WP Real Estate Pro Review – Best Real Estate WordPress Plugin?

In this WP Real Estate Pro review, we’ll have look at this robust real estate plugin so you can be informed when deciding whether to get it.

Want to create a professional real estate website using any WordPress theme? If yes, you might want to consider the WP Real Estate Pro plugin from MyThemeShop.com.

This premium feature-rich plugin brings everything you need to build a real estate listing site, including an advanced search function, Google Maps integration,  detailed property listings, IDX/MLS integration, easy import/export options, pricing packages, payment gateways and much more.

This plugin is a perfect solution for real estate brokers and real estate agencies who want to display their listings. With more and more people using the internet to research for homes, having a website is mandatory. And with the WP Real Estate plugin, you can transform any WordPress website into a fully functional real estate listing website

A free lite version of the WP Real Estate plugin is also available on MyThemeShop.com. Click here to read our review of the free real estate plugin.


WP Real Estate Pro Plugin Features Overview

  • Compatible with all WordPress themes
  • IDX and MLS integration – imports listings automatically.
  • Advanced search function
  • Google Maps integration
  • Related listings feature
  • Ajax-powered filter options
  • Import and Export option
  • Supports multiple agencies
  • Listings comparison
  • Detailed property listings
  • In-built mortgage calculator
  • Paid listings with out-of-the-box  PayPal and Stripe support
  • Membership plans for agents
  • Front-end user submissions
  • Multiple custom widgets
  • WordPress customizer support
  • Features a shortcode generator – makes it easy to embed listings, search bar, agents, nearby listings, etc, to any page.
  • Supports multiple grid layouts
  • Email notifications
  • Custom agents page
  • Developers can easily extend the plugin with more features
  • Fast, clean and secure code
  • Extensive documentation and 24/7 support


Download WP Real Estate Pro | View Plugin Demo


Advanced Search Functionality

One of the most amazing features of the WP Real Estate Pro plugin is the advanced search functionality. It allows users to decide between buying and renting, look at addresses, suburbs, regions, zips or landmarks, and look at options such as type; maybe of houses, town houses, condos, land, and so on.

Users can also search by minimum prices, maximum prices, minimum number of bedrooms and maximum bedrooms.


Interactive Google Maps


google maps

The WP Real Estate Pro plugin comes with Google Maps integration right off the bat, allowing you to see the different areas you might have and your listings. A full-featured listings map shows the opportunity to click on a button, such as, and see homes within a certain radius of each other.

With the icons, users can see how far they are from parks, maybe from work, from shops, maybe from restaurants, whatever they decide. Users can also see different pricing and whatever options the homes might have. Moreover, users can click on particular listing straight from the Google Maps area.


Front-End User Submissions

User submissions go together with packages. People can create an account and buy packages from you and then add all their information. So for example, if they have a listing they want to sell, they can publish that on your website. From the back-end, you can choose whether you want user submissions to be manually approved or automatically approved.

The submit listing form allows users to enter details about the different items that they have ( price, photos, address, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc), and it works seamlessly with any theme that you have.


IDX/MLS Integration

The WP Real Estate Pro plugin allows you to easily integrate IDX content on your website. This makes it easy to deliver multiple listings to your buyers and keep your listings up to date.


Detailed Single-Listing Page

The showcase of the house or property on the single-listing page is beautiful. Use an amazing picture that people will want to click on and add scrolling images; for example you can put a kitchen, a bathroom, backyard, front of the house, and whatever you can put that’s going to be a selling point for you.


single-listing page demo

The single-listing page also has pricing, property address, bedrooms, bathrooms, how many car garages, and the square feet or square depending on where you are. An open-for-inspection or viewing feature allows you to set specific time and schedule for potential buyers to view a property.

The neighborhood section lets you talk about the locality, maybe if the property is closer to schools, parks, and things like that, that might be a good selling point. Then you have your external and internal features, which could be changed within the dashboard. Internal features could include things like  dishwasher and open fireplace, while external features could include a barbecue area, tennis/basketball court, etc.

Another great thing about the WP Real Estate Pro plugin is the related listings area. This means if one property does not work for a specific person, maybe one of your other houses will do. The related listings will also have details like pricing, address, bedrooms, bathrooms and garage.

On the right of the single-listing page, you have a listing map. When somebody clicks on it, they can see how close they are to parks, schools, work, and whatever they want. Users can also see agent details and a way to contact them. A quick contact form makes it easy for someone to get a hold of you whatever time of day it is. Overall, the WP Real Estate Pro plugin makes every home look amazing and beautiful, and you can have anybody get a hold of you as easy as possible.


Agencies and Agents



If, for example, you’re a broker and you have multiple agencies, or maybe you’re a large agency with multiple locations, you can list your different locations in the agencies pages. You also have an agency details page where you can talk about your agency, where it’s located so people can come to your office and show your recent listings.

The agents page is where you list yourself or the other agents you work with. Customers can also click on a single-agent page to learn a little more about the person they’re working with. You can talk about specialties, awards, specific agent listings, and you can edit this within your dashboard.


Membership Plans

You can enable membership plans for agents, which will allow users to list a fixed number of properties instead of paying for each listing individually. Plans can last a day, a week, a month, or a year.


Packages & Paid Listings

Say, for example, you’re a management company or a broker that accepts different kind of listings from different people. For example if you’re a management agency and you’re going to list rental homes for somebody, you can offer them a chance to put their listings on your website.



Say you get a lot of traffic to your website and you want to build a showcase of other people’s properties on your website, the packages feature is a great benefit to do this. You can set different packages with different benefits and pricing as you wish. Once people subscribe, they have the opportunity to pay you via different payment methods.


Payment Gateways

If you’re selling memberships or paid listings, people can pay for them in different ways, including Paypal, Stripe, Direct back transfer, and more payment gateways will be added in the future.

This makes it easy where you can earn extra money by making memberships and sell packages through your real estate website.


In-built Mortgage Calculator

The in-built mortgage calculator makes it easy for potential customers to know how much they’ll need to pay for a certain property. It comes with a widget, so you can easily embed the calculator within your website.


WP Real Estate Pro Plugin Back-End Options

Every plugin or theme may add different items on the main navigation of WordPress admin. The WP Real Estate plugin automatically adds different listings functions after you install and activate it.

You’ll have “Listings”, “New Listing”, “Listing Type”, “Agencies”, “Memberships”, “Subscriptions”, “Enquiries”, “Agents”, “Import/Export”, “Import IDX Listings” and “WRE Settings”.



When somebody contacts you via your contact form, you can see what enquiry they were relating to. You can see on which listing the enquiry was made, the listing type, who the agent is, who the enquiry is from, their email and of course the message.


Import/Export Options

If you have a test website or a website that’s not live, or one that’s online but not getting traffic, you can go to the import/export  and simply import the plugin’s demo data. With this demo data, you’ll get dummy listings and stuff that you can work with and see how the plugin functions.

You can also import data from a file or import settings from an external file. Besides, you can also export listings and agencies.


WRE Settings

The WP Real Estate Pro plugin settings page has the different options you can configure for the plugin. You’ll find different tabs on the page – General, Listings, Agents, Agencies, Contact Form, IDX, My Listings, My Account and Advanced.

wre settings


In this section, we’ll give an overview of the different settings tabs.

  1. General settings – This tab has general display settings, options for premium badges, Google Maps settings, as well as search settings.
  2. Listings – Here you can configure different settings relating to your listings, including listing setup, listing features, listing statuses, related listings and currency options.
  3. Agents – Contains settings for the Agents Archive page as well as the Agents-Single page.
  4. Agencies – Here you can set up your agencies page and the URL for your Single-Agency page.
  5. Contact form settings – Here you can configure different settings for your contact forms. You can configure how enquiry emails are sent to agents, add extra emails that are CC’d on every enquiry, add contents of the email sent to agents and more.
  6. IDX settings – From here you can add your IDX API key and choose how IDX listings are imported and configure settings that apply to any imported listings.
  7. My listings – Under my listings, you’ll find settings for the my-listings page, options for user submitted listings, payment options and submit listings email notifications.
  8. My Account – Contains user account settings as well as account email notifications options.
  9. Advanced settings – Under the advanced tab, you can configure template HTMl settings, including enabling/disabling theme compatibility and choosing to hide/show in-content sidebar on single-listing page. You can also choose whether all plugin data should be deleted uninstalling the plugin.

And those are the WRE settings within the WP Real Estate Pro plugin. Always make sure you click save changes


WRE WordPress Customizer Options

What makes the WP Real Estate plugin great is all the customizable features that it has. For instance, you can WP Real Estate Pro Plugin WordPress Customizer optionscustomize your WP Real Estate listing area from the native WordPress Customizer, which lets you see real-time previews of the changes you make.

The plugin offers different customization options, such as:

  • Appearance – Lets you customize the appearance of your listing page. You can play around with the look of different elements including icon color, sidebar headings, button background, search box background color, title color, address color and price color.
  • Listing Statuses – Customize the appearance of your under offer status icons.
  • Gallery settings – Customize the appearance and behavior of your listing galleries. You can choose whether or not images should start to slide automatically, the time between each auto transition, number of thumbnails to show below each main image, the icon to show on slider, etc.
  • Icons – Underneath icons you can choose the tick to show next to each feature on the Internal & External Feature list, the bedroom icon and the car space icon.


Multiple Custom Widgets

The WP Real Estate Pro plugin brings various custom widgets that you can add within your blog or website. The widgets available include:

  • WRE Agents –  Display agents either in a carousel or listing view.
  • WRE Nearby Lisitngs – Show nearby listings.
  • WRE Related Listings – Related listings be shown on single-listings page.
  • WRE Widget – Use this widget to display Agent Details, Agent Listings and Agency details on their respective pages.
  • WRE Search Listings – Use this widget to display search listings form
  • WRE Mortgage Calculator
  • WRE Recent Listings
  • WRE Agencies

WP Real Estate Pro plugin custom widgets


Developer Friendly

The WP Real Estate Pro plugin is super customizable and developer friendly. This makes it easy for developers to work with it with a lot of different WordPress themes and other plugins.

This is a great plugin that has so many hooks and so many filters.


WP Real Estate Pro Plugin Documentation & Support

If you go back to your MyThemeShop.com dashboard, underneath your WP Real Estate Pro plugin area, you’ll see a link named documentation. If you click on the link, it will download a documentation file. The documentation can also walk you through the plugin’s settings.

MyThemeShop also have a support forum that you can go to and their support staff is on hand to assist you with some of your questions.


Download WP Real Estate Pro | View Plugin Demo


Closing Thoughts

Whether you are a real estate broker or a real estate agency, having a website to display your listings is mandatory in this day and age.

Hopefully, this review has helped you learn more about the WP Real Estate pro plugin, and hopefully the plugin will help you succeed online and your real estate business can grow.

Have you tried the WP Real Estate plugin? What’s your opinion of this WordPress real estate plugin? I would love to hear all about it in the comments below!