10 Best WordPress Tiktok Plugins of 2022 (Free & Paid) to Embed Tiktok Video Feed

TikTok is a music-based social media app that happens to be the world’s most downloaded mobile application. Sensor Tower reports that the app has been downloaded over 2 billion times on different mobile platforms. Tiktok allows its users to create and share short music videos with stickers and effects. It helps bring out the creativity in the form of videos and is being actively used by brands and marketers to promote their products. Marketers are using TikTok influencers to reach a large number of targeted audiences. Due to its huge popularity, different platforms have started integration with TikTok.

In this post, we have listed 10 best WordPress TikTok plugins that you can use to embed Tiktok feeds on your WordPress website. These WordPress plugins help to integrate TikTok to your WordPress site. Using these plugins, you can embed the videos, play the videos, use it for advertising/marketing, and grow your internet traffic.

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WordPress Tiktok Feed Plugins

#1. WP TikTok Feed

WP TikTok Feed By QuadLayers

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WP TikTok Feed is a WordPress plugin by Quadlayers. It allows you to integrate videos from TikTok App into your WordPress site with few clicks. It lets you include different user accounts to show different feeds on a single page or different page throughout the site. The plugin allows you to customize social media feed for different users with different layout and settings. WP TikTok Feed comes with a Video popup feature that lets you display videos directly from the feed in a pop-up gallery box to enrich the experience of your visitors.

The WordPress tiktok feed plugin is fully customizable and enables you to change the background color, button design, layouts, and the number of videos presented in a single feed. You can add videos, static images, or animated gifs to your feed. The plugin gives you the ability to add a color mask over the video to display comments and the number of likes. WP TikTok Feed is fully responsive and mobile optimized. The TikTok plugin is fully compatible with all WordPress themes and is SEO optimized. Another great feature is the Data caching, which caches the data from TikTok, which decreases the loading time of the videos.

#2. Embed TikTok Video Feeds

Embed Tik Tok Video Feed

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TikTok Video Feed is an easy to use TikTok plugin website for WordPress site. It allows you to display TikTok feed on your website without touching any code. The plugin comes with unique customization. The videos can be added to both posts, pages, and sidebar of your WordPress site. The plugin comes in free as well as paid PRO version. The plugin is fully responsive and mobile ready with full width and grid.

The TikTok videos can be added to the site using a shortcode. It is compatible with WordPress Gutenberg page editor. This WordPress tiktok feed plugin lets you link videos to your profile, enable/disable video details, stats, etc. The PRO version lets you customize the number of videos, number of columns, heading font size, background color, video spacing, and many more. This social media feed plugin has been made to increase the engagement between the site and your visitors.

#3. TikTok Feed – WordPress Plugin

TikTok Feed WordPress Plugin

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TikTok Feed by wppress is a WordPress plugin to display TikTok feed using username or hashtag in your WordPress website. The plugin can be easily installed. No API or credentials is required to install this plugin. You can install and add the shortcode to your post or page using your favourite WordPress editor.

The interactive shortcode generator allows you to enable/disable specific block and section, change background text and color, video column, and the number of videos to be displayed on a single page. TikTok feed plugin comes with a built-in cache WP transient for resource usage and faster loading. This WordPress tiktok feed plugin can be used to display videos along with other social media plugins. The video can be displayed in three different layouts. This highly customizable plugin comes with lifetime upgrades and premium support for $19.

#4. Tiktok Feed Plugin

TikTok feed plugin for WordPress

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TikTok Feed WordPress is a simple plugin for WordPress that lets you add your TikTok profile to your site using Shortcodes. The shortcode generator allows you to customize the profile display box. The shortcode can be used with both posts/pages of your site. It is easily integrated with your favorite text editor. The plugin comes with three layouts to suit the need of different users.

The WordPress tiktok feed plugin is easy to set up and requires no programming knowledge to run. The profile box on your site can have your name displayed along with your profile. The plugin helps you to grow your TikTok followers from a WordPress site. It is a free plugin with many customization options.

#5. Embed Block for TikTok

Embed Block for TikTok

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Embed Block for TikTok lets you add TikTok videos to posts/pages of your WordPress site. The plugin installation and set up process is quite easy. You can go to your post/page and the TikTok block. You can then add the URL of the TikTok video in the URL section of the plugin block.

This WordPress tiktok feed plugin allows you to add your own custom CSS (multiple classes separated with spaces) to customize the block. The TikTok videos can be directly played on your website. You will also be able to see the username, the sound being played, and the caption of the video. This social media feed plugin is fully compatible with WordPress themes and your favourite WordPress Classic editor and Gutenberg.

Other Related WordPress Tiktok Plugins

#6. TikTok Advertising Pixel

Add Tiktok Advertising Pixel for Tiktok App

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TikTok Advertising Pixel is a WordPress plugin that lets you add an HTML code snippet to your WordPress site. Using this plugin, you can add a TikTok video snippet to your site. When a user visits your website, the video starts playing. The plugin tracks the user’s behaviour and helps you understand how a visitor interacts with your site. This data is beneficial to date marketers in today’s web market. With this data, companies and brands can promote their products using TikTok.

This WordPress tiktok plugin is usually installed in the head element of your site. TikTok Advertising Pixel is fully compatible with the WooCommerce page. To set up the plugin, you need to get your pixel code and install it on your site using Google Tag Manager. You can then choose the industry category, events, and publish your ads. The plugin is available in the WordPress repository and is compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

#7. BioLinks


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BioLinks is a WordPress plugin that helps manage multiple links from the TikTok platform. The plugin lets you add as many links to your site. The plugin helps you to take advantage of TikTok for advertising your product. It helps you to create a website with all your links with an all in one URL. BioLinks is fully integrated with Google Analytics and lets your view detailed statistics of the TikTok videos.

This WordPress tiktok plugin is highly customizable. You can change the title, description, background type, and other different elements. The plugin is WPML certified and can be translated into multiple languages. It comes with an enhanced admin panel which lets you create custom pages and categories. You can manage users on your website using the User management system on your site.

#8. TikTok Video Downloader

TikTok Video and Music Downloader with no Watermark

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TikTok Video Downloader is a video downloader plugin for WordPress websites. It lets you download videos or images from TikTok and preview them. The plugin is easy to use and has a beautiful design.

The content generated from the plugin is mobile responsive. To download a video, select a TikTok video link and add it to your site and press download. You will see a download button on your site that lets you download the video.

Over to You

TikTok plugin for WordPress helps to integrate TikTok feed and videos to your WordPress site. Apart from TikTok, you can also embed Instagram social feed or Pinterest social feed in your WordPress website. All these plugins are easy to install and use. Now that you know about these plugins, you can use them in your WordPress site and grow your social media presence.

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