Themify Builder Review [2022] – Is it Worth Your Time and Money?

Are you stuck with the limited options offered by your WordPress theme?

Do you find it challenging to create new posts and attractive pages for your clients?

It may be time to consider a WordPress Page Builder.

The WordPress page Builder would allow you to modify any existing theme layout as per your needs, or even create new layouts from scratch.

The best part is – you don’t need to learn code to do that.

With the help of a WordPress page builder, you can create stunning pages. You can use drag and drop editor and visualize live changes without switching back and forth between backend and frontend. You can customize any corner of your website ranging from headers and footers, backgrounds, Google fonts, buttons, sliders, etc.

Ideally, it is equally beneficial for both web developers and for users who do not have any expertise in web development. One such famous available WordPress page builder is – Themify Builder.

Themify Builder Review


What is Themify Builder?

WordPress Themify Builder is ideal for those who do not have any coding skills and looking for a drag and drop builder that could help them with live preview and edit facility.

It is a user-friendly, intuitive WordPress page builder that can you can use to design pages with both frontend and backend modes. Moreover, the created page layouts are fully responsive across all devices, like desktop or mobile.

Moreover, you can also import or export any existing theme layout from other websites.

WordPress Themify Builder comes with 40+ pre-made layouts, which you can use to create any landing page quickly. You can download any of your favourite design layouts by using an import option and then customize it with the help of tons of module elements such as text, video, image, menu, buttons, and many more. By the end of this Themify builder review, you should be able to decide if this is a good fit for you or not.

Themify Builder Review – Some Key Features

Here is a quick list of significant features that Themify Builder offers:-

  • Design any part of your website page with drag and drop elements facility.
  • Live preview feature to watch out changes made to your layouts.
  • Frontend and Backend edit support.
  • Undo/ Redo feature to quickly justify your mistakes.
  • Copy/paste option to quickly copy paste a module or row on another page.
  • Import/ export any template, module or row from one site to other.
  • 40+ pre-designed layouts.
  • 60+ animation effects.
  • Duplicate your modules for future use.
  • Compatible with almost all major WordPress plugins; jetpack, Yoast, Mailchimp, WPML.
  • Responsive and Multisite support.

And it is available for Free.

And I must not forget to mention that the basic plugin is available for free to download and use.

Please also note that the Themify Builder Plugin and Themify Builder Pro are two different plugins offering a different set of functionalities.

Themify Builder Pro is a theme builder to create custom templates like header, footer, post/ page etc.

Themify Builder plugin is a content builder that allows you to customize or design the layouts of your page/ post content. Themify Builder offers fantastic assistance in modifying an existing theme by using the drag and drop elements. You can use it with any of your current themes, or you can install Themify’s theme that comes with inbuilt Builder Plugin.

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How to choose between Builder plugin and Builder Pro?

Q. Want to keep using your existing theme with a builder?
Go for Free Themify Builder Plugin.

Q. Need a New theme with builder option?
Go for Ultra Theme that offers inbuilt Builder plugin.

Q. Want to design new theme’s layouts from scratch?
Go for Themeify Builder Pro.

It works with both Frontend and Backend

Themify builder WordPress plugin supports both frontend and backend editing modes, and you can make changes using both the modes.

Here is how the builder frontend looks like:


And, here is how the builder backend looks like:


Here is a quick overview of what all these options are:-


You can start adding elements or modules using the green button. You can drag and drop these modules in your desired row or column.

If you are working in the frontend, you will see the changes instantly. However, if you are working in the backend, then you can click preview to see the changes in the preview mode.

40+ Pre-designed Layouts Ready to Import and Customize

To quickly start your design, Themify page builder offers you more than 40 pre-designed layouts. You can import these layouts, or can create any custom layouts to save and use later.


To import the premade layouts:

  1. Head over to ‘Builder Toolbar’ -> click ‘Layouts’ -> Click ‘Load Layouts’.
  2. Click on your desired layout thumbnail and import.
  3. If you like to import any custom layouts previously created, click on the saved tab.

Create Reusable Layout Modules to Save Your Time

There are often days when we want to use the same design on multiple pages or posts. The reusable layout module is a handy feature of WordPress Themify builder that allows the users to save the page elements as a layout module and use it on any other page across the website. These layout parts can be added with the help layout part module. The modules can be modified and updated anytime.


Responsive Grids to Optimize Rows on Mobile and desktop

The responsive Grid feature is another excellent feature that you can use to optimize your page display on mobile, tablet and desktop. Although Themify builder WordPress plugin does come with a built-in responsive grid, you can also use the responsive grid feature to optimize your page display on multiple screens further. You can easily divide the page into the desired column layout.

For example, you can select a 4 column row grid on desktop, and a two-row grid column on tablet and one-row grid on Mobile.


To enable responsive grid feature to follow these steps:-

  • On desktop mode, select your desired row grid.
  • To change a row grid on the tablet: click on the tablet icon on the toolbar, then change the row grid option.
  • To change a row grid on mobile: click on the mobile icon on the toolbar, then change the row grid again.

Responsive Styling feature

The same way you can select Responsive styling features as well to get a different look on a mobile, tablet, or desktop. These can be ‘landscape mode for tablet’ and ‘portrait’ for Mobile.


What about the Customer Support?

Customer support is paramount if you are starting fresh. You need someone to hold your back if you get stuck.

While using Themify, I raised two different queries with them. In both cases, I received support reply within 8 hours.


As you can check from the time stamps, the support response time was fairly quick.


Themify Builder Review – Pricing

As I already mentioned earlier, the Themify Page builder is Free to download and use. You can use it with any theme of your choice. However, Themify does offer convenient pricing options for Builder Pro, Builder Add-ons, Themes, Master Club or the Lifetime Club.

The Builder add-on bundle that comes with 25+ elements and extends the capability of the builder plugin is available at $39.

The Themify Themes comes with inbuilt page Builder and is available individually at just $59 per year.

The Master club which is available at $89 per year and offers everything mentioned above and also includes:

  • 42+ Premium themes
  • 12 Plugins
  • 25 Builder Add-ons
  • Plus, new themes, plugins, add-ons & support for one year.

They do provide a Lifetime Club package too for a one-time fee of $249.

Ideally, it is more economical to go with either the Free Builder plugin or the Master club.

Themify Builder Review – Should You Buy It or Not?

Themify Builder is no doubt a next-level page builder that offers excellent features with its free version. It provides many useful features even with the free version, and it is highly suitable for those who don’t need extensive customization, although the free option misses on  header and footer customization.

WordPress Themify builder is one of the page builder plugins that can you can operate in both frontend mode and backend mode. Even the Elementor page builder lacks such an option.

The Themify Builder is fully compatible with WooCommerce, but it does require an extra add-on to enable the feature of customizing WooCommerce shop pages. This add-on and many other add-ons come bundled the theme’s purchase.

Using Themify? Your thoughts?

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