5 WordPress Plugins for E-Learning in 2023

The global pandemic has taught us a lot in the past year. We have had to make a lot of changes in our lifestyle, especially when it comes to education and learning. Online learning has become a norm for us. From schools to businesses, every place is using management systems to keep the wheels of things turning. In this article, we have put together a list of the 5 WordPress plugins for e-learning.

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With the help of WordPress and its different Learning Management Systems, LMS, things have become very simple for students trying to continue their studies and online education even in the hard times of today. .

Let’s take a look at their features so that you can choose the one that suits your needs and requirements.


LifterMS is a great and best WordPress learning management system plugin out there with plenty of positive reviews from its users. Many websites use this system due to its user-friendly features. It uses a simple-to-use smart drag & drop course builder that allows you to create courses.

Anyone who has tried making courses knows how hard it is to build the courses together. It takes a lot of the work out of the process by simplifying everything. You can create online courses, put together assessments, quizzes, etc. and build the courses as interesting as possible.

From adding lessons to creating multimedia sections, you can do anything you want with this plugin. It includes marketing tools, certificates, badges, gamification elements, etc. You have a lot of control over the creation of the courses and there is an intuitive dashboard for each function available with the free version on the WordPress site.

If you want to buy sample subjects, the option is available as well. You can integrate it with WooCommerce as well. The core plugin is a free WordPress LMS plugin, even if some key functions do need paid eLearning plugins.

Tutor LMS

This is a relatively new plugin and doesn’t have a lot of reviews. However, the few reviews that Tutor LMS does have are stellar and positive. It not only gives you various high-quality learning tools but also focuses a lot on security and the protection of user data.

“When it comes to sharing data online, the privacy and security that document library plugins offer are very important. Before you choose any plugin, do check its security functions and options”, says Elijah Schmaltz, web developer at PapersOwl. The smart course builder allows you to create subjects in a systematic, logical, and smart way. Not only does it support course prerequisites and multiple media types, but it also lets you add quizzes, assessments and a lot more.

It is also compatible with Restrict Content Pro, WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, etc. This intuitive course builder is very simple to use and easily integrates with other WordPress LMS Plugins to give you better functions using payment gateways.


Most of you who are familiar with LMS would have heard of LearnDash and LearnPress. It is a very popular, well-established, high-quality product that many universities all over the globe use to deliver courses and lectures.

The drag & drop course builder is very simple to use and lets you create courses very quickly with a logical and systematic hierarchy. You can add quizzes, assessments, assignments, tasks, etc. very quickly.

The best thing about this plugin for online studies is that most of its functions are free of cost and you don’t have to pay additional money for added WordPress functionalities, such as cancel reply, add content, delete video functions, etc. It has a gamification feature that makes the course pretty interesting.

Total ratings LearnPress wishlist add up to a lot of positive reviews when you take a look at them. Moreover, once you complete a course, you earn points. If you collect ample points, you can unlock free courses, WordPress themes, and functions as well.

WP Courseware

Another leading e-learning plugin from WordPress is the Courseware, and it is certainly one that deserves your attention. Even though it is relatively new, many universities are already using it to create courses for their students.

It is well-designed, interactive, and very simple to use. The demo of the plugin is very comprehensive and tells you everything you need to get started with the LMS. It supports multi-tiered courses, content dripping, course prerequisites, teacher/student profiles, and a lot more.

The simple integration with other learning plugins gives you access to enhanced functions. Being very simple and straightforward to use, you will definitely like using its intuitive interface. The basic membership is free of charge.

Sensei LMS

Sensei LMS is very simple to use when you compare it with other functions. Since it was developed by the people who create WooCommerce, you will find plenty of similarities between them. You can easily create & sell courses, host different courses on your own site, and do a lot of other useful things for your site. If you want to sell courses online, this e-learning WordPress plugin is great to sell online courses.

However, you will need the WooCommerce site and its theme for the LMS to work efficiently and effectively. If you already have some experience with the WooCommerce WordPress site, then using this management system page will be a breeze for you.

Final Word

We live in a technologically advanced and powerful world, where we spend most of our lives online. From taking classes as students to doing office work on your WordPress website, technology has made everything a lot easier for us. With the help of LMS WordPress plugins, you can make the WordPress eLearning process very smooth and easy.

Hopefully, one of the WP free plugins that we have used above will suit your needs and requirements as you learn using WordPress.

Happy Learning, Folks!

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