10+ Best WordPress Instagram Plugins For Displaying Interactive Social Feeds [2023]

Instagram is a great platform for your social media marketing campaigns. And thanks to the powerful Instagram API, developers have extensive control over the app and insights regarding audience behavior. Now, if you are a WordPress user, you too can gain access to all these insights and powerful features by installing WordPress Instagram plugin on your site.

WordPress is blessed with a massive community of talented developers who creates many feature-rich plugins that can take your WordPress website to new heights. In this article,lets look at some of the best Instagram Feed WordPress plugins which can help you to connect Instagram API to WordPress.

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Adding WordPress Instagram Plugins to WordPress

We have conveniently divided the list into the plugins that come for free or with a premium price tag. But regardless of the pricing, all plugins will give you the basic functionalities, such as the option to embed Instagram feeds onto your website. But if you wish to get your hands on some of the more advanced functionality, then you will have to go premium.

#1. Instagram Slider Widget

Instagram Slider Widget

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Instagram Slider Widget helps you to integrate a responsive slider widget to showcase your Instagram photos or feed onto your WordPress website. You can use this WP Instagram plugin to showcase up to 12 latest images from any public Instagram account or hashtag.

All the images are imported to your WordPress site in the form of WordPress attachments. You also get the option to display the images in Slider or Thumbnails. Some of its more notable features includes the option to link images to user profiles, image URLs, attachment URL, custom URL, and so on. You can also sort the images randomly, or based on popularity or date.

#2. FloFlow


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Flow-Flow is one of the most popular social media plugins available to us. It is a premium Instagram feed WordPress plugin which allows you to insert social media feeds to your website. You can also add WordPress posts in beautiful responsive grids and sliders. It displays the user-generated content in an exceptional way. This will help to create a fabulous online presence for your brand and boost your online business. Flow-Flow allows you to make any combination of your social media feeds.

The content can be delivered to the users at a very fast speed. Flow-Flow is GDPR compliant and does not store the data for your users. The plugin is also fully responsive and highly customizable. You can also use it to stream news, photos and videos.

#3. Instagram Gallery

Instagram Gallery WordPress Plugin

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Starting off our list, we have Instagram Gallery WordPress plugin. As the name suggests, this plugin helps you to display Instagram images on your website. It is super easy to use and offers some handy features. Setting up the plugin is as simple as inserting your Instagram username or tag name. Once you have done that, wait a few seconds, and all your pictures will be up on your website. There is no need to mess around with any convoluted APIs or go through any login procedure.

This Instagram plugin for WordPress also gives you the option to display all these images through a Gallery or as a Carousel Slider. The settings panel gives you the freedom to add as many galleries as you wish by using shortcodes. You can also set up an Instagram gallery widget in the widget section.

#4. Instagram Feed


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Instagram Feed is one of the best selling Insta plugins for the purpose and brings a lot of options to the table. You get extensive customization control over how you wish to display all images on your website. First of all, you get the option to pick between a grid-based layout or a slider layout. Then there are different post templates to help you decide how the posts will be represented on your feed. Then there is the option to integrate infinite photo scrolling and call to action buttons.

You can also fetch images based on usernames, hashtags, or locations. There are options to help you to limit the number of photos to display on the feed. You can also control the size of the gallery, customize how the gallery looks, and much more.

#5. Feed Them Social

Feed Them Social

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Next free plugin on our list is – Feed Them Social. Now, this isn’t exclusively a WordPress Instagram plugin and has support for all the popular social media platforms – Instagram included. You have support for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Youtube apart from Instagram. The plugin provides share options to all these platforms along with shortcode support to fetch feeds from them.

Other features include the option to like or follow a particular feed, as well as a load more button to allow the user to see more content. Now, this plugin also supports a freemium model. The above-mentioned features are all available with the free version but are somewhat limited.

#6. AccessPress Instagram Feed

AccessPress WordPress Instagram Feed

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AccessPress Instagram Feed is another freemium WordPress plugin for Instagram. The free version alone can help you to embed Instagram feed in your website and display images in a stunning mosaic view. All you have to do is enter the details of your Instagram account, and you are good to go. The WordPress Instagram plugin comes with the option to display the Instagram images in normal mode, slider mode, or lightbox mode.

Depending on your site’s design, you can take advantage of this and create a more visually appealing website. However, this Instagram WordPress plugin isn’t merely for design and aesthetics. In fact, there are plenty of advanced features you can take use to your advantage. For example, with shortcode and widget support, you get the freedom to place your Instagram feed practically anywhere on your website.

#7. Instagram Feed

Instagram Feed WD Plugin from Web Dorado

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Another entry on our list of Instagram WP plugins, we have Instagram Feed WD Plugin from 10web. If you want the embrace the classic and simple means for highlighting Instagram images on your website, then you can’t go wrong with the plugin.

However, don’t let its simplicity fool you. If you wish to work with more customization options then you have access to amazing looking layouts including a filmstrip layout. Functionality wise it will give you advanced filtering options, the ability for comment integration and so on.

#8. SmashBalloon Instagram Feed Pro

Smashballoon Insta Pro

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Instagram Feed Pro WordPress plugin by SmashBalloon will be perfect if you are looking for massive customization capabilities and features to control how you want your Instagram feed to function. First of all, you get the option to embed Instagram feed on your website. Then on top of that, you get to control the layout, coloring, spacing, and plenty of other aspects.

And if that’s not enough, you get the option to create a carousel for the images, option to open each photo within a lightbox, ability to create shoppable feeds with purchase links, option to integrate video, and so much more.

#9. Instagram Journal

Instagram Journal WordPress Plugin

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As we mentioned, the Instagram API is very powerful as it grants developers with extensive control and insight over the platform. And if you wish to utilize all the functionalities that can be derived from the API, the Instagram Journal is the perfect Insta plugin. This Instagram WordPress plugin allows you to fetch images from multiple sources. Starting from photos that are yours, to that your friends, images associated with a particular hashtag, from a specific location, or even simply images that you have previously liked.

And then comes with extensive customization options to help you showcase the images in a wonderful gallery. You will get over a hundred customization options, coupled with professionally design templates, and great color schemes.

Any other Instagram Plugin for WordPress?

So these were our top picks of ten best Instagram WordPress plugins for WordPress. You can also try and use WordPress plugins for other social media platforms:

We hope you found this article to be helpful. Also, if you are currently utilizing Instagram in your social media campaigns, then also let us in on how it is turning out for you. Fellow readers will love to get an idea from regarding the prospect of Instagram marketing.

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