5CloudHost Review – The 5 Year of Premium Cloud Hosting You Ever Need in 2022

All of the websites you surf or browse through are backed by a reliable web hosting service. The web hosting service stores the website and associated files in its server. When someone types in the web address of the site, the server sends the site to the user.

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Excellent hosting service should be reliable in terms of speed, space, support, bandwidth and security. With many different hosting services and different pricing options available in the market, it is confusing to select the best web hosting service to suit your need.

In this 5CloudHost review, we are going to talk about 5CloudHost, a premium web hosting service which offers high-quality web hosting in as low as 2 cents per day. It is offers five years of insanely fast web hosting service at the price of what you are paying for your current hosting for a single year. 5CloudHost offers Daily backups, Free SSL certificate, Firewall & WAF and unlimited bandwidth along with the web hosting plan.


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5CloudHost Review

#1. Client Area

5CloudHost has a centralized dashboard from where you can access all the services it offers.


  • Services: lets you view the list of subscribed services and the available services. You can order a new service from the Services tab.
  • Domains: lets you see the list of purchased domains along with the feature to search a domain. You can renew your domain, register a new domain, transfer domain and pre-register your domain using the Domains tab.
  • Billing: lets you access all your invoices and quotes from a single location. You can add your fund and do mass payment using this tab.
  • Support: lets you view your support ticket which is open, answered, closed and waiting for a reply if you encounter any issue with the web hosting service. The tickets are solved and has a maximum turn-around time of 1 hour. Any announcements made by the company are listed here. You can also access the knowledge base and downloads provided by 5CloudHost.
  • Open Ticket: If you can’t find a solution to your problem in the site knowledgebase, you can open a ticket related to general inquiries, technical support and billing/sales.
  • Affiliate: 5CloudHost also offers an affiliate program which lets you earn commission for every signup via your custom signup link.

#2. Active Hosting

After you have purchased the service, you will get a separate dashboard where you can see different information related to the website from a single place. It lets you view the usage statistics, billing overview and quick shortcuts to different features.

You can also access the cPanel, webmail along with the site’s file manager from this dashboard. A Whois Info button is also placed in the dashboard, which lets you access various information related to the domain, date of creation, expiry, nameservers, etc.


You can also access the email accounts and set forwarders & Autoresponders. You can create a backup of your entire site using the Backup feature. The sub-domain and the addon domains can be accessed from this dashboard. You can set Cron jobs for your website to accomplish different recurring functions.

MySQL Database and phpMyAdmin features can also be accessed from the Quick Shortcuts. A visual statistic about the visitors of your site can also be viewed using the Awstats feature.

#3. cPanel

You can access your cPanel from the client area dashboard. cPanel is a web hosting control panel to manage your website. It provides an interface and automation tools which lets you easily manage your site.

Using the cPanel, you can view all the general information about your site. You can access your file, check your disk usage, create FTP connections, backup your site and change the privacy of the directory.


You can see the billing details, network status, domain information, access invoice history and download resources from the Billing & support tab.

The cPanel offers one-click Softaculous Apps installer which lets you install your favorite app easily.

#4. Host Features

5CloudHost offers a ton of features with their web hosting services. It has a secure infrastructure with its firewall, WAF, antimalware and antivirus scanner to protect your site from external attacks.

4.1 One-Click Installation

You can install your favorite web applications with one click installation using 5CloudHost. It supports more than 450 web applications with popular names likes WordPress, Magneto, WooCommerce, etc.


The company also offers a money-back guarantee if the web app doesn’t work with the hosting service.

4.2 Payment Integration

5Cloudhost accepts multiple payment methods and offers flexible billing. It accepts VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, Skrill and Crypto coins.


5CloudHost uses high-performance hardware for hosting services. The company offers powerful servers with 40 Cores Intel XEON CPUs with 128 Gb RAM. These servers have a transmission speed of more than 10 Gbps which increases the speed of your website. The RAID SSD storage of the server provides enhanced read and write speed.

The hosting data centres are secured and are certified with a Tier 3 certified infrastructure with its firewall, antivirus and antimalware protection. The site backups are taken daily. 5CloudHost has a dedicated in-house support team available 24/7 to answer all technical difficulties.

4.3 Knowledgebase

5CloudHost has a knowledge base with helpful information which is helpful when you encounter an issue with the web hosting service. It lists all the known common issues that you may face during the configuration.

4.4 Cloudflare Partnership

5CloudHost has partnered with Cloudflare for speed optimization. With the partnership, your site loads faster and secure. Just look for the Cloudflare icon, choose the domain you want to enable and click the Orange cloud.

4.5 User Feedbacks

5CloudHost has been the most popular choice among many different users. Popular review sites have rated it 10/10 in terms of the service they are offering. Most of the users have praised 5CloudHost for their fast speed and zero downtime along with their amazing tech customer service. They are also very competitive in terms of their pricing, which makes them ahead of the top names in the web hosting space.

License & Pricing

5CloudHost offers flexible pricing options. It has three packages, Cloud Starter, Cloud Business and the Cloud Enterprise package. The Cloud Starter package starts from $47 for five years, and the enterprise package will cost you $147 for five years. The company offers a 30 days money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their service.


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Over to You – 5CloudHost Review

With five years of hosting with a minimal price, 5CloudHost is the web hosting provider; you should look out for if you want a hosting service which is high in speed and reliable with its service.

Let us know in comments what do you think about this cloud host service?