Sitemile Pricerr WordPress Theme Review [2023]

If you are thinking to create a MicroJob website, you are probably looking for a MicroJob WordPress theme. MicroJob sites are the one which are similar to Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, which lets you posts job and hire freelancers & contractors. There are a lot of WordPress themes related to MicroJob in the internet. Among these themes, Pricerr from Sitemile is quite famous in the WordPress community.

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The Pricerr WordPress theme lets you create your MicroJob site within minutes (You may consider it as a Fiverr clone theme). It lets you sell tasks and services with a few clicks without any hassle. And It has been rated as one of the most used themes for novice and professional webmasters.

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Sitemile Pricerr WordPress Theme Review

Just like regular WordPress themes, Pricerr MicroJob theme is easy to install and setup. Hover over to the WordPress dashboard and look for Appearance -> Themes. Click on Add New & Click on Upload Theme. Select the theme and Click Install Now. After the theme gets installed, Activate the theme.

Sitemile Pricerr Theme Review

Pricerr Theme Options

After the theme is successfully activated, it will now appear in your WordPress Dashboard. You will see few new menu options on your left menubar.

  1. Pricerr Theme – to edit the theme and marketplace settings as an admin.
  2. Jobs – to post/ update or delete a job as a freelancer.
  3. Requests – to post the job request to a freelancer as a client.


There are lot of options settings and features are offered by this theme. Once you hover over to “Pricerr Theme” menu located at the top-left. You will see a list of many options. It won’t be possible to discuss each one of them but we will try to discuss the most important ones.

Pricerr Theme

This section shows you the summary of your MicroJob site. It shows the total number of jobs posted on your site including open jobs, closed jobs and the number of active and inactive users on the site.

Sitemile Pricerr Theme Review

#1. General Options, Layout Settings, & Category Images

The three options namely “General Options“, “Layout Settings” and “Category Images” are primarily related to site styling. Layout section lets you modify different settings on your site. It comes with Main settings, level settings, filters, Shipping (enable or disable), Facebook connect and Twitter connect.


The Main setting lets you modify different page settings including pagination and enable/disable of different service. All of these settings can be modified with a single click. The Level settings lets you change the number of Allowed jobs, Commission levels, Affiliate level and the Allowed videos. The Facebook connect and Twitter connect lets you install the WordPress social login plugin to integrate social media channels to your MicroJob site. This tool is very helpful to increase the traffic.

The Layout settings lets you modify the homepage layout of your job site. You can choose between Content + Right sidebar, Content + Left Sidebar + Right Sidebar, etc., and save your layout. It comes with Front page slider option which lets you choose picture for the homepage slider. You can setup the slider with maximum 10 images through URL. It also lets you add the homepage slogan and button caption.

You can add your logo to your homepage from here. The Footer section lets you add your Footer content (both left side and right side). The Change Color section lets you change the color for background, footer, top links and top menu. You can save all your settings clicking the Save Options button.

The Category image section lets you set the image for the category. The category can be set for regular widget as well as carousel widget. Do note that the Categories needs to added first from the Pricerr Jobs menu.


#2. Email Settings

The email settings are pretty much self explanatory. Here you (as an admin) can setup different types of email from a single place. It lets you create a new user email, admin email, Post job approved email, Seller Job purchase email, Order closed email, etc. You can set the Email from Name, From address. Adding HTML to the email is also allowed. You can control template for all the email that are being sent to your site. It also supports international language support.


#3. Pricing Settings

Pricing section lets you choose the main site currency, symbol of currency and the parameters associated with it. The theme comes packed with almost all currency support. It also lets you modify the Job fees and Tax details. The job amount and the associated settings can also be modified from the Pricing settings.

Sitemile Pricerr Theme Settings

#4. Payment Gateways

Pricerr WordPress theme comes bundled with almost all major payment gateways of the world. With only your API key and login ID you can start accepting the payments on your site. The Withdraw Requests option lets you monitor the different status of the Withdraw requests made on your MicroJob site.


#5. User Balances, User Badges & User Levels

The User Balances section lets you view the balance of your registered users. It shows the username, email address, date of registration and cash balance. It also gives you the feature to increase or decrease the balance manually for a specific user. The User Badges section displays the badge level of a specific user. The User level is similar to the User badge. This section lets you see the current level of the user and lets you modify their level. The User search feature is also available here.


#6. Other Options:-

  • InSite Transactions:- Here you can see the transactions made in your job site. It lets you see the fees, payment received and other transaction activities.
  • Orders:- The Orders section shows the number of orders in your site. The orders may be active, running, delivered or closed. It lets you see the Job seller, Job price, Buyer, Order date & time, days to finish and the option to delete the order. You can also see the jobs on the basis of their status using different status tabs.
  • User Reviews:- You can see all the user reviews on you site from this section. You can also search for that specific user who left a review on the site.
  • Private Messages:- You can view the private messages on your job site through the Private messages section. You can also delete a specific private message from this section. It lets you communicate without revealing each other’s personal information.
  • Chat Messages:- The Chat Messages section lets you view all the chat messages. You can see the message content along with the Job owner and the Job title. The chat sent date can also be seen from this section. You can delete the chat message if you need.
  • Tracking Tools:- Pricerr theme offers integration with Google Analytics to keep you update with the website analytics. Using google analytics, you can see the number of visitors to your site and other valuable information. It also lets you integrate third party tracking tools by adding their tracking code into you job site.
  • Advertising:- The theme lets you display advertisement in your MicroJob site for revenue generation. You can add advertisement in your home page, job page, category page or the blog page.

Posting a New Job


The Jobs section can be accessed through the WordPress Dashboard page. Click on Jobs which is located on the left-hand side of the dashboard. This section lets you add new job to your site, add tags to your job and set the job category. You can also add and modify different job skills. The category and skills will make it easier for buyer and seller to browse through different types of jobs.

The theme also lets registered users to post a job from the front-end in a quick and easy step by step process.

Step1:- Add Job Description


Step 2:- Add Pricing Details


Step 3:- Add Images


Step 4:- Review & Submit

It Also Comes With Mobile an App

The Sitemile also offers app based solutions for the Pricerr theme. Both iOS and Android apps are available within the package, though at an additional costs.


Pricing & License

The theme is available to purchase with different schemes. The base price starts at just $99 and can go up to $2249. It is available in five different schemes with a one-time purchase cost. Sitemile also offers a seven-day money back guarantee on all its plans, if you are not satisfied with the theme.

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Final Verdict – Pricerr WordPress Theme Review

The Pricerr WordPress theme for a micro-job website comes with a lot of useful features that you can use to replicate sites like in no time. It supports almost all currencies and major payment gateways. Even if you are looking for an App-based product, the Pricerr covers you even there as well. The introduction of these apps could surely be an added advantage. If you are starting fresh and want to explore options first, the basic plan of $99 is something you can try.

Do leave us a comment below if you are using this theme already and your experience with it.

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