30+Stunning Divi Theme Examples For Your Next Divi Website

Divi WordPress theme can be used to create any type of website. And this makes Divi one of the top selling themes among all. Divi theme comes with all the possibilities of layouts and built-in functions. We covered a detailed review of it in our recent post on how versatile and multipurpose this theme is.

Today I have decided to show you something different. In this post, I have listed 30 amazing websites created by the help of Divi WordPress theme. These websites stand out from the crowd, and they will show you and inspire you to achieve something similar for your Divi run site. So without wasting any more time, let’s take a look at some of the websites built with Divi.

Divi Theme Website Examples

#1. Academy of Mine

Divi Theme Examples

This is an E-learning platform which uses bright and fantastic design with significant visual effects. By using Divi WordPress theme, this website is also capable of adding an introductory video. Academy Of Mine is an excellent example of a heavy website which has quick loading time.

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#2. Findability Science

Findability Science

This website gives the user real metrics on which they can run there business. Divi theme has shown outstanding results in this website with the help of parallax effects. If you are new to creating a unique type of website, then findability science is a great example.

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#3. How to Beast

How to Beast

This is another example of the Divi theme website, which is aimed at men who want to gain weight. It has professional blog pages which have a clean design and organized sidebar.

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#4. Art and Craft Film

Art and Craft Film

This is a website which promotes documentary films and arts & crafts. This website has a simple design which makes it user-friendly. This is another great example of Divi WordPress theme that showcases essentials of documentary films in a perfect way.

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#5. M for Montreal

M for Montreal

It is another website which is created by the use of Divi WordPress theme. This website deals with the music festival and local musicians. This is a clever website which you can use for creative ideas.

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#6. Mini-You


This is the most innovative website which deals with 3-D color print. This website reflects its brand image very adequately. If you want to make a realistic website, then you must visit this website.

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#7. Geekpoint


Let’s start with one of my favorite websites that is Geekpoint. By using Divi WordPress theme, Geekpoint doesn’t miss any essential element in it. Geekpoint is a creative agency which is a one-page website and displays all the elements elegantly. Geekpoint has used the valuable design of Divi WordPress theme to showcase its portfolio noticeably and exquisitely.

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#8. Webulle

Divi Theme Examples

Webulle is a web designing agency located in France, and you know France doesn’t miss any sense of style. It has amazing eye-catching animations which draw your attention immediately. Webulle has the same style in every section of the website, which makes user navigation easy and straightforward.

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#9. Wgorilla


As you visit the website, you will see the difference from the other sites. Wgorilla is a digital agency website which is just out of the box. You will see easy navigations through pages and creative design on this website. This is the type of digital agency website which everyone needs nowadays.

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#10. Fus & Schuss

Fus & Schuss

Fus & Schuss is a website which is full of colors and all the essential elements. Divi theme gives a complete and fresh look to this website; the user can get all the essential information without navigating through the pages. On top of that Divi theme has done a great job in showcasing business on this website.

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#11. Dokkon Shop


Dokkoon Shop is an e-commerce website which has stunning images of handcrafted products, sculptures, and candle holders. I would suggest you visit this store and get a better idea for creating an e-commerce website with Divi.

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#12. Vermillion Designs

Vermillion Designs

Vermillion Designs shows an fantastic brand image which engages several users. The essential element of this website is the contact forum option. With the help of the Divi theme, they have just focused on necessary elements.

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#13. Pink by Puck

Pink by Puck

Looking for bright colors and innovative animation website, then Pink by Puck is one example for you. This website focuses on the most important thing, and that is engaging the customers.

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#14. Seoocity


Once again, society is another excellent example of Divi WordPress theme. This website has a fullscreen menu which allows easy navigation through multiple pages, and yes Divi WordPress theme has made this website professional and clean to the point.

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#15. Open Studio

Divi Theme Examples

In open studio website, Divi WordPress theme has highlighted all the services at the home page. With the simple call to action feature, this website grabs versatile user attention.

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#16. Bank Southern

Bank Southern

This is the website which has everything such as images, videos, forms, and many more. The Bank Southern is a banking website which is created by using the Divi WordPress theme.

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#17. Nomad Capitalist

Nomad Capitalist

You must be thinking to use Divi WordPress theme for a corporate website, and Nomad Capitalist is the answer for you. This website has all the functionality which the user wants to see.

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#18. In-Joy


This website is a great example to see how Divi WordPress theme can play with colors. There are different eye-catching color patterns which make this website very attractive.

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#19. Doers


Doers is a full homepage website which has used all the features of the Divi WordPress theme. If you want animated texts and images for your website, then you should visit this website.

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#20. Root of Life

Divi Theme Examples

The root of life is a shopping website, and it has all the essential features which e-Commerce website should have. It is an example of how you can use the Divi WordPress theme for an e-Commerce website.

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#21. Mugs Cafe

Mugs Cafe

Mugs cafe is a website which sells customized mugs. By using Divi WordPress theme, this website has displayed all the essential feature at the homepage only. It is a stunning example of how to present information as a single page.

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#22. Fern Colab

Fern Colab

It is a website which deals with a new type of digital marketing. Divi theme has given clear and bright background typography on every page, which makes it easy to use and navigate.

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#23. Veronica Ariel

Veronica Ariel

You will see this website has a stylish page with big and beautiful images. It is a shopping website where you can buy different types of clothes. Divi theme has also given a sharing option to this website.

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#24. Timeline Missions

Divi Theme Examples

Timeline Missions is another fantastic website to show the potential of Divi WordPress theme. Timeline Missions has beautiful background images with parallax effects. This website is specialized in snow based videography.

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#25. GruffyGoat


It is a website development company which uses the Divi WordPress theme. GruffyGoat has funny images and amazing animation style, and we should thank the Divi WordPress theme for this.

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#26. ConversionLab


ConversionLab website converts your landing page for more signups. This website is precise and completely responsive, and you can see all the essential information on the homepage.

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#27. Chasing Mumford

Chasing Mumford

Chasing Mumford is a tribute website to Mumford and Sons. You will see the black background, which is very attractive to see. This website only follows two color scheme.

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#28. Condiviso

Divi Theme Examples

It is a website which has all the information related to health and nutrition. The home page has a new kind of animation and big images, which makes this website stand out from all other websites.

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#29. Pixel Punkt

Pixel Punkt

It is a marketing website which animation on the homepage. Because of the use of Divi theme, this website takes less loading time, and it can be opened from any device.

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#30. Muze


Muze is a music tube website which is inspired by iTunes and YouTube. With the use of Muze, you can listen to free music at any time and anywhere. Divi theme has also given a blog section which can be easily updated and edit.

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Is Divi The Right Option For You ?

Are you feeling inspired from these awe-inspiring designs? My motive was to give you innovative and creative ideas for your next website.

If you want to create a website similar to these sites above, Choose Divi now and create your next project with all your heart and artistic drag and drop skills.

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If you are aware of another Divi based websites, do let me know. I will be glad to mention them.

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