Restrict Content Pro WordPress Plugin Review [2022]

Restrict Content Pro is fast becoming the go to plugin for website owners serving paid content. Owning a membership website can prove to be an amazing business experience or a huge nightmare. The success of your WordPress site is highly dependent on the type of tools you use. If you are looking to create a membership website, then you should consider using Restrict Content Pro. So, what is this tool all about?

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Restrict Content Pro is a membership plugin that is geared towards enhancing the operations of your website. This plugin is packed with a wide array of features that are both powerful and easy to use. To use this plugin, you can choose between the free or pro version. The purpose of your website and expertise will largely determine which version you choose. Nonetheless, you should find a plan that satisfies your preferences.

Generally, Restrict Content Pro is aimed at enabling you to safeguard and distribute content on your website. On the other hand, it also helps you meet the crucial website requirements that help you get started. This plugin is perfect for amateur and experienced developers.



Setting up a membership website is quite different from creating any other website. To fulfil the requirements, you will need a plugin that is specifically designed to suit the operations of this type of website. Restricted content (the free version) contains a variety of basic membership features that enable you to keep your site simple and operational.  For instance, the free version contains all the key features needed to start a membership site apart from the content dripping feature.

Using the free version is quite simple as it only contains the basic features. And to install it, you simply need to download it from the WordPress repository. The free versions features include payment options, analytic reports and discount codes. However, if you are looking to enjoy the enhanced features, then you should consider switching to the pro version.


The pro version is designed to help you adopt a professional approach when designing your website. On this version, you will find improved features available on the free version. In addition, you will find additional options to help elevate the functionality of your site. Among the best features available on the pro version include: Restriction time lock that allows the public to view your content for a given period before it becomes a members’ only affair. Moreover, there is the restriction timeout that allows you to adjust the time and dates when content can become public or private.

Also, you can restrict the availability of content to non-members using the restrict content feature. Furthermore, the group accounts feature will come in handy for companies or groups that are looking to purchase numerous memberships.

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Running a successful website is quite competitive. However, you can give an edge over your competitors by choosing a plugin that boosts your site’s appeal and performance. Restrict Content Pro has proven to be the ultimate choice for anyone looking to make their site standout. By choosing this plugin, you will enjoy the following benefits.


Website owners are presented with endless membership plugin options to choose from. But even with the numerous options, no other plugin can match the ease of use on Restrict Content Pro. Whether you settle for the free or pro version, you can rest assured that setting up and operating this plugin will be a walk in the park.

More to that, you need not worry about creating huge space for installation. This plugin is lightweight and at the same time packed with the best features. All these features translate to a better user experience for the owner and the visitors alike. With this plugin, there can never be a better time to own a website.


In a bid to help boost the visibility and commercialization of your website, Restrict Content Pro supports integration. For instance, if you are looking to integrate your email service, you are presented with free add-ons like MailPoet, MailChimp and CampaignMonitor. Furthermore, if you are looking to integrate payment options for your WooCommerce, you can add a number of payment platforms. And to improve the wholesome performance of your website, this plugin allows integration of third-party add-ons.


One of the key influencers of your decision is your budget. This plugin is designed to benefit both aspiring and veteran website owners. Firstly, there is the free version which charges you nothing. This version is best for anyone who is on a low budget or one who is trying their hand in the world of site ownership.

The pro version is best suited for site owners who are looking to get to the next level or those looking to simply improve their site. To enjoy the features on the pro version, there are four different payment plans to choose from.

Firstly, you can settle for the $99 payment plan that covers 1 site, 12 free add-ons and a personal license. More to that, you can get a similar package to cover 5 sites at $149.

You you can enjoy the professional $249 package that comes with 17 pro-add ons and is perfect for unlimited websites. Finally, there is the lifetime package provides lifetime support and access. You can use this package on as many websites as you wish. To enjoy this package, you’ll need to part with $499.


In short, the answer to that question is: Yes. With the advanced features of Restrict Content Pro, this is the perfect choice for anyone looking to improve their website at a fair value. Therefore, if you are looking to build a website that satisfies your requirements and meets the expectations of your audience, be sure to choose the appropriate plugin. And to be sure of success, be sure to go the Restrict Content Pro way.