15 Best WordPress Video Player Plugins of 2023 (Free & Paid) to Embed & Stream Videos

Why You Need a Video Player Plugin?

Video-based content is taking over the long text-based content. And why not? They provide a great viewing experience. More businesses are now inclined towards creating new video content and listing them on their website.

When it comes to watching a video, you mostly always prefer to watch it on YouTube or other popular streaming websites. But, what if you want to create a website that lets viewers watch videos on your site too? In this case, you need WordPress video player plugin that simplifies the whole process of managing videos on your website.

Though you can embed a YouTube Video using WordPress’ native player too. To do so, load one video into the media player, and insert it in the post. Or else, embed the YouTube link inside your post. It is subtle and straightforward, which allows you to control a few things, such as initial image size, autoplay, size control, etc.

But for any website that is serious about how they represent their content to their audience, they need to ensure everything is top-notch, including the video player. And these WordPress Video player plugins offer a lot more than the default native players.

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Best WordPress Video Player Plugins of 2022

#1. Video Gallery WordPress Plugin

video gallery WPDownload Link

Video Gallery WP is our preferred plugin to include video on your WordPress website. It is not a free plugin but for a small fee you will have a responsive, highly customizable and fast plugin that will satisfy the needs for almost all users. Next to self-hosted videos it is able to include feeds from Youtube playlists, Vimeo and Facebook pages.

You can select from 10 different skins to pick the best one for your needs and modify all skin colors via the Designer Center. A feature we particularly liked is that it allows you to add ads to monetize your videos and even offers integration with AdSense. In summary, this is a high-quality plugin and definitely worth considering if you are looking for a WordPress Video player plugin.

#2. WP Video Lightbox

WP Video Lightbox

Download Link

WP Video Lightbox WordPress plugin allows users to embed videos directly onto any page using a lightbox overlay display. The plugin can be handy in case you are hoping to display images, flash, YouTube, or Vimeo videos on your website. Furthermore, the plugin is completely responsive, so mobile users will also be able to enjoy its functionalities without much problem.

Embedding the Vimeo and YouTube video is super simple and can be easily handled with the use of Shortcodes. The plugin can help you by automatically fetching the thumbnail for the Video you are using, but you also have the option to use your thumbnails if you want. The plugin also gives you the option to disable suggested video at the end of a YouTube video, so your audience doesn’t become distracted.

#3. YouTube Plugin

YouTube Plugin

Download Link

YouTube Plugin is an appropriately named WordPress plugin which helps you to showcase YouTube videos on your website. If you solely want to focus on showcasing YouTube videos on your website, then this plugin is most probably the best in the market. It is loaded with awesome features which not only helps you to display YouTube videos on your website, but also gives you great control over it.

On the customization front, this video player WP plugin comes packed with over a hundred adjustable parameter, color schemes, 3 different header layouts for the player, and much more. You also get the option to sort your playlist using the flexible video order option, a pagination option to browse the videos, and a convenient search option to, all the videos. And on top of all these, there is also AdSense integration with the plugin which allows you to showcase advertising blocks in the video gallery under the videos or as popups.

#4. YouTube Plugin

YouTube Plugin from 10web

Download Link

WordPress Youtube lets you easily embed youtube videos, channels, and playlist on your WordPress site. The setup process of the plugin makes it easy to embed videos to the site. You can activate your API key and start your plugin. The plugin offers video galleries that let you organize and display videos in an engaging manner, gallery views to display in 5 stylish views (Thumbnails, list, carousel, table, and blog), and different loading effects (Fade In, Scale Up, Flip, etc.).

This video player WP plugin lets you change the theme to match the branch colour of your site. Your visitors will be easily able to share the video to social media channels using the social button available with the plugin.

The video player height and width can be modified by the user along with the player alignment, progress bar colour, and more. WordPress Youtube can fetch the user reports on played videos, impressions, playlists, and channels that let you add content which is more likely to build your traffic.

#5. ARVE Advanced Responsive Video Embedder

ARVE Advanced Responsive Video Embedder

Download Link

ARVE Advanced Responsive Video Embedder is one of the most popular and powerful video embedding plugin for WordPress that you can get for free. The plugin is filled with a lot of useful features to tackle every single problem you are likely to face by showing videos on your website.

First and foremost, as the name implies, the plugin helps to make all the videos you embed into responsive videos so that your mobile users can enjoy them without any issue. Other options include WYSIWYG support, autostart videos, tweaking URL parameters if you want, changing video alignment, and much more.

#6. Easy Video Player

Easy Video Player

Download Link

If you are looking for a simple alternative, then Easy WordPress Video Player is for you. The plugin offers a user-friendly way to handle videos on your website. To use the plugin, you need a self-hosted WordPress website. As per the features, it supports MP4 and other popular video formats. The plugin is also responsive which mean that you don’t have to worry about embedding different video sizes. Shortcodes are also provided for easy use within any theme. Just like other video players, it comes autoplay, different skins, and more!

#7. FV Flowplayer Video Player

FV Flowplayer Video Player

Download Link

FV Flowplayer WordPress video player is an HTML5 video player for your website. It also comes with the fallback for legacy browsers which doesn’t support HTML. With over 30,000+ active installs, FV Flowplayer is a popular plugin. FV Flowplayer is full of features. It starts with the ability to position videos from certain users. That means you can position the video if it is for guest or a member. It also supports playlist. The plugin is completely responsive and will run on any device, making it an ideal choice for modern websites.

The player lets you play all the major video formats including MP4 and others. Other key features include support for native fullscreen, Google Analytics, slow motion and much more. The players will give the power in your hands and will let you create a brand out of your content. Also, there is a PRO version that you can try out. The PRO version offers more features and customizability.

#8. Video Embed & Thumbnail Generator

Video Embed & Thumbnail Generator

Download Link

The name says it all. Video Embed & Thumbnail Generator is a WordPress plugin that is designed to help you with embedding videos on your site and generating thumbnails for those videos. Now one of the key features of the plugin that it comes with multiple numbers of media players including Video.js, MediaElement.js, JW Player 6, and Adobe Strobe Media Playback Flash player. Also, despite which video player you choose to use, they are all responsive and mobile-friendly, so that is always a plus.

Other features you get with the video player plugin includes the option to create a popup video gallery, site to tweak around with the video width and height to suit your site’s layout, the option to enable your videos to be played directly in the Facebook timeline or twitter, and much more. You will also have the option to add subtitles and captions.

#9. Ultimate Video Player WordPress Plugin

Ultimate Video Player WordPress Plugin

Download Link

Next up we have “Ultimate Video Player” a premium video player plugin for WordPress websites. The plugin, once installed, will allow you to play local video or even stream them from other servers e.g. YouTube or Vimeo. However, it is worth noting that the plugin is only able to play local video that has an MP4 format.

But the main reason for the premium pricing would be its availability of a boatload of features and functionalities. For starts, you will get a responsive player, and users will be able to change the video quality, select subtitles, and control the play speed for their convenience. The plugin also allows you to password protect specific videos, insert advertisements into the videos, offer multiple skins for customization, and so on.

#10. Video Gallery WordPress Plugin

Video Gallery WordPress Plugin

Download Link

If customization and responsiveness are the biggest priorities for a video player on your website, then Video Gallery WordPress Plugin will provide excellent help. This WordPress video player plugin helps you to add a video gallery to your website which is responsive and touch-enabled to deliver the optimal experience for mobile users. And for customization purpose, you will get hands of five different skins including a custom skin generator.

The plugin will also give you the options for setting up original videos, a gallery of hand-picked video, site gallery of videos based on video types and much more. There are also options for streaming videos from multiple sources including self-hosted videos. Social Media integration is implemented with deep linking to maximize your exposure.

#11. HTML5 Video Player

Html5 Video Player

Download Link

HTML5 Video Player for WordPress lets you play different video files. It is simple and easy to use. The plugin enables you to embed videos to your WordPress site using a shortcode. It is HTML 5 compatible and offers you many features. There are pre-defined templates that you can use to add videos to your site.

The plugin is integrated with the Gutenberg editor and lets you add the player block easily to your posts. You can add a video preview to your site if you are selling video files from your website. HTML 5 video player comes with an auto-play option to play a video automatically as soon as the page loads. You can easily change the colour option and improve the quality of the video. The plugin has no ads that make the playback experience wonderful.

#12. Super Video Player

Super Video Player

Download Link

Super Video Player is a WordPress player plugin. It is lightweight and comes with easily customizable features. The player supports mp4 and Ogg format content. The plugin has a user-friendly interface and is easy to use. It supports subtitles for different languages. The video player is HTML 5 compliant and works with major browsers. The player is responsive and works with different screen sizes. You can play the videos in full-screen mode or a compact mode. The plugin lets you choose the playback speed of the video.

You can choose between different speed from normal to 4X speed. This WordPress video player plugin has a play/pause button along with a sleek looking progress bar. You can increase or decrease the volume of the video with the volume button beside the progress bar. Super Video Player supports picture-in-picture mode. The plugin lets you easily embed videos to a page or post using the WordPress shortcode feature. It comes with the Gutenberg block under the standard category to easily embed videos with your favourite editor.

#13. Elite Video Player

Elite Video Player

Download Link

When it comes to paid video player plugin for WordPress, the plugin that we will recommend is the Elite Video Player. It is a completely responsive, video player plugin that is customizable to the core. It supports all the popular external video platforms such as Vimeo, YouTube, Google drive videos and so on.

You can also embed pre-roll advertisement on your videos. Playlists are supported and are customizable. Other key features include support for YouTube live streaming and 360 VR. If you have a big collection of videos and want to serve the content through the cloud, you can do it using Elite video player as it supports cloud platforms such as Amazon S3 or Google drive.

#14. HTML5 Video Player WordPress Plugin

HTML5 Video Player WordPress Plugin

Download Link

HTML5 WordPress Video Player plugin is a paid plugin that supports HTML5 out of the box. By buying the plugin, you will get three option to choose your player from. They are the bottom playlist, right-side playlist, and simple versions. Not only that, it comes with five custom skins. All the custom skins are top-notch and provide a great visual experience for the user.

With fullscreen support, the visitors can enjoy the videos in full screen. The plugin also auto hides the controllers when there is no mouse movement. Other key features include support for multiple parameters customizability, volume control, playlist image and much more!

#15. Stellar Video Player

Stellar Video Player

Download Link

Stellar Video player is a relatively new WP video player plugin in the market. It is dubbed as the “most creative video player” plugin. In terms of the features, it comes with all the features that you should expect from a paid video player plugin for WordPress.

You can use the plugin to host videos directly from localhost, Google Drive or Amazon S3. The plugin is also customizable and supports Youtube Playlist. Other key features include support for live streaming, local videos, RTL support and much more! The plugin is very similar to “Elite Video Player” and is also priced similarly at $36.

#16. YouTube EmbedPlus

YouTube Embed Plus WordPress Video Player

Download Link

Did you ever wish that there might be a tool that can help you embed Youtube videos to your website easily? If that’s the case, then YouTube EmbedPlus WordPress video plugin is for you. As you might have guessed from the name, the plugin lets you embed video from YouTube. Not only that it gives you a ton of option to customize the playlist, provide continuous autoplay, embed live stream and much more!

This WordPress Video player plugin has over 200,000+ installations which speak volumes about its usability. Not everyone wants to customize and maintain their video player, and this is where YouTube EmbedPlus comes into play. This plugin is the ultimate plugin for managing YouTube videos.

Any Other WordPress Video Player Plugin?

This leads to the end of our WordPress Video Player Plugins list. We covered both free and paid plugin. All the plugins that are listed above solve the video playback problems that WordPress native player has. To conclude, out top picks would be YouTube embed plus, YouTube plugin, or ARVE.

For those looking to create a full-fledged video tube site, opting for a WordPress Video theme could prove to be a better option. The choice, of course, depends on your needs and budget. So, feel free to choose the one that fits your bill. Also, don’t forget to let us know which one you choose!

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