Pantheon WordPress Review [2023] – The Most Scalable WordPress Hosting Platform?

Pantheon is a platform for open-source WordPress websites. The Pantheon platform is an application-specific provider which is sold on a monthly basis for which customers can subscribe either at once or in instalments.

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Before moving forward with the Pantheon Word Press relation, it is essential to know Pantheon and its various features.


WHAT IS PANTHEON? is more than a hosting service, Pantheon combines various web development tools in web hosting and cloud management services. The service is free for developers since it is based in the cloud. Data can also be imported into the Pantheon automatically if the business has an existing WordPress best website. Pantheon is much like a software-defined data centre.

Every team member can use the various services provided by Pantheon that are offered on-site for demand while developing on a single platform. Thus, large websites can launch in much lesser time and cost very low in the long run.

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Why use Pantheon?

Pantheon is one of the most straightforward and easily manageable hosting services available. With Pantheon, there is no need for any system administration or server management. Backups are scheduled automatically and do not require any workforce. Not only this, it has a renewed and improved rate along with various additional features for all types and levels of hosting service. The overall monthly cost is significantly low than any other on-campus solutions for web hosting.

Pantheon has emerged as a leader in web hosting and web content management.


When running a website, you need to make sure that you can catch your visitor’s attention in the first 2 seconds. It would help if you found out whether your visitors are reading your content during the first two seconds or they are waiting for your navigation to load due to its slow loading capacity.

The most important aspect of WordPress performance is speed. It can be a huge difference between catching a visitor’s attention and sending them away to another competitor. It is known that modern consumers expect fast websites even if they’re on their mobile phones. According to several studies, it has been seen that a one-second delay in response generally reduces website conversion rates by 7%. Most online customers say that the slowness of a website is the biggest reason they would abandon a website.

Yes, WordPress is great at making first impressions. Still, it is also essential to keep up with the ever-changing optimization techniques, and this requires monitoring and the best quality of WordPress hosting.

  • High performance hosting through Pantheon

Pantheon offers unrivalled speed and scalability, making it one of the best hosting platforms all across the globe. It is one of the most reliable high-performance solutions for any WordPress website. It delivers page loads in a matter of a few seconds. The content delivery network offer website has an immense impact on the speed and responsiveness of your digital footprint. Pantheon does offer a superfast network delivery system and subsequent page loads available throughout the WordPress customers.

On average, WordPress users see a 1.15 seconds speed increase instantly after using Pantheon as their hosting service. Compared to other hosting platforms, you do not have to pay any extra charge for full-page caching or deal with bandwidth caps. Not only this, you can tap into the most powerful and strategically distributed points of presence throughout the globe to expedite a better delivery and engagement with your audience.

A user can go from design and testing directly to the launch of their connected deployment. This saves time and resources and helps in the maintenance of each environment for hosting. Pantheon offers full-page caching, global access, TLS encryption and security, as well as peak performance.

  • Serverless CMS

With Pantheon, you can create rich and innovative digital experiences using a vast pool of global talents to deliver excellent results and improve SEO rankings while increasing conversions. With an open-source CMS as a service, you can focus on sites and retain all control to ensure the best possible stability, security and overall performance.

Simultaneously, an unrivalled speed and uptime are offered on cloud infrastructures that can deliver subsequent page loads using object cache and a high-speed content delivery network. Along with this, Pantheon also runs over thousands of monitoring checks every day while making sure to alert its customers regarding any potential performance issues.

Pantheon provides complimentary access to some of the best class tools for debugging any application performance issues in your website while also offering a built-in security feature that can encrypt channels and limit user access in case of a threat. With Pantheon, you can deploy your application and resources across various regions and zones to ensure no data centre level failures.

  • Structured workflow systems

It is essential to innovate and deliver the best services across your website by empowering a cross-functional team. With the integration of Pantheon for your WordPress, you can have integrated version control to debug new functionalities while also maintaining complete control over all code changes.

Every website comes with identical environments, so you can test for issues before going live when launching any new feature without stopping all the works that are going on during the time. By collaborating on websites intelligently, you can eliminate unnecessary delays in launching new content updates without any break in production.

You no longer need to worry about slow coding or any aspect of your website going down. By working directly on Pantheon to develop a quick prototype, you can make sure that nothing ever stops. It also allows you to branch, merge and review your team with a good production parity without blockers.

Not only this, but you can also access the complete platform interface through an integrated command line to add a real-time user interface for the development of your website and management of your workflow. Using an existing provider and continuous integration to Pantheon, you can connect and feature various workflows.

By using a real-time interface for a web development team, Pantheon helps to manage the workflow through all its environments. You can also connect your existing providers and continuous integration to Pantheon by featuring a branching workflow. By providing nightly automated backups of a websites database, files and quotes, Pantheon makes sure that everything is running perfectly without any glitch.

  • Website Portfolio Management

By using Pantheon, you can now create, manage, and scale various websites all across multiple brands and even domains. You can access your web portfolio by leveraging your open-source and improving your experience through several websites and regions.

Similarly, you can build customized upstream and manage multiple websites by employing numerous designs and universal quotes while also using all the customizations you need. Along with this, you can also direct all of your WordPress projects through a central dashboard.

Using a Pantheon hosting service, you can confidently leverage various open sources while focusing on numerous resources for your growth and maintenance of security by using excellent CMS updates.

You can also automate multiple developer efficiency by streamlining the web operations by providing preconfigured automation and the required frequency. By enforcing standards without compromising on your flexibility, Pantheon makes sure that it can provide an intuitive interface for its clients without any disruption in performance.


WordPress hosting has become unrivalled in speed and scalability through Pantheons hosting services. Now you can publish different contents in real-time and control your road map without a lot of operational overhead. It is known that website speed matters a lot.

According to various studies conducted across the globe, a loading time of more than two seconds generally causes a jump of visitor abandonment by a 30 to 60% scale. Using the Pantheon WordPress hosting means you no longer need to worry about your website’s scalability or performance.

Pantheon provides a serverless WordPress architecture to empower marketers and developers to create and publish high-speed online web content without any overhead. By creating an underlying infrastructure on application containers, we can give your

WordPress portfolio unlimited scalability and help you to deliver a high-quality experience across all devices. You can also manage all of your WordPress websites by using Pantheon. All you need to do is manage a single portfolio and deploy various quotes across hundreds of websites, providing you full access to the excellent multi-website environment.

Handle spikes in traffic without any glitch

Now you can handle any traffic spikes or other issues without any issues. Using the WordPress hosting providers can reduce the risk of downtimes during any traffic spikes. Using Pantheon, you can scale millions of pageviews without compromising the performance. This platform container-based infrastructure also makes it more reliable and gives a better performing hosting service.

What is the difference between a Pantheon managed WordPress and traditional WordPress Hosting?

A standard WordPress host generally offers server space and a few essential tools. Although it allows you to build an infrastructure and develop tools, you need to do your support. On the other hand, you do not need to worry about anything with managed hosting through Pantheon. It handles everything from architecture and capacity to even set up and much more.

Every Pantheon account comes with a variety of features designed to make the entire development and administrative process simple and easy. According to various studies, Pantheon has emerged as the leading managed hosting platform.

If you are migrating your portfolio or any other complex architecture, the professional service team of Pantheon provides an excellent and managed update system ensuring your reliability and security. It frees you from worrying about the safety and reliability of your website while making sure that you have enough time to focus on the critical work.


Pantheon provides an excellent custom training program that can help you to speed up the development process and ramp up your training for team members. Various platform essentials for WordPress are covered during the process, and extra intensive training is given on development workflow, performance and scalability of a website and automation.

  • Pantheon also provides custom application services to its users at WordPress and engages with experts who can help them identify and solve various issues. You can learn the details of your business organizations and provide various in-depth consulting services.
  • Pantheon migration allows users to stay focused on the crucial work while leaving the additional jobs to an experienced team. You can choose a fully managed migration from a professional team at Pantheon, or you can also use Pantheon’s various self-guided tools and documentation. Whether you choose, Pantheon allows you to formulate the best approach to move your organization.
  • Now you can rest easily without any worries regarding the migration process. An experienced team of thousands of developers and managers at WordPress can help you collaborate closely with your team and develop a timeline while leveraging extensive automation to migrate even the most complicated websites.
  • Now you can manage the integration of single sign-on, search, outbound mails and an SSL certification before launching any content on your website.
  • Pantheon also supports migration for large websites portfolios, including various WordPress site networks, while maintaining site migration integrity using the best techniques and module optimization.
  • Every website has to undergo prelaunch load testing wild incorporating any new content. To avoid any surprises, the Pantheon team tries your website and reviews all performance issues that need optimization before the actual launch.
  • Pantheon ensures that your website has the latest version of WordPress core while also pricing its best to provide community-contributed plugins and other global CDN advanced systems for configurations regarding growth and brand control.


Pantheon offers a variety of accounting options and pricing with various features and specifications.

Pantheon Account Options & Site Hosting Pricing

Silver plan

The silver plan is free of cost, perfect for developers. You can get started on the agile Pantheon hosting platform free of all charges by creating your account. It includes:

  • Two free sandbox websites
  • Free HTTP certificates
  • Integrated content delivery network.
  • It also offers Git Based development system for test and live environments.

This plan provides you with all the features required to get your website started and running. It also comes with technical assistance and full access to the entire documentation site supplied by Pantheon.

Gold plan

The gold plan is best for companies having small teams.

  • It provides various tools and offers support systems to the team to collaborate efficiently while ensuring that your CMS is up to date.

Silver plus plan

The silver plus plan offers:

  • Custom upstream, which can enforce standards across multiple websites.
  • It also enables a multi-developer team through which you can collaborate.
  • Under the silver plus program, Pantheon provides an automated update system for WordPress.
  • Along with this, you also receive technical assistance with multi development systems, modules and plugins, CDN optimization, WordPress deployment and lastly, DNS setups.

Platinum plan

Under the platinum plan, you can have:

  • An optimized site portfolio to better performance can simplify your integrations across the entire workflow system.

The platinum plan is perfect for large teams who require high performance across their websites.

Gold plus plan

The gold plus plan provides several technical assistance to its users, such as:

  • Configuration of customizing upstream
  • Cache optimization
  • Cloud integration
  • Advanced workflows
  • Identification of issues
  • Use of the complex caching system

Diamond plan

A diamond plan is an excellent option for enterprise teams. It provides a white-glove experience along with:

  • Site network setup
  • Migration
  • Training sessions for your team

Platinum plus plan

The platinum plus plan offers a wide variety of features, including:

  • Configuration of websites and organizations
  • Planning regarding all pre-migration techniques and issues
  • Transition and launch of the DNS system
  • Live training for workshops
  • Prelaunch testing
  • Site network setup and training for all teams
  • It also provides technical assistance in case of an offload critical debugging


Pantheon offers a wide range of hosting services and plans so that everyone can choose the plan that fits the requirements.

Basic plan

The basic plan is perfect for local businesses, small blogs, and low traffic websites. You need to pay $41 per month, which is prepaid annually. It includes various features such as:

  • Automatic check at the time of launch
  • One-click updates
  • 25K cap of monthly visits
  • 99.9% Of uptime

It also includes integrated version control, automated developer efficiency, automated backups and chats support. You can get a live chat support system for WordPress experts to get all your doubts cleared up without any delay.

Performance plan

The performance plans are one of the most popular options available at Pantheon and are perfect for all goal-oriented business websites. The performance plan has four different kinds of options available at different rates.

  • Small

It is available at $150 per month, which has to be prepaid annually. It offers a 25K monthly visit cap and serves 125K pages. This plan includes a 30 GB SSD storage and one app server with failover.

The medium plan can take up to 10 domains and has a memory application limit of 256 MB. It has eight PHP worker systems and offers load balancing, object cache, search, new relic performance monitoring, manual and automated backups. It has backup retention of six months and can take up to 10 free domains for HTTPS. It also has secure integration if paired with the elite.

  • Medium

It is available at a price of $275 per month, which needs to be prepaid annually. It offers a 50K monthly visit cap and serves around 250Kyes. It also requires a 50 GB SSD storage while providing two load-balanced app servers.

The medium plan can take up to 15 custom domains and has an application memory limit of 512 MB. It can take up to 16 PHP workers and offers all the features provided in a small plan. It has a backup retention capacity of six months for automated and manual backups. You can have up to 15 free domains on the HTTPS security system. If paired with elite, the medium plan also provides a secure integration system.

  • Large

The large option is available at a rate of $550 per month. It offers a 150K monthly visit cap and serves 750k pages. Let’s plan requires 100 GB SSD storage. You can get three load-balanced app servers along with this plan.

The Large plan incorporates 35 maximum domains with customization options. It also has an application memory limit of 512 MB. It has three application containers and 24 PHP workers. It provides various features such as load balancing, object cache, high-performance end cache system, and automated and manual backups. This plan also gives 6-month retention to backup. However, it offers 35 free domains for HTTP and is SSL enabled.

  • Extra large

To receive an extra-large plan, you need to pay an amount of $916 per month. It provides a 300K monthly visit cap and serves around 1.5M pages. You need 200 GB SSD storage and offers a load balance app server.

The extra-large plan can take up to 70 maximum domains. It also provides unlimited customization options and has a memory application limit of 512 MB. It has four application containers and 32 PHP workers. It offers all the additional features available with the previous plans, along with six-month retention of automated and manual backups. It has up to 70 free domains for HTTP and SSL enabled. It can also be paired with the elite for a secure integration system.


The Pantheon WordPress system provides productivity improvement and drives down the cost of changes for your WordPress websites. The autopilot system of Pantheon saves a lot of time and increases accuracy by upgrading various processes while giving complete flexibility and control to the developers. Last but not least, the structured agile workflow and website portfolio management makes it one of the fastest-growing companies.

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