Top 8 WordPress Document Library Plugins [2022]

As a WordPress website owner, you know that document management plays an important role on your site. For this reason, installing a document library plugin could be very useful for you. Here are our top picks for the best WordPress Document Library Plugin. Let’ start now!

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1. Document Library Pro

Document Library Pro

Barn2 built their WordPress document library plugin to be a complete document management solution. Not only does it make it easy to add, import and manage documents in the WordPress admin – it also displays them in a searchable, sortable document library on the front end of your website.

Provided features:

  • 4 easy ways to add or bulk import documents
  • Supports all file types, plus documents hosted externally
  • List unlimited documents anywhere on your WordPress site
  • Users can search, sort and filter to find documents quickly and easily
  • Multiple display options for your document libraries
  • Display download links, file type icons or embed documents directly into the page
  • Choose which information to display about each document
  • Supports embedded audio and video players


  • Popular for creating a WordPress document library, audio library, video gallery, and more
  • Full support and documentation provided
  • Beginner and developer-friendly
  • Free 14-day trial available


2. weDocs – Knowledgebase and Documentation Plugin

wordpress document library

This is a powerful WordPress Document Plugin that enables you to generate a great document for your products. Moreover, you can also use this plugin to arrange the document of your products beautifully. weDocs plugin also enables you to insert new docs and organize them with tags, ordering, or even fetch docs.

Provided features:

  • Create great-looking documentation
  • Organize product documentation beautifully
  • Create/add new docs
  • Organize with tags, ordering and even fetch docs
  • Create documentation a fresh and streamlined experience


  • Very useful
  • Simple
  • Concise and powerful


3. Memphis Documents Library


Memphis is a WordPress Document Plugin which consists of several robust feature sets. Moreover, this is a great tool that allows you to arrange and distribute your files. Using this plugin also allows you to share your files on other sites as well as generate, remove, or customize the categories and subcategories.

Provided features:

  • Social media buttons for each document.
  • Referential file methodology
  • Importing of document libraries
  • Exporting you document libraries
  • The ability to create, edit, and delete categories and subcategories.
  • Document preview and thumbnails
  • Batch Upload of files into the system
  • Download tracking of files
  • Posts created for each new media upload


  • Works perfectly
  • Fantastic support
  • Very useful

4. Echo Knowledge Base for Documentation

Knowledge Base for Documents and FAQs is a great solution for your documents, FAQs, and your articles. It is very accessible and completely compatible with every theme, style, colors, and layouts. Thanks to this plugin, you are also to find out your document easily.

Provided features:

  • Add an AJAX-enabled search box
  • For better SEO, choose the URL
  • 3 levels of categories and sub-categories
  • Order articles and categories alphabetically
  • Over 500 design icons
  • 16 pre-defined color themes.
  • 4 pre-defined style combinations.
  • Setup hierarchical documentation
  • Set front-end text to any language
  • Looks great on phones and tablets


  • Great works
  • Amazing plugin
  • A must-have

5. SP Project & Document Manager

This plugin allows you to manage as much as several files, records, video, media, or document of your site. Moreover, you can also use this plugin to generate many folders and subfolders to control and arrange the documents and accounts of your customers, students, or suppliers.

Provided features:

  • Administrators can add files to users
  • SSL Support
  • Unlimited nesting of folders
  • Require login to download files
  • Each user has their file repository
  • File size based off server php.ini
  • Add links a file and documents
  • Embed youtube and other media as a file
  • Recycle bin with file retention dates


  • Very useful
  • Great Product
  • Brilliant Support

6. Embed Any Document

This WordPress File Sharing Plugin enables you to upload as well as embed your document into your WordPress sites easily without needing any extra browsers such as Acrobat Reader or Flash. Moreover, you can also select either Google Docs Viewer or Microsoft Office Online to show your documents.

Provided features:

  • Text files
  • Clean and Minimal UI
  • TIFF Images
  • No 3rd party plugin needed
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Option to choose the viewer
  • Scalable Vector Graphics
  • Cross-browser compatibility


  • Very nice widget
  • Simple to use
  • Easy and effective

7. WP Document Revisions

This plugin enables you to arrange, track, or store the files of formats. You can also use this plugin to empower teams so that you can edit, define, or draft your document collaboratively. What’s more, thanks to a file hosting solution, you can publish as well as send your files to clients, teams, or the public easily.

This plugin mainly has the following three things:

  1. A document management system (DMS), to track, store, and organize files of any format
  2. A tool to empower teams to collaboratively draft, edit, and refine documents
  3. A file hosting feature to publish and securely deliver files to a team, to clients, or the public

Provided features:

  • Document History
  • Access Control
  • Enterprise Security
  • Helps you track and organize documents
  • Each file gets a permanent
  • Multisite and Windows support
  • French and Spanish language support
  • Integration with Edit Flow
  • Recently Revised Documents Widget
  • Each revision gets its unique URL
  • Files are intuitively checked out and locked
  • Toggle documents between public


  • Quality plugin
  • Useful and flexible
  • Nice plugin

8. Documentation

This plugin offers you a sound structure for you to manage your document system among the normal posts ad pages in an automatic way. What’s more, thanks to using this plugin, you can also create devote document sites as well as a subsite for your document in a multisite network.

Provided features:

  • Lists documents and files
  • a means to navigate the documentation structure
  • Lists the children of a document
  • Provide a list of links to the document categories
  • Groups Restrict Categories
  • Widgets Control Pro


  • Useful add-on
  • Convenient
  • Handy

Conclusion – Top WordPress Document Library Plugins

There you have it! These WordPress document library plugins can help to organize your things on your website. The items above are all for free, but you can go purchase the premium version. That is only if you need it since free versions also have their pros which cater to your website needs.

All of the things mentioned above are excellent options for you, but each of them has its purpose. You can choose the one that suits your goal of improving your document management, letting your users get access to your files.

Another importance of these plugins is the privacy it gives to the owner, which is you. You can set boundaries to the file others can get access to. On the other hand, you can also set the privacy setting of one of your documents into the public if you want anyone to view and download it. The choice is up to you! Pick the plugin of your choice.