explore Zappos

Zappos sells all kinds of footwear for men, women, and kids. Most of their products are designed for comfort. Zappos is one of those eCommerce platforms that made the right decision at the right time. That is why they have work with more than 1,00 different brands. Zappos also has a fashion affiliate program that pays a 7% commission on each sale.


Explore J.McLaughlin

J.McLaughlin was founded by two brothers Jay and Kevin in 1977 with the mission to infiltrate the American sportswear market. Now, they have expanded their palette with shoes and other accessories for both men and women. As a marketeer who has joined their affiliate program, you will earn a 15% commission through their affiliate links that have a cookie duration of 30 days.

Shopstyle Collective

Explore Shopstyle Collective

Shopstyle Collective’s affiliate program for fashion bloggers and influencers is an excellent way to make a brand grow and widen its reach in social media with essential data and tools. They allow individuals to take home a decent chunk of the sales in commissions and provide stats and analytics to make sure their users grow with them. Shopstyle Collective works not only with their brand but also with thousands of others. As long as you have an Instagram Creator account, you’re good to go. You get to earn up to 20% in commissions and cookie length varies.

Lane Bryant

Explore Lane Bryant

Lane Bryant is a retail clothing store chain that focuses on plus-sized clothing. They also have a clothing affiliate program that provides a decent commission on sales. The size of the commission might not be as good as what other programs provide, but considering the niches of the market, you might be able to earn more in volume. The base commission rate is 4% but it varies according to the affiliate network. The program is easy to join, provides total transparency and the payouts are fast and without complications.

Mod Cloth

Explore Mod Cloth

Mod Cloth is a successful retailer with an extensive selection of fashion along with décor products. They also have great customer service (which they brag about on their website – understandable). If an individual wants to get in their affiliate program and signs up for it, they would get confirmation with 48 hours. In addition to that, once they are signed up, they get access to all the resources immediately and can start earning. Marketers get a 5% commission for each sale and can earn extra in the form of personal discounts. The affiliate links cookies last for 30 days.


Explore Harrods

This lifestyle brand from the UK is famous among the luxurious. Harrods offers a wide variety of products including men’s and women’s clothing, watches, kids’ clothing, designer products and much more. They also have an affiliate program with competitive commission rates on each sale. Along with 5.99% commissions, marketers who opt for Harrods’ affiliate program also get regular newsletters and other content to keep them updated with the program.

Urban Outfitters

Explore Urban Outfitters

A well-known brand all across the world that started as a small store in Pennsylvania, Urban Outfitters have hundreds of stores across 3 continents. Being such a big name in the fashion industry, getting into their affiliate program is surprisingly easy. All you have to do is register and you’re good to go. You will be provided with links that you have to put on your website. You will receive a 5% commission for each sale you make and the cookies last for a day.

Old Navy

Explore Old Navy

Old Navy, a clothing brand for the whole family, is owned by Gap and has been around for quite a long time. This popular brand has its outlets all around the world, so choosing its affiliate program might be a good decision. The registration process is simple and you will have no problem signing up. You will be guided through a step-by-step procedure for setting up the affiliate links. For every sale you make through the affiliate links, you will receive a 4% commission.


Explore All Saints

This fast-growing fashion retailer from the UK has customers all over the world. From loungewear to footwear and from men to women, AllSaints has it all. And to put a cherry on top, they also have their own fashion affiliate program which will give you the opportunity to make some real cash. Once you get registered, you will receive all the resources you’ll need to set up the affiliate links on your website. the cookies last for 30 days and you will receive 7% for each sale you make.

Hudson’s Bay

Explore Hudson’s Bay

Hudson’s Bay is a Canadian store chain that has the most comprehensive collection of fashion merchandise in Canada. This is why it is also one of the busiest. Hudson’s Bay also has its own affiliate program that seems lucrative to the marketeers. The company has partnered with Rakuten Affiliate Network for its affiliate program. They will give you about 4% commission for each sale you make.


Explore Jane

Jane sells shoes, jewelry, and clothing for women and kids. Accounting just the number of products they add daily, they are on top of the competition. That is why Jane can be considered as one of the most profitable clothing brands for affiliate marketers. On top of that, they have their own in-house team for handling the program. To get started and learn about the commission rate, you will have to send them a mail.

Daem Watches

Explore Daem Watches

If you’re preferred niche is accessories (or watches to be precise), then you should strongly consider Daem Watches’ affiliate program. All the watches they manufacture are handcrafted and designed with inspiration taken from rich culture all around them. And since these are handcrafted watches, they don’t come cheap. So, if you roll into their affiliate program, you will earn quite a substantial amount on each sale with a commission rate of 20%.

Hugo Boss

Explore Elegant Themes

All men know what Hugo Boss represents. They have been in the men’s fashion industry since 1920 and have now expanded their business from suits to motorcycle wear and watches. Furthermore, Hugo Womenswear is their successful attempt to provide clothing for both genders. So, when you register for their affiliate program, you have the chance to earn up to 12% commission selling both men’s and women’s clothing.

Browns Fashion

Browns Fashion was established back in 1970 and since then they have been expanding steadily all over London. They are now associated with popular and luxury fashion brands such as Versace, Gucci, and more. They sell both men’s and women’s clothing. You, as an affiliate, will earn a 7% commission for each sale that goes through your website. You also get 30 days cookie duration.


Although there are tons of other fashion affiliate programs that we couldn’t include in this list, the ones that we’ve mentioned are some of the best fashion affiliate programs with lucrative commissions. But you have to keep in mind that this is a very completive niche and choosing the right affiliate program that suits you is of utmost importance. Some of the programs in this list might be a bit tough to join, and some you can join just by registering. No matter the case, do not stop trying.

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